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genie lampShould I ever be so lucky as to run into the right lamp and find my genie, my first wish will be for more wishes. But should I be limited to only three wishes, and only travel wishes at that, I will not cry. I can do a lot with three travel wishes!

Leaving aside the obvious wish for lots of money, I’d first wish for a never ending supply of airline miles on at least one international carrier, so that I can get just about anywhere in the world I want to without having to pay more than taxes.

Next, I’d want a similar arrangement with a multi-brand hotel company so that I could have someplace free to stay in any major city.

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Finally, I’d like a guarantee of an exclusive experience (of my choice) in every destination I visit. For instance, on a safari in Tanzania I’d be the only tourist (well, with friends and family, of course) at any location at any given time during the Great Migration. Or at Stonehenge, I’d get to go inside the stone circle alone, at dawn or dusk.

I’m not the only IndependentTraveler.com editor to desire an airline-related wish. Senior editor Sarah Schlichter would use her first wish for unlimited airline upgrades. Her other two requests: an Antarctic cruise (including magical protection from seasickness) and the ability to speak any language at a basic level.

Copy editor Ashley Kosciolek also wants immunity from feeling ill, but she went all the way and wished for never getting sick at all — no traveler’s tummy or strange parasites for her! She also wished for good weather, because she hates travel delays, and skipping freebies on airlines or at hotels, she went straight for simply having unlimited funds.

Lots of cash and easier air travel were also popular wishes with IndependentTraveler.com readers who responded to our query on Facebook and Twitter.

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For instance, Facebook friend Kyra Yazmin wished for an unlimited supply of cash, a Matrix-like ability to download the local language in an instant and a magic sack that is light as air but big enough to carry everything you could ever want or need.

Twitter follower Jess tweeted, “$40,000, two years, 35+ countries,” while Mackenzie Lowen tweeted, “Private jet, unlimited fuel and an on-call pilot. Forever.”

On Facebook Gill Harvey elected to skip flying and teleport to anywhere in the world. Gill also wanted to be able to speak the language in any destination, and to have a stash of local currency waiting on arrival.

And on behalf of many of us time-strapped travelers, Twitter follower Alka Kaushik simply requested “Time, time and more time!”

What travel wish would you make if given the chance?

— written by Dori Saltzman

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7 Responses to “If Only There Were a Travel Genie”

  1. 1) A lifetime pass for first class air travel on any airline!
    2) Feet that never get tired and sore
    3) Pleasant people to travel with and to meet along the way

  2. W.S. says:

    Oh there are way too many wishes to count. But I’m on board with your senior editor in wanting to go to Antarctica. I actually found a trip — not bookable yet, I guess — on this site called The Trip Tribe (www.thetriptribe.com/travel). Have you heard of it? Would love to know a bit more about the site — they have a ton of cool trips that all seem to be related to group travel. I just went on and “craved” — basically “liked — the trip to Antarctica. Maybe we could be travel buddies!

  3. Janet says:

    Guaranteed First Class on Air France anywhere & everywhere forever; cottage on the beach at Captiva; unlimited time!

  4. dave says:

    Unlimited supply of air miles on all airlines.
    A universal translator.
    Free accomodations everywhere I go

  5. Meag says:

    I’d wish for
    1 ideal weather whenever I went
    2 Free flights to any destination
    3 Free excursions & food

  6. Diane says:

    1 ] First class free fare anywhere and everywhere I’d want to go. I would pick Turkish Airlines as they have good food / meals and hospitality.

    2 } Be able to speak the language at each new destination automatically. It’s so much nicer when you can communicate with the local people and fit in and hopefully make a new friend

    3 } Free accommodations at 5 star resorts at each destination and a limo to take me to every tourist attraction and adventure.

  7. Noelene says:

    1/ The freedom to travel anywhere I wish to go whenever I want to go.
    2/ Unlimited free first class travel with the airline of my choice.
    3/ Unlimited free accommodation and meals wherever I want to stay.

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