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Editor’s Note: Please see our new review/giveaway of this bag.

We’ve found a carry-on bag that does more than, er, carry. It’s a $66 bag that could pay for itself in just one flight (depending on which airline you choose) — a bag that was designed in direct response to ever-evolving airline fees and bag-size restrictions.

On most airlines, there’s an easy way to avoid baggage fees: restrict yourself to a carry-on bag only. But on ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines (one of those airlines we love to hate), you’ll have to break out your wallet no matter how efficiently you pack. The airline charges up to $45 each way for checked bags and up to $40 for carry-ons. (Even joining Spirit’s $9 Fare Club will merely reduce the fees, not waive them.) The only thing you can bring for free is a single personal item small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.

Before all you Spirit fliers start trying to jam a week’s worth of clothes into your purse, check out the luggage at CarryOn Free. Smaller than a standard carry-on bag, the CarryOn Free rolling suitcase is specifically designed to meet Spirit’s size restrictions for personal items (16″ x 14″ x 12″). Two zipper pockets help travelers stay organized and make the most of limited packing space.

carryon free

At $65.99, the bag pays for itself the first time you avoid Spirit’s carry-on fee (up to $80 roundtrip). But even better, you can win one for free. We’re giving away a tan and copper carry-on to one lucky reader who leaves a comment below. Just share your smartest packing tip in the comments by Tuesday, September 27 at 11:59 p.m. ET for a chance to win.

Editor’s Note: This giveaway has ended. Stay tuned for further chances to win!

— written by Sarah Schlichter

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588 Responses to “The Suitcase That Beats Baggage Fees”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Best packing tip: Fold clothes together so they fit tighter!

  2. Felicia says:

    On my last trip, I purchased a couple of box of XXL ziploc bags (2 per box), folded and packed everything in them. That saved all my clothes from the lotion that packed in another plastic bag that burst open and leaked on some of my other items.

    • Carol says:

      My daughter is a Flight Attendant and to get the max amount into a bag, we use the Ziploc bags but then get the heaviest person in your house to sit on the open bag and squash it down. While they’re still sitting on it have another person zip it shut most of the way, then push remaining air out and finish zipping. Works just like those space bags and you can get way more in the bag!

  3. Lori says:

    I’ve found rolling your clothes will fit more into a suitcase!

  4. Michael says:

    To eliminate wrinkles I follow the ‘bundle wrap’ approach. Also, I try to only pack clothes that I can ‘mix and match’ together. Finally, as I pack my suitcases I make a list for each day’s clothing needs and then I see what I can eliminate or reduce. Happy travels!

  5. E3 says:

    Packing cubes are the smartest thing I’ve ever done on a trip. No more fishing around in a bag, I love the little compartments! http://packingcubes.net/

  6. rebecca says:

    i would welcome anything that would lower the prices for luggage charges. I’s getting to the point where you have to buy a ticket for your luggage.

  7. Taryn says:

    Where to start! I agree with the above commenters that rolling creates more space and helps cut down on wrinkles. Depending on your trip pick out 2 or 3 outfits in which all of the components are neutral enough to be interchangeable for any occasion. Put what you’ll likely wear first on top so you don’t have to dig through and mess up your packing. Buy mini storage bags for underwear, socks and the like to keep them accessible. And most important: PACK LIGHT. Take less than you think you need.

  8. Toni says:

    This is a terrific idea. I prefer to put my bag under the seat in front of me because I hate other people manhandling my bag in the overhead compartment. I had one guy actually throw my bag out into the aisle so he could put his bag in the overhead! I will definitely buy one.

    • Sandra says:

      I just SO Agree with YOU Toni… hope you don’t mind that I smiled a little. BUT it happened to me and I was NOT smiling. This guy came in with a DUFFLE, (totally should have been checked, NOT allowed to be carried on) and my OH SO PETITE 12 inch x 12 inch personal item was in the overhead Across the Ailse, So I COULD keep an eye on it. My lapTop being beneath seat in front of me… WELL I kept my eye on my bag alright And on this JERK, He moved Mine 3 times, Almost to another compartment. It took all my redheaded wherewithall, Not to smack him, …… Oh where will all this travel harrassment end ? Taking the TRAIN, as I’ve said elsewhere. THANKS for posting Toni.

  9. Pat says:

    Yes, I also roll my clothes. Also carry electronics and a few toiletries in a backpack.

    Plus I put copy of itinerary in a see-through window in my present (battered) roll-on.

  10. Lou says:

    love it! It’s just the right size!

  11. Shannon says:

    What a great idea for a travel bag. With baggage fees ranging from $20-35 on my recent trips to proposed charge of $400, I’m packing much lighter these days and will continue to tweak my choices for upcoming trips.
    I often take a small square of bubble wrap (no larger than a sheet of paper) to wrap fragile souvenirs, such as a lovely bottle of wine.
    I also download e-books and links for information about the places I’ll be visiting so as to lighten my load from books and other heavy items. While waiting in the airport or other inevitable lines, I’ve got interesting material to pass the time and provide info at a much cheaper rate than hiring a personal guide. Last, but not least, after stuffing my bag and checking my list, I remove at least one outfit and anything else that I could pick up along the way.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Great idea! Would love to win one!

