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First but not Last Cruise ~ Carnival Legend

Author: ColoradoSweetheart
Date of Trip: March 2008

We changed as our clothes had arrived and headed to dinner, which also, was pretty amazing. It's just nice to be pampered. We did have a booth for 2 and since we work so much opposite shifts it was nice to have time together and alone.

Robert had the sweet and sour shrimp as an appetizer and prime rib (bloody) and I had the shrimp cocktail and steak with peppercorn sauce. He had the custard with fruit for dinner and I had the chocolate glateau, and we both had the warm chocolate melting cake. I thought the warm melting chocolate cake was good (I had it twice on the cruise) but Robert thought it was way too rich. The chocolate gluteau was great, too. We did prop open our balcony door every night with the chair (forgot bungee) and slept soundly to the crashing waves and I also can't begin to tell you how comfortable that bed was (no backache) and the pillows and comforter were snuggly soft, told Robert I WILL be ordering that set .... Maybe not the bed, but definitely the bedding set.

March 3 ~ First Day At Sea
Needless to say I was up early to see the sunrise and take many photographs of it, even Robert got up early and we sat on the balcony and enjoyed every single moment together. There's nothing quite like moments together alone on a balcony with the world passing you by and not a care in the world ... no job, phones, internet, telephones, kids, drama, work ... nothing. It was great.

We showered and headed up for breakfast. We did the Unicorn Cafe every morning. We did want to get to Truffles one morning but never made it. DH loves eggs benedict ... but we enjoyed the Unicorn, the food was good, hot and the view, well that view would make ANY food taste good. Again, anything I don't have to prep, cook and clean is good food for me.

I am, however, having a heck of a time at home looking out the back window and seeing GRASS and TREES and not gorgeous blue water passing by. Hmmm, wonder what we can do about that.

We really spent a lot of time exploring the ship, checking everything out ... hanging out on our balcony and just relaxing.

Met up for lunch and sat with Don & Karyn and this is when Robert apologized. The "drinks being pushed in your face" from the moment you embark got to him ... I assumed that after nearly 3 years of sobriety he could handle it, but it really bothered him. So he explained to Don & Karyn and me that was why he put in his Zune to tune out the waiters and he admitted having difficulty with that. I was proud of his honesty and now fully understood what was going on. He discovered the AA meetings onboard and attended one that day ... and the next 2 ... after the first meeting (5 people) it dwindled to 2 and then none, but by then he was okay again. I'm personally thankful they do have the Friends of Bill W. onboard.

We goofed off the afternoon ... relaxation was our main goal.

We did play miniature golf and it was fun ... also took a nap (it was a regular thing daily and something we never get to do at home)!!!

Getting ready for the first formal dinner was fun!!!! I have never seen him in a tux and he has never seen me glammed up ... after 18 years ... so that was great. I felt like a princess putting on my formal gown, my makeup, my hair and those God Forsaken heels (I hate shoes) and then he got dressed and OH MY GOD ... nothing like seeing someone in new eyes after all these years. He looked great!!!!

We headed downstairs and took tons of photo's ... I had planned at least $300 on formal photo's, because where else can you get formal settings and pictures for 21.00 for a 8x10? I had huge difficulty in throwing away the ones we chose not to get ... even though they weren't "perfect" I hate tossing pictures. We had fun with that.

Met up with Don & Karyn yet again in line and chit chatted. Then to our booth. We ended up in a booth for 2, which was fine as we hadn't seen one another much and looked forward to some alone time to reconnect.

Oh yeah we did have the prime rib and the lobster. Don't know how people eat more than 1 lobster if they do the prime rib, I was stuffed by the time it even rolled around. But it was very good. Robert loves his beef rare and tender and he had absolutely no complaints. I like mine medium well (which sometimes ends up tough) and mine was cooked to perfection and very tender. No complaints here from ANY of the food at any time.

After dinner we headed to Follies to watch a show, saw JAZZ HOT and it was good. The two female performers are amazing. Wonder why they don't have a record label anywhere, voices that reach right into your soul. Very Excellent. By then my shoes were off and we headed back to our room. Robert told me that he thought I looked so beautiful. That really capped off the night and I'll leave it at that!!!! ;-)!!!!

Just a note: Never saw any chair hogs or had problem with that; never really smelled smoke either (and I am sensitive to that odor). The pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers as well as the grill for sandwiches are to die for as is the 24 hour ice cream .... even with the Spring Breakers, it wasn't wild, no kids running everywhere either. People were genuinely nice and I wish I could say I had ONE but I have absolutely NO complaints on this ship, the crew, the food, the passengers, nothing. It also never felt like there were that many passengers, the only time I encountered "crowds" was during the busiest lunch time, so we just altered ours to either a bit earlier or later than "norm" and it was fine. Even when it was a busy time, the lines moved fairly quickly.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Grand Cayman What an awesome morning. I awoke during the night to find just out our balcony in the near distance ~ another ship all lit up and then looking to my left I could see another in the distance. What a beautiful site, so beautiful I kept waking up to see them and where they were ... woke Robert up, too ... no wonder I need a vacation to recover (catch up on sleep). Again, I felt like a kid at Christmas as this was the first time to tender as well. We got up early and I took pictures (of course) because one of the most amazing things I wanted to see this whole trip was the sunrises and the sunsets.

We headed up to the Unicorn for breakfast ... and again, the food was good, it was decent ... hot and fresh although the menu didn't vary much for breakfast, who cares, you're on vacation.

Headed down to tender out to the Island. We were a bit confused as we had never done this, all I knew about it was what I learned on http://www.cruisecritic.com/ over the last year. And very thankful for that. Tendering wasn't difficult at all, the lines were long though and I tend to get impatient and hot easily. Bad trait!!!! We got on the tender and shortly thereafter were off to see the wizard.

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