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Nine Easy Hikes That Will Take Your Breath Away

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  • elsie's peak cape town view
  • wicklow mountains church monastery
  • guanica state forest puerto rico
  • pinnacles nambung national park australia
  • pantalica gorge sicily
  • huanghuacheng great wall china
  • monkey cahuita national park costa rica
  • bear meadows natural area
Getting there can be half the fun -- as long as you're not too worn out to enjoy the rest of your trip. The miles can really pile up during your visits to some of the great landmarks of the world, leaving you with sore tootsies by the end of a day of sightseeing.

But several iconic sites feature lower-impact options. Whether you've found the idea of traversing the Great Wall of China too daunting or just wouldn't know where to start when exploring Utah's Bryce Canyon, these nine easy day hikes can help you check off some key items on your bucket list and still get you back in time to refuel on some local cuisine.

So get out and stretch your legs on these trails -- where only the scenery will leave you breathless. Each hike should take three hours or less (depending on how quickly you move and, of course, how long you stop to stare slack-jawed at the scenery). Click on any image to start the slideshow and start planning your next adventure.

--written by John Roberts