  13. John says:

    i travel on business a lot and before i get to security i remove my belt and watch and all things in my pocket and place them in my carryon bag. Saves time. I also pack everything into a carryon to avoid waiting for luggage to arrive. If i need to check luggage i ensure everything is in a zip case or zip lock bag. Tsa if they choose to open your tsa friendly locks may not always get all your contents back in properly and thus you may lose things. Get a tsa friendlynlaptop sleeve. Where slip ons shoes so that security checks are quicker. Carry an empty water bottle and fill it up in thevwashroom – the hot water will be cool when u get on the plane. Be happy and nice to all the whacked and stressed travellers. Bring a lightweight carry bag for those shopping items to bring back. Read thevairlines carry on guidelines and work on cheating them before they steal from us. Remember travel is a fun journey not torture designed by airlines. Be nice to all airline staff as they are just trying to food on the table and dont deserve your anger. You can bring a carryon and a personal bag and this bag rocks the rules. Do not ever walk barefoot on the plane or remove your socks – the plane is a public place so be respectful of others. Enjoy travel and life. Cheers

    • Sandra says:

      John, I can hardly express How much Your certain comments made me SMILE and what better thing to do over an impossible situation except ” S M I L E ”

      JOHN QUOTE, that just tickled me:
      Be happy and nice to all the whacked and stressed travellers.

      thanks John.

  14. John says:

    This is more of a check-in tip but I always stash a few colored plastic zip ties in my bags so at the airport, I can tie together the zipper ends with an immovable part of my bag. This should dissuade any baggage handlers with sticky fingers. Another tip to avoid an extra bag fee is to have two bags shrink wrapped together (if the combined size is less than the oversized limits).
    Hmm, also not really a packing tip but to keep my two year old son quiet on a transatlantic flight, I went o a dollar store and bought several plastic toys. I wrapped them like presents and gave him one whenever he got fidgety or bored. It should work on other people’s kids as well.

  15. would be great for our next trip!

  16. kim says:

    Pack complete kids outfits in zip lock bags. It makes it easy to find a complete outfit and keeps kids from wrinkling their clothes liking for something.

  17. Denise margaret says:

    wear extra and roll your cloths

  18. ReOnTheRoad says:

    Wow – finally someone who listens and then actually does something about a problem we all share. Spirit used to be my favorite ‘hop on airline’ for a cheap weekend flight to NYC. But with with the luggage fees added, I could fly my regular carrier for the same amount when I watched for their deals. So glad that CarryOnFree has devised a way I can still fly Spirit and enjoy their low fares. Thanks!

  19. DEL says:

    I use ziplock bags to compress my clothes and hold my liquids on the out bound part of my trip. Then on the way home if I have bought any fragile items, I wrap them in socls and put them in the zip lock bags, leaving some air in for extra cushioning.

  20. Alyn says:

    This looks like a great suitcase and I would love it! My tips for packing light? Anything heavy or bulky, wear if you possibly can. i.e. a sweater or jacket, your heaviest shoes. And no full size toiletries. Small travel sized versions only. Anything with packaging on it, remove and throw away.

  21. Joanne says:

    purchase at $1.00 store or other similar on arrival heavier personal items such as shampoo, conditioners, mouth wash that kind of stuff.

  22. Since we can’t lock our luggage anymore, I carry a supply of little ziplock baggie tie wraps and use them to secure the two zipper pull tabs together to keep the zipper from coming undone.

  23. Nona says:

    I wear the bulky the bulky sweater/jacket on to the plane. Once on I remove it and enclose it in a pillowcase and use it as a neckroll pillow or I sit on it.

  24. Nancy says:

    One basic color and mix/match. Roll clothes and travel with only two pairs of shoes.

  25. andyfromsf says:

    Great looking bag. I just travel with high quality material and pack only a few things. The outfit I am wearing is what I will be wearing the entire trip except for accessorizing for some photos.

  26. Patricia Hughes says:

    I use vacuum bags, that way you can pack twice as much and amazingly the clothes never seem to crease.

  27. Plan each day’s clothing. Wear or carry coat/windbreaker. Carry a change of clothes in your backpack, as well as meds, itineraries, and swimsuit. I like all the ideas before mine. This bag sounds great.

  28. George says:

    We just came back from Turkey.
    This would have been a perfect bag for my wife who is short and likes something to put her feet on while on long airline trips. It is much better than a backpack!

  29. Karen~Lee says:

    roll roll roll ~ keep it simple, don’t even take an extra carrier bag for underwear etc, just roll as tight as possible and fill all the little gaps with small items like underwear, pack tight and you can get all you want un there and pack you’re most important items in the bag for under the seat, simple and if youre other luggage is lost you will still be happy as you will have you’re essentials. Cut the stress, invest in good suitcases and roll roll roll ~ happy days :-)

  30. Arvind says:

    If carrying a heavy-duty jacket/sweater/ ,wear it during check-in , you can remove it later – saves space in your luggage.

