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traveler globe funnyWe recently asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to fill in the blank in the following sentence: “You know someone’s a newbie traveler when they _______.”

Our readers, experienced globetrotters all, offered up dozens of suggestions in response. The most popular answer? “Overpack” (suggested by @CharlesMcCool, @molyneux_davis and @tourismpure on Twitter). Below are a few of our other favorites.

“Wear heels on a walking tour in Europe. The cobblestone streets will get them!” — Julianne K Fulcher

“Have full-size hairspray in their carry-on.” — Ron Buckles

“Travel to a foreign country … and forget their passport.” — Larry Shaine

“Bring the full-size pillow from their bed at home — I’ve seen adults do this so many times. On a road trip, okay, you’ve got extra space in the car, but on a flight???” — Jenny Szymanski Jones

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Packing

“Don’t have customs forms filled out!” — @ChefStaib

“Bring a bag they can’t handle themselves (as a carry-on).” — Lavida Rei

“Wear multi-color neon running shoes with matching neon earrings AND leggings to walk down the Champs-Elysees.” — @Carellirec

“[Bring] more than a pair of heels, too much cosmetics to put in one handbag — new travelmate blues…” — @derahma

“[Wear a] camera around the neck; [spend] too much time looking at maps; guidebook in hand, ask me for help while I’m also ‘away’ & happy to help!!” — @CollCostello

“Follow the ‘rules’ too closely. Take some risks and if someone tells you ‘oh no we do not do that here’ you’ve learned something about a new place!” — Clare Olivares

16 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

What would you say is a sure sign someone is a newbie traveler?

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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7 Responses to “11 Signs You’re a Newbie Traveler”

  1. Sid Kaskey says:

    Insist they are too seasoned a traveler to take a tour.

  2. RMF says:

    Flashing any Apple product out in public; fastest way to get mugged/purse snatched/pick pocketed. Keep them put away!

  3. Lady Marion says:

    Wear white sneakers – even in cities!!!

  4. Fernando says:

    “sandals with socks” even in the city

  5. Tracy says:

    Puts their wallet in their back pocket; wears their “good” jewelry out touring; doesn’t know when the “siesta” time is for that location; forgets their conversion attachments for their phone, laptop, etc.

  6. Carrie says:

    Excited aabout everything – including airport security! But that’s the best part of being new to travel.

  7. Matthew says:

    “A visa? You mean my credit card?”

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