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vibrating travel beltStanding in the middle of a sidewalk with a map spread out in front of your face, trying to determine whether the cathedral is to the right or left, is a sure way to let everyone know you’re a tourist.

And that’s not only embarrassing; it’s dangerous too. You can be sure pickpockets and scammers are noticing you. But even with maps downsized onto our smartphones, how do you avoid looking like a lost tourist while trying to navigate unfamiliar places?

Enter the vibrating travel belt!

Essential Travel Apps

Here’s how it works. First, type your destination into a special GPS app you’ve downloaded onto your phone to get walking directions. Then plug your belt, which looks like a normal brown belt, into the phone via a small cable. The phone will send the directions to your belt and, as you walk, the belt will vibrate in one of four places indicating which way to go.

Directions call for you to go forward? The front of the belt will vibrate. Time to turn right? The right side of the belt will vibrate. And so on.

Sound too futuristic to be real? You’re halfway right. Triposo, best known for Android and iOS travel guides, has created a working prototype of the belt, but isn’t yet in a position to make it available to the general public.

The Art of Travel: How to Get Lost in a High-Tech World

The company is currently raising funds for the belt’s production on Indiegogo.com. If the financial goal is reached, Triposo hopes to make the belt available by February 2014. Would you buy it?

— written by Dori Saltzman

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6 Responses to “Good Travel Vibrations”

  1. John Smith says:

    Yes, I would buy the belt.

  2. Linda says:

    Yes I would, I travel by myself sometimes and I get lost in my back yard, I have walked miles out of my way because I didn’t want to show I wast lost. I got lost in Belgrade which is almost impossible.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes! I’d be all over that if it was reasonably priced!

  4. Lesleigh says:

    I would definitely be interested ,I spend half my holidays going in the wrong direction and try to get to where I need to be when the locals either don’t speak english ( which is fair enough its their country)or I cant understand their english.

  5. Mya Campbell says:

    Linda, guys are the ones who are afraid to admit they are lost. Did you forget?

  6. MargaretM says:

    I would be interested in seeing this belt and the price of course. My son and I went to Dublin, Ireland. We got 2 sets of opposite directions to our hotel. One: Don’t cross the river and turn right. The other: Make sure you cross the river and turn right. After taking a bus and walking in a light rain on cobblestones (and the tread coming off my 8 yr olds roller board’s wheel)- the belt would have been very helpful. It was the second one that was correct but not before going to the wrong hotel following the first directions!
    It’s all part of the adventure!

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