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Today’s post is part of a weekly series called “Travel Toss-Up,” in which we ask you to take your pick between two amazing travel experiences.

This week’s toss-up offers a choice of two spectacular religious landmarks.

Would you rather…

… tour the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, or …

hagia sophia istanbul

… wander the ancient temples of Angkor, Cambodia?

ta prohm angkor cambodia

No matter your own spiritual leanings, religious buildings such as cathedrals, temples and mosques are some of the world’s most spectacular buildings. As we write in our Istanbul travel guide, the Hagia Sophia was “once a church, then a mosque, [and] was made into a museum in 1935 after the secular Turkish Republic was founded.” Angkor, Cambodia, is home to a number of Hindu and Buddhist Temples dating back to the Khmer Empire (9th – 15th centuries).

Vote for your preference in the comments below!

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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3 Responses to “Travel Toss-Up: Religious Landmarks”

  1. soliteyah says:

    Ack, I can’t choose! :) Both are on my bucket list. If you held a gun to my head, though, I’d probably go with Angkor just because it’s so different than anywhere I’ve been before.

  2. EA.Nicolas says:

    Wow, it’s difficult to choose.
    But I’ll pick Angkor Wat, I love how nature marries the man-made structure for spiritual purposes.
    And I may daydream a bit being a sidekick for Lara Croft :)

  3. Colleen says:

    Cambodia…my friend did, sent me pics and I was mesmerized. Spectacular!

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