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Beyond the experience of a trip itself, one of the true pleasures of traveling is looking back on your journeys, remembering your favorite moments, and sharing those memories with family and friends.

We’ve found a cool new way to do just that, and now we want to share it with you. Lightravels offers world and U.S. maps with illuminated light pegs that you can use to mark the countries and cities you’ve visited in a colorful, visual way. The framed maps, which weigh about 10 pounds and measure 33 x 22 x 3 inches, come with 60 light pegs in six different colors — perfect for showing which places you’ve visited on different journeys. Watch the video below to learn more:

The maps retail for $229.99 plus shipping, but Lightravels is giving one away for free to one lucky IndependentTraveler.com reader. To win, leave a comment below telling us which map you’re most interested in and why you want to win it. (You can see the selection of world maps here.)

You must enter by 11:59 p.m. ET on December 31, 2012. A winner will be chosen at random from all entries received. Be sure to include a valid e-mail address so we can contact you in case you win. This giveaway is only open to residents of the 48 contiguous United States or the District of Columbia. Please click here for the full contest rules.

If you’d like to purchase a map, Lightravels is offering our readers an exclusive 10 percent discount through March 31, 2013. To get the discount, call the company at 1-800-935-3410 and mention that you saw this post on IndependentTraveler.com. (If you buy a map and then win the free one, Lightravels will offer a refund.)

Editor’s Note: This contest has ended. June Ahmed of Dover, NH, is our winner. Congratulations to June! Please keep an eye on our latest blog posts at Have Tips, Will Travel for more chances to win great travel gear.

– written by Sarah Schlichter

176 Responses to “Win an Illuminated World Map!”

  1. Mimi Browning says:

    I would love to have the modern world map. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel many, many places in the world. However now, for several reasons, my travel will be less so I plan to relive my trips by reading my scrapbooks and it would be fun to mark on the map where I’ve traveled. I think the Modern World Map would allow me to do this.

  2. Karen says:

    Finally a map to chart my travels without fear of the inevitable map falling apart at the creases. You must be mind readers! A travel consultant’s dream marketing tool that I know will lead to increased credibility, sales and revenue when clients see where I’ve been. Please choose me! The modern world map would be my first choice. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  3. Colin Johnson says:

    My choice is the Classic World Map. My wife and I have taken 2o cruises and 3 trips to Europe and would LOVE this map to mark all the wonderful places we have been blessed to visit.

  4. Brett McDavid says:

    I’d love to have the World Executive Explorer Map. I really like the muted colors and old-world map feel. It looks more like a work of art to put on the wall of a den to mark life’s travels.

  5. mary says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking for a map to log our travels but hadn’t seen one like these! The light feature is very appealing. I like them all but the “classic” appeals to be because of the more accurate relative sizing of the continents and because of the color scheme. Nice product!

  6. Mark says:

    I think it is great that if I win they will refund my purchase. I took advantage of the 10% off and got one. Hope I win and thus get refunded. I got mine today and it look FANTASTIC.

  7. Hannah says:

    I have been addicted to traveling as long as I remember. My first really big trip was to Egypt when I was about 14 and it seems like all I think about once I get “home” is where to go next. But of course, life goes on, and I’ve been in school up until this year – just graduated with my BA! And I’ve finally had the time to start a travel website like I’ve always wanted to, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit since graduating. I’m trying to share the awesomeness of travel and all that it can teach you with others. I feel like it opens you up to new experiences, breaks down barriers, and quells prejudices and preconceived notions about unfamiliar people, places, and cultures. I have been looking at maps like this for a long time and would love to be able to come home and record each new place to a map like these! I really like the World Executive Explorer Map because of the sort of vintage/classic feel it has.

  8. ccw says:

    Great product, I’d love to win the Modern World Map for my 4yo son’s room. He’s already travelled to 8 states and 6 countries. This map would help him realize that we can’t just go to Madagascar for the weekend!

