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On a recent trip, I test-drove a set of packing cubes for the first time — and discovered that despite all the raves I’ve read about them, they’ll never make it into my “must-pack” pile. To paraphrase an old break-up cliche, the problem wasn’t the packing cubes. It was me.

Packing cubes are lightweight fabric bags that you can use to separate your suitcase into manageable sections. The ones I tried were an attractive green three-piece set from eBags, with cubes ranging in size from 17.5 by 12.75 by 3.25 inches to 11 by 6.75 by 3 inches. The set is currently available for $26.99 both from eBags and Amazon.

ebags packing cubes

One of the main advantages of these packing cubes is their versatility. You can put pants in the large one, tops in the medium and socks/undies in the small. The Baby Bear-sized bag could also make a good home for a pair of shoes or some toiletries; meanwhile, Papa Bear can hold a decent-sized pile of dirty duds. For the organized traveler, the possibilities are endless.

Trouble is, I’m not a particularly organized traveler. Or, to be more precise, keeping things organized is less important to me than maximizing every inch of suitcase space. I typically roll my clothes into compact bundles that can be wedged neatly into gaps between other items, a strategy that’s allowed me to travel solely with a carry-on even on trips as long as two weeks. With the packing cubes, I found myself trying to work around three bulky rectangular shapes that, yes, kept things compartmentalized — but also left me with lots of wasted space.

And frankly, I didn’t really need a special organizer for my dirty laundry. Instead, I used what I always use: a plastic bag from the grocery store. (Cost: free.)

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That said, here are a few examples of travelers who might benefit from using packing cubes:

-Partners who share a suitcase: Stow your clothes in blue bags and your hubby’s clothes in red ones so you can easily tell whose stuff is whose.

-Travelers who will be moving a lot from one hotel to another: Sort your outfits accordingly and you’ll only pull out what you need in each place, rather than turning your whole suitcase inside out.

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— written by Sarah Schlichter

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147 Responses to “The Unorganized Traveler: Why Packing Cubes Aren’t for Me”

  1. ACruiseGuy says:

    I often wonder what the TSA thinks of these bags when they choose your luggage to inspect? Do they “honor” the neatness of the bags? Does it annoy them? Do they open each one? OR, does using them allow your bag to sail on by them w/o another glance?

    • Hi ACruiseGuy,

      I didn’t run into any issues when I ran my carry-on bag through the scanner at the checkpoint. Because the packing cubes have mesh on top, it’s pretty easy to see what’s inside. But of course there’s no guarantee that the TSA won’t want to do some extra screening anyway.

      Sarah Schlichter

  2. Frank II says:

    I’m a carry-on only traveler. I have a non-wheeled bag that I’ve lived out of for up to month at a time and I’m now planning a six week trip. Packing cubes make my life much simpler. They help to keep me organized, make going through security a breeze because if TSA wants to check something, all they have to do is pull out the cube with the “suspicious” item rather than unpack everything, and help to make sure I leave nothing behind. I know where everything is and no need to unpack everything to get to one item that may otherwise be at the bottom of the bag. I own a few different cubes and folders but I’m always looking to try new ones to see if they work better than the ones I have.

  3. Pat W says:

    Thanks for a candid review, Sarah. Well done.

  4. Maybeblessed says:

    My son used the clear travel bags when he went to France several years ago. We put each outfit in a separate bag. (along with an extra shirt & underclothes) He was in JR High and needed to at least start out organized. :) The next trip he took (to Amsterdam) we did the “roll up” packing bit which, like you said used up space efficiently. Problem was, he never saw his bag till he got back to the states! I have wondered if these would be a help or a hindrance. I can see where these would be nice for a shared suitcase. Very nice of you to offer these up.

  5. Desiree says:

    I like the concept of packing cubes. I know whenever I travel, even lightly, I manage to scatter everything because the first thing I need is always at the very bottom. And of course it’s always a big production when I need to pack it all back into my bag! I might give them a try on my next trip where I’m using a bigger bag than my carry-on. I’ll definitely keep your advice about the wasted space in mind though!

  6. Sharon says:

    Personally I like them – I find they do organize my suitcase more than it was before them…I just don’t have enough of them for a whole trip. I need to get more :)

  7. Cruiser says:

    I was one of those unorganized travelers who always rolled everything. I then discovered packing cubes. Love em! They truly work for me when sharing a suitcase with my husband. I do have one question tho. How do you who travel pack 2 weeks worth of clothing in a carry on? Please share your secrets with me!

  8. Jean Maffia says:

    Will be travelling with my daughter to Italy in May and would love to try the packing bags since we will be moving around alot. I’m used to cruising and never thought about these bags before as being helpful.
    Jean affia

  9. janis says:

    Planning a few international trips this year, and I would be interested in giving this a go. I usually pack by outfit(s) to save time when dressing, so it would be interested to see how the packing cubes can help.

  10. sandra says:

    My style of packing is very similar to yours. I like to roll items and fill all of the nooks and crannies. I wrap shoes in grocery bags. Underwear goes into small bags in case my bag has to be opened, I won’t be embarressed if they spill out. I place items in the bag according what I am most likely to be doing when I arrive at my destination. If it is a late night arrival, pjs, toothbrush and paste are the easiest to retrieve. If going out to dinner, what I want to change into is what I will see first when I open my bag. I am careful not to place all of electronics in the same place to make it less likely that my bag has to be opened for screening.

    When I my daughter was young, I would roll her clothes in sets and place in individual grocery bags.

  11. kim says:

    I do love the cubes, but like you suggested, I share a bag. I am a single mom of report, and for a long weekend, the three of us will share a bag. I love to pull out a cube and know exactly where everyone’s pi’s ended up.


