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spinning globeImagine this: you’ve planned a fun (or, depending on your circumstances, maybe not so fun) trip, and you’re at the airport, packed and ready to go. Then the vacation fairy comes along and offers to voluntarily throw a wrench in your itinerary. Would you take her up on it?

The idea comes from Heineken’s new ad campaign. It doesn’t involve a fairy, but, rather, four guys who are randomly plunked down in remote locations, and their adventures documented. As part of the promotion, reports AdWeek, Heineken’s marketing agency set up a game of “Departure Roulette” at New York’s JFK airport last week, asking travelers to forgo their scheduled plans on a whim by pushing a big red button to determine a new, more exotic destination (with hotels and spending money provided by Heineken).

I have to admit that I’m a planner, and one of my worst fears is being stuck someplace foreign without knowing precisely when I’ll arrive home (or, in this case, at my original destination). I don’t like disruptions to my itineraries, and, since not all destinations appeal to me, I’m not sure I’d take the risk (lest I end up like one fellow, whose planned trip to Vienna to visit his grandparents rerouted him to Cyprus instead).

Planning vs. Spontaneity: Which Do You Prefer?

Regardless of whether or not you like Heineken, it’s a crazy — but fun — idea. And it brings us to the question of the day: Would you switch (or have you already switched) your plans at the last minute in hopes of more exciting travel? What would be your ideal far-flung destination? Share your comments below.

— written by Ashley Kosciolek

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6 Responses to “Travel Roulette: Would You Drop Your Vacation Plans?”

  1. Wynne says:

    I think it would depend on where I was headed and why. I, too, am a planner and I think that kind of spontaneity would throw me, especially if I’d planned and saved for a big, exciting, anticipated trip. But if I were just taking the 1.25-hour flight home to OH and that was offered to me…I’d probably at LEAST be tempted!

  2. Karl says:

    of corse would love the adventure…. unless to the Midwest of USA… :-)

    • You mentioned, “Unless” to the Midwest USA. Do you live in that area, or don’t like it? I live in the “midwest” (Missouri), and it is a good place to visit at times.

  3. Cheryl M says:

    Yes as they say “in a New York minute” I would take advantage of that opportunity. I could look back years later and smile/brag of the trip that I took and whatever adventures that I encountered. The memories alone would be worth it. Expenses paid too, OH YEAH, what a blessing to be at the right place at the right time. Where ever I was headed I’d just have to ask for forgiveness for not showing up. :-)

  4. Pam W says:

    This happened to me about 14 years ago. I had not purchased tickets yet but was doing all my planning for a trip to Italy. I was trying to learn Italian on line, had the guidebooks, picked out where I was going and was a few days away from formalizing it. Then my cousin called. She had made many trips to Kenya on private safaries (friends with the guide and his family) and was planning a “cousin’s safari” with her and 2 other cousins. She asked me to go, I said oh wow, I was planning on Italy but let me think about it. About a minute later I said okay. What a wonderful, amazing trip. Still haven’t made it to Italy but if I never get out of the country again that trip to Kenya is worth it.

  5. Rossann says:

    I am always up for travel! Would I change my plans – generally speaking I would say a definite yes. But….. it would depend on where I was going to be sent. Guess I am fussy that way.

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