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What’s going on in this photo? Come up with a clever caption for this cute travel pic and you could win an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug.

man on beach

To enter, drop your wittiest one-liner (or two-liner, or three-liner…) in the comments by Sunday night, August 26, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll contact the winner and reveal our favorite caption on Tuesday. Please be sure to abide by our community guidelines when commenting.

Do you have a funny or bizarre photo that we could use for a future caption contest? Send it to us at feedback@independenttraveler.com. (Please put “Caption Contest” in the subject line.) If we feature your photo on our blog, we’ll send you a prize.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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18 Responses to “Caption This Photo and Win a Prize!”

  1. Christiane Austin says:

    Can I come? Can I come?

  2. Scott Forbes says:

    I’m running away to some place, I’ll know when I get there.

  3. lee says:

    What do you mean, I have to stay home to watch the house?

  4. lee says:

    but it’s not called the ‘dog days of summer’ for nothing

  5. Dan Wingo says:

    And your point is…..?

  6. Bill James says:

    Yes … I have an eTicket. On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.

  7. Nancy James says:

    Actually, I WOULD prefer the pat-down. Start with a pat on the head, please.

  8. Colleen says:

    Yes, my suitcase is fabulous. Now, would you kindly carry it?

  9. Sarah says:

    Hey, I can be a bad dog,
    But I love you like crazy,
    And here’s my bag packed,
    So go for a ride, maybe?

  10. Natasha says:

    Hmmm, where to next!!!!

  11. carole says:

    I’m packed and ready to go!

  12. Dalia says:

    Don’t leave me… I’m ready!

  13. James L. says:

    Hey…how ’bout a bag I can actually fit in!

  14. Lil says:

    Uh, this is not my suitcase!

  15. ian j says:

    Ok! I’ve got my doggy bag, now where’s the food?

  16. Tracy Mears says:

    Used underwear, rawhide sticks and an old leather shoe…what else would I have packed in my suitcase?

  17. MareJons says:

    This is the only thing the cat would fit into….. have you dug the hole yet?

  18. Sujata says:

    Oh,I wanna go HOME! :(

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