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globe woman world travelNow that we’re well into the winter doldrums, it’s time to warm yourself up by planning out all your trips for the year — and a travel trade show can help. These expos are gathering places for destination experts that can give you first-hand advice and recommendations. In some cases, you can even enter to win a free trip! Travel shows also feature cultural performances, talks by travel pros such as Rick Steves and Arthur Frommer, and plenty of fun freebies.

Read on to see our list of upcoming travel trade shows around the U.S. and Canada — and don’t forget to read our 9 Tips to Get the Most from a Travel Show.

Toronto: Travel Expo (January 18)

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Times Travel Show (January 18 – 19)

Calgary: Travel Expo (January 25)

Philadelphia: Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show (January 25 – 26)

Santa Clara: Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show (January 25 – 26)

Boston: Boston Globe Travel Show (February 7 – 9)

Los Angeles: Travel & Adventure Show (February 8 – 9)

Vancouver: Travel Expo (February 22)

Washington D.C.: Travel & Adventure Show (February 22 – 23)

Denver: Colorado RV, Sports, Boat & Travel Show (February 27 – March 2)

Seattle: Seattle Golf & Travel Show (February 28 – March 2)

New York City: New York Times Travel Show (March 1 – 2)

San Diego: Travel & Adventure Show (March 29 – 30)

Photos: Top Destinations for 2014

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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3 Responses to “Get Inspired at These 2014 Travel Shows”

  1. Deborah Fisher says:

    I noticed one part of the country seems to be completely bypassed by these travel shows: The South, all the way from North Carolina to Florida to Texas and beyond. Why? D’y’all think we lil’ ole southerners got no money nor interests beyond the shores of Dixie? Come on, get some travel shows together for places like Atlanta, New Orleans, and Dallas, Orlando, Nashville, and Little Rock — oh, and you might find it worthwhile to pencil in the likes of San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Charlotte every once in a while, too. And, yes, include us in the winter schedule; it isn’t all that sunny over most of these parts, and we get cabin fever, too.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for commenting. You’re right — we couldn’t find any travel shows for most of those cities! There was recently one in Dallas (November 2 – 3, 2013); keep an eye out for that one next fall.

      Happy travels,

      Sarah Schlichter
      Senior Editor

  2. Kent says:

    the AAA Great Vacations EXPO is in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. This will be our 6th annual travel expo. We had 15,000 people last year and expect even more this year. 250-300 vendors from all over the world and all types of travel. Check it out at http://www.aaagreatvacations.com

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