  9. phxbne says:

    Modern Style World Map to track our family adventures

  10. Mary says:

    What beautiful maps, if I would win one I would choose the Classic World Map (RMCWM). I love maps, our den walls have several maps and I have a collection of maps handy for quick reference. When we meet new folks or are traveling someplace new, out comes a map so we can check the locations. Maps show us all the places we hope to see one day.

  11. Eric bloch says:

    World Explorer Map (NGWM) is my choice so that I can show my grandchildren and great-grandchildren the wonderful places I have been privileged to visit during my lifetime.

  12. Diane Stump says:

    I would like the world explorer map – it is classic and modern looking colors. I need a map to chart my travels. We have traveled alot, but still have 3 continents that we have not set foot on.

  13. Suzanne says:

    World Executive Explorer Map I think is the one I would chose. I love the colors. We have traveled all over the US and are just starting the rest of the world. I made a fabric map of the US and put all the pins on it from where we have been, it’s very heavy, this map would be alot more practical and nicer.

  14. RoamingRetirees says:

    Our 4-year-old granddaughter just drew us a map so we will always know where she lives–no matter where we travel. With the World Explorer Map we can show her where we have been and also mark where she lives so she know we will always come back home to her.

  15. IRVING RIKON says:

    I remember the old gospel song, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” Giving such a map as this to my beloved traveling companion is to have the whole world in our hearts. We have been blessed in being able to travel, but my beloved can no longer see as well as she once did. A lighted map would be just the thing for her to help enjoy the memories!

  16. Shannon says:

    I love the classic map! What a great mix of art and a way to display travel adventures. Such a great idea!

  17. Peter Hamling says:

    This is VERY disappointing that those of us living outside of North America are banned from entering this draw. Why are we second class citizens of the world?

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for commenting. We certainly don’t consider our international readers second-class citizens! Our last giveaway (of a $250 Best Western Travel Card) was open to several countries outside of the U.S., including Australia and New Zealand. However, because the illuminated maps are quite expensive to ship internationally (and even to Alaska and Hawaii), we regretfully had to limit entry to residents of the 48 contiguous United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Happy travels,

      Sarah Schlichter

  18. Therese says:

    The Modern World Map would be ideal to keep track of the new political geoscape right along with all my travels! Thanks for a great product and the opportunity to win one!

  19. Pauline Quinton says:

    We travel some, but our daughter and family travel all the time. Whenever we want to see on a map where they are, or have been, we have to revert to an old Atlas or revolving globe – having a wall World Map (especially an illuminated one) which we could look at would be absolutely wonderful!

  20. Gordy says:

    Without any doubt the World Explorer Map is my choice. Each county is a different color so my grandchildren can see the different countries and city I have visited.

  21. Chris says:

    What a fantastic idea – a lighted map! My husband and I have taken 53 trips over the past 4 1/2 years. We would love this map to document our travels and share with friends and family. This map would serve us well now as we travel and later to share when memories of the places we have been will be what we share with others. I am a retired teacher and love the idea of a map which provides an added dimension with the lighting! We would be delighted with any of the maps, but if given a choice, the Modern World Map would be great! I could also use this map with the children at the library where I volunteer.
    Thanks for offering the chance to win one of these!

  22. Dona Stewart says:

    Lightravels® Classic World Map (RMCWM) is my choice to replace the Rand McNally world map that we have mounted on foam board with plastic flags marking our travels. This innovative world map would be an upgrade!

  23. Motherdude says:

    What a wonderful idea. I love it!

  24. Susan Abu-Ghazi says:

    To get really beyond the experience of our beautiful world itself,with illuminated lightly world Map, i can light locations, routes and regions of interest that matter to me.

    Always remember its a beautiful world and going to be more beautiful with your electronic map i wish to win..

  25. diane tucker says:

    The Modern World Map (RMWM) looks good to me! Our granddaughter loves maps; this would be a great teaching tool!

