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First but not Last Cruise ~ Carnival Legend

Author: ColoradoSweetheart
Date of Trip: March 2008

We had booked the cave tubing / zip lining excursion months ago with Major Tom and even though I am afraid of heights and can't swim, I really WANTED to do this; but as the time drew closer I got sicker thinking about it. So this stop wasn't my favorite already. This was another tender and because we booked thru Major Tom and not Carnival weren't sure how to tender but they told us where to go and we were out on the 2nd tender. By then I had told Robert I wasn't going. I wanted to, but chickened out, no other words for it.

I waited with him until he had to leave and then started going thru the shops. There really isn't much in Belize ... a lot of shops. I was told if I left the "gated" area it was very dangerous. Okay, there goes that. So I shopped and went to the Wet Lizard and had Conch Fritters (really wanted to try them) and 2 rum punches (Don had given me a coupon to buy one get one free). So I enjoyed my Conch ... and my opinion on that is it's good, very chewy, but good. It came with a lettuce and tomato shredded mixture and French fries and a chipotle mayonnaise (or at least that's what it tasted like and tartar sauce). The first rum punch didn't taste like rum at all and the 2nd one had a ton of it in the bottom of the drink. I enjoyed the view (overlooking the pier/ocean) during lunch but it was hot and I was truly getting bored. They were very pushy to get tourists in and that's the worst way to get me to buy anything. Mid afternoon I tendered back to the ship, had a snack, cold drink, put my purchases in our cabin ... wandered the ship ... then tendered back to wait for Robert to get back. The last tender was 4 p.m. and at 3:30 still no sign, I started to worry as this was NOT booked thru Carnival. 3:45 and no sign, I really started to panic then. About then they got back and we got back to the ship in time. Close call. He really didn't have time to shop but he had given me his list and I got the stuff while he was gone. He said they had a great time and the delay was some Woman's walk that blocked the ONLY road. Thank God they did return in time. He also said they were told the speed limit is 55 and if you blow past the check points, they don't stop you they just shoot you ... NICE!!! (DON ~ is this true; did they really say that???) I could easily never return there, just didn't do anything for either of us.

We got back to the ship and he was starved, so we went to the Unicorn and ate and then went to take a nap before dinner. Well around 7 I woke up and asked him if he was getting up and he mumbled about not caring if we went to dinner or not ... and I was still sleepy so I put the PRIVACY sign on the door and we were both out until early morning of Friday. We were that tired.

So really don't have much else to say about that day ... Belize and Sleep!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008 Roatan, Honduras
I can only say we woke up starving because we had missed dinner and slept like babies, so up early while we pulled into Roatan (Beautiful from afar) and had breakfast watching the island.

Roatan is only one ship per day usually and so we were it. They were doing construction on the pier ... but the island was absolutely stunning and we hadn't even left the ship yet.

Breakfast was the usual fare and we went to get our stuff and leave the ship, we had a 10:15 tour for the Pirates, Monkeys and Birds .... We found the group (it was so early) and we asked if we join the earlier group instead and they said that was fine. I'm glad that they let us do that ... because this Island is just beautiful, not touristy and not very pushy ... and beautiful beaches, scenery and quiet.

Our tour guide was a 20 yr old female Mackenna that was very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed her, although she admitted she was a bit tired because she had partied last night.

We toured the Pirate area, we then saw some plants that she explained to us ... one being one they make a tea with to give parents so they can go to sleep so the kids can go out. That was pretty funny; and the cashew (see pictures). Then there was a swinging bridge like in Indiana Jones that we had to cross, well myself and another lady are afraid of heights and this was a swinging bridge over water and I couldn't do that ... so she and I were escorted over the "stable" bridge. That's when we got to go see the birds ... beautiful and friendly ... and took many photo's (BIG surprise there huh??? LOL) and then onto the monkeys, OH MY GOD they were sooooo cute .... Played with a few of them, took many pics and really had a great time. After that we were left to enjoy the beach and told what the latest bus time was to return back to ship. There were a couple of little tables with jewelry and such ... Robert bought a nice leather, steel bracelet and I saw a few things but just wasn't in shopping mood, truth be told, I HATE to shop!!!

We then grabbed 2 chairs and went to the edge of the water. Robert stripped to his swim shorts and went out in the ocean and then yelled out he was going to go get some snorkel equipment and snorkel, well by then 2 ladies came around to do beach massages for $30.00 for an hour ... I jumped on that and then he changed his mind and opted for it as well. So there we were ... white sand, turquoise water and having a fantastic massage!!! It didn't get much better than that. Afterwards we went and got a drink of water (bottle) and relaxed in the center area and waited for the bus. The trip back was beautiful ... and they stopped a few times to let us take photo's from the bus. By then we had decided we would definitely like to just fly into Roatan and stay a week there alone.

There is a tented area just on the pier with knick knacks and some beautiful beautiful mahogany carved pieces. The large trunk was 1200 ... smallest one 32. Found a beautiful wood door that was 1800 and she got down to 800 for it but again we hadn't come prepared to purchase something like that (and shipping was included) But next time WE WILL. It was stunning.

Back to the ship ... 2nd formal night. The black gown I brought for this night, zipper was stuck and neither of us could get it to work, so I decided to wear the shorter, black sparkly cocktail dress I wore the night at The Golden Fleece and it worked out fine.

Our servers had been concerned because we had not been there for 2 nights ... so we explained that we went to the Golden Fleece one night and slept thru the other and I was bummed because that menu had the tiramisu (I LOVE THAT STUFF) and Bitter and Blanc that I had heard soooo much about and wanted to try. I tried to get some and they said they would check but I ended up missing out. Oh well, sounds like a great reason to book another cruise, don't you think? I do.

This was also midnight buffet night ... I was too stuffed to even fathom eating ... but I did go and take pictures at midnight and then to bed. Let me tell you by the end of the cruise I didn't want to EVER see food again. It was all good but man it was a lot of food.

Saturday, March 8, 2008 LAST FUN DAY AT SEA (AND BOY WAS IT FUN!!!) Sometime during the night we encountered a cold front and 50 knott winds and the ship started rocking like crazy ... WOW!!! I started feeling queasy ... started popping the Bonine. Robert was sick, but not from that. About 2 hours after returning from Roatan he started sounding like he had bronchitis so he was already sick and I was going from nausea to semi normal to nausea again and walking, HOLY HECK!!!! What fun that day was. He slept all day ... I dined alone and wandered the ship, took photo's and bought photo's ... hung out all over the place, even my favorite hiding place, the Enchanted Forest where I sat and watched the waves and even crawled up in the porthole and watched.

Before we went to dinner, I packed (fun fun fun with rocking ship) and very sad.

Woke Robert up and we dressed and went downstairs ... we did NOT take any photo's that night, not the way we both looked and felt. We did go to dinner though ... and I guess even the Drama Queens were pretty subdued (THANK YOU SEA SICKNESS) so really it was the first dinner in Truffles where we didn't have to listen to their LOUD drama.

Robert still wasn't feeling great so he didn't want to go to see the Legends show, and I really did. We put the bags out in the hall and that was soooo sooooo sad to see as it was the end of the trip. Robert went to bed and I went to Follies and saw the Legends show. It was pretty good. Some good talent, some not so good talent, some bad talent. LOL!!!! But I enjoyed it. I admire ANYONE that can get up in front of THAT many people and sing (good or bad). It's all about having a good time.

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