  12. kim says:

    I am a single mom of two not report. Darn auto correct

  13. Dave says:

    Cruiser: You travel light and wash and wear the same small selection of clothing. I have gone as long as six weeks in Asia with a carry-on like this http://www.ebags.com/product/high-sierra/railpass-convertible-travel-pack-limited-time-offer/63377

    • Cruiser says:

      Thanks, Dave. Quite an interesting backpack. Looks a though it would get the job done. Although my purse is almost as big as that, I think! :-) Wow, I must really over pack! I know the logistics of traveling light. Maybe, I’m too high maintenance. But I’m looking for the “down and dirty” secrets of traveling light. I must confess I haven’t really done any web searching on this subject, but with the costs the airlines put on us, a carry-on only is the way to go.

  14. David Green says:

    Using packing cubes when traveling with a back-pack makes it easy when pulling out a day’s clothes when one needs to keep a dress outfit for a special occasion. Invariably what you needs works it’s way down to the bottom of a pack without cubes, and they pull out and go back quickly. Also like a folder to keep the dress clothes packed with minimal wrinkles.

  15. Eyriu says:

    Thanks for the information on the packing cubes. I have looked at them but not purchased them (yet). My solution to the packing as tightly as I can is to use the tall kitchen can sized white plastic bags. I purchase mine at Costco. I pack my carry on (I only travel with a carry on no matter how long the trip) and then lift the clothing out and into the trash bag. I then squeeze all of the air out (reducing the size 1/2 or more) twist the opening a few times, fold it over and secure with a fat rubberband. Then replace it in the carry on. Shoes, etc. fit around the edges and I still have space or, if needed, do another bag. Only problem is that it is easy to make your bag overweight. Some airlines do not weigh carry ons, but some do. I like the idea of the cubes if they compress clothing as well. I would certainly love to give them a try!

    My secret to packing for extended trips is to limit and to coordinate. For me this is usually black/brown or navy/white or teal/brown. An upcoming month long trip to Italy is 2 pair of black slacks, 1 pair of brown, 1 black skirt, a “Winter silks” t-shirt (for if it is cold), 4 tops that will go with either black or brown, a long-sleeved v-neck tunic in black, and a black knit jacket of the same material as the skirt. I may toss in jeans for hiking. 2 pair of shoes – one good walking shoes and one heels. 3 or 4 scarves for “pops” of color. On the airplane I wear the bulkiest items – walking shoes, slacks, top, tunic, and jacket. I also pack a wind breaker that zips into its own pocket and an umbrella. In a gallon zip lock bag in my purse I also carry a top and change of undies for changing into prior to landing for a long flight. I hate that grubby airplane feeling after 8 – 10 hours inflight. Most of my laundry I do as I take my shower at night. Put the stopper in the drain, add laundry, add detergent, and as I shower I walk and “mix” the laundry. Rinse well, and hang to dry.

    Of course beach vacations go toward shorts, etc. and winter vacations require heavier clothing so there are variations on the packing.

  16. Lorri says:

    I love packing cubes. However, I pack with a combination of rolling things and using some packing cubes. It seems to work for me. I have also used the packing cubes for electronics. Keeps those plugs and things handy!

  17. Lois says:

    I have never tried the cubes but am willing to give it a shot if Im picked. I always use the bags you roll and suck all the air out. First time for everything.

  18. dee says:

    Hi, usually when I go for longer (2-3week)time, I use every free space (eg. put the socks into the shoes, cups, or any other bigger things… ), but for shorter travels it could be really big help, that you can find everything. like Lorri above says, I have always lots of chargers and another electronic cords.. then separate the things you use often and those you dont (umbrella, raincoats, napkins… things you HAVE TO have, but dont want to use :-)

  19. Jane says:

    I am an artist and travel with art supplies. These cubes could relaly make my life easier! I’d love to try yours – please enter me in the drawing! Thanks,

  20. Michele Cherry says:

    I have a set and love them. Keeps me from losin things and helps me organize my packing so I don’t forget something necessary. Would love another set.

  21. Ilene Rand says:

    I love packing cubes! You can roll your clothes and put them in the cubes! I pack whole outfits together and my suitcase is always organized. I am an expert packer! I hope I win these cubes!

  22. Laurel says:

    I like the idea of packing cubes because my husband & I prefer order over rummaging through the mixed case of clothes. I use a lot of ziploc bags, but for shirts and pants they don’t work well, and rolling them up has just not worked neatly. The extra space around gets filled with yarn for the second knitting project I always take. Tom Bihn has a cube that works as a day pack also.

  23. Eileen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great article! I have to say that I love my packing cubes. I have them in all sizes. I understand your opinion of these cubes not being practical for your carry on, but for me, with my 26 inch suitcase, they are a God send. I roll my clothes into these cubes. Large for jeans and shorts, medium for shirts, small for swimsuits and undergarments. When our luggage shows up on our cruise, unpacking is a snap. I sometimes get a little grossed out putting my clothes directly into the drawers, so this helps in that regard. At the end of the cruise, I just throw everything in the suitcase, because I wash it all, clean and dirty, due to my fear of bed bugs, UGH!!!.

  24. Diana Bustamante says:

    Hey I’m not proud!! In fact I am a fan of packing cubes. While some of what you say is true about utilization of space in the suitcase, the ease they provide when moving from place to place is unparalleled. On a 23 day trip through China,zigzagging from Beijing to Hong Kong, my packing cubes were a godsend. I only had to unpack the ones I needed for that part of the trip. Plus, we had rather stringent weight restrictions that required some very creative “shuffle” packing between my carryon and my checked bag. The cubes made that quick and simple! Bring ’em on!

