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St. Kitts Trip Report

Author: Helen Reeder
Date of Trip: April 2006

Okay so now on to the BIG DAY!! We had our usual early morning routine so we had hours before our trip started. I have read about five books by this point. My husband who generally reads technical stuff has read almost three books of fiction--mysteries. Now I have told you I am avoiding the sun for good reason so I am a bit nervous about this boat trip. I have been told there will be plenty of shade for me but I still wonder. I can't quite picture it. I have also become a "Hat Person" on this trip as curling my hair is a futile effort!

So we leave book in hand, water, towels, hats etc. The boat can handle 80 people and only 52 have signed on for today. This was a good size group with lots of choices for seating. Liz Pereira made these reservations for us. It was 75. US each. We paid in good old American cash as I was told if you charge there will be a $5. each surcharge. The boat looked new and immaculate and was I relieved to see that there was indeed an open but covered area on the boat. I settled right in in the shade and told my husband to go up front and enjoy the sun.

It is a fun trip. The crew set the fun tone from the outset and the bar opens at 9:30 am!!!-and has lots of customers right away! (All drinks are free and plentiful all day! People even left the ship taking one for the road!)

I didn't get much reading done. People were friendly and the views along the trip are just gorgeous! I was just about the only person not to snorkel at the beautiful little inlet they chose. I was very comfortable though and enjoying the trip very much.

Regarding my lack of snorkeling aside from my sun sensitivities -- I do not swim very well at all and have had disastrous experiences in the past when I tried to snorkel. Would you believe this from a woman whose three kids were on swim teams their entire lives and even swam on their college Division I teams?? My older son was even nationally ranked and here I sit a pathetic doggie paddler!

I loved the people watching aspect of this trip as well. I guess my sociology and social work background make me an observer of human nature? It was amazing the transformation of some people with the combination of calypso music, sun, fun and rum!!!

One older couple in particular comes to mind. My initial impression of them particularly the wife was prudish, quiet and frankly sort of out of place on this trip. By the return trip they had transformed themselves into this loose as a goose hip couple dancing all over the boat! There was a Jamaican gal (a girlfriend of one of the crew) who could really move her booty and she was giving anyone interested dancing lessons! Lots of fun to watch. We had a great group of people on board who became friendly very fast. It was just a fun experience.

I was not sure about the beach lunch regarding the sun etc. One tip I missed that I want to emphasize is to pack an extra pair of sandals in your bag when you go. They take your shoes before you get on the boat. The sand is VERY HOT on the beach at Nevis and you do need sandals or something when you go for lunch. Many people like to go down the beach and check out Sunshine's and sample a Killer Bee. Having a pair of sandals with you will make this experience much more enjoyable--believe me!

Now regarding lunch -- they announced before we left the boat that there were no bathrooms on the beach so go before you leave the boat or it will be like 21/2 hours before we return to the boat. This concerned me greatly as at my age I rarely have 21/2 hours between bathroom visits. They had a good barbeque buffet but I was afraid to eat for the obvious reasons. I did make myself a big plate that my husband devoured. The boy has been having rum punches for a while now and needed to fortify his empty stomach. (And now you and I both know just how empty the boy's stomach really is!?) I just had a couple of bites of a hot dog and a taste of a couple of the sides. Nothing really tasted very good to me but I think I have a psychological aversion to St Kitts food since my first visit to that downtown Rams!

In the past few days when I would ask the locals how they cook say pumpkin for example. They would tell me to steam it and they don't use seasonings. That was my one big complaint with the food I was trying that it wasn't seasoned. The food was sort of blah tasting to me! Man-I really season my tuna salad!!

So the drinks flowed during lunch as well. The picnic was in the shade so I was comfortable. Some people went swimming, some people snorkeled, some just relaxed and a hearty crew headed to Sunshine's!

The group that relaxed became better acquainted. One darling young woman was asked what year of college she was in. She did look young. It turned she was in her second year of pediatric residency! She was traveling with her Mom who was quite proud of her lovely daughter. They were staying at the Marriott on an all inclusive plan. Her mother in trying to get the most bang for her buck was into multi course dining etc.. Her daughter said she barely has time to eat as a resident and just couldn't handle these meals. (I should have sent my husband over to eat with her mother and she and I would have enjoyed the tuna-eh?)

Another couple had gone fishing the day previous. Her husband caught a small albacore tuna (which is as you know the operative word of this trip for us). They brought it to Marshall's for dinner the night before and they cooked it up for him. This couple had opted not to rent a car so were taking taxis everywhere they went from the Marriott. Taxis are not cheap on the island. For example they were planning to go to Spratnet that evening and said the taxi was to cost $20 US each way. Renting a car was expensive and we didn't use it much some days but it was good just to have wheels ready and waiting. It also gave us much more of an opportunity to get to know the island. I know people are skittish about driving on the left. If I can do it anyone can. Soon to come I will have my first driving experience!

We met another nice young couple on their honeymoon--Sean and Monica. They were both outgoing and friendly and winding down from their wedding. Remember Sean and Monica's name as we will hear from them again.

The trip back was much more lively but just as beautiful. I tried a few tasty beverages as well. I had this one called Ant's Pants or some such. I am not sure what it was exactly but something with coconut rum?

All in all it was a fun day and we both enjoyed it. I would recommend it to everyone any age although I do not think it appropriate for children.

We headed back home to more tuna, coladas, reading and rest. Real food is coming in the very near future for us so stay tuned!

Today is Day Camp day for John. It is already Thursday! How can it be? You thought we were adults and what is this Day Camp thing all about anyway.

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