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yardley pa canalWelcome to our new Friday Free-for-All here on “Have Tips, Will Travel” — a dedicated discussion post where we invite your responses! This week, we’re chatting about what to see in your home town.

There’s nothing better than arriving in a new place and getting advice and insight from a local. So if a traveler from afar came to your own neck of the woods, how would you use your expert knowledge to give him or her the best possible experience?

I’ll start. My home town is the sleepy riverfront borough of Yardley, PA, population 2,434. On a nice day, the first place I’d take a visitor would be the towpath beside the Delaware Canal, part of a state park that runs all the way through town and beyond. The towpath is a favorite spot for locals to jog, bike and walk their dogs — and it’s a great place to look for wildlife too. Aside from the perennial ducks and geese, I’ve seen turtles, deer, great blue herons, swans, raccoons, even a fox.

Now it’s your turn. What would you show a visitor in your home town?

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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4 Responses to “What’s the Best Spot to See in Your Home Town?”

  1. That’s an easy one–the Allentown Parkway, the part by the covered bridge. I run there several times a week and lately–with the fall colors–I’ve started taking actual (iPhone) photos (while running) because it is jut that beautiful. Even the part where you pass under I78–a major highway–is stunning. I love to travel, but when I come home, the parkway is one of my first stops.

    And then, after a bit of exercise, we’d drive a couple of miles up the road and have a totally unhealthy meal at The Brass Rail.

    Note: clearly, I live near Allentown (PA).

  2. CG says:

    As the name suggests, Bradley Beach (NJ) is all about the beach – and it’s gorgeous. I especially love the beach in the winter, when you will often find yourself alone with just the gulls and the sandpipers for company. But even in the summer, when the vacation crowds arrive, it’s still a reasonably quiet beach. It’s all about the sand and the sea, and by five pm you will have it to yourself again. There’s no crazy boardwalk packed with fried food stands and tacky souvenir stands, just the basics. Just right.

  3. Hey all,

    I’m from Richmond, VA, which has a couple of really unique places to see. I’d certainly recommend Maymont Park, an expansive nature park right in the city. The park is especially beautiful during the fall when the leaves are changing colors.

    Another great area to walk around is Carytown, located on Cary Street in downtown Richmond. This area is full of cute vintage shops, locally-owned cafes, and street musicians. Definitely a place to check out!


  4. Jean Marie says:

    That’s hard one as I have many favorite places in my home city of Rochester, NY. One that I enjoy is the river walk and bike path that extends from Lake Ontario Beach Park to the Seneca Park Zoo. The new pier built over the river at the bottom of Turning Point Park is my favorite spot on this path as it brings you as close to nature as possible in this urban area. In the spring you can see the swans and their babies and if timed right you can be there when they hatch. This spot on the river is a gathering place for all types of birds, ducks and turtles. It is a quiet area perfect for kayaking or taking a leisurely walk away for all the noise and chaos of the city. The path begins or ends depending on where you start at the Ontario Beach Park. It’s not much of a beach but has a nice pier that takes you out onto the lake. I like to go here on off days when it is not jammed pack with people all trying to escape the summer heat. One other good thing about the river walk is it usually attract a large crowd.

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