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bathroomAdd any beverage to our list of foods to avoid before flying. The Independent reports that Michael O’Leary, CEO of European discount carrier Ryanair, plans to excise two of the three toilets on his company’s planes. The move will allow room for up to six more seats to be installed in lieu of the loos.

O’Leary told The Independent that such a change would reduce fares by about 5 percent per ticket. The gigantic downside, of course, is that there’ll be just a single available restroom on all Ryanair planes (Boeing 737′s that carry up to 189 people, according to SeatGuru.com). It’s a scary thought — especially when one considers the possibility of a toilet malfunction happening in the only lavatory on a full flight.

This isn’t the first time Ryanair’s unsettling initiatives have had passengers squirming. In Spirit vs. Ryanair: Who’s the Ugliest Airline of Them All?, we blogged about the carrier’s egregious fees (from a 20 GBP charge for infant fliers to a 6 GBP booking fee) and poor customer service ratings, among other disappointments. Back in 2009, O’Leary even proposed charging passengers to use the toilet on flights. That plan has since been flushed, but the CEO’s latest anti-bathroom campaign is even worse.

I’d rather pay a few pounds to use the lavatory on a plane than share a single commode with two hundred fliers. What’s your take? Share your thoughts in the comments.

– written by Caroline Costello

60 Responses to “Can Ryanair Make Do with One Toilet per Plane?”

  1. jan areias says:

    Its crazy- with all the government requirements for normal businesses on the ground’s bathrooms for customers that an airline can even suggest such a limit on the number of bathrooms. How much can one toilet hold before overflow? Just ask anyone who has been stuck in a plane on the tarmac for a number of hours! those of you up there who say DONT fly Ryan air? RIght ON!

  2. Liz says:

    Is this airline for the owners or the passengers?. Have they not thought through that Tourism is a service industry? Do the owners have a different slant on the word ‘service’? As a colonial I now would not consider flying with a carrier that has so little regard for the passengers. I have already heard horrific accounts from fellow ‘down under pax” who have had some bad experiences. This new idea from management makes me more determined never to travel on such a uncaring airline who obviously reside on a totally different planet.

  3. Drumlough says:

    The financial driver behind this is so that 6 extra seats can be fitted and sold. However you can only sell 6 extra seats when flights are full and I haven’t been on a Ryanair flight recently which was full. But the loss comes when the trolley comes around. Drinks are already over priced but people do buy them and they aren’t much more expensive than in the airport. Never mind alcohol but lets say typically a third of a flight buy a tea or coffee at £2.50 each and half of them now don’t. So on a full flight of around 180 that would be lost sales of £75. And that will be a pro-rata loss on every flight.

  4. DaveS says:

    Obviously there are a lot of people that fly this airline. They do it voluuntarily and they aren’t among the commentators in all these hostile remarks. Nobody is forced to fly a particular airline, and most of Ryanair’s flights are relatively short. Their market is the extremely price conscious who would probably otherwise not be traveling at all.

  5. Herb Brennen says:

    Better yet, why doesn’t Mr. O’Leary remove the bathrooms from his head office building and have the staff use the public toilets… Imagine how many more bodys he could put in those spaces and save on his overhead expenses.

  6. Louis Phillippe says:

    That’s what I call NERVE!! The airline industry have been fleecing us for the last
    10 years after 9/11 in the tune of billions a year daring to charge for luggage and even on board meals not worth the plastic they are wrapped in.
    Wasn’t deregulation supposed to create more competition and better prices for the public??
    We are held hostages by and industry that consistently increases prices and surcharges for even blankets,water,snacks and mere necessities to no avail.
    WE ARE FED UP!!!!
    I will no longer fly anywhere,if I cant go by cruise ships,trains or cars count me out!!!
    Enough is enough!!!
    Boycott the SOB’s..!!!

  7. Manon Anne says:

    As both a registered nurse and a flight attendant, I have one thing to say. This should be illegal. It not only presents and inconvenience. It has health and sanitation implications. I have never flown Ryan Air. I never will. How dehumanizing!

  8. light traveler 33 says:

    This news confirms, I will NEVER fly with this airline. This is over the line.

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