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The World's 9 Best Hot-Air Balloon Rides

  • hot air balloons in bagan myanmar
  • hot air balloons over cappadocia turkey
  • masai mara hot air balloon wildlife
  • hot air balloon over melbourne
  • costa rica rainforest hot air balloon
  • balloons over luxor egypt
  • hot air balloon over tuscany
  • basket of hot air balloon in queenstown
  • sedona red rocks hot air balloon
There's no other experience like a hot-air balloon ride: waking before first light, watching the sun rise as you drift over the hills and towns below, and then touching down to a Champagne breakfast. Exploring a new place from the basket of a hot-air balloon ride offers a perspective you can't get any other way.

Hot-air balloon rides don't come cheap, but in these nine places they're well worth the money, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the temples of Myanmar. Click on any image to start our slideshow of the world's best hot-air balloon rides.

--written by Sarah Schlichter