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1869 O'Malley HouseHere’s the answer to last week’s “How Much Is This Hotel?” quiz. Play along with future hotel quizzes by subscribing to our blog.

We have a winner! The correct answer to last week’s How Much Is This Hotel? contest is $250 per night. Roger Kinnaman, whose guess was right on the money, has won an IndependentTraveler.com neck pillow.

The property pictured was the Tessitore Suite at the 1869 O’Malley House in New Orleans. This historic mansion is within walking distance of the French Quarter, and is set just steps from New Orleans City Park. There are eight uniquely decorated suites in the B&B, all of which have private bathrooms. The Tessitore Suite features a queen-size bed, a writing desk, a flat-screen TV, a working fireplace and a ceiling fan. Read more about visiting the Big Easy in our New Orleans Travel Guide.

— written by Caroline Costello

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2 Responses to “How Much Is This Hotel? We Reveal the Answer”

  1. Nancy James says:

    Congratulations to Roger! I did find the correct hotel online and saw the weekday rate for the Tessitore Suite to be $175 and wondered where the $250 published rate was? http://www.1896omalleyhouse.com/book-now/ Not contesting at all (lol), just wondering so I can do better in the future!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for pointing out our mistake! The room pictured was the Tessitore Suite, not the Broyard Suite. We’ve updated the post. However, the maximum nightly rates for those suites are the same.

      We were looking for the maximum nightly price of the room, and that includes weekends. We found weekend rates for that room as high as $250 per night on select days (April 15, for example). Also, the maximum nightly price of $250 is posted on the Rates page on the O’Malley House Web site: http://www.1896omalleyhouse.com/bed_and_breakfast_rates_in_new_orleans/

      I hope that helps! Thanks for playing.

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