  31. Barbara says:

    My size 7-1/2 shoe fits in my husband’s 14 size, so I put my shoes inside his, then I put a pair of socks in each. Saves space.

  32. Michele Cavoto says:

    Just starting to travel more and the idea of NOT checking bags is very appealing!

  33. Catherine says:

    I do a lot of 1 & 2 night trips, and invariably have plane delays. I hate to check my bags knowing that if delayed, I will not get them until I am back home. Efficient carry-ons make it easier to dash through the airport when trying to make a short connection!

  34. Paul says:

    For many years, I’ve only carried one bag, even for a full week trip. I color coordinate everything and take items easy to wash/launder – no, not myself. Also save space (and money on checked bag charges) by leaving underwear and personal items at home. These can be purchased for very little at most big box/supermarket/drug stores. Then, before return, I throw them away.

  35. Babs says:

    always pack a small liquid or powder detergent – wash out undergarments in sink, that way you can pack less. store in small quart size ziploc bag(s) while traveling. My husband also packs a travel washline to hang up in hotel bathroom over the tub/shower.

  36. Kathy says:

    Using plastic “zip” bags keeps things organized and if TSA does choose your bag the bags keep your things together and clean!

  37. Junn Pato says:

    I want one! Packing tip: take only what you need. I do roll my clothes too!

  38. Meaghan says:

    I always take too much with me on my trips. So if I want to bring anything back, I either have to mail it, pay to fly with an extra bag, or pay the over wieght fee. I didn’t want to do that this last trip. So I packed clothes that could mix and match with each other. And I made sure it was clothes that I wasn’t totally attached to. That way if I needed to leave something behind I could without caring too much.

  39. alan methelis says:

    Some carriers not only have a limit as to size but also as to weight.

    I wear a fisherman’s type vest and stuff the pockets so my bag weighs less and then once on the plane put the items back in my bag.

  40. kath says:

    I have rolled, folded and used plastic. I find the plastic bags the best.. you can see your stuff, pull out one item without upsetting the whole bag. Also plastic bags are great for health and beauty items.
    Keep smiling, traveling is fun

  41. Nanette says:

    What a clever idea!!

  42. Rowtyd says:

    I always roll my clothes up to maximize packing space in my carry-on! RTR!

  43. John says:

    I agree with most here. It’s so easy to pack more than you need. I often find it really difficult to trim down the clothes, especially shirts. I can get by with a pari of denim shorts and denim jeans, but often want to bring many different shirts, both number and type.

    Nice Bag, I would like to get one, hope to win!

  44. Bill says:

    I use the compressions bags ( like hugh zip lock bags). Compresses the clothes and pretty much wrinkle free.

  45. Rick says:

    I find like others that rolling saves a lot space and can save wrinkles. Pack light, most people carry more than is actually needed (just in case) but leave it behind.

  46. Eileen says:

    When coming back from holiday i start packing the night before, i button up and fold flat all my dirty washing into a black bin liner(by doing this i don’t have to sort through all the clothes when i arrive home, this method does save space guaranteed!).
    I also have a carrier bag to one side by the suitcase for little items from draws and cupboards incase i forget to look in on the last day.
    The only things i leave out are the cloths for the next day, toiletries and jewely that i am going to wear. The passports and tickets i leave in my handbag. I must admit i have to take a to do list with me explaining all because i have such a terrible memory. The last things i do the next day are: throw in the toilet bag,and all the clean clothes (folded of course).
    The souveniors are placed inbetween the dirty washing oh did i mention that as i accumilate dirty washing each day i place into a black bin liner
    (the same bin liner that i use for the dirty folded up clothes.I could go on but I think i’m done for now!

  47. Carolyn says:

    Great Idea. Use your bag going and coming…on your way just pack clothes that are at the end of their life…leave them in your hotel closet then coming back…there is room for all your purchases you’ve made on your trip.

  48. Jay Pieper says:

    I buy mostly “purpose built” travel clothing in durable fabrics that travel well. Spending a bit more to buy saves frustration, time, and money on the road. Packing squares and rolling save space best when loading the bags, but with travel friendly fabrics most wrinkles will hang out.

  49. Barb says:

    My tip forntravelling is to pack a roll of duck tape,it has come in handy every time I travel to Europe.I was able to reattach a side view mirror to the only automatic car available for rent in Avignon .The car was parked on one of the narrow sidewalk/streets overnight , and when I came out in the morning, the mirror was dangling from 1 wire.
    I would love to win one of those bags .they sound great

  50. Nona Sanford says:

    I wear the walking shoes and pack a pair of dressier shoes = all in my one color choice.

