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9 Most Boring Cities in the World

  • atlanta skyline
  • nagoya japan
  • hassan ii mosque casablanca
  • winter in ottawa canada
  • bridge in frankfurt germany
  • nassau bahamas
  • canberra at night
  • zurich
  • guayaquil ecuador
The world's greatest cities would take weeks or months to fully explore -- not just seeing their museums and landmarks but also wandering their varied neighborhoods and soaking up their distinctive personalities.

And then there are the cities that simply aren't so interesting.

In this list of the most boring cities in the world, we've identified urban centers that lack character, charm or show-stopping tourist attractions, especially in comparison to other cities nearby. Of course, "boring" is a matter of taste, and we're not suggesting that the places in this list aren't worth visiting at all -- merely that you might not want to spend too many of your precious vacation days there. (That said, an open-minded traveler can find the fun in any boring place.)

Click any image to start the slideshow and discover the world's most boring cities.

-- written by Sarah Schlichter