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9 Best Destinations to See from the Water

  • abu simbel egypt sunrise
  • snorkeling french polynesia
  • polar bear svalbard
  • sea lion galapagos espanola islsand
  • monks phnom penh cambodia
  • cruise alaska glacier bay
  • santorini view
  • antarctica penguin tourist traveler photo camera
  • amazon river cruise
We love planes, trains and automobiles as much as the next traveler, but there are some destinations where only a boat will do. Picture yourself gliding between looming icebergs in Antarctica, hopping from one lush South Pacific island to the next or slipping slowly down the Amazon, surrounded by the chattering of tropical birds and monkeys. These trips -- as well as the six others featured in our slideshow -- would be difficult, expensive or even impossible to do by land or air.

Click on any image to start the slideshow and set sail for the most amazing boat-friendly destinations around the world.

--written by Sarah Schlichter