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St. Kitts Trip Report

Author: Helen Reeder
Date of Trip: April 2006

We were told that all the goats and cows you see on the way in (other than the pet ones) will ultimately be slaughtered. The let the goats have a couple of litters first. My husband seems to think (and let me know if this is true) but the ribs you eat on the island are in fact goat ribs.

We planned to go out to lunch on this day but found out that both Rock Lobster and Ciao are only open for dinner. We were disappointed but we went "home" and I made us a big salad.

John played golf again this afternoon. I had my usual routine except I made parrotfish for dinner. I wrapped in foil pockets seasoning it well (I only could find fresh thyme) and added garlic (from China?), green peppers. Onions and tomatoes, some white wine and lime juice too. It takes no time to prepare. I also was roasting sweet potatoes from the island. The fish turned out to be quite good actually and the sweet potatoes had a different texture and taste from ours but were quite good. See a real meal folks!--you all knew I had it in me now didn't you?

Yikes it already Saturday! When you start out on a 13 day adventure all told it seems like a long time but the days just fly by! We are both relaxed and have been enjoying ourselves immensely. My husband is brown as a berry and I am white as a sheet with my straight hair covered with a hat at all times! I am actually a mess! I am not really vain but it is nice not to curl the hair each and every day and fuss at all in the way you look.

Today we have decided to go over to Nevis for the day. I called Noel's the car rental place that Avis uses. I made a deal with him for a compact car for $40. This was an expense we should not have incurred. (I have written a letter of complaint to AAA about this) and we shall see how it gets resolved.

My husband was out of fruit for his breakfasts so before getting on the ferry I wanted to get him some. It is market day again on St. Kitts. We were taking the 8 am ferry so we were down there shortly after 7 to shop. He dropped me off at the Veggies Market and went to park. I found nice papaya, guava and mangoes this day and also bought a nice piece of watermelon from the truck and of course more tomatoes. I love watermelon.

John comes into the market laughing! What's up? My "blessing himself" husband about my driving has just driven the car too far to the left and it landed in one of those ditches on the main street. Hello? Four guys came along and lifted the car out of the ditch. Fortunately there was no damage to the car.

We caught the 8 am ferry. Besides the ticket you must pay $1. EC as a tax before boarding each way!!! They sure like their taxes there.

We appeared to be the only non locals on board and it was full. There was some 7th Day Adventist meeting on Nevis. Boarding appeared to be a survival of the fitness scenario. People just pushed and walked in front of you. It is just the way these ferries are boarded here as we noticed the same thing on the return. The ferry zips along and you are there in 45 minutes or less.

The approach to Nevis offers a more charming port town than Bassetere. The island is much smaller on 15,000 to about 40,000 on St Kitts. The car rental agency was a bit late picking us up but after a call showed up quickly.

We again approached this island counterclockwise. Our first stop was Montpelier Plantation. We parked and decided to walk around it a bit. What a gorgeous peaceful place this is! All of a sudden we hear "Helen, John"--and who do we see having breakfast outside but Monica and Sean. Remember them from the Catamaran ride? They were spending the last couple of nights of their honeymoon on Nevis at Montpelier. They had been at the Marriott on St Kitts. Small world isn't it?

We sat with them for a bit while they had the most beautiful breakfast I have ever seen. They were quite impressed with Montpelier and told us of the wonderful five star five course dinner they had enjoyed there the night before. I had a glass of water and we wished them well. And they will do well. You know sometimes you can just tell that on meeting a couple. Anyway the Montpelier sure looked like a great place to stay to us! If you are reading this Monica and Sean--again all our best wishes--happiness and good health!

Our next stop was the Heritage exhibit. We paid a small fee and were given a quick but interesting tour of the little village they have there.

The roads on this side of Nevis are pretty bad--no they are terrible. There are some very pretty sights though.

Our next stop was Nesbit Plantation. It was nice but I can't rave about it. It had a beautiful white sand beach beautifully maintained. We stopped into the beach bar there and ordered two Caribs. In my research you guys all told me what a great deal Caribs were on the island. Oh yah??? I expected they would cost 5EC's or maybe a little more on the resort. Two Caribs cost us 26.50 EC!!! Hello? I took a picture of us in this pricey bar where we were clearly ripped off!!

The resort itself did not look very busy at this time of year. I saw mostly elderly women when we were there. This would not be a resort I would ever select or recommend. There was just something about it that left me cold. Am I becoming an afficianado of resorts here or what? ..

Our next stop was the Four Seasons. The golf course as you enter looked beat up. The grass wasn't green anymore. There didn't seem to be a lot of people playing here either. Of course it was a very hot day and approaching noon. We went in and checked it out. It had more of a look and feel of a tropical resort that I would expect. It definitely had more appeal to me than the St K Marriott. However it is still too big and impersonal. Again I will repeat I would feel different about it if I had young children with me. There is so much there for them to do.

We walked down the beach to Sunshine's and had a Killer Bee each. I have a thing for Bees and actually collect them so I HAD to have one of these. Basically they are rum punches with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. A nice gal from Calypso's next door had offered us a free drink when we got to the island but we didn't get there. Thanks anyway for the offer. That looks like a nice beach bar as well to hang out.

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