  51. Bess says:

    Be sure to seal the Zip-Loc bags almost completely, then roll up from the bottom to squeeze out all the air and hold it while you seal the bag the rest of the way. It greatly reduces the bulk in your suitcase, and doesn’t wrinkle the garment, regardless of what it looks like in the bag.

  52. Louis says:

    I wear my bulky clothes and carry a jacket (if needed) on my travel day so the less bulky stuff will go in my carry on.

  53. Meg says:

    Toiletries Go Solid: I realized the more solid my toiletries, the more could fit (or the less to pack) in the quart size baggie. Solid soap instead of liquid body wash; perfume instead of spray; Lush’s Toothy Tabs or old school tooth powder instead of toothpaste; powder and pencil makeup instead of liquid or gels; solid deodorant instead of the newer soft solid formulas (realized this on my last return flight as I stuffed travel friendly hotel toiletries into my baggie). Reuse containers of hotel toiletries, especially for liquids like mouthwash that need more vacuum to reduce chances of spilling. And the final piece of advice: take only enough toiletries to last the trip: cut bar soap so you have just enough, measure out mouthwash and return with empty container, put face lotion in a tiny jar (you really need less than you think!)

  54. Harry says:

    The best packing tips I’ve found are on Rick Steves website. Many europeans carry a travel clothesline and easy wash and dry clothing, they wash in the bathroom sink.

  55. Meg says:

    That’s solid perfume instead of spray :)

  56. Jason says:

    This is a great product, by the looks of it. Perfect for weekend trips!

  57. Maureen says:

    Besides packing light and rolling clothes we also take worn socks and underwear. Then we throw out the worn out socks and underwear giving us slightly more room to pack souvenirs.

  58. Chuck says:

    Consider buying toiletries (the ones that must be sent through screening in a zip lock) once you get to your destination. Easy to find a walmart or walgreens, get sample sizes, toss when your ready to come home. You can still pack your favorite toothbrush ;)

  59. diane tucker says:

    My husband and I save our tattered, wornout underwear throughout the year for traveling. Instead of placing them in the dirty laundry bag while in travel mode, we throw them out; we’ve done the same with worn out slippers, pj’s, shorts, tops, etc. It works for a lot of items.

  60. Nina says:

    I pick a color theme either black or brown so I don’t have to waste space on extra shoes. I too have just started using packing cubes and I love them. I get mine at ebags.

  61. Pat says:

    We also roll, ziploc all items and use TSA locks. We place our forwarding address inside our luggage in case it does get re-routed. We use rumrunner flasks.com for wines we want to bring back safely. We use the lodging’s toiletries when possible to reduce the amount of liquids carried. The bag looks like a great edition to my luggage! Thank you all for your tips!! Easy travel makes traveling fun and enjoyable.

  62. Cahtherine says:

    This bag seems like it would be great for business travelers and for traveling with the kids. With kids, you need as many hands free as possible.

  63. Heather says:

    Pack socks and undies in zip lock bags and stuff into second pair of shoes you are packing. Every bit of extra space counts.

  64. Bonnie says:

    We often travel in the winter to warmer places. My carryon bag never has enough room for my cold weather clothes at the end of our flight. So, no matter what layers I wore, I found myself carrying a jacket in the steamy hot area waiting for checked luggage. Now I tuck one of those drawstring bags in my carryon. I can stuff my jacket in it and wear it like a backpack, leaving my hands free. It can also hold my shoes if I’ve tucked flipflops into my carryon. It doesn’t count as a carryon bag because I don’t carry it when boarding the plane, only when getting off the plane.

  65. Susan, South Jersey says:

    I check the weather online so that I can pack accordingly. Avoid bringing extra clothes just in case the weather changes.

  66. Patsy Morgan says:

    Very nice, but I still can’t fit George Clooney in there!
    Glad to see that toiletries are now being downsized, as those were the biggest weight in my bag and we girls still have to look and smell good on our holidays. Just remember, there are shops where you are going and 7/11 style corner shops sell miniature versions of just about anything.
    Don’t worry about the packing, just C. O. F.!

  67. Lor says:

    Using “space bags” helps so much when packing. Especially good for underwear and non wrinkle items. Just roll and insert into bag, squish out all the air and voila!…lots more room.

  68. Steve says:

    If you are carrying a laptop and its charger use the laptop’s USB ports to charge your cell and bluetooth headset. That’s two chargers you can omit.

  69. Georgette says:

    Type up your medical history and keep a copy in your suitcase, car and home. If you’re really sick, you will not remember this important information. Make a photo copy of your passport and have your travel companion keep a copy of yours. Keep all of your travel frequest flier-customer numbers on one typed page.

  70. jan muurray says:

    I always lay out all my clothes that I want to take, then I force myself to start putting some back. I can always find ways to consolidate outfits and shoes. I, too, then pack in zip bags.

  71. Use light-weight flipflops as shower shoes, poolware, and bedroom slippers.

  72. Jan says:

    I love being able to see how much and how efficiently I can fit things into a specific space. It’s like a puzzle. This bag enhances the challenge!

