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airlines behaving badlyThis post is part of our “Airlines Behaving Badly” series, which chronicles the oft-wicked ways of the air travel industry.

Want to pack anything more than a laptop and a change of underwear on your next flight? You’d better pony up. As of tomorrow, low-cost carrier Allegiant Air will join Spirit Airlines in charging a fee not only for checked bags but also for any carry-on that won’t fit under the seat in front of you, reports MSNBC.com.

If you want your carry-on in the overhead bin, you’ll have to shell out $35 at the airport — or $10 – $30 (depending on your itinerary) if you pay online in advance. The charges will not apply to passengers who booked their flights before the new rules were instituted. If you check a bag instead, the cost ranges from $14.99 to $35, depending on where you’re traveling and whether you pay online or at the airport.

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Spirit Airlines became the first carrier to charge for carry-on bags back in 2010 (which later inspired the design of a new suitcase to help travelers avoid the fees). For travelers like me who prefer to travel with a carry-on only, this is a frightening trend. Aviation consultant Robert Mann told MSNBC.com that he didn’t think these fees would spread to the major carriers: “No business-oriented airline would do this to customers with a laptop and valet bag — they would drive them right off the airplane.”

But I’m not convinced. If the airlines have a chance to make a few extra millions from yet another fee, why wouldn’t they? Let us know what you think.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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4 Responses to “Another Airline Adds Fee for Carry-On Bags”

  1. I agree with you that airlines will do anything to make money, and if they do decide to do this then the passengers don’t have a choice really.

  2. Toby Lerner says:

    i think there should be a fee for “larger” carryons and not for checked baggage. you “want” it with you so you should pay. you “have to” take it so you shouldn’t have to pay.

  3. Laura Townsend says:

    Anything to make more money, but sadly some people push the limit in their carryons. Wish Amtrak had a lot of their old routes still. Some places I would use them for I can’t. I do use Amtrak when I can though.

  4. Vicki Schell says:

    If airlines are going to charge for checked baggage, then I think they should charge for the larger carryons: they often slow up the boarding process for the rest of us, and then end up having them checked, for no charge — they’re gaming the rest of us.

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