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The Galz' St. Pat's Adventure in Vegas

Author: bardgal
Date of Trip: March 2006

At 2 pm, we head back to Mon Ami since our dinner reservations are not until 8:15pm. Again we begin with the Cheese & Tomato thing and a bottle of Chardonnay. Dinner is 6 hours away so I proceed to have brain damage and ask if they can make me a roast beef & brie sandwich (a little treat TheGalz" indulged in almost on a daily basis on our last GlazCruz" to Mexico. Mooooo! Way too much food. Another great lunch, another food-coma.

We meet and play some more around 6 pm. I have to run back to the room for a sweater and I run into Dude #1. "Baby! When are you going to call me?! I really want to party with you tonight!" I smile and make the excuse it's up to the BG. He tells me it will be worth my while as I walk away. I should have just asked if he was into soccer, that would have been the end of it.

At 7:45 pm, we pry ourselves from the casino take a walk to Bellagio for the big birthday dinner. As we cross the street, we notice that The Strip is traffic-free. Whaaaa? It's Friday night. St. Patrick's Day. No traffic. Why? Because everyone is watching NCAA basketball.

We arrive at Olives and are seated immediately. Our waiter Chris is great. Everyone is still rather full from lunch that seems like only an hour earlier because of the nap. BG orders a Caesar Salad and Carpaccio trying to keep it light. Houston orders an amazing but rich Goat Cheese Ravioli, and Hubby and I order a Braised Short Rib Pappardelle with sweet & sour turnips that is Heavenly! All with a nice bottle of Pinot.
BG doesn't finish her Caesar so I help (of course). Then her Carpaccio arrives and suddenly she looks as though she might cry. The plate is covered edge-to-edge with beef and looks as though it could feed the cast of Mystère. We all help her.

After dinner we waddle back across to The Paris and head up to The Eiffel Tower restaurant to have a drink and some dessert in the lounge. Let me just say what a breathtakingly beautiful place! The lighting is low and sexy. It seems every table in the place has an amazing view of the Strip. They're playing Frank, thus I'm in Heaven.

There are a group of people at the main bar singing in some beautiful foreign language, so I get up and ask them to sing to the BG, they do and adopt us as family. They're from Detroit and we never figure out what language they were singing in. My guess is Greek or Armenian. What a great group of people! The Raspberry Napoleon arrives and BG has her name and Birthday wishes spelled out in chocolate around the plate -- gorgeous presentation! I decide I'll attempt to talk Tommy into bringing me here for a romantic dinner next trip.

We finally stop eating and hit the casino. I reach my limit for supporting the fine community of Clark County, Nevada and decide to head upstairs around 1 am. I stop at Gustav's bar to get a mug of hot water to make a cup of tea before bed. On my way with my mug-o-agua I hear, "hey cutie, want a ride?" I turn and see a sweet looking cute man with his entire right leg in a cast heading towards me on an electric scooter/wheelchair thingie. I think what the hell, and say, "Sure! Take me to the elevators please!" After surviving a sharp turn where we both almost ended up on the floor, he obliges and off we jet towards the elevators with me on this guys lap who is shouting, "make way! Hot water!" I disembark at the elevators as he begs me to keep him company. I tell him my man is waiting upstairs and beg off. I am in my room no more than three minutes when the phone rings. Hubby is on the phone asking me how I liked my ride thru the casino, and what was I doing torturing that poor handicapped man. I howl.
Houston makes it up finally around 5 am after a lucrative night at the black jack tables. The next morning I am a bit katznjammer. We pack, since our check out is 1 pm when we are all heading en masse back to McCarran. I head down to the business centre and print my boarding pass miraculously getting group A. We all end up again at, surprise, Mon Ami for lunch. Mark and a friend of his meet us there. We have a great conversation since all of us worked at Disneyland. Mark's friend still does, so she updates us on all the latest horrors.

Lunch gives me some life, but by the time I get to the airport I am ready for a nap. We all say our good-byes as we're dropped off at our various airlines. I get to my gate, and plant myself again somehow as the first person in A for my flight (most likely because I'm there two hours early).
The flight is packed so I head back to the last row since they exit from both the forward and aft doors in Burbank. There is a storm front heading in over the Pacific so the captain warns us of some chop. There is in fact, so much chop they order everyone to remain in their seats the entire 50 minute flight and forgo any beverage service. Funny, I've had worse turbulence with beverage service.

Normally, I end up arriving at every airport on my BUR/LAS trips so early that my bag usually ends up on the flight before mine and is waiting in baggage claim for me. This trip when I arrive at both airports even earlier than normal, my bag goes on both of my flights so I must wait. Wacky.

Tommy picks me up in the rain, get me home, plants me in front of our fireplace wrapped in a warm blanket cuddled by two kittens and feeds me yummy Thai food. I am beat. I need a vacation.

Great times with old friends. It's great to be home, and I'm already planning my Vegas birthday trip in May!

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