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what people have forgotten at hotelsEver forgotten you were traveling with your mother and left her behind at the hotel after you checked out? How about your spouse? While you may have wanted to leave him or her behind, a poll by LastMinute.com of 500 hotels around the world found that these scenarios actually have happened.

In Prague a man left his wife behind – the hotel didn’t say if it was accidental or planned! And a hotel in Ireland reported a traveler forgot that his mother was with him and left without her.

Perhaps even odder are items left behind that someone probably shouldn’t have been traveling with in the first place. For instance, a man left behind snails in a Budapest hotel room. Maybe he was planning on asking the chef to cook him some escargot? Another guest, in a U.S. hotel, left behind $10,000 in cash.

Snails aren’t the only animal guests have left behind. A hotel in Washington discovered a customer had forgotten his snake, while a dog was left behind by its owner in a Milan hotel.

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Another big “oops”: a police officer forgot his gun and badge in Las Vegas. I guess what goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Of course, more commonly left behind are cell phone, camera and laptop chargers. Passports are another oft-forgotten item.

Reading about what other people have forgotten in their hotel rooms got me to thinking, what kinds of stuff have I left behind?

I’ve been pretty lucky. The worst thing I’ve forgotten was a favorite pair of black evening pants (which I still miss very much, by the way). But I remember a time, back when I was a kid, when my family discovered on the drive home from New England that my sister had left behind her beloved stuffed duck, Engineer. I don’t know how far from the hotel we had gotten, but we turned right around to go back and get him.

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Overall, the writers here at IndependentTraveler.com are pretty good about remembering to check their hotel rooms before leaving. But a few of us learned this the hard way.

Adam Coulter, the senior editor at the U.K. office of our sister site CruiseCritic.com, recently left behind his iPod speakers, an electric toothbrush charger, a hooded sweater, several T-shirts and his swimsuit at a hotel in New Jersey.

Another CruiseCritic.co.uk staffer, Jamey Bergman, and his wife left their laptop behind in a hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Luckily all turned out well as the hotel FedExed the computer to their final destination free of charge (though they still argue over whose fault it was).

What have you left behind in a hotel room?

— written by Dori Saltzman

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9 Responses to “Mothers, Wives and Pets: What People Have Forgotten at Hotels”

  1. Ann says:

    Five years ago I left my jewelry in a room safe in a resort we were staying at in Denia, Spain (on the Costa Blanca). I didn’t realize that I had left my jewelry behind until we were in Sevilla. With my limited Spanish, I was able to contact the concierge of the resort in Denia, telling him about my “left jewelry.” They kept it in their office until I was able to get back to the US and send the resort enough Euros to cover the cost of sending the jewelry back to me in the States. I sent the money; they sent back the jewelry–all in tact! Since then, I’ve always made sure to check the room safe to make sure I’ve not left anything behind.

  2. deb says:

    My husband left the cord to my nano behind in a hotel in Fl. He immediately called from the airport and they said they had found it and would mail it to us. I know I should be thankful to have the cord, but the hotel charged $35 to our credit card to mail a tiny cord in a small padded envelope! I know it was kind, but what a rip off – wonder who got the extra $$ after the postage was paid.

  3. Cami says:

    My husband forgot an entire drawer full of clothes in a hotel one time. It was darn expensive to get that dirty laundry back.

    But at least we got it back. One time, I accidentally left behind a pair of earrings with great sentimental value at a Texas hotel. I remembered it within 30 minutes, called and they insisted the earrings were NOT where I knew I left them and were in fact, no where “to be found”.

  4. Steve says:

    Pillows! Did you ever bring your own special comfy pillow with you on a trip. In a slept in room they tend to blend in with hotel property. It was easy to miss with my eye, but now my head misses it. :)

    • Sally says:

      Steve, you should try packing the pillow in a brightly colored or patterned pillowcase, then it will stand out from the others;) just a thought…best wishes!

  5. Janet Pina says:

    I left my favorite plugin nightlight behind–the hotel later mailed it to me. Now i have a routine for bagging the nightlight, my travel clock, and the clothespins i use to pin the drapes together at night–all together in one baggie. One gallon baggies are the traveller’s best friend!

  6. Becky says:

    I also like to travel with my pillow. I usually put it is a bright pillowcase so I don’t forget it. However, I recently left it on the bed in Nashville, TN. I called to have JUST the pillowcase returned (it went with a 4 piece set at home). They shipped it UPS and it cost a whopping $12. Live and learn.

  7. Lorenzo says:

    Once I left all my underwear briefs behind in a hotel in Nice,France. I bought others right away in Italy, since my vacation was only half through. Another time I left a pair of Champion gym shorts in a drawer in a hotel in Marocco. recently I left a pair of socks in a drawer in a hotel in Sharm-el Shiekh, Egypt.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I left my bras at a place in Germany – I had taken stuff out of my bag, then – the room was very dark – didn’t notice I hadn’t put them back in. We were too far away by the time I realized it, and to try to figure out how to ask form them to be mailed ( and to where?) was too much. Too my surprise, I was able to replace them ( not a common size) in Munich a few days later.

    The complaints about mailing costs are not warranted. Don’t blame the hotel. I just mailed quite light packages to 3 relatives by UPS – each cost me over $16 each to send off – and I’m not paying someone else for work time. Shipping costs have gone up.

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