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Staff Picks: What's on Your Bucket List?

  • iceland northern lights
  • zebra african safari
  • monks in lhasa tibet
  • sydney harbour bridge climbers
  • antarctica boat zodiac icebergs
  • florence duomo italy
  • rainbow over iguazu falls
  • hallstatt austria village
  • los glaciares national park
  • dubrovnik old town croatia
  • turtle cove diego garcia
  • family in paris, eiffel tower
The Land Down Under, the Top of the World, the City of Lights, the Big Easy, the Eternal City, the Emerald Isle ... countries, cities, places with monikers that conjure up unforgettable sights and a longing to see them. These are what bucket lists are made of. Whether you dream of visiting places far or near, a bucket list is a thing of dreams and aspirations. And no matter how well traveled you are, there's always someplace new that fills you with a burning desire to visit.

We surveyed a bunch of our peers at Independent Traveler, Inc., parent company of IndependentTraveler.com, to find out where they dream of visiting. Click on any photo on the left to start the slideshow and get inspired!

--written by Dori Saltzman