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Coastering in SoCal -- Part VI

Author: USRoadTripper
Email: usroadtripper@yahoo.com (More Trip Reviews by USRoadTripper)
Date of Trip: September 2006

With Kevin safely on his way, I headed back out in search of the Randy's Donuts. I found it quickly on the second try, but since it was dark, I didn't get very good pictures of it. I called my mom and chatted for a bit, then headed up to the window. She was very insistent that she wanted a t-shirt from Randy's, so I got the t-shirt and a dozen assorted donuts to take back home and share. I gave her the caveat that if I got hungry during the ride home, I reserved every right to eat a few of the donuts!

On the way to return the rental car, I stopped to top off the tank with gas, then went to return it. I rearranged most of my stuff so I could check my large backpack, and keep all my important stuff (camcorder, ipod, etc) in my smaller bag to carry on the plane. When I went to pay for the car, they acted like it was a huge inconvenience that I wanted to pay part of it in cash. When I originally got the car, the girl I got it from also acted inconvenienced because I hadn't called ahead to attach my Blue Chip number to my reservation. I had to wait for about 15 minutes in line just to get to a cashier that would even accept cash! Next time, I will know...put the Blue Chip number on ahead of time, and definitely don't pay cash!

I took the Thrifty shuttle back to the airport, were I got checked in reasonably quickly. The security line wasn't too long, but was filled with people who have no common sense. Almost every person was waiting until one x-ray machine was completely empty before going up to it, neglecting to see the huge tables in front of the machines where you get all your stuff ready to be x-rayed. The security folks kept yelling at everyone to fill in any spots they saw at the tables, but people still just stood there like morons. Airport security has got to be one horribly stressful job since you deal with a steady stream of morons all day.

Once I got to my gate, I had some time to kill, so I called Mike and chatted for a while. Later, I went and got a fruit parfait from McDonalds so it would tide me over until I got to Atlanta and could find breakfast. Just about as soon as I was done with my parfait, we started boarding.

RANT: I will NEVER carry a dozen donuts onto a plane again. When I got the first comment or two about the donuts, I thought, "Heh, that's kinda funny." But then more and more people started making comments about the donuts...and soon it felt like every person who came within five feet of me felt obligated to comment on the fact that I had donuts with me! You couldn't smell them...and they were just in a plain brown box, so it's not like the box screamed DONUTS either! And do you believe that I had two people even ask me the question, "Is that a live animal, or is it donuts?" What kind of idiotic question is that??? Is it a LIVE ANIMAL or is it DONUTS??? Give me a freaking break! I don't even think a person who reeks of body odor would get as many "I hope I'm not sitting next to you!" comments as I got with those donuts. So a word to the wise...as nice as it may seem to bring your mom a dozen donuts from an iconic donut shop in SoCal..DON'T DO IT!

Anyway, once the donuts were safely stored, I was fast asleep. I only woke up a few times...on take off, when I was handed my little snack pack, one time when I moved from one seat to the one beside me, then when we were about to land. It was nice to get some decent sleep on a plane for once.

Arriving in Atlanta, I didn't have too much time to spare, but I had just enough to get to my gate and find a Nathan's Hot Dogs along the way! I'd never had a Nathan's hot dog, so I ordered two with sauerkraut. I knew that the very last thing I needed was to not only carry those donuts onto the plane, but to carry two sauerkraut loaded hot dogs onto the plane with me also! So I ate them as quickly as I could, and didn't finish until after my plane was loading. They were good...I'd definitely get them again.

The flight from Atlanta to Nashville was pretty much just like the LA to Atlanta leg. The girl next to me looked like Claire Danes, but I was too tired to try and start a conversation with her and figure out if it was her or not...probably wasn't, so no big loss. The next thing I knew, I was landing in Nashville. After collecting my backpack, my mom arrived to pick me up. She drove me to my place, where I promptly opened up the box of donuts and declared that by God they were going to be the best donuts she'd ever eaten in her whole life! In reality, they were good, but not anywhere near good enough to go through the airport donut hell that I went through to get them back to Nashville again! As soon as she left, I hit the sack and got some more sleep.

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