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ozzy osbourneHow would you like to touch down at Ozzy Osbourne International?

One music exec is calling for this to become a reality, according to the Birmingham Mail. Liverpool is currently home to John Lennon Airport, so why shouldn’t Birmingham, Osbourne’s home town, be renamed after the Black Sabbath rocker? The proposal comes from Jim Simpson of Big Bear Music, who discovered the band.

“The message that would carry is instantly international, confident, powerful, unforgettable and says ‘Hey World, we are proud of our own,'” said Simpson in the Birmingham Mail.

“Ozzy might not always have been a paragon of virtue, but he is a genuine flesh and blood Brummie.”

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Whether this will come to fruition is anyone’s guess — but, of course, it got us thinking about other airports that could carry a musical moniker. How about adding Bruce Springsteen’s name to New Jersey’s Newark Airport? Or giving Elvis Presley top billing at Memphis International? Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco, so surely we could leave his name on the airport. And with all due respect to Prime Minister Trudeau, perhaps Montreal‘s airport could be renamed after Celine Dion.

Which airports and musicians do you think would make a good duo?

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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  1. Ozzy International…with the the song “Mama I’m coming home” playing constantly! :)

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