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Bahamas Birdwatching Trip Report

Author: Carl from pahrump (More Trip Reviews by Carl from pahrump)
Date of Trip: November 2012

We stopped at the Garden of the Groves for a terrific lunch at the restaurant. We saw 31 bird species here including the Cuban Pewee, La Sagra's Flycatcher, Loggerhead Kingbird, Red-legged Thrush, West Indian Whistling-Duck, Zenaida Dove, Black-throated Blue Warbler, and heard a Louisiana Waterthrush.

We finished the day in the native bush bird sanctuary at Erika’s house. On the flowers and water features we had an extreme close-up with a Cuban Emerald, watched a Thick-billed Vireo, found a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and saw a Yellow-throated Warbler. Erika said we would have seen a Painted Bunting, Worm-eating Warbler and Banaquit if we could have stayed a little later, but we had to get back to the ship.

Darkness again ended a great day of birding in which we saw 58 Bird Species, including 12 Bahamas Specialty Birds.


In 2 days in the Bahamas we saw 81 Bird Species, including 18 Bahamas Specialty Birds. To see the remaining Bahamas Specialty Birds, Erica said we would need to go to Abaco and Andros Islands.

Species Name Nassau Freeport Comment Status
American Coot Y Y
American Kestrel Y Y
American Redstart Y Y
Bahama Woodstar Y Specialty Endemic
Bananaquit Y Specialty
Belted Kingfisher Y
Black-and-white Warbler Y Y
Black-bellied Plover Y
Black-crowned Night-Heron Y
Black-faced Grassquit Y Specialty
Black-necked Stilt Y
Black-throated Blue Warbler Y
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Y
Blue-winged Teal Y Y
Cape May Warbler Y Y
Caribbean Coot Y Specialty Near-threatened
Cinnamon Teal Y
Common Gallinule Y Y
Common Ground-Dove Y Y
Common Yellowthroat Y
Cuban Emerald Y Specialty
Cuban Grassquit Y Specialty Introduced species
Cuban Pewee Y Y Specialty
Double-crested Cormorant Y
Eurasian Collared-Dove Y Y Introduced species
Gray Catbird Y
Great Black-backed Gull Y
Great Blue Heron Y
Great Egret Y Y
Greater Antillean Bullfinch Y Specialty
Green Heron Y
Green-winged Teal Y
Herring Gull Y Y
House Sparrow Y Y Introduced species
Killdeer Y
La Sagra's Flycatcher Y Y Specialty
Laughing Gull Y Y
Least Bittern Y
Least Grebe Y Y
Lesser Black-backed Gull Y
Lesser Yellowlegs Y
Loggerhead Kingbird Y Y Specialty
Louisiana Waterthrush Y
Merlin Y
Monk Parakeet Y Specialty Introduced species
Mourning Dove Y
Neotropic Cormorant Y
Northern Mockingbird Y Y
Northern Parula Y Y
Northern Shoveler Y
Northern Waterthrush Y
Osprey Y Y
Ovenbird Y Y
Palm Warbler Y Y
Peregrine Falcon Y
Pied-billed Grebe Y Y
Prairie Warbler Y Y
Red-legged Thrush Y Y Specialty
Red-winged Blackbird Y
Ring-billed Gull Y Y
Ring-necked Duck Y
Rock Pigeon Y Introduced species
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Y
Royal Tern Y
Ruddy Turnstone Y
Semipalmated Plover Y
Smooth-billed Ani Y Y
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Y Introduced species
Summer Tanager Y
Thick-billed Vireo Y Y Specialty
Turkey Vulture Y
West Indian Whistling-Duck Y Specialty Vulnerable
Western Spindalis Y Y Specialty
White-cheeked Pintail Y Y Specialty
White-crowned Pigeon Y Y Specialty Near-threatened
Wilson's Snipe Y
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Y
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Y
Yellow-throated Warbler Y Y
Zenaida Dove Y Specialty

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