  25. Linda says:

    I’d love them if it would keep my husband from overpacking : )

  26. Sharon M says:

    I haven’t used packing cubes but would love to try them. When I travel. with my husband to Florida we each have a suitcase, but I mix up our clothes in both suitcases in case one gets lost. The cubes would help to separate our clothes.

  27. Rita says:

    Thanks for the article. I think the packing cubes are a great idea — helps in sorting outfits and you can see what packed through the mesh window. They also keep everything nice and neat.

  28. 3gabelles says:

    I am a single mom of two and can seen how cubes would help keep each persons items together and seperate from everyone elses; a big plus when sisters start throwing each others items on the floor because “your shirt was in the way of me getting mine!”

  29. Chris Curlew says:

    I have used packing cubes and insist my husband use them, very handy to keep everything organized, you can still roll your clothes, then put into the cube, or around the cube, take cube out of suitcase and place convientley on a shelf or in a drawer, socks and underclothes don’t get lost.

  30. Walt says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m not the most organized guy when traveling. I would like to try the cubes
    if you are giving them up.Maybe I’ll win them from you? Thanks for all the great
    write up’s you do…….I’ll let you know what I think of them from a guys point
    of view….

  31. Ellie W. says:

    I love your articles! I tried one small cube and did like it for my underclothes. They seem to be better than the foldover systems.They add weight to my luggage and cause weight problems at check-in. I did want to get the larger cubes and try them. Even if I roll my clothes, I have to bring a small steamer with me to get the wrinkles out. I guess I am too fussy about it all.
    I do need more cubes for sure.

  32. Mary says:

    I have always wanted to try these cubes too. And Eileen is right about the drawers in some destinations, they are one of the places to get wiped down when we arrive. I don’t think I could ever travel with just a carry-on bag, but I am getting better with packing less.

  33. Margi says:

    I found the cube worked wonderful for my undergarments,socks, and everyday Tshirts. I can still roll pants tighter and cover the shoes in plastic bags, but the underclothes and tshirts have alway been a thorn in my side. I toss the extra bag in and reverse the process. when I get home, all of my dirty things are in the compressed ebag, the clean stuff stays in the bag for the next trip and I still have room for the new items I purchased.

  34. Ollie says:

    I’m with you on using every crack and crevice.
    Also when I look at an item and think, I should pack this, just in case. I leave it at home because I’ve found I never use those items on a trip.

  35. Marilyn says:

    I found this article very helpful as I was contemplating buying some for a week long trip in Jamaica. I opted to rolling my clothing as mentioned in the article and was able to get 2 more additional outfits in my luggage. I would still like to win them though…help with my weekend trips and keeping things organized in my carry on. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

  36. Karen says:

    I pack only carry on…my husband and I take 2-3 week vacations and rarely stay in the same hotel more than 1 night. We only bring clothes that can be hand washed every night and dress in several light layers that allow for easy adjustment to both weather and activity level. I have used space bags in the past but because they can compress so much they encourage overpacking. The cubes do compress clothes to an extent but are also easier to root around in, and because they are organized I know which one to dig around in. No opening a space bag that virtually explodes when opened….and always embarrassing to try to get everything stuffed back into the space bags at the airport!

  37. Michelle Ault says:

    I have never tried packing cubes. I use ziploc bags, compressing all the air out. Plus things don’t get as wrinkled with all the air out. I think I overpack for cruises and travel after reading this replies. Hmm. Next cruise I think I will set a goal and see if I could do it with just one carry-on. That is ambitious for me. I like Eileen’s idea of putting the packing cubes directly into the drawers. I carry a large trash bag with me and at the end of the trip, before I put the suitcase into the car or enter our home, I put the suitcase into the trash bag, which then goes directly to the laundry room because of my great fear of bedbugs!

  38. LE Enzbrenner says:

    My husband and I use the packing cubes when we travel mainly because they enable us to pack in advance. Before the packing cubes, we would pull out the suitcases and pack the day before the trip. We always forgot items – sometimes essential ones!
    Now, we add to the packing cubes gradually and just put them in the suitcases with the larger items (which we don’t pack in cubes).
    I love them especially for cruise travel.

  39. Barbara says:

    For me, the cubes have never worked for the purpose intended (I find they take up too much space when packed with clothes!). I use them to isolate the things I want to grab quickly that usually fall into strange places in transit, rather than rummaging through a suitcase to find: electric toothbrush, bottles and jars (in plastic bags, of course, in case they leak), a REAL coffee cup (because I hate paper cups hotels are now using), etc. I use different sizes, depending on the length and purpose of my trip. I’m finally getting my husband (albeit grudgingly) to admit their convenience when he packs a suitcase for his own trips.

  40. Linda S. says:

    I also like having an expanse of packing space uninterrupted by compartments, built-in or added through packing cubes (that’s why I opted for a more open suitcase like a Hartmann or Briggs & Riley, rather than something like the Eagle Creek older Tarmac, which otherwise seemed a great bag). But I have found a double-sided cube helpful when moving to another place for a night or two, or for segregating a particular kind of clothing (hiking clothes). I bought my sister-in-law an Eagle Creek expandable packing cube for Christmas, which has a zipper to compress/expand. I usually use the plastic bags that cover the Sunday newspaper for shoes in my suitcase.

  41. Elinor says:

    I need help getting under 50 pounds, not organizing! Ziploc bags come in all sizes and can be used instead of packing cubes.

  42. Tammy says:

    The packing cubes work wonderful for us especially when traveling on a cruise ship. We just put the cubes in the drawers, packing back up the last night is a breeze and takes no time at all.