  26. Sevan says:

    My sister and I have a life-long contest to see which of us can visit more new countries each year, between work and vacations. It would be fun to plot our adventures on this map!

  27. Civianne Bloch says:

    I like the looks of the World Explorer Map which would fit in my home very well and allow me to show at a glance the places I have visited.

  28. Jim Greenfield says:

    A modern world map to track my many overseas travels.

  29. Martie says:

    I would love the Modern World Map so my friends and family can SEE at a glance where I have been instead of them having to ask!

  30. December 19, 2012

    From: Ralph Koerber, Global Traveler

    RE: Lightravels World Executive Explorer Map (NGEWM)

    Thank you for the opportunity to share with you the meaning of the possibility of my being awarded the Lightravels Illuminated Wall Map through Independent Traveler and what I would do while sharing the Map with others because the Map is not for me to hold to myself as the Map is to be shared to have value.

    My receipt of the World Executive Explorer Map would enable me to more clearly share my knowledge and experiences gained by my having traveled the World since 1964 furthering my personal goal of sharing knowledge and pleasure while touching hearts silently and changing the world and not knowing the results as an outcome of my absorbing and sharing in and appreciating the Cultures and Peoples of Distant Lands as an Ambassador of Personal Good Will through which I have more fully become a Global Citizen. After each interaction, my heart was heavy with the love and true meaning of togetherness conveyed to me by the persons with whom I shared my time and experiences as it outweighed what I knew I gave to those persons.

    I recently returned from Global travels since September 14, 2012 when I left on my thirty-fifth exploration to Europe during which I shared myself with new Friends – Strangers met who became Friends – on the trip, which included two two-week back-to-back NCL Cruises returning the NCL Sun to Miami for the Winter Season on Cruise 19 and Trans-Atlantic 14; my stay in Fort Lauderdale; my returning home for days before a two-week trip to Oaxaca, Mexico to celebrate in Reunion with twenty-nine Voyagers with whom I traveled 32,000 miles on an Education Floating Classroom Ship sponsored by The University of Virginia with 450 College Study Abroad Students for 111 Days of visiting 14 countries and more ports with seven days in each port until we returned to Fort Lauderdale a year ago on December 13, 2011; returning home for days before leaving to visit the Ohio State Park Lodges in November 2012; returning home for days before visiting a Fall-2011 Voyage friend in Florida for two weeks. Each trip, whether US local or International, provides me with the opportunities to share myself in meaningful and positive ways with old and new friends.

    My personal goals include my continuing to travel and to both write and present in Travel Seminars with the Lightravels Map about the personal and social benefits of Global Travel intended to expand the horizons of home-bound persons by their vicariously traveling with me.

  31. Elizabeth Glick says:

    I’d like the Modern World Map as a delightful gift to friends who have traveled the world. It’s difficult to find something unique for these folks but the illuminated map would be a classic gift.

  32. Tim Owens says:

    As someone who has collected maps since I was a child, I would love to hang the Modern World Map on the wall. Although my wife and I have only traveled outside the USA a few times, we could use this map to keep track of the whereabouts of our 11 children, such as our son who has traveled on mission trips to Argentina, Brazil, Kenya and Vietnam (and is planning his next world mission outreach).

  33. Susan Bailey says:

    The National Geographic World map would be a terrific way to show friends and family my travels. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to well over 100 countries, many of them with National Geographic both on land and on their ship, The Explorer. Will be fun to show this map to friends I have traveled with on such great trips.

  34. Elinor Hood says:

    I have been to almost 100 countries and all seven continents, and my four year old grandson is fascinated by my trips. I would love to give this to him to show him where I am going and have been. Next month I am going to Tokyo, Cambodia, Laos, andMyanmar [or is Burma more p.c.?], and he could easily follow my path.

  35. Donna says:

    I love the look of Lightravels Maps. My favorite is your “Modern World Map (RMWM)” because it has a great shade of blue at the background, plus the amazing bright colors. It is beautiful to view. I can study maps for hours and plan, or dream, about places to visit. Your have a wonderful product!

