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IndependentTraveler.com readers, meet our brand-new travel mug. This sealable red and black logo cup will tote your coffee, cola, water or wine everywhere from cars to trains to planes (just be sure to fill it up after you’ve gone through airport security). To celebrate the arrival of our new mug, we’re giving one away to a clever reader.

To win the mug, all you need to do is figure out how many jelly beans fit inside it. Here are a few photos to help you guess:

independenttraveler.com mug jelly beans

independenttraveler.com travel mug map

We’ll award the mug (jelly beans not included!) to the reader who guesses closest to the correct number of jelly beans without going over. In the case of a tie, the mug goes to the person who answers first. Leave your answer in the comments below, and be sure to include a valid e-mail address so we can contact you in case you win. You must enter by Monday night, January 16, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll contact the winner and reveal the answer on Tuesday.

Update, January 17: The correct answer has been posted! See the answer and find out who won.

Editor’s Note: Our weekly How Much Is This Hotel? contest will return next Friday.

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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31 Responses to “Count the Candy, Win a Travel Mug!”

  1. Nancy James says:


  2. Karen Wiltsire says:

    482 jelly Beans!

  3. Brian R. says:

    I say 956 jelly beans

  4. Cynthia Salmons says:


  5. kathie says:

    861 jelly beans

  6. Karen says:

    340 jelly beans

  7. Howeth, Lynda says:

    504 Jelly beans

  8. Lisa Roberts says:

    Beautiful Mug! 377

  9. aisha bibi says:

    i think its 150 ive been dreeming of having one


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