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fjordland national parkIn this week’s Friday Free-for-All, we want to hear about the movies or TV shows that have inspired you to travel. For me, two movies, more than any others, aroused a travel desire almost too strong to ignore.

If sweeping vistas of stunning landscapes are your thing, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy movies can’t fail to get your travel desire boiling. Seeing New Zealand displayed in all its natural magnificence on the big screen was too much for me to resist and within a few years of the first movie coming out I was in New Zealand visiting many of the places used as backdrops for the film.

On a smaller scale, the lesser-known “Enchanted April,” which I saw as a teenager, left me with a lingering need to rent a villa in Tuscan Italy. Anytime I feel the need to take a step back from the hectic pace of life as I know it, I imagine standing on a hill overlooking a Tuscan countryside with nothing to do but be still. I haven’t yet done it, but I know that someday I will.

Which movies or TV shows have featured scenery that has stuck with you to this day and moved you to visit the places depicted?

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— written by Dori Saltzman

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2 Responses to “Movies That Inspire Us to Travel”

  1. I feel like this movie help popularize what is now a relatively common alternative to hotels. For me it was The Beach that got me in to travelling. That film changed my life.

  2. Al Williams says:

    To be fair the lord of the rings was an obvious one… I think the question should be (and is a lot harder)- which nature programs inspire you to travel!?

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