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What’s going on in this photo? Come up with a clever caption for this silly travel pic and you could win an IndependentTraveler.com travel mug.

donkey egypt

To enter, drop your wittiest one-liner (or two-liner, or three-liner…) in the comments by Sunday night, August 12, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll contact the winner and reveal our favorite caption on Monday. Please be sure to abide by our community guidelines when commenting.

Today’s photo was snapped by IndependentTraveler.com reader TS Buchanan on a farm near Aswan, Egypt. This reader has won an IndependentTraveler.com travel comfort kit. Do you have a funny or bizarre photo that we could use for a future caption contest? Send it to us at feedback@independenttraveler.com. (Please put “Caption Contest” in the subject line.) If we feature your photo on our blog, we’ll send you a prize.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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13 Responses to “Caption This Photo and Win a Prize!”

  1. Scott Forbes says:

    Do I smell carrots?

  2. Susan Brackett says:

    Hey, what you got? I want some!

  3. Ron Buckles says:

    I lost my other ear in the war.

  4. pupnpony says:

    Do you REAAAALLLLY want to slap a pack on me?

  5. Ian Butter says:

    You know, I was screen tested three times for Shrek before they noticed the missing ear!

  6. Loren Yaros says:

    Please shave the hair and not pluck them!

  7. James Corey says:

    Hey, does my nose look big to you?

  8. Tyler Weir says:

    This is going to be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories and in the morning, I’m making waffles!

  9. Nancy James says:

    “You’re gonna pin the tail on WHICH donkey?”

  10. Bill James says:

    “No, the Monkey Business Dept in just down the trail. I’m in the Donkey Work Dept.”

  11. Dan Wingo says:

    Take me with you–I’m no trouble at all.

  12. Caroline Dollemore says:

    Phew!! You stink!!

  13. Susan Sandulak says:

    I just want to get to nose you

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