  43. Kelly says:

    I have thought about using them before but, they seemed a little expensive to me for what they were. I also roll all my clothes because it seems to save alot of room. When I go on a cruise I like to take lots of clothes – it’s just my thing. Glad you tested them and let us know what you thought.

  44. Cheryl Adamo says:

    I personally love these packing cubes. I love that you can take the cubes right out of your suitcase and right into a drawer in your hote, etc. This alleviates the dust, dirt, and leftovers from the previous users getting on your clean clothing. It keeps you organized also. The extra space you have between the cubes can be used for books, toiletries or non clothing items. I am trying to get my daughter to buy some cubes to get her organized on her up-coming trip?? By the way, great article.

  45. MR. C says:

    When we travel to Europe we are the ‘leave your old clothes for the maid to deal with’ type, albeit we leave them in walmart bags. This allows us to bring back antiques,stolen icons, etc.

  46. Betty Zamost says:

    While I have packing cubes, I tend to use the extra large slider bags that I buy in the supermarket. They are clear so you can see what the items are. Additionally, I have used them as compression bags by rolling the bag tight before closing. This is cheaper than the commercial bags out there. Using bags makes traveling and packing/repacking easier.

  47. sally says:

    I LOVE the packing cubes, but I travel on trips that have anywhere from 1 to 5 nights in one place. The large (18″) are especially handy. I use one for Tshirts, 1 for pants, 1 for long sleeved shirts, and they go in and out of dresser drawers in hotels, on boats, etc without rumpling anything. Add to that a small cube for underwear, 1 for socks, and 1 for those small things like alarm clocks which otherwise hide in some corner of my duffle, and I am good for up to 4 weeks. I have pulled an ironed white cotton shirt out of a packing envelope I have been using for 3 weeks, and it looks newly ironed. They are especially helpful when sharing a room, closet, dresser. I even gave a packing demonstration in a Tahiti hotel room once to a crowd of 8, showing them the system.

  48. Sean Webb says:

    Great article. I’ll take the cubes off your hands! I love them. They can be used for a lot more than jut clothes – like electronics, camera stuff, etc.

  49. Rebecca says:

    I travel almost every month. I started using them in 2011 and have used them every trip since then. I like keeping everything organized and the cubes make unpacking super easy. I just take each cube out and put them into a drawer at the hotel. The packing folders also keep clothes from getting wrinkled, which was always a problem with rolling them or stuffing them into ziploc bags (as some people suggest as an alternative to packing cubes). We also use a smaller cube to wrangle gadget chargers. On the trip home, I put dirty clothes into a space bag and put souvenirs into the cubes. Empty cubes fold completely flat.

  50. Greg Stephens says:

    I’ve never used packing cubes, though my wife says she likes the idea. We pack for different purposes, and with different volume allowances. For me, rolling clothes and fitting things into nooks and crannies works much better, since I’m packing things into motorcycle saddlebags as often as into travel bags.

  51. Sherry Barber says:

    A friend’s comment gave \value added\ to my packing cubes: she said she feels better about putting her clothes in foreign drawers when they are in cubes. It seems more sanitary. I’ll tell ‘ya, it makes loading the hotel drawers a lot faster, too!

    • Karen C says:

      Hi Sarah
      First let me say that I really enjoy your honesty and reasoning about this product. Recently retired we plan on taking many hoildays and we value evauations and travel tips such as yours. I particularly enjoyed your comments on rolling your clothes, I know I am not a efficient traveler and look forward to reading other blogs you write.

      I have unpleasant thoughts of my luggage having a unexpected accident and while standing at the carousel seeing familiar clothes items going around and around. Cubes would be definitely handy and have peace of mind.

      Thanks Sandra and happy travels.

    • Fran says:

      Hi Sandra,
      I, too, used to roll up my clothes and keep them all keep them in an “organized” manner. When a friend let me borrow one of her packing cubes
      (I was skeptical) I was amazed at how easy it was to retrieve the items that
      I needed and how sanitary it was to just slip it into the drawers.
      I am now convinced that packing cubes are the way to go and I would be forever grateful for a set of my own.

  52. Julie G says:

    I would love to try this cubes out. My husband and I are planning a short trip to wine country in Oregon next month and these would be perfect. We plan on taking small carry-on suitcases each and this would help us to pack and get organized. It could be a “test trip” for our big cruise later in October 2012.
    Thanks for the tips and information and the opportunity to try these out.

  53. susan says:

    I like your article on packing cubes. I have tried both ways, with and without. the jury’s out, whether I think cubes are the way to go. They can be useful especially if you take one out and put it in a dresser drawer in your hotel room. As another has said, they are quite expensive to purchase. Your technique of rolling clothing has seemed to work for me also. Thanks again.

  54. Kim R. says:

    I need to improve my very poor packing skills and would like to give the cubes a try. I am always ruining any type of organization I started with by digging around for specific things, and repacking/redistributing items to make weight limits has kept me up til the wee hours on international return trips. There must be an easier way, I think this may be it!

  55. Debbie Curtis says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying the packing cubes, also. My husband is a terrible packer and I’ve tried to use as many plastic bags as possible for his stuff, but since we will be traveling soon and will have to limit ourselves to one carry-on, maybe the cubes for my clothes will keep my blood pressure down!

  56. Barbara says:

    It’s worth a try. I can use all the help I can get with packing. Has anyone used the vacuum bags? They are suppose to save space, but what about weight in a carry on bag? Thanks for the information.

  57. KenR says:

    We love the packing cubes … my wife & I have different colors so we can move things between bags (we usually check only 1 bag when flying – for those things TSA doesn’t like!) AND it really makes unpacking and re-packing fast at hotels (no wondering “..is this mine or hers?”).

