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St. Kitts Trip Report

Author: Helen Reeder
Date of Trip: April 2006

By now you may have figured out that John has more energy that I do--a LOT more energy! At home sometimes when he gets particularly antsy I find busy work for him. Here on St Kitts the same thing applies even though he has been relaxing pretty well.

He is at heart even more of a tourist that I am. When the kids were little and on vacation I could send them out with him to explore. For example one time we had a stay in the Everglades all he wanted to do was go out and look for alligators and snakes and the kids came in handy to send as his companions.

Now that we are older and the kids don't vacation with us all the time it is just me?? And that was not going to work on the eco all day tour with Greg's Safaris!! You have to climb a mountain for goodness sakes! So we called it his Day Camp and he was doing this adventure on his own.

We got up early and did our usual routine. But by 7:30 he was all dressed and ready for his adventure! He didn't have to meet the group at Timothy Beach Resort until 8:30. I told him I couldn't make the clock move any faster. I packed him up some water and snacks plus a shirt change as directed.

He sat there I swear like a ten year old going to camp--so cute and so excited! By the way I used Liz Pereira's name and received a 25% discount which is considerable as the cost is now $85.

When we got to TBR we saw that couple again from our plane ride we met at Turtle Beach. They are now very tanned and enjoying themselves. They told us they had been to Ciao twice and really liked it. They liked their meal at Rock Lobster as well. Another couple who had been on the catamaran were joining John on his Eco adventure. The group consisted of six people that is the minimum.

They serve them a nutritious breakfast, good lunch at the top and a good bye cocktail at the end.

When he came home at the end of the day -- he was a sight! His knees and legs were all dirty and he was sweaty. The shirt he wore initially was a total mess. He liked his "adventure" but found it hard (and he is in pretty good shape!) He thought it was interesting but although the tour guide was nice he didn't think he was that knowledgeable. There was one gal on the hike(who has since emailed John to thank him) that found the hike a bit difficult. My husband is a good man with a great heart and he carried her backpack and helped her on some of the more difficult spots. This hike is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Now I had myself a busy day. It was my first chance at driving. My husband was not sure about this and was blessing himself all over the place. I did just fine. I went slow and did my grocery shopping errands etc with no problems.

First I went back to Sea Loft office and emailed the kids which I had done a couple of times. They have a computer in the office free for use of guests and owners. I also checked out a recipe for conch chowder. No tuna for us today!

I drove myself down to Rams etc. They did not have a couple of ingredients I needed but I was able to manage. A soup person I am and I love to make them. I wanted to make it like a red clam chowder. In honesty I could have used my husband's helpful hand on this day as I was up to my ears in peeling and chopping. This was a lot more work than tuna!!

I had never used conch before and found them to be HUGE!! I tried chopping them up in the blender and that worked perfectly. I made a huge pot of it so we could have more than one meal. It sure looked good.

I spent the rest of the day reading and staring out at the ocean -- even took a nice nap. John came home a happy but tired camper. He took a long swim in the ocean to refresh and actually clean up his dirty bod.

We both really enjoyed the conch chowder for dinner. It really tasted good and as is with most homemade soups it just got better the next day.

Now it is Friday and we plan to take it easy. One of us at least has been going strong for two days now. We did our early morning routine and then headed out. We wanted to check out some of the beaches we have yet to see.

We headed out towards Turtle Beach. I could do that drive every day it is so beautiful. We were stopped by a convention of goats at least two hundred in the middle of the road. It was a great photo-op experience. There are quite a few signs along this road for impending (I use that word) developments. I hope they don't come too soon.

We went to Cockleshell, Shipwreck and Friars Bay beaches all quite pretty --undeveloped and unspoiled. We even found a couple of hidden coves that were special. We spent a couple of quiet hours on Turtle Beach. I mentioned before they have free chaises and shade for me. The restaurant doesn't open until 11 and things don't seem to get going until noon or so. It felt like we had the beach to ourselves. We enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the pet animals. The pig is a stitch -- he is so fat and sleeps all the time comfortable in a big hole he made in the sand. The rooster goes at it. The pet goats nudge you. It is an experience for sure and a wonderful one.

Just before we left a young couple we had met on the Cat ride from Manhattan arrived at the beach. They were staying at the Marriott and liked the Turtle Beach atmosphere.

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