  73. Ilene Rand says:

    I pack all my toiletries and whatever else I can fit into a backpack with a little extra room left to squeeze my purse in before I get on the plane. That way I only have 2 items to carry on and my suitcase can be filled with clothes and shoes.

  74. Patti says:

    Since I am a lousy packer, I now keep all my travel items together in one \box\. This includes my small bottles, travel sizes, umbrella anything i use on a trip. I even put my camera here so I can always find what I need when I am ready to pack. I can always use the item at any time, but as long as I put them back in my box, I am set to go on my next trip.

  75. Kristin says:

    This bag would be awesome for my two upcoming trips on Spirit this winter! I refuse to pay their baggage fees so this is how we did it when my family went to Orlando this past year (on Spirit). Each family member had one large backpack (the largest we could find). We wore our heaviest clothes/tennis shoes on the plane (jeans and sweatshirt). Although it was warm I wore a coat that has many large pockets and I filled those pockets. Clothes went into ziplock bags and were squished. I don’t carry books any more – just put a bunch of free e-books from the library onto my mp3 player. If possible I leave the laptop at home. (So I can relax on vacation!)

    Now… I just have to figure out how to get my clothes AND my snorkel gear/flippers into my backpack for my next trip! Hmmmm… maybe duct tape the flippers to the inside of my coat?!! :-)

  76. Sallie says:

    Go to an REI or Dicks Sporting Goods and look in their camping/hiking sections. You will find body soap, shampoo & conditioners, tooth powder and towels and such that are small enough to fit into your two hands (All of what I mentioned above.). The soap and shapoos are in a dry sheet formula that easily mixes with water. You will also find clothes detergent and many other things that will make your packing not only smaller but a whole lot lighter.

  77. Mary wendel says:

    Black and white! Pack a couple of light weight black pants, maybe a “broom skirt”‘ and several different tops, add some “bling” and you’ll have multiple outfits to go!

  78. Angel says:

    I have seen very expensive plastic padded sleeves for sale to carry bottle wines. I have been bringing wine and liquor bottles from all over the world using two pairs of socks (putting the bottle inside the socks, it gets protected by four layers), then inside a regular plastic supermarket bag, and then a T-shirt wrapped around. Then I place the bottle in the center of the suitcase. I never had a broken bottle.

  79. Yolanda Lopez says:

    I don’t pack anything that wrinkles. Roll up t-shirts and small items. Only neutral shoes and place at the bottom of suitcase. Toiletries all in small containers or sample (travel size)-I never stay long enough to use up a full size product, travel blower/mini flat iron and finally everything I am going to wear should be compatible with everything else. So, I can mix/match anything for switch up without the fuss.

  80. We have learned to pack less after each trip. We evaluate what we used alot and what we did not. Even on a 2 week trip we can get away with using just a carry-on each and a small backpack. Two pairs of pants and/or shorts and 3 or 4 shirts at the most; mix and match those and you have a small but varied wardrobe.

  81. Bonnie says:

    Roll all your clothing and stuff your shoes with small items such as socks, scarves, belts, etc. For women, an assortment of scarves instead of jewelry is less weight and more versatility as a scarf can be a wrap for chilly evenings, coverup for churches, an interesting belt, wear for head warmth. Plan you clothing color scheme so that each piece can work with at least two others. I love to go to the local pharmacy and purchase the local products such as toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, make up. Basically, less is more.

  82. Cheri says:

    When we go to all inclusivies we always bring our own “bubba mugs” so I put my sunscreen in the mugs to protect them and save space. I also take my snorkle fins and stuff them with whatever will fit to safe space as well.

  83. Clare Neuman says:

    I use hotel shampoo to wash out clothes as I go. No need to carry on soap powder.

  84. chuck says:

    I wear a lumbar type fanny pack under my jacket which gratly increases my carrying capacity for free…I also take an empty very small and light nylon backpack for day day trips and shopping excursions

  85. Nancy says:

    I tend to pack more light layers, so I can avoid bringing heavier (bulkier) sweaters/sweatshirts. If it gets chilly, I can layer more than one or two tops, and it gives me more style options as well!

  86. Rob says:

    roll items to get more into a small space.

  87. Debra Mc says:

    For short trips I pack sample sizes of shampoo & conditioner. Most of those little packets are good for 2 uses & take no room as they fit into an envelope for mailing. Same goes for samples of face cream & make-up – even if you take several with you, it takes less space than a bottle.

  88. Marge says:

    I buy new underwear before I leave home. I leave the new underwear home and pack the old underwear. I throw the old underwear away as I wear it. Now I have a little extra room in my travel bag to fit those gift items I pick up along the way!

  89. Alexa says:

    Pack only two pairs of quick-drying underwear. On the trip, wash and dry one pair while wearing the other. You can buy the underwear at an outdoor outfitter.

  90. Bill says:

    You carry the same amount of clothes in 40 inch carryon which fits under the seat for all trips, regardless of how long the trip is. Just more washing involved. Wear your jacket on the plane along with the bulkiest pair of shoes you are bringing.