  58. Carver, C says:

    I have one cube and I love the ability of sorting items that I need immediately without digging to the bottom of my suitcase. Having three more “cubes” would make my day. Thanks for the great article.

  59. DebbyLynn Louis says:

    Would love to try out packing cubes. We usually use zip top bags to organize our suitcase. They tend to wear our after a couple of trips.

  60. Jan Smith says:

    I love, love, love these packing cubes. Recently went on a Russian river cruise, very small room, no drawers only small cupboard to hang and no where to store luggage had to be stored out of the room. I took my cubes out and stored one on top of the other, everything was at hand and not wrinkled. When finished wearing an item, fold and put back. Time to go home put cubes back into luggage and I was done, no repacking, no mess. Dirty clothes either washed along the way or put in an empty cube I took with me. Greatest idea ever, now everyone wants to borrow my packing cubes. HELP!!

  61. mary says:

    I use large ziploc bags and I roll skirts/dresses and offset-layer pants. Uses all the available space. The cheap plastic bags can be compressed and sealed like the expensive special packing bags but cost a lot less. We travel and cruise several times a year. I do not see myself buying or using packing cubes. I’d rather spend the $30 on fun stuff.

  62. Donald Schoengold says:

    For smaller items, I use the stuff bags that you can buy at camping supply stores. The neat thing about them is that you can compress stuff really hard in the bags and get a lot in them. Also, they are available in many different sizes.

    For larger compressible items such as jackets, I use compression sacks which are also available in camping stores. It makes a larger item in a bag much much smaller.

  63. Lynn says:

    I match outfits then put each of them into individual 1 gallon or 2 gallon zip lock bags; under garments, socks, everything for that outfit in the bag. Then I sit on each one to get all the air out and \zip\ them up. Very compact, and for me very organized. I get to my destination and can throw them in a draw or easily live out of my suitcase. When I’m cruising, I take them out and hang them. I have a cosmetic bag that is always packed and ready to go with all my toiletries, everything in travel size containers.

  64. Donald Schoengold says:

    I use the stuff bags that you can buy at camping supply stores for smaller items such as sock, underclothes, t-shirts etc. The nice thing about them is that you can compress the stuff in the bags so you can fit a lot into each back. Also, they come in different sizes. Finally, they come in colors so you know what is each bag.

    For larger compressible stuff such as coats, I use the compressible stuff sacks that are also available from the same stores. You can really compress larger items into much smaller spaces.

    BTW – I also use these bags for all my electronics.

  65. Barry Cooper says:

    I’ve used ziplocs, grocery store bags and miscellaneous cloth bags and have folded, rolled and stuffed my clothes. So far, my suitcase has been a random mess of hard-to-find, wrinkled items. I’ve observed–with great envy–the successful application of the packing cubes and have resolved to get a set.

  66. I have a trip planned and packing for 2. I would love to have these.

  67. Colleen says:

    I’ve been curious to try these for a long time. I’m a terrible overpacker and I think having the limitations that the cubes offer would be great for me.

  68. Eileen Powers says:

    I LOVE my packing cubes! I use several sizes from Eagle Creek along with an Eagle Creek pack-it folder. Pants, vests, jackets and long-sleeve shirts in the folder; rolled T-shirts, yoga pants in a cube; rolled undies, PJ’s in a cube. The cubes sit nicely on top of the folder, leaving space in the bottom of a carry-on for two pairs of shoes and space at the top for two zippered pouches — one for cosmetics, one for electronics. With these packing organizers, I have taken two trips to Europe lasting nearly 3 weeks in one rolling carry-on bag and a relatively small shoulder purse. I like to unpack when I travel, but with this system, I can just store the cubes in a drawer and only minimally disrupt them for short overnights. I even got a compliment from one of the baggage inspectors in the Rome airport for my organized bag! Won’t leave home without them. My husband, on the other hand, just rolls everything up and shoves it in his identical carry-on bag. To each his own!

  69. Kathy O says:

    I have a trip planned and have always had problems packing light. I would love to have these.

  70. Carol says:

    I think that thoswe bags have a definite place when you are weekene traveling to keep like items together. We used the compression bags on a long cruise and got too much in the suitcase—we were overweight. I like the ziplock 2 gallon size of plastic bags as then you can see what you have and just lift out and store in thre drawer.

  71. Loraine says:

    Going to Sweden for two weeks – need these!
    Organization will be new to me – – –
    Happy trips everyone!

  72. Kathy Bates says:

    If you are going on Safari in Africa and must use soft-sided luggage, these
    are perfect. The large duffel allows for packing cubes AND rolling in corners.

  73. Richard says:

    These cubes are the best when travelling on a motorcycle or pack sacking it. Keeps everything separate, and I can pack a bag for the next day and leave it on top of the pile so I only need to grab the top cube and my shaving kit.

  74. Annette says:

    I have been using packing cubes for the past 2 years and would be lost without them. I keep my “like” items together – so t-shirts in one, dressy clothes in one, bathing suits in another, etc. When I reach my hotel, I simply pull them out of my suitcase and into the drawers. They are great to use at home as well – they can keep all of your electronics together in a drawer, or if you are planning a day at the beach, they can keep thing neat and organized for that as well. I have been trying to convince my boyfriend that he needs some, but he has been a bit reluctant to buy, so I would give the set to him to use.

  75. Candace Garcia says:

    I love the packing cubes.

  76. Ricky says:

    An alternative to packing cubes are the clear plastic bags bags you get when you buy bed linens.

