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Coastering in SoCal -- Part III

Author: USRoadTripper
Email: usroadtripper@yahoo.com (More Trip Reviews by USRoadTripper)
Date of Trip: September 2006

Kevin and Scott didn't want to ride Maliboomer, so I utilized the Sad and Pathetic line. For a moment, I thought the ride was gonna break down. We all got strapped in, the ride lifted up in the air and moved up and down a bit, then immediately dropped back down to the base of the tower. Of course at that point, the person in the control tower tells the riders to please remain seated...like we had any other option! After another restraint check the ride was fine. But I do like this one less than others though because of the stupid scream shields.

Kevin said that he really wanted to ride Grizzly River Run, but Scott and I agreed that we didn't want to get that wet, so Kevin went for a solo ride. Scott and I waited on a nearby bridge and watched him float past, then retreated to the cool gift shop nearby to wait for him. I found this one spot in the store where an air vent would blow directly on me, so I just parked myself there. I joked with Scott that I was really studying the shirts in front of me...yep, that's what I was doing...NOT standing directly under an air vent! ;-) When Kevin found us, he was barely wet at all! Just his butt seemed to be wet.

I got a call from our friend Sean at that point saying that he and his wife Pamela were in the parking garage and wanted to know where to meet us. I wanted to tape Seasons of the Vine, so we agreed to meet there. After waiting outside the theater for only a few minutes, they found us and we went inside. It was great to see them too, but we see them most Decembers at WDW, so it wasn't some grand reunion or anything. I started taping Seasons of the Vine, but my battery ran out right in the middle of it! And it was right at the "time lapse grape growing" clip too! :-( Oh well, just another reason to go back.

Kevin and I hadn't been in A Bug's Land, so that's what we suggested as our next stop. The entrance was a little haphazard, with some water play areas for kids, and some random fenced off areas with Bug's Life character statues inside them. The rides area was really cute though! You can tell that the budget for the area wasn't that huge since everything is off the shelf, but I think they did a nice job with the theming.

Little did anyone there know, but Heimlich has been my favorite Disney character since the first time I saw Bug's Life. So I definitely wanted to ride Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. We only waited for one cycle, but I would have certainly waited longer. It was so adorable! You ride in Heimlich themed caterpillars, and pass all these foods along the ride path. You go through a watermelon that mists you, and an animal cracker box that smells just like animal crackers, and at the end you pass CANDY CORN! Realistically, if Heimlich wasn't my favorite character, the ride would have garnered a "meh" from me. But he is, so it's the best ride in the resort hahaha Ok, so that's an overstatement, but I did think it was really really cute!

I said that I wanted to video tape the Monsters Inc. ride, so everyone headed in that direction for a ride. My video of it came out pretty well, including when we stopped at the end and got harassed by the slug lady with the clipboard. She said "Oh great, another camera. Hope you get my good side." and "Hey, you left the lens cap on!" Ha ha!

At that point, the guys decided that they wanted to watch Block Party Bash, but the girls decided against it, so Pamela and I went to watch Muppet*Vision instead. I hadn't intended on watching it during the trip, but it was certainly better than watching another parade! The preshow was almost empty, so I sat down on the floor and stretched out my legs and back. I must have looked pretty dumb, but it felt wonderful! The preshow, theater and show are all identical to Florida's version, so needless to say, I enjoyed it.

After a bathroom break, we called the guys and agreed to meet up with them at the Wine Country Trattoria, which is where we had set up dinner reservations. When we got there, they were going on about how great the parade was, and that it really was a "bash" and all. So Pamela and I start saying "Yeah, well Muppet*Vision was completely live action today. They said they were only gonna do that for that one show, and you missed it." Ha! I don't care how big of a bash they had, I can assure you that I enjoyed Muppet*Vision more than I would have the parade.

We were seated within just a few minutes in the Trattoria, so we had time to cool down before we ate. Pamela and I ordered the chicken alfredo lasagna, Sean and Scott ordered the lasagna rustica and Kevin ordered a panini, and everyone really seemed to enjoy their meals. I also got a glass of Riesling, which was very nice. I wish I could remember what winery it came from! Scott and Kevin also ordered a sorbet dish for dessert. When they arrived at the table, Scott's was piled high on the top of a frozen orange, but Kevin's took a tumble and ended up laying on the plate next to the orange. We all awwed, then giggled about it.

After dinner, we wandered back onto the Pier, enjoying the park at night and the good company. Eventually, we decided to do the Sun Wheel, which was when Scott decided to bow out for the evening. Sean and Pamela opted for a non-swinging bucket, while Kevin and I got in line for a moving one. Kevin then decided to get them to let people go in front of them until we were gonna load in side by side buckets, so we could watch each other ride. I sort of freaked out about the wait, thinking that I might not have enough time to get a good seat for the Electrical Parade, but the parade ended up being later than I thought it was, so we were fine.

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