  91. Don’t take anything you don’t absolutely have to have or that can’t be purchased at your destination.

  92. Leslie says:

    It is hard to pack light for a cruise, but this trip I am making my tops do double duty. The top that goes with a skirt in the evening will still be clean enough to be the top that goes with my shorts for day sightseeing later that week. I also roll, wear my bulkiest shoes and clothes, and STUFF the pockets of the clothes I am wearing until I board when I put it into the carry-on.

  93. Heather says:

    I pack 2 basic colours (black and navy) and take one or two scarves to change the look of the two pairs of long pants and a few tops that double for casual and \smart casual\. I take one other pair of lightweight shoes, wear my heaviest clothes including a jacket and take a pashmina with me when I fly because it doubles as a scarf, a small \blanket\ if there is none available and it can be rolled up as head support.

  94. Ginger says:

    We like to buy our toiletries that way they don”t spill and make a mess, also most of the time the cost/size can make up for the weight and space problems!!

  95. Jim says:

    The difference between packing for a weekend and packing for a week? A small bag or box of laundry detergent (or, even lighter, a dollar to buy it at your destination.)

  96. Chris says:

    Always wear the bulkier clothes/shoes, pack the rollable knit pieces in one color and use a couple of bright scarves for color.

  97. Susan says:

    Always remember to roll rather then fold and use all the area inside of shoes.

  98. Joan says:

    I’m a fan of Zip-Loc bags and always carry extras with me. They are great for that wet bathing suit that has to be packed.

  99. Julie says:

    When traveling in Europe, it’s always wise to pack a shower/bath puff along in a ziploc bag. Many hotels in Europe do not have washcloths & a puff comes in handy, takes up little space in your luggage & dries out quickly ready for use the next day. It’s a small comfort from home that really makes shower time easier.

  100. Paul says:

    I find that rolling my clothes enables me to fit more into a smaller space and I can fit items into my shoes that I pack such as toiletries, socks, etc.

  101. Sue McKinney says:

    Pack everything in clear plastic bags (preferably ziplock bags) as in all tshirts in one socks in another & etc. Makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  102. Gaila says:

    I really do love this bag! I hate the baggage fees. One thing I do is fold my clothes, and separate them with a plastic bag. I never have any wrinkles! Works great. Also, I put my personal items in a ziploc bag, tightly closed. Only take one pair of shoes to mix and match outfits.

  103. Linda Olson says:

    For long trips, I pack clothes that can be handwashed in the hotel tub (using hotel shampoo as detergent), so I don’t need as many outfits, and a handful of plastic lingerie hangers (which take up almost no space in my luggage) for drying my laundry

  104. Sarah says:

    I wear my bulkiest items on plane…jeans and a sweatshirt. Saves a lot of space!

  105. GLM says:

    I think this bag is a great idea. I sometimes mail things ahead when I travel because the USPS has a box with a low standard cost and they allow you to fit as much as you can without an increase in cost. You just check with the post office and estimate your arrival time to coordinate with your package arrival time.

  106. Penny Goodwin says:

    wear heavy sneakers or walking shoes on the plane and pack 1 pair of neutral sandals that can be worn to the beach or a casual night out. No need to buy those packing cubes, just save those zip up bags that sheet sets & blankets come in and use those. Recycling, saving money and being organized, how sweet is that. :)

  107. Judy Bell says:

    When I went on a cruise, I once packed a small, airline sized suitcase and placed it inside my huge cruise suitcase. I was also able to pack other items (such as shoes, a pair of jeans, and toiletries) in the very large suitcase. This was for a transatlantic cruise where I would be sailing one way, with no baggage limits and flying back, with all of the stress and limitations that flying encompasses. The large suitcase was an older, beat up one that I had no qualms about leaving behind. Some of my nightclothes and undies were also old enough to leave behind. At the end of the cruise, I packed anything dear to me in the tiny suitcase and placed it, again within the larger one, figuring that when I got to check in at the airport, if they tried to charge me extra baggage fees, I would simply pull out the smaller suitcase and ask them to discard the larger one for me. But it never happened — my larger suitcase did not exceed the weight nor area (LxWxD) requirements whichI wasn’t able to determine this ahead of time from the information posted on the airline’s website. All went smoothly on that particular occasion, but at least I felt prepared!

  108. GeoBeusch says:

    By the time you have to get to underseat size skip the rigid rollaboard and go with a soft shoulderbag, it should be light enough and you need to be able squish it under, particularly in window seats. Get a travel vest/jacket and load up the numerous pockets; you probably need some kind of jacket anyway and they can carry a lot of stuff right handy on your body, and maybe hang them up too.

  109. virginiaw says:

    Stuff shoes with socks & other small items; roll clothes; squeeze only the amount of product (toothpaste, face wash, etc.) you will use into snack-sized Zip-loc baggies instead of taking even a “travel-sized” container.