  77. Barb Russell says:

    Help! I’m not a light packer – example -last cruise my husband and I took 7 suitcases!! Most were mine. We are planing a trip that includes air travel and I know I’ll definately have to pack differently . I’m sure the packing cubes would be a tremendous help – won’t you let me try? Thanks!

  78. Connie says:

    I find these packing cubes fantastic for using in our RV. My husband has one colour & I have another. Stops random things from falling out from the overhead cupboards.
    For other types of travelling, I still pack my socks, etc around the cubes to maximize space.

  79. barbara jacob says:

    We are going on a river cruise shortly and with us trying to take limited suitcases overseas, I think the packing cubes would help us get better organized. Would love to try them!

  80. carole says:

    I’ve never seen these cubes before! I think it would be fun to give them a try, when my mom and I take off on our next cruise.

  81. Linda says:

    I have also heard wonderful things about the cubes but am hesitant. I roll my stuff small and tight to fit as much as I can. I always overpack, but am never lacking anything. Perhaps cubes would help me edit and downsize so I don’t overpack

  82. I bought four of the Eagle Creeks “Pack It Systems” — and LOVE them. The World Traveler set has the shirt/pant folder, a med. cube and a small bag. I also bought the garment folder. I highly recommend the folder systems (comes in 3 sizes). My husband and I used them for our trip to Ireland 2 months ago, and it was such a spacesaver. Nothing shifted in the luggage, and everything was neatly folded with minimal wrinkling. Without the system(s), I would have never had room to bring back a HUGE bulky Blarney Woolen Mills sweater!!

    I’ve recommended the System to friends and several have purchased them. They’re as much in love with them as I am!

  83. Elaine McDonald says:

    I have a friend who swears by the packing cubes! Since I’m a “doubting thomas” I’d love to try them and find out for myself. I do think they’d be great when unpacking in a cabin on a cruise – everything would be so organized!

  84. Iris P says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I think the cubes would be great to try.
    Thanks for offering yours.
    I do roll and use clear plastic bags currently.

  85. CL says:

    Packing cubes are almost a necessity if you use a duffle bag or backpack-style bag.

  86. Alison says:

    They would be good to roadtest on my 6wks trip through USA.
    Would love to try out ones you are offering!
    Currently use combo of rolling and ziplocking.
    Thing with Ziplocking – if you don’t unpack the dirty/and or wet clothes for laundry straight away, they have a mouldy smell that hangs around for some time..

  87. Geraldine says:

    Currently trying to figure out packing for a 2 week trip to Japan for a wedding that includes formal (read: tuxedo & uber-fancy dress) attire. I think the packing cubes would be a great help for us. It’s time to try something new!

  88. Janet says:

    I am a very organized packer and would love to have your cute green set of packing cubes! I can imagine endless organizing possibilities with these. I’m not even sure three would be enough for the super organized packing person that I am. In fact it might even lead to further purchases of even more sets of organizing cubes for even better organizing. Maybe that was your problem….not enough cubes. Please send ME your cubes so I can go buy another set! Then it will be like buy one get one free!

  89. Nancy says:

    Packing cubes are great for organizing…especially on a longer cruise or European trip when a variety of clothes is needed. Some soft items can still be rolled throughout your suitcase to utilize all available spaces. Bags that suck out all the air are also a plus when packing and coming home with dirty laundry. I really like the idea of different colored packing cubes for each person traveling since my husband and I mix our clothes into two suitcases in case one is lost.

  90. Bobbie says:

    I love them and do not have enough, sure makes going through security easier. Thing are always neat and you know where every is. The trade off is space but for me they are worth it.

  91. Pam says:

    I love these things and can’t imagine packing without them. We only travel with carry on, no matter one week or one month.

  92. Susan says:

    I used to use ziplock bags. They are NOISY when you are looking for something; you THINK you can see what’s in them, but they all look the same, and they are mostly the same size. And they are slippery. I thought the packing cubes would be too small, and not worth it, but I LOVE THEM! I have one set from Magellen (excellent) and one set of Rick Steve’s (not very good quality). I’d love another good set.

  93. Carolyn says:

    Yes, I would be happy to receive the packing cubes you won’t be using. My Husband has a set, and I have been thinking about getting some…they just hadn’t made it high enough on my priority list. I am a 69 year old grandmother who is learning the ins and outs of overseas travel, and having a ball. If i am fortunate enough to receive them, I will let you know how they work out for me…I am always organized when I start out but the neatness of my bag degenerates as the trip goes along, so maybe they are the answer??

  94. maryann says:

    I love my cubes! I include a listing of the packed items & when I repack I know that everything fits & each luggage piece should weigh the same as when I left home.

  95. maureen says:

    I too love packing cubes and shirt/pant folders. I have tried every way of packing and these cubes are the best. I have one for underwear/bras, one for socks, a small folder for my casual clothes and a larger one for dressy or evening clothes. I cruise/travel a lot and find this system the best. Everything is organized & I don’t need to search through the nooks and crannies of my suitcase to find the pair of socks I need at a certain time. The folders keep clothes the least wrinkled of any other system I have used, including folding clothes which really takes a long time to pack/re-pack. The packing cubes/folders can carry a lot of clothes. I recommend Eagle Creek brand. You will get your monie’s worth and they will last a lifetime.

  96. Jennifer says:

    Help! I need these for my next trip to France!!

  97. Joyce Clark says:

    I highly recommend packing cubes. When I cross pack with my traveling partner it’s easy to give then a complete outfit in one cube. As the trip progresses I divide the cubes by clean vs. dirty clothes, and an outfit or two when I take a side trip and just need a few outfits. I can then use a carry on with the cubes and my toiletry bag with a few odd and ends (info on where were are going, some traveling niceties in another cube — book, lotion, hand cleaners, water and some granola bars. I have been lots of places and find this system to work best for me.

