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12 Great Museums You've Never Heard Of

  • museum of jurassic technology rooftop garden colonnade
  • florence griswold museum
  • tobacco and salt museum edo
  • lower east side tenement museum kitchen
  • mill city museum minneapolis
  • postal museum prague
  • oriental institute chicago
  • museum at the chemical heritage foundation philadelphia
  • museum of counterfeiting paris
  • london fan museum sea breeze
  • arabia steamboat museum
  • pacific tsunami museum hilo hawaii
It's easy to add the the Louvre, the Getty and other world-famous museums to any travel itinerary. But smaller, lesser-known collections are often just as deserving of a visit, and the subjects they tackle, from tsunamis to the art and history of salt, often leave you feeling as refreshed and enlightened as any bigger-ticket destination.

Click on any image on the left to start the slideshow and discover 12 off-the-beaten-path museums in the U.S. and beyond -- all of which deserve a look as much for their unhurried vibes as for their unique and impressive collections.

--written by Laura Randall