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Calling all hikers and international travelers! If you often find yourself in places where you don’t have easy access to safe drinking water — such as developing countries or remote hiking trails — you may be interested in a new product called the GRAYL.

This attractive, stainless steel water filtration cup works almost like a French press. You fill up an outer mug with water, then push a slightly narrower cup (equipped with a filter) into the outer mug, which forces the liquid through the filter and removes bacteria and other impurities that can make the water unsafe to drink. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

The GRAYL, which sells for $69.95, comes with a filter that removes 99.99 percent of bacteria and 99.94 percent of protozoan cysts, as well as metals and chemicals such as chlorine, BPA and lead. The filter is good for about 300 uses and can be replaced for $19.95 (or $49.95 for three).

While the normal filter is sufficient for travel within the United States or to most other developed countries, international travelers or backcountry hikers will probably want to upgrade to the Purifier, which costs $39.95. Beyond everything the standard filter removes, the Purifier takes care of 99.999 percent of viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

If there’s one downside to the GRAYL (aside from the cost), it’s the weight. It comes in at 19.6 ounces before you even fill it with water, making it a heavy addition to your daypack — but it sure beats carrying multiple disposable water bottles.

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Want to try it for yourself? We’re giving away a GRAYL, including both the regular filter and the Purifier, to one lucky winner. To enter, leave a comment below by 11:59 p.m. ET on April 27, 2014. We’ll pick one winner at random. This giveaway is open only to residents of the Lower 48 United States and the District of Columbia. To read the full contest rules, click here.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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28 Responses to “GRAYL: A New Way to Filter Water on the Go”

  1. Lydia says:

    Pick me!

  2. Allie says:

    Wow, this is great! As a minimalist hiker, this would be absolutely perfect. It’s an eco-friendly solution to every hiker / biker / climber / camper’s need! Since I won’t have the ability to travel much outside of the states in the next few months, I would love to win and try this out!

  3. Chris says:

    This sounds like a great invention!

  4. Kara says:

    This would be so handy in my travels!

  5. Pedro says:

    Wow, looks really cool. Planning a trip to Nepal in June…

  6. Foster Scott says:

    I have seen straws and bulky filters, but a purifier that you don’t have to suck, pump, or carry iodine tablets is wonderful. Would love to try it out on next back woods camping.

  7. Stephanie says:

    @TheGrayl This would be the best wedding present for our outdoorsy friends! They’d love us forever! #smart

  8. Burt says:

    Dripping with excitement!

  9. Marilyn says:

    Love it!! I’m always worried about drinking the water when I am traveling. What a great idea.

  10. Jewel says:

    It’s newer but not a totally new invention. Ive used such devices in villages for years. I do like the French press way they do this tho. I add some lemon essential oil to add to the purification.

  11. richard kadash says:

    this is a great concept I’ll probably buy one. hoping to win one for my wife

  12. Betty says:

    As a frequent traveler, this bottle would be great to have and use.
    The ability to use this bottle rather than purchasing bottled water would also save the environment from multiple plastic bottles.
    Great idea.

  13. Pattie says:

    would love to try it!

  14. Julie says:

    Would be really nice to own, please, thanks Julie

  15. Clint says:

    This is my first day on your site and this is something my wife could use when she volunteers in different third world countries with Mending Kids International. Love the tips.

  16. linda says:

    What an awesome giveaway. I am going to Tanzania in August, and this would be a wonderful addition to my packing list!

  17. Gay says:

    This would be great for my emergency bag as well. It’s small which is an asset. It also sounds great for our trip to Europe this summer. Just what I have been looking for!!

  18. Janet says:

    This is a wonderful progression in the travel & technology column! My sister is about to relocate to Eastern/Central Mexico and I can hardly wait to purchase it for her. I KNOW I will use one whenever and wherever I travel. Currently, I am so spoiled by my tap water in Seattle and it has made me far more sensitive to flavors, etc. just about anywhere!

  19. susan says:

    Want it! Tired of using the UV lite.

  20. Anja says:

    I’ll stick with my Seychelle Water purifiers. They last about a year and are cheaper. I had my tailor make a shoulder sling so I could carry my water bottle on my shoulder. They also make filters for Camel Back systems. It’s a good value and well made. The founder of Seychelle used to own Pur Waywr. I’m not affilated with Seychelle Water. I’m just a user / customer.

  21. Sharice Marques says:

    I would love to win this item. It is a great idea and ecologically friendly. May the “luck of the draw”force be with me.

  22. Eva says:

    Thank you for the consideration! Looks like a very useful product.

  23. Kathy says:

    What a great addition this would be to our supplies we are take on our medical mission trips!

  24. Elizabeth Breck says:

    Not only do we live part of each year in central Mexico, we are currently planning a 12 month round-the-world trip with our 8 year old daughter. The Grayl sounds like something we would use frequently and give us peace of mind concerning our health and lessen the impact to the environment from using bottled wáter. Sweet! I would love to win one!

  25. Victoria says:

    Would love to pack this for 10 day bike trip! I would feel so much safer using this product. I’ve got my fingers crossed, as I will miss our well water while away. I only drink water and it’s hard to think about drinking water from anywhere else.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try your product

  26. Kristi says:

    I’m going to England for 3 weeks this summer, and there are NO drinking fountains in that country! Last time I was there the only fountain I saw the whole time was at the Tower of London. I hated having to buy so much bottled water. I’d love to have the Grayl to tote with me to provide safe reliable drinking water no mater where I am!

  27. Sheila Englebardet says:

    Sounds great – except for the price. Especially given all of the information about poor quality of water on airplanes and the need for hydration on long haul flights. Definitely need one for our next trip across the pond!

  28. Could have really used this on my last four trips. Morocco was the most recent. I had to buy bottled water everywhere.

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