  98. Frances Perry says:

    I often use white net bags (the tpe intended for laundry use) and find them very versatile. I’d be interested in trying the cubes.

  99. Cyndee says:

    I would love your gently used packing cubes!
    I haven’t owned a set but I would certainly use it if you gave the set to me. My friend and I went to Scotland a few years ago. I have traveled abroad a few times and when I travel I go as light as possible using a 20″ carry on suitcase. I usually roll all my clothes then jam them tightly in together so I can get in as many articles of clothing into my small little suitcase. Packing that way seems to have worked for me until Scotland because it took me forever to find my shirts. I had to unbundle then rebundle shirts and it took me forever to get dressed. My girlfriend who has never travelled before used the packing cubes and she was able to find what she wanted to wear within minutes. I have since come to realize that I really don’t need to jam all these different outfits but pack a few key items that I can interchange with other clothing to change out the look but what is most important is to be able to keep them organized. I am planning on going to Ireland in the summer so these cubes would really help my suitcase stay organized. Thanks in advance if you chose me!

  100. susan says:

    .the ideal for me is to roll my garments & fit them tightly inside the cubes. it helps if you travel with knit garments.

  101. AFter many trips abroad I am still searching for the best way to pack…..
    These cubes look perfect for underwear, bras, etc. you do not want luggage
    handlers to handle if your bag is opened. They wouod be great for personnel itms you do not want touched if your bag is searched. Would love to try them please and thank you!

  102. Joanne says:

    Think your cubes would be better than my ziplock bags!

  103. These actually sound quite useful. I am an uber organizer and was looking at these for our next trip to Rome, Florence & Paris. Since we are not staying at one hotel AND we do pack together the comment about using the different colors is great. I usually use the dry clean bags from the hotels closets to store the dirty clothes but these seem like a better idea. Thanks.

  104. Sarah,
    I travel a lot for work and personal. I am always looking for more ways to be organized and save money. I currently use plastic containers that curtains come in for my travel that I have purchased at thrift stores, one because they are see-through, the other because they are a little thicker and do not tear as easily. I would love to be considered in your random drawing.

    I always love reading the independent traveler, it is better than any magazine!


  105. John says:

    I do not travel much, but my bride does and this is something that I would like for her to have. At this time I can not afford to purchase a set.

  106. jean schwartz says:


  107. Ellen Harpin says:

    I will be flying from Florida to California with my seven year old grandson. These would help organize our items in our shared suitcases.

  108. Lori Malone says:

    After watching my husband pack for business, I know he would utilize the packing cubes to their fullest extent. We would both put them to good use on our next vacation to Alaska.

  109. Nancy James says:

    They are perfect for so many reasons. They help you to organize your pre-pack items so you can easily see if you have forgotten something. Then, upon your arrival, you can even leave items (socks, for example) in their cube which helps organize and keep things straight & clean in their new/temporary drawer. Organization is key in travel!

  110. Barbara Brown says:

    I’ve used these in the past and have given many away to other travelers – therefore I’m ‘down’ to only 1 unit.

    I love these cubes as I put them directly into the drawer(s) in the hotel, cruise ship, etc. and don’t have to worry about my clothes being ‘picked’ by rough drawers, or better yet – clothes are kept clean by not being placed directly into a dirty drawer!

  111. Benita says:

    These are great for organizing your packing!

  112. Sheri says:

    They look like a great product to have in my bag. segregate items nicely, easy to find and grab.

  113. Kristy McCoy says:

    Packing is quite difficult…especially with the limited room we have today. These might prove to be very useful.

  114. Marty Harvey says:

    I love to travel!!! Anything to help me with organization is greatly appreciated. These cubes would be awesome to use on our next trip coming up in May.

  115. Ric Adams says:

    Packing has always been a problem. Maybe these would make it easier. Might be worth a try.

  116. Nancy Tucker says:

    I love packing cubes and know they would be perfect for my son who travels on business a lot. I would love to help him be more organized. Thanks for a chance to win them.

  117. michelle moreno says:

    I have used something similar….and it worked wayy better then space bags……wouldn’t mine trying them…might make for easier packing…

  118. Kathy says:

    I travel to visit reletives on both coasts, and variable weather requires many clothes. I would absolutley love these for sweaters, pants, t-shirts, cami’s and undies, and yes, I must have several shoes…….first time I’ve seen the bags. So cool looking too…..Kathy

  119. Canece Hanna says:

    Each trip I take my packing gets better and better. This will be the next evolution in my quest to streamline….off to go purchase

    …oh wait! let me hold off on that purchase, just…in…case…

  120. Karen says:

    I am always trying to find the best way to pack. I think your packing cubes would do th trick. they sound wonderful.

  121. Julianne Fulcher says:

    I am “anal retentive” and these would be perfect for packing organization. Please release me from my everlasting struggle to organize my luggage.

  122. Michael R. says:

    Wow – these are just what I need as I am on the go business traveler! These look great and I would love to win a set today!

  123. Joanne Watier says:

    These would have been perfect firmly most recent trip to separate the clean and dirty clothing. They would have made packing much more organized than what I ended up going through.

  124. Sunny says:

    Have been a frequent traveler for many years and continue to find better ways to pack. With baggage fees these days, it pays to get more efficient! I have used plastic ziplock bags in the past, but have never invested in the packing “cubes”. Am planning a multi-city international tour and like your idea of having a separate “cube” for each stop. Would love to try it!

  125. Karey says:

    Looks cool! We love to cruise and I’d love to give them a try.

