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“What’s with all the pictures of your feet?” When I first came home from four months abroad, the podiatric photos were a bit puzzling to my parents — with so much scenery, why look down? But what began as a spur-of-the-moment shot evolved into a habit and, ultimately, a photo series encircling the globe.

Some of the pictures are more personal — in an image featuring my feet and a dirt path, only I know where I was when it was taken. I’m not huge into the “selfie” shot, so it’s become not only a hobby but also my own way of boasting that yes, I was physically THERE. Far from fetishizing, I think feet are symbolic of how far we’ve traveled (even if it wasn’t all on foot).

angkor wat feet

I came across this vibrant leaf while walking the paths between the Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I didn’t know anyone in my tour group, and this shot is a personal reminder that beauty is all around and can sometimes feel extra special when discovered alone.

table mountain feet

My zebra-pattern sneakers felt appropriate in South Africa. Here I was taking a break from the line to board cable cars that would take us to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

india beach feet

I found it difficult not to become completely immersed in India. I slept in a local hostel in Kanchipuram (in the southern state of Tamil Nadu) to wake up early and catch the sunrise on the beach there.

tokyo ice bar feet

On a quick trip to Tokyo while docked in Kobe, Japan, my girlfriends and I made an unexpected (note the flip-flops) visit to the Absolut Ice Bar in the trendy downtown area of Roppongi. The ice made my shoes slick in the rain outside, so falling down the bar’s flight of stairs afterward is part of the memory.

cape may feet

On a weekend getaway in my home state of New Jersey, I couldn’t help but don saddle shoes to match the old-timey feel of historic 19th-century hotel Congress Hall, located in Cape May.

rainbow beach australia feet

Simply taking a break to enjoy the view. Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia, was one of the first stops I made on a coastal road trip with my best friend, who emigrated there 10 years ago.

Do you have a travel photo series of your own? Do you snap mid-jump in front of landmarks, wear the same hat in every vacation portrait or love capturing the same sites in every place you go? Send them to us: feedback@independenttraveler.com or comment below.

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— written by Brittany Chrusciel

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2 Responses to “Travel Memories? Stick a Foot in It”

  1. Meruschka says:

    Great post Brittany! I also love taking pictures of my feet. Have heaps of pics of me standing on manhole covers in different cities with the cities name on it. Never thought about doing a blog post on it until now :)

  2. Pat Koko says:

    As I get older climbing to the top of various sites is harder but years ago I started taking photos STRAIGHT DOWN from the top of things such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris — amazing garden at the base looked so different from that vantage point. From the top of the City Hall in Rothenburg I got my husband sitting on the fountain edge. Different perspective brings special memories as well as something different to share.

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