  110. C. Curlew says:

    No matter where you go, you can almost always find whatever your forgot..so pack lightly

  111. Pam says:

    If I’m staying at different locations throughout my trip I pack my outfits in separate large baggies I need to get just one baggie out of my suitcase rather than rummaging through my my entire suitcase.

  112. George says:

    I pack only light fabrics, and if I am going to a cool location, I can layer my clothes (actually warmer than bulky clothing)and carry a jacket with me. I have a gym bag that holds all my toiletries, dress shoes, and whatever else that can be conveniently added. Also, I have at times used the bags that can be attached to a vacuum and flattened. I have yet to stay in a hotel that won’t allow me to use a room vacuum to repack when leaving.

  113. Suzi says:

    I have to have my foam pillow to sleep on so I take it with me on every trip. The best way to fit a full size pillow into a carry on size bag is to put it in a space bag and remove all the air from it. I use the type that you can roll the air out because on the way home there isn’t always a vacuum available to suck out the air.

  114. Edith Martin says:

    Lay out the largest, flattest, garments, lay out other garments, then make a “brick” out of shoes, cosmetics, and other hard items, in the middle, then fold up the ends of the garments back and forth over the “brick.” I have found I can get lots of packing done in one bag in this way, without rolling.

  115. Lisa says:

    Roll your clothes up! Stack your shirts together, then roll up….with underwear inside helps! Ditto pants. They wrinkle less and take up minimal space. Shoes are the biggest space waster; be sure to wear your biggest shoes, and stack shoes one on each side of the suitcase, heal down, socks inside.

  116. Sandra says:

    well I think Meg will win, but let’s see, my best advice is
    DRIVE or TAKE the TRAIN !!! Laughing uncontrollably, knowing that’s not always an option. My Next Comment, Most anyplace You go…. Friends OR Hotel have Toiletries We Can Use… (well NOT deoderant,,, BUT most else, like shampoo and conditioner and SOAP … IF NOT I vote to purchase toiletries when you get to destination, save room in your carry on for Necessities like LapTop and bathing suit.

  117. Gail says:

    When traveling with young children,pack each daily outfit in its own zip-lock bag. Just grab a fresh bag each day. Then reuse that bag for the “dirties” to keep separated.

  118. Karen says:

    I slip a small/flat over the shoulder wallet-type purse within easy reach in my carry on (or briefcase) that holds my ticket, passport, reading glasses etc., credit cards and cash. It is dressy enough to be all I need as a purse at my travel destination and I don’t have to deal with both a purse and a carry-on through the airport.

  119. Kevin Kremko says:

    1. Pick out everything you’d consider wearing, then immediately reduce it by half.
    2. Pack things you can wear multiple times like jeans, durable khakis, and shorts.
    3. Pack lightweight, wrinkle-resistant clothing whenever possible, especially if you can hand-wash it and hang it to dry.
    4. Pack clothing that coordinates, and plan outfits for mixing and matching.
    5. Find a travel partner of roughly the same size, gender, and weight, preferably with similar fashion sense, and you can trade! That’s double mixing and matching.

  120. Dana Miller says:

    bought the bag right away. Love it’s size. Perfect for a few days away. Helps me with over packing.
    Thanks again for the suggestion.

  121. CAROLE says:

    I never check a bag, even when traveling for 6 weeks. We always can find a laundry mat in any country when needed or even a motel/hotel with self service laundry. We wear only wash & hang underwear that dries overnight (made for campers/hikers) so always have clean ones. We are not trying to impress “strangers” so can wear same pants with different shirts/tops for days. You really don’t need many clothes for most travels!

  122. Linda O'Mahoney says:

    When ever I pack my suitcase I roll everything up and even put socks or tights in shoes. If your suitcase has that dip where the trolly wheel handle goes fill that space up with small things you will be surprised at how much more you can get in. Happy Holidays!

  123. Jocelyn Darrow says:

    Rolling your clothing allows you to pack more in your bag.

  124. Magda Jozsa says:

    All suitcases have an inner lining. If you unzip this there is a fair bit of space beneath the lining and between the struts of the trolley. Great for socks, underwear, small tissue packs – anything flat and non breakable. That gives more space inside the suitcase for the rest of your stuff.

  125. Anne says:

    Other than deoderant and minimal makeup, don’t pack toiletries! The hotels have them for you or you can just buy them where you go. Also, you can pack stuff inside the shoes.

  126. CJH says:

    I roll all my clothing which uses 1/2 the space, put underwear in ziplog bag then compress before closing to let the air out and flatten, carry a tote bag as purse (personal item) and pack smaller items i.e. toiletries inside.

  127. Angel says:

    I also wear my heavier clothing (in layers), pack my shoes in the carry-on (the one that used to hold liquid toiletries pre-9/11)and I have also learned that I do NOT require everything in my closet. As difficult as it’s been, I have learned to really think about what is necessary before I pack….although I have a 15 day cruise planned and that one is going to be a challenge for sure.

