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The Best 9 Cities to See Cool Public Art

  • chicago cloud gate bean
  • rio de janeiro favela
  • vigeland park oslo monolith
  • holocaust and revival tel aviv
  • mural mile 3 legacy philadelphia
  • parc guell dragon barcelona
  • federation bells melbourne
  • nutmeg and mace singapore
  • unam mexico city murals
In many cities, the most famous and interesting art is locked up in museums -- but we've rounded up nine destinations where you'll see striking, beautiful or thought-provoking works of art right in the streets. Wander through one of these cities and you might run into a Chagall mosaic, a mural painted by the local community or a nifty contemporary installation that you can hear, not just see.

Click on any of the images to the left to start the slideshow and feast your eyes on some of the best public art around the world.

Editor's Note: As you click through the slideshow, point your mouse at each image to see a caption identifying the work of art pictured.

--written by Sarah Schlichter