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Hawaii 2003

Author: EastCoastTropics
Date of Trip: August 2003

August 10, 2003:

Today my niece from Washington came to stay with my parents. I have never met her ... just spoke to her on the phone in the past but it was so good to have finally met her and she looks exactly like my younger sister! *S* Later in the afternoon we all drove down to Sunset Beach. Uncle Leroy and Aunt Diane live across the street from the beach and all the ohana was gathered there for "kau kau" (eats). I saw cousins I hadn't seen in years!!! They were there with their children "and" grandchildren!!! Funny how things change but still remain the same. Some of my cousins and I took my daughters and their friends across the street to the beach. The water was so calm except with waves of about 1½ feet. The water is so, so blue! I took alot of photos but I really don't think pictures can do the water and beaches any justice. My cousins went body surfing while the girls searched for puka (poo- kah) shells....shells with holes in them. They were trying to gather enough shells to string them into necklaces.

Later we came back to the house and ate ... then ate ... then ate! *LOL* There was so much food! It was a great mixture of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese and Samoan foods. My cousin Paki (Bert) played the ukulele for us and my dad joined in. It was so funny cuz my dad isn't that good of a singer but loves to sing in front of the whole ohana. When he sings, he reminds me of someone who is totally drunk and trying to sing! *L*

The drive to Sunset Beach is wonderful. On the way to Sunset Beach I recommend taking the long seanic route through Haliewa rather than taking the short express around the town. Haliewa is so quaint and "hawaiian-country-like" with it's shops and eateries. The Waimea Bay Beach is a sight to behold! When you're coming around the bend just before getting to the entrance, slow down a bit and catch the sight on your left! More later!

August 11, 2003:

The Pali Lookout was our first stop today. It was windy as to be expected and the view of the windward side was breathtaking...just as I remembered it to be! I took alot of photos of the windward area from the lookout as well as the old Pali road. Next we headed to Waimanalo. Many years ago I spent my weekends on a local Waimanalo stable. We'd take the horses across the street to the beach for exercise. The beaches are still so beautiful. We parked just outside of the public access way and made our way to the beach. The water was clear turquoise blue. The winds were coming off the sea! It was like I never left! There were also some jellyfish getting washed up onto the beach by the waves.

We then headed east along the coast and stopped just past the Makaha Point Research Center. There is a tiny point where you can park your car and get out to take photos of the coastline.

Further along we passed Sandy's Beach where there was a rescue in progress. The parking lot was packed with fire fighters, rescue personnel and the rescue chopper had just plucked someone out of the water. Past Sandy's Beach I stopped along the road's edge to take more photos of the shoreline.

Hanauma Bay was our next stop. This place has changed so much since I was a little girl. There are now attendants at the entrance to the park. There was a "Parking Lot Full" sign but the attendant motioned at me to drive on through. At the parking lot entrance I paid my dollar to the attendant....if you leave within 15 minutes of arriving, your dollar is refunded to you. There was a long line of folks waiting to get down to the beach. An admission fee is charged to access the beach and not everyone is allowed onto the beach at once! We walked up to the landing where you can view the entire bay and shoreline area. The view just was stunning....we were in awe to say the least! The water was so clear and turquoise and the outline of the underwater reefs were visible. There were folks snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach was full but didn't look overcrowded at all!

Afterwards we headed over to the LocoMoco at the Koko Marina for local-style plate lunches. After lunch we drove out to Pearlridge area and I found a "Mailbox Etc" type of store and picked up three shipping boxes. The shop also carried handmade soaps and gift items. I bought 4 bars of handmade soaps. Two were made from scratch and the other two were glycerin based.

Our last stop before heading back to my parent's home was the Pearlridge Shopping Mall. When I was growing up this was "the" mall to hang out at. I picked up several 3-pack cases of Macadamia Nuts as well as several bags of Kona Coffee and t-shirts from Crazy Shirt. I also window-shopped from packaging/gift ideas.

Before hitting the sack, I packed up all my Lauhala baskets and souvenirs into the boxes...gonna have to ship them out to myself at home in a couple of days. More later!

August 12, 2003:

Last night I actually slept more than 5 hours! Since we've been here, I've been getting up early hawaiian time. The first night we were here I awoke at 1:30am. 'Course it was 7:30am EST and none the less, I was wide awake! *L* This morning I picked up my friend Peri (from small keed time) again and we headed to "Tanioka's" in Waipahu. Tanioka's is a very small fish market located just down the street from Waipahu high school. I must highly recommend this fish market for it's sushi, sashimi and nigiri sushi! Their Limu Poke (raw tuna with seaweed strands) is outstanding! They also carry boiled peanuts, assorted musubis, snacks, cookies, candies, japanaese crackers and Poke.

Afterwards we walked next door to visit one of our high school classmates Cindy ... she works next to the fish market. I had purchased a CD of photos of our 25th class reunion so we went to go pick it up from her. It was good to see her after all these years! She introduced us to her husband who graduated the year before us from the same high school and I introduced them to my daughters.

The next stop was Jet skiing at Haleiwa Harbor. When we got there, we had to wait over 30 minutes for someone to show up at the booth. When someone finally showed up, we realized that she wasn't very pleasant at all....ya know, the type that works 24/7 with tourists and is really only interested in getting your credit card information. We decided Jet skiing wasn't for us and we didn't want to spend our money with this company so headed towards Sunset Beach. We spent an hour at the beach just across from the Sunset Beach Support Park. It was a bit crowded with locals and tourists. Apparently, this beach is also a stop for the tour buses as every 20 minutes or so the buses would stop so that the tourists could get out and photograph the beach and water.

After swimming, we drove out to the Waikele Outlet Mall and browsed the shops. There were outlet shops such as Bebe, Crazy Shirts, Osh Kosh and many more. And just across the street, you could find the Big KMart and Borders Book Stores. Also, there was that ever-popular red and white trailer parked in the parking lot!! *S* The Leonards Malasadas trailer!! *L* Malasadas is fried dough about 4 inches around and covered in sugar. They also come covered with sugar and cinnamon and you can get the kind that is filled with different cream flavors such as Haupia. They call these Malasada Puffs! These taste so ono when just made...nice and hot! The Waikele Outlet mall is another stop for the tour buses. :)

This evening I packed up the last of my souvenirs and Lauhala baskets. I also found two of my high school yearbooks and packed those to ship home too! More later!

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