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St. Kitts Trip Report

Author: Helen Reeder
Date of Trip: April 2006

It is now Monday morning and we have seen the sunrise and John has done his jog and swim. We are both sleeping so soundly and feel rested. My husband keeps saying to me "This is so relaxing!"-and it surely is. There is something about the sound of those waves! Of course with no phones or fax ringing and we aren't even watching TV it just makes such a difference.

We head into town after breakfast for a few errands. Today we went to Rams Distributors for the pina colada mix--and John enjoyed each and every drop! We checked out the Fisheries that looked fine to me. We will definitely be getting some fish from there. They have cleaned fish fresh and lobsters. They also have frozen filleted fish and conch. There is to be a conch chowder in my future.

We bought some more water. The water here is potable but I wasn't taking any chances so we bought bottled water. Having the second refrigerator makes it handy to keep water cold at all times. I brought vials of iced tea mix from home so we always had cold iced tea as well.

We chilled and read most of the day. Lunch was tuna in pitas. Yes I am going to have to buy more canned tuna! John played golf again this afternoon and while the golf course was pretty empty he did play with some Marriott employees.

Dinner was BLT's and carrot sticks-(fresh home grown St Kitts carrots I should mention)

Another great night's sleep and the same routine starts Tuesday. Up before the sun, John's run and swim and breakfast. We get up so early we have a oouple of hours to read before we can even do errands.

Today is special though as we are touring the island. We left about 9:30 and decided to go counter clockwise. There are many beautiful sights along the way and we would stop and take pictures from time to time. We had planned to lunch at Ottley's but we arrived too early to do so. We checked it out and it is a beautiful spot for sure. It is quiet and must be quite relaxing.

We stopped at Fort Brimstone rented the tape tour and checked it out. It is a very interesting place and has some pretty spectacular views.

This ride also gives you a different glimpse into the lives of the locals. One thing they do that is a bit annoying is they just stop their cars and chat wherever! There seem to be lots of open air rum bars everywhere you go and they have customers at any and all hours. While we did not see one inebriated person during our entire stay there does appear to be lots of drinking going on. Perhaps rum is to the St Kittians as wine is to the Italians.

I was pleased to see there was not a lot of smoking on the island. When we were in Turkey a few years back it seemed everyone smoked everywhere! That reminds me. We got a kick out of the name of one of the liquor stores in Bassetere--Smoke and Booze.

There also appeared to be an inordinate number of men just hanging around. I did not observe this to be the case with the women. They seemed almost the more industrious of the sexes. I observed so many women in downtown Bassetere dressed professionally and heading to work. I am interested in this phenomenon. Am I wrong in this observation? Is this a matriarchal society?

We also stopped at Batik Caribelle and saw the demonstration. It was quite interesting and the grounds and gardens there quite beautiful.

We stopped at Serendipidy for a late lunch. Several people had recommended it to us. It is a beautiful setting overlooking Bassetere Harbor. We sat on the porch. We were parched and enjoyed our first Carib here--cold and delicious! I had spring rolls and John had the grouper which he enjoyed (the man is starving!) While it was good enough I cannot rave about this restaurant.

They served me a small salad with these green things in it that looked like tomatoes. When I asked I was told that since they grow tomatoes on the island she could not import them and she just couldn't get enough ripe ones. Hello? She could have thrown a stone to several farmers selling beautiful tomatoes on the Harbor! So I was disappointed that a rather upscale restaurant by St Kitts standards would not have ripe tomatoes. Better off not adding tomatoes to the salad at all in my opinion.

We then stopped at the Fisheries where I bought two packages of Parrot Fish frozen and filleted. I was assured there that this fish was delicious! I also bought a very large package of conch, cleaned and frozen.

John played a round of golf in the late afternoon-after 3:30($55). Dinner was guess what- tuna stuffed tomatoes and marinated cucumbers. Those tomatoes are sure delicious!

Today is already Wednesday! We can't believe it! We have a big day today as we are going on the Catamaran ride with Blue Charters!

Before I continue I did want to mention that we chatted with a real estate man having lunch at Serendipidy yesterday. He seemed to know about potential developments. He did tell us that the empty lot between Sea Lofts and the Marriott will soon be Marriott Time Share Development. He thinks they will sell quickly and bring in much needed revenue to the Marriott investors.

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