  36. Jan Brandvold says:

    Beautiful! It would be wonderful to be able to show my grandchildren all the the places we have been with this lighted map! We have traveled all over – Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and more, and love to share our adventures with the DGKs. This will go perfectly with our vast photo collection.

  37. Madeleine McCarthy says:

    Wow! What a wonderful idea! Being born in Saigon-Vietnam, raised in Nice-France, married in Washington D.C.-USA, I love travelling. My husband and I usually take about 4 cruises each year, trying to visit new countries each year. I have never been very good in Geography and this map would really help me remember and locate all the places I have been to. All four maps are just gorgeous but I think I might prefer the Classic World Map because of its brighter colors and the continents seem a little bigger. I can imagine looking at this map with all the places I have visited illuminated all at once, would really bring back so many sweet memories worth remembering, especially when memory is starting to fade away …
    Congratulations to the person who have thought about this invention and thank you for making this product available to the public.

  38. Diane Pirlot says:

    I’d like to win the world map for my sister-in-law, who can no longer travel for health reasons, but with whom we’ve shared many memorable trips throughout the world over the years.

  39. Diana says:

    While I traveled quite a bit in the US, I had to wait until I was 51 before my first trip to Europe. Now I’ve also been fortunate enough to add South America and Asia to place sI’ve visited. I have a small flag from each country I’ve visited and would love to add this classic world map!

  40. Susan says:

    I’m currently using the ‘Doctors Without Borders’ map on my work wall cubicle, with pins that always fall out. I am the traveler of the company, and I so deserve a better display! I would love the Modern World Map – I love the colors!

  41. I’d love to go to all the TOWERS of the world. (Tokyo tower for instance). Been to Tokyo Tower, Toronto Tower, Seattle Space Needle, Seoul Tower, San Antonio Tower. Next stop: Eiffel Tower!

  42. Mike Kuhl says:

    The Classic World Map sounds fantastic.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  43. Frances Perry says:

    I would love to win the Modern World Map. I’ve been to so many wonderful places and have many more on my bucket list. As I am an ever aging senior citizen this map would allow me to plot future travels and enjoy the memories of past travels.

  44. Bev says:

    I have learned from and thoroughly enjoyed travel around the world. There are many more places filling my bucket list. I want the world map as a learning and memoir tool to visually document the places and cultures I’ve experienced. I hope the map is dimensionally accurate in demonstrating the vast differences in continents and countries.

  45. carol says:

    I love the classic world map. I have been showing my grandchildren where my husband and I have been on a small world map. We use pushpins and its not very attractive. What a treasure your map would be to pass on to the next generation.

  46. Jenice says:

    I would love to win the World Executive Explorer Map to be able to have a visual reminder of our travels. We’ve been lucky to have traveled extensively over the past few years. Right now we have world map framed with thumbnail photos of us in each city. This would be a huge improvement and much nicer!

  47. Judy B. says:

    I would love to have the World Explorer Map. It is most realistic in perspective and I like the way the countries are represented by the different colors without being too garish. I’m off to the Caribbean in a few weeks and looking forward to adding a few more places to my “visited” list.

    As many have said…travel is the best teacher!

  48. Dzul says:

    As a teacher I often share all the excitement of visiting a new place anywhere in the world with my young students. Travelling is king in widening ones horizons.If I win this map, I shall share it with 1000′s of my students in both primary and secondary school in my area of Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.

  49. sj says:

    I gave birth to twin boys this year. They love seeing things light up. Travel is very important to my husband and I. The map would be an awesome way to introduce the world and travel to my boys. We are hoping they have a love of seeing new places and learning new things about people all around the world like my husband and I do.

  50. Gary Zell says:

    I love the Modern World Map (RMWM). I like the way it highlights the current political boundaries and I could mark where I would like to visit. Such a neat looking map. Whoever wins this prize is a very lucky person!!

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