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Here’s something fun to kick off your weekend. It’s a travel-themed picture puzzle. You just have to tie the photos together to make words. For example, a photo of an eye, combined with a photo of a full glass of water would be eye + full = Eiffel. Get it? (For another example, check out last week’s puzzle.)

This week’s puzzle is two words and represents a famous attraction.

Once you think you know the answer, post it below. You have until Monday, August 26, at 11:59 p.m. ET to post your response. We’ll keep all comments private until then. On Tuesday morning we’ll choose one winner at random to receive an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug. Note: Although all are welcome to play, we can only ship prizes to the Continental U.S.

Editor’s Note: This contest has ended. The winner is Jackie Laulainen, who correctly guessed that the pictogram spelled “Machu Picchu.” Jackie has won an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug. Congratulations! Stay tuned for further opportunities to win.

– written and created by Dori Saltzman and Sarah Schlichter

111 Responses to “A Friday Travel Puzzle”

  1. Deanna says:

    Machu picchu

  2. Howard Kramer says:

    Machu Picchu

  3. Maryann Parish says:

    Machu Pichu and I am going there in February.

  4. Chip Brock says:

    Machu Pichu

  5. Cathy McHale says:

    Machu Picchu

  6. Pamela Lome says:

    Man+Chew+Peach+U = Machu Picchu

  7. Elise Young says:

    Machu Picchu

  8. Jim H says:

    Machu Picchu

  9. Carol Cayce says:

    Machu Picu

  10. Carol Cayce says:

    Machu Pichu

  11. Kathleen Lynch says:

    Machu Picchu

  12. cherie says:

    Machu picchu

  13. Mary-Ellen Breton says:

    Machu Pichu

  14. Heather Meleski says:

    Machu Picchu

  15. Linda Elengold says:

    Machu Picchu

  16. Robert Johns says:

    Machu Picchu

  17. David Kammerer says:

    Machu Picchu

  18. Mailyn Babcock says:

    machu pichu

  19. Mary says:

    Ma-Chew Peach-U, or if you want to be technically correct Machu Picchu.

  20. Don DeFord says:

    Machu Pichu

  21. Anthony Pinder says:

    Machu Picchu

  22. Reeta Harrison says:

    Machu Picchu

  23. William Portalla says:

    Machu Picchu

  24. Tracy Christodoulou says:

    Machu Picchu

  25. Rick Wasney says:

    Machu Picchu

  26. Mari-anne Warner says:

    Macchu Pichu

  27. Lynne Coppoletta says:

    Machu Pichu

  28. Karen Stevens says:

    Machu Picchu

  29. Matthew hansin says:

    Machu pichu

  30. Lou Ann Plasse says:

    Machu Picchu

  31. Tamara Goldstein says:

    Machu Picchu

  32. Henry says:

    Machu Picchu

  33. Calvin R says:

    Machu Picchu

  34. jaded99 says:

    machu picchu

  35. Pat B says:

    Machu Picchu

  36. Candace Miller says:

    Machu Picchu

    • Candace Miller says:

      This was a response to the pictures puzzle. I don’t know what moderation is.

      • Hi Candace,

        Thanks for commenting. To prevent spam, we don’t publish comments on our blog without the approval of a moderator — and on this post, we’re keeping all comments hidden so everyone has a chance to guess without being influenced by others’ answers. Your comment and everyone else’s will be made public on Tuesday when the contest is over.

        Happy travels,

        Sarah Schlichter
        Senior Editor

  37. Ned Preston says:

    Maccu Pichu

  38. Andrew Blum says:

    The attraction is Machu Pichu. (I hope I spelled it correctly).

  39. Andrew Blum says:

    The attraction is Machu Pichu. (I hope I spelled it correctly)

  40. Doris Muotka says:

    I come up with Manchupechu. Don’t know if it’s spelled correctly though!

  41. Doris Muotka says:

    Just correcting the website spelling.

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