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This week’s travel puzzle is part of our ongoing Flag Friday series of challenges. Can you identify which nation the following flag belongs to?

Enter your guess in the comments below. You have until Monday, July 21, at 11:59 p.m. ET to post your response. We’ll keep all comments private until then. On Tuesday morning we’ll choose one winner at random to receive an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug. Note: Although all are welcome to play, we can only ship prizes to the Continental U.S.

Editor’s Note: This contest has ended. The winner is Linda VanHoose, who correctly guessed that this week’s flag was from Cambodia. Linda has won an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug. Congratulations!

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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25 Responses to “Flag Friday”

  1. Prashant says:


  2. Irma says:


  3. Simon bloomfield says:


  4. Linda VanHoose says:

    The answer is Cambodia.

  5. Dave says:


  6. deb crosby says:


  7. Steve jones says:

    Is it Cambodia

  8. margot cushing says:

    Flag of Cambodia

  9. margot cushing says:

    The temples in the design indicated the country.

  10. Sarah Hong says:


  11. margot cushing says:

    I have tried to reply to the Flag Quiz. However, I wish your “testing”
    at the end was easier to read as I can never get it accepted.

    This week’s is the Flag of Cambodia.

    Thank you.

  12. Carolina Galloway says:


  13. Bonnie says:


  14. Betty says:

    The flag of Cambodia

  15. richard kadash says:

    I beleive it is cambodia

  16. Kelly Malleck says:


  17. lucy says:


  18. Cahy Dueck says:

    The flag is of Cambodia

  19. Sal says:


  20. Derek says:


  21. Amanda says:


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