  126. anne says:

    I LOVE the 1 packing cube I have. I use it for undies- and hope the agents don’t open it and let them all roll out. I would love some more!!cube and would love some more!

  127. Colene says:

    I travel frequently with my husband and he is too \frugal\ to pay for more than one suitcase. That means sharing space. And, when he wants something from the suitcase, he searches for it with the same approach favored by our dog when he is digging for a bug in our garden. These cubes would be a wonderful way of separating our clothing, and thus preserving some of my sanity.

  128. mary mays says:

    I love this color gree. These would be nice for my trip to Alabama & Georgia!

  129. Elena Rodriguez says:

    I am planning a trip of a lifetime for 35 days to Europe and 6 countries with 3 teenage daughters..I imagine that packing will be an adventure by itself. We are going to be on the move and will need to be organized just to stay sane. I would love to try these cubes out and see if they are effective tools for my girls. Thank you for your review as it was helpful in determining when it would be better to not use them versus when they would be more effective. :-)

  130. Brenda says:

    Have been told that these packing cubes will change my life. Would love to find out.

  131. Hal says:

    If you want to minimize wrinkles and creases, check out one bag dot com. It has all the answers. Trust me on this one.

  132. Vi says:

    I am using plastic bags for separating my clothes and other items. It is easy to pack everything into backpack. Cubes probably would be too bulky for backpacking.

  133. Beth says:

    It took me a long time to try these, but now I’m hooked (I have two sets of my own of the same ebags version you tested and I don’t need yours, so don’t include me in the draw — just wanted to share my experience with other travelers). First of all, I too only travel with carry-on luggage. That said, you can still fill in all the nooks and crannies while using the packing bags. The difference is, when you’re looking for something in particular, you don’t have to rummage through and unpack everything that’s on top of it to get to what you want, then have to repack, etc. These are particularly great for multi-purpose and/or multi-stop trips, i.e. if you’re moving from one place to another and don’t want to have to unpack and repack the whole kitten-kaboodle at every stop, and/or if, like me, you sometimes travel for work and pleasure in the same trip. I can pack my work clothes separate from my “play” clothes so I can easily get to what I need when I need it and with much less mess. Also, no more digging for gold to find those underwear or socks that were laid out in the bottoms of the suitcase. I just take out the packing cubes and “voila!” — easy access. These are absolutely fabulous! I’ve even gotten my 88 y.o. dad hooked on using them.

  134. Val says:

    Going to England next month and would love touas CUBES.

  135. Jace says:

    Unfortunately the packing cubes you tried are just mediocre ones. There are mesh cubes from places like Magellans that are far superior, more lightweight, take up less space in the suitcase, and hold an AMAZING amount of stuff. In addition, you can put the cubes right into your drawers on a trip and live out of them, making it much speedier to pack again when it’s time to leave.

  136. Edward Potereiko says:

    I like the idea of packing cubes in theory, have what I consider 7 days of clothes packed into my backpack/hand carry weekender ebag bag, and appreciate the ideas supplied, I.e.,ziplock bags and plastic garbage bag for dirty clothes.
    Yet I like the idea of cubes and would like to give them a try.
    I have pill bottles plus pill cases (to refill a 2 1/2 day supply from bottles to carry in my pocket). I think they could benefit from a cube, extra pair shoes or hiking boots, and toiletries with some sharp objects.
    Shirts 3 which I lay flat atop each other, extra pants -1which goes on the bottom, 8 days underwear, i.e., shirts/shorts, plus 8 thin sock liners and 8 pair heavy socks.
    Haven’t figured an efficient way of packing, let alone puttin the hiking boot in. Socks I line the sides with, underwear I lay to one side or on top.
    Wear and how to put dirty laundry? Garbage bag? Toiletries and pills a problem in keeping separate and able to pull ou in an instant once a week for the main bottles.
    Way too many compartments on bag in my opinion that are too small.
    Would like to try ebag cubess, but will they take up too much space?

  137. Darren says:

    Great assessment of packing cubes vs not, you answered the question I googled. Thanks so much and keep up the great blogging.

  138. Renee says:

    Would love these packing cubes, we are going overseas to Australia to see my husbands father, who is quite ill after chemo; however, I m meeting his family for the first time so I’m both nervous and excited. After I paid for the ticket, we can’t afford extras like this. Thanks for offering these cubes!

  139. Rachel says:

    Packing cubes can be pretty handy, but for me my packing issue is space, not organisation. I’d say my go to packing accessory is compression bags because they allow me to shrink my clothes down to a fraction of their normal size :)

  140. Michael says:

    I thought packing cubes weren’t for me but then someone let me borrow theirs and I was a convert. If anyone needs a recommendation, I highly suggest TravelMore’s packing cube because they have a lifetime warranty and they are high quality.

  141. Michelle says:

    Packing cubes are great but if you are thinking about getting them, from my experience traveling for 1 year around the world, buy the cubes that have 2 compartments to keep your clean and dirty clothes separated when traveling. Otherwise your dirty clothes will be compressed with your clean ones. I use this dual sided cube cube set from Amazon and I highly recommend it. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XYWFEVG

  142. jim says:

    Hi Sarah – Makes a refreshing change for someone not to be a complete cubes fan – it seems everyone goes crazy about packing cubes!

    I did buy some – recommended by a friend (ultra lightweight ones). I don’t have an organizer mindset – so i struggled at first. I’m now into my 4th trip and they are working really well for me. Its about developing a system for types of garments and then clean / dirty as you move through your travels in between laundry stops.

    Not sure I’ll be preaching like some of my friends to, but i do now ‘get’ cubes! Thanks for a great post

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