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12 Spots to Fall in Love with Travel

  • agra india mosaic
  • red square moscow russia snow winter
  • zion national park utah hike
  • chinatown parade los angeles
  • berchtesgaden germany castle
  • bali dancer
  • tsitsikamma south africa bungy jump bridge
  • temple in bangkok
  • oaxaca mexico
  • paris eiffel tower seine river statue night
  • rv alaska camp mountains lake
  • railroad tracks sunset
We're passionate about travel, and certain destinations pierce our heart like Cupid's arrow. So when we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter where they were when they first fell in love with travel, we nodded in agreement at many answers, added a few more places (and experiences -- like riding an Arabian horse under a full moon in the Sahara!) to our bucket lists, and audibly sighed while silently planning our next adventure. And we will never again pooh-pooh puppy love -- we couldn't believe how many of you fell in love with travel as children and teens, or even in the womb. It must be true love.

Click on any of the images on the left to start the slideshow and see where your heart lies.

--written by Jodi Thompson