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First but not Last Cruise ~ Carnival Legend

Author: ColoradoSweetheart
Date of Trip: March 2008

First and NOT THE LAST Cruise ~ Carnival Legend
A little us background. We're 43, first cruise, from Denver. DH is a supervisor at a packaging company and I am Unit Coordinator on a Cancer Floor at a local hospital. I had a patient that was in her 20's told to go home and do what she wanted because she had less than 3 months to live ... she came back and died next day ... so I decided to book my dream vacation and not wait anymore.

Review of Vacation 2/29 ~ 3/10/2008
February 29, 2008
Finished with hair appt and stuff around 1 and went to Wal Mart and Walgreens to pick up last minute stuff. Robert was sleeping as he had worked all night and had his own last minute stuff he did that morning. So when I got home I stuffed everything in the suitcases ... a suit bag for my gowns, his shirts, a large suitcase with clothes and a small suitcase with toiletries (things in baggies everywhere) and 2 carry on's ... his carrying papers, reservations stuff and mine with our zunes, chargers, camera bag, blah blah blah. He woke up around 6 and I sent him to get dog food so poor Buster would not starve during the week; we had a friend of ours house sit so we didn't have to worry about him. Randy (who also house sat) came around 9 to pick us up and get us and our many bags to the airport, our plane was to leave at 12:25 a.m.

So we waited at the airport and 1/2 hour prior to departure, just before we boarded I took my Xanax (Gotta fly Air Xanax) and before we knew it we were off. Robert was still exhausted and I had the aisle seat (last row in plane) and he the middle and luckily nobody had window seat so he curled up and slept. I dozed off and on thanks to my Zune, Xanax and neck pillow. It was nearly a 4 hour flight from Denver to Tampa ... and our parting words to all our friends and co workers was that may they have a cold, snowy week!!!

March 1, 2008
We landed at a little before 6 a.m. on Saturday. We had reservations at Holiday Inn Express Suites Rocky Point, and although we requested early check in, knew that it wouldn't be ready THIS early.

After we collected our luggage and rental car we headed out ... this was our first time in Florida so we were enjoying the scenery and frankly just each other. I work 12 hour days, he 12 hour nights and we had both been doing a TON of overtime so hadn't seen much of one another. We drove to Clearwater and Robert saw that the Yankees and Phillies were playing that afternoon ... spring training, well Robert is a die hard Yankee fan. So found out when tickets were going on sale and he went up to wait. I napped in the car. He came back a short time later with 1st base front row tickets, he was THRILLED. We drove to HIEX and were able to check in, which we did ... unloaded our luggage and enjoyed the continental breakfast they provide. Then headed back to the Phillies stadium.

It was warm and sunny and I did not put on sunblock ... so needless to say got a bit red, but no biggie, by the 4th inning I went up and bought some sunscreen ... and then the fans starting walking in front of our seats (one lady actually slid into the guys seat next to us like a slide) to get autographs, darn near stepping on 1,000 worth of camera gear, and my husband and the father of one of these kids started verbally exchanging words ... but in the end we left 7th inning and headed back to our hotel where we unpacked, showered, changed and chilled.

That night was the Cruise Critic get together, so we mosied down and met up with Jodie and her husband Tom and finally after nearly a year of corresponding Don & Karyn. The get together didn't last long as they all headed their ways for dinner and we ordered pizza ... a medium which looked extra large and dripped grease ... but it was good ... okay at this point Weight Watchers went totally OUT THE WINDOW!!! Anxiously we went to bed because I could not wait for the next morning ... could not wait for our first cruise.

March 2, 2008 ~ Embarkation Day!!!
After over a year of planning, plotting, dreaming and waiting the big day was here!!!!

We had the continental breakfast from HIEX (which, by the way, was very good) ... went up and dragged our bags downstairs and waited for our van to take us.

I will be the first to admit that I had butterflies waiting for my first view of the ship ... and my mouth probably hit the floor when I saw it, I was very excited.

Unloaded and headed in ... getting thru security and getting the sign and sail card was relatively painless. I had printed out everything and even 2 copies of my funpass but forgot the funpass, but no big deal, and got it and then sat and waited ... and stared at the ship with my mouth open some more.

Finally they started boarding ... it, too, was painless. Don and Karyn were ahead of us and Robert being the jokester got behind her and gave her little horns, which did show up on her picture. We were on the ship and enjoying lunch by noon.

It seemed like seconds and we were on the ship. Again, my jaw dropped. Wasn't sure what to expect as I had ready so many different reviews of the Legend. I didn't think the urns were "dark" at all, I loved them. I was just amazed at the size of the ship and walked around like a kid at Christmas. Couldn't get to our rooms (We had 6145 Balcony) so we joined Don & Karyn at the Unicorn.

Here's where it got tricky and I didn't realize it would have this affect ... Robert was listening to his Zune while we were conversing, which I thought was rude. Love him, but it was rude. Well later I found out why. (Will get to that). And I"m only mentioning this so anyone else with this problem will know you are not alone and there are others onboard. I enjoyed Don & Karyn's company, great people. After lunch ... and I thought the food was good ... nothing's "perfect" but if I didn't have to prep, cook or clean up, then it's good, we headed to our cabin. Again, like a kid at Christmas opening a gift. I was amazed, because for some reason I thought that it would be smaller, but was pleasantly surprised. We were also very glad we got a balcony ... yep we're gonna be balcony snobs, can already tell you this. LOL!!!

2 of our bags were there, so we unpacked those and the other 2 trickled in over the next few hours. We met our steward, Leonardo and he was so nice and funny. He was also tipped extra multiple times throughout the week. Very much deserved.

Muster Drill didn't seem to be a big deal ... we were in the shade, which probably made it easier and yeah it was a bit lengthy but very important in case of emergency. Never once thought it annoying.

Afterwards took our life vest back to the cabin and up top we went ... for sailaway. We had 8:15 dinner seating so we were able to enjoy going under the Tampa Skyway bridge at sunset. OH MY GOD, Spectacular ... Just spectacular. One of the many things I will never forget. Going under the bridge (looking like it barely cleared) was amazing. I guess there was a 5 foot clearance but it sure didn't look like it.

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