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12 Delicious Destinations for Foodies

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  • piedmont vineyard winery
  • feijoada caipirinha rio de janeiro brazil
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  • street vendor singapore food prep
Do your vacation photos feature more shots of food than famous landmarks? No surprise! "Bite-seeing" is getting just as popular as sightseeing. The world is chock-full of tempting tastes and exotic new dishes to try. We've put together this slideshow with some of our top picks for foodie destinations, along with special experiences that let you get even deeper into the culinary culture.

While it's tough to narrow all the world's delicious bounty into just a few destinations, we've tried to choose spots that offer something just a bit different, with flavors you might not find at home.

If you travel to eat, start the slideshow and get a taste of the world's best foodie destinations.

--written by Gayle Keck