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enter to win In this week’s Friday Free-For-All we want you to get your creative juices flowing. Between now and Thursday, December 13, IndependentTraveler.com challenges you to write your most clever travel limerick.

The writer of the funniest, cutest or just simply our favorite limerick will win a handy-dandy IndependentTraveler.com traveler mug. Please keep our posting rules in mind, and keep those limericks clean!

To help you get started, here are a few travel limerick examples, written by staff in the IndependentTravler.com offices.

A traveler once went to Belize
In search of a balmy sea breeze
She found jungles galore
Mayan ruins and more
Plus reefs underneath turquoise seas
– Written by Sarah Schlichter, Editor

There once was a gal from New Jersey
Who fled upon turning 30
So she traveled and sailed
Flew ’round the world and prevailed
And ended up with a pretty great journey
– Written by Dori Saltzman, News Editor

I once spent a night on a peak,
Where thin air had rendered me weak.
In my mind I was Incan,
Sun-child unblinking.
Descend now, I’m starting to freak!
– Written by Dan Askin, Senior Editor

Top 10 Books for Travelers

— written by Dori Saltzman

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6 Responses to “Write a Travel Limerick and Win!”

  1. Dan Wingo says:

    I made a special pilgrimage to Munich,
    To consult with their beer drinkin’ eunuch.
    He wasn’t so smart,
    But boy could he fart.
    And he had schnitzel all over his tunic.

  2. Bob Schantz says:

    The baby behind me is crying
    These seats make me feel like I’m dying
    My butt is so sore
    I can’t take anymore
    Next time I am driving not flying

  3. There was a young man from Japan,
    Who came up with an incredible plan.
    To travel wide and far,
    By boat and by car,
    And by now he’ll be half way to Bhutan!

  4. Kenneth A O'Shaughnessy says:

    Once a guy who had never gone
    Any farther away than his lawn
    Won a trip from online
    He liked travelling fine
    So he only returned home to spawn

  5. I was working a job, not my dream
    Things could be better it seemed
    I jumped on a plane
    My life turned insane
    Now I don’t smile I BEAM!

  6. Ben Hamlin says:

    A trip to the in-laws, Oh joy!
    I’m crafting pranks to employ.
    After sampling dessert before food,
    And imbibing on moonshine brewed,
    I revert from a man to a boy.

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