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The job of a flight attendant can be monotonous. Rote tasks include spouting lobotomizing FAA-approved safety briefings, maneuvering a heavy wheeled cart down a too-narrow passageway and repeatedly telling passengers to turn off their surreptitiously running electronic devices.

But there are those who’ve managed to elevate the craft.

In that rarified air, flight attendants rap, sing and execute pre-flight safety talks rife with wry quips about seatbelts fitting “low and tight like tailored pants.” The checked bags might be extra, but the instantaneous mood enhancement is included in the fare.

Here are three of our favorite flight attendants. We’d thank them personally if we could.

1. Many travelers argue that Southwest Airlines flight attendants are given the most comedic leeway — so long as they touch on the federally required safety points. Case in rap: Behold the rhyming flight attendant, MC David Holmes, who transforms a banal briefing into something a bit more bumpin’.

2. This sartorially inclined Southwest flight attendant believes that life vests, seat belts and “buttercup yellow” oxygen masks are the epitome of high fashion — more so if worn snugly to accentuate your waist or face. He even dispatches his coworkers down the aisles to see that passengers’ seat belts are fastened and that their shoes match their outfits.

3. Fly enough and you may witness a flight attendant leading the cabin in song (again Southwest seems to pop up most). But no stewardess has ever entertained like Trans American Airlines’ Randy, who belts out an ovation-worthy rendition of Peter, Paul and Mary’s “River of Jordan.”

(Look familiar? The above clip is from the satirical film “Airplane!”)

For more in-flight shenanigans, check out Richard Simmons’ flight safety video and the controversial dancing flight attendants at Cebu Pacific.

— written by Dan Askin

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2 Responses to “3 Flight Attendants Who’ve Elevated Air Travel”

  1. Melanie says:

    I love it when Flight attendants entertain the cabin as well as do a great job! Recently I was on a late night WestJet flight from St. Maarten to Toronto and when we landed on of the flight attendants entertained us with a little \WestJet\ song. It was funny and made the taxiing, which can be long in Toronto enjoyable!

    I think the rapping flight attendant auditioned for America’s Got talent if I remember correctly!

  2. debbie says:

    We just fly WestJet too, from Ottawa to Tampa and return, and found the crews very funny and easy going. On the way down I could have sworn the flight attendant speaking during safety demos was Rita Rudner, she sounded just like her and was hilarious. It made this very nervous flyer feel so much better…

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