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Brasov, Romania

brasov romania night church

Brasov, Romania

Brasov, Romania

Where and How: I moved to Brasov, Romania, in 2003 for a three-month stint as an archaeology volunteer through a British gap year program (though I am American). During that time I lived with a local family and worked at various sites to catalog historic Saxon churches. While I was living in Brasov I met someone, and therefore returned six months later. For the next two years I lived in Brasov, working as a freelance writer for U.S. publications and leaving the country every three months to renew my visitor visa.

Best Advice: Living in Romania requires some grasp of the language because even though most younger people speak English, some do not and many older people don't. If you're moving there and you don't really know anybody, look for volunteer opportunities as a way to get to know some locals. I helped out as a native English speaker at an English class during my time in Romania.

-- Dori Saltzman, Editor at Large

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