    • Gerry says:

      Count out meds for number of days you will be away plus a few more in case of travel delay, but carry in original containers. Helps on weight in your carry-on.

  128. Vivian Hernandez says:

    It’s true, take half the clothes and twice the money!

    I travel almost exclusively to warm-weather destinations so packing ultra-light is easy. I take 3 swimsuits, 3 sarrongs, and 2 pair of flip-flops. I match my “dressier” flip-flops with my “best” sarrong for a night on the town. I buy my toiletries locally and leave the leftovers behind.

  129. Buy a canvas crossover handbag and open it up inside your carry-on, then fill it with your toiletries in a ziploc bag, and a folded nylon bag that can be used for dirty clothes and shipped home if you buy more than fits in your luggage or that the airline will allow. One way is better than two.

  130. H Ferziger says:

    I pack a pillowcase in my carryon, wrap my jacket around the airlines pillow and stuff the whole thing into my pillowcase. Voila, large pillow!

  131. J. A. Man says:

    In anticipation of bringing home souvenirs on my return trip, I pack clothing that can be worn “just one more time” – socks that are threadbare in the heel, undergarments whose elastic is stretched out, one old T-shirt that I can wear to the beach or sleep in. When it’s time to go home, I leave the old clothiing behind and pack in my travel memorabilia.

  132. Jean says:

    Learn to color coordinate. Black, white, and grey can be mixed and matched endlessly. Lay out what you plan to take, and then cut back by at least one-third. If you don’t believe me, check what you didn’t wear when you get back from your next trip. For a 14 day cruise I can pack only carry-on(including formal wear)

  133. Barb says:

    PACK LESS! You need less than you think – you are on vacation! Roll everything, vacuum plastic bags to compress, and wear your heavies and bulky footwear going and coming back!

  134. Marvin says:

    Just go with the old wear and toss so you’ll have extra room for bringing back souvenirs!

  135. katherine says:

    Compression bags are the greatest things for travelling. We have clear ones to see what’s inside, and three different sizes to organise your clothes accordingly. After you’re done packing your things inside, just zip the bag closed and roll out the air. Saved us tons of room on our trips! Bonus, since it’s plastic, you avoid any chance of spills onto your clothes.

  136. Tonia says:

    I don’t pack common toiletries that hotels supply, such as shampoo and conditioner, deoderant, toothpaste. These items weigh more and trial sizes are easily purchased at any drug store (and there is a drug store on every corner). When I get to the hotel, I just check to see what is in the room then make a quick trip to Rite Aid or Walgreens. If I’m staying with friends or relatives I’m happy to use theirs and refill their supplies before I leave it is still cheaper than traveling with them and a lot less hassle through security. Most hotels now have hair dryers in the room as a convenience and I wear my hair up so I don’t need to drag along curling irons although many hotels will have them on hand as well if you ask at the front desk.

  137. Phyllis Brittenham says:

    I always pack at least one dressy outfit, one casual outfit & a swimsuit in my carry on so if our checked luggage doesn’t make it we still have something to wear. Then our clothing is split between the two suitcases. Half of mine in both and half of his in both.

  138. Lynn C says:

    Pack microfiber clothes in black with a couple of colorful tops (dressy and workout) to switch out. Some brands look good enough for business, and you can wear the pants for working out, and just handwash in your hotel sink, and use them for business the next day! I love quenchwear in particular!

  139. Ann says:

    Packing for a cruise is challenging, as you need to pack the formal outfits as well as daywear, etc. For evening wear, I take a long black crepe skirt and fancy tops for the formal nights and black pants and tops for the other nights. Then I can mix and match without a lot of outfits.

  140. Ann says:

    I use a small backpack as my personal item. They hold more than a purse and are hands free through the airport. I have a small wallet type purse that I take in the backpack to carry ID’s a lipstick etc. I use that for my purse at my destination. I also roll clothes and only take items that mix and match and layer.

  141. vici says:

    Get some clothes from Good Will and then you can leave them behind at the end of your trip and have more room in your luggage for things you buy!

  142. Iris says:

    Mix and Match 3 pants in standard colors blue, black and taupe. Than pack several different shits that color coordinate with pants. Add accessories. Pack with space bags if going in winter time esp. to cruise Alaska. Lots of underwear. 2 pairs of shoes. I have packed 10 days worth of stuff in one suitcase without going over weight Limit!! :)

  143. Karen says:

    Put rolled socks inside shoes & shoes inside plastic newspaper bags. Then use plastic bags for damp laundry on rushed mornings.

  144. Christina says:

    I tightly roll up all my clothes, plus put rubber bands around them to keep them even tighter. I can fit 8 outfits in my carry on, but also pack light fabric clothes, in case I do need to wash and hang dry. I can also fit a small size coffee maker and all the makings in the carry on, by packing stuff inside and around it. I have to have my coffee!

  145. Janet S. says:

    I am a super-packer…friends are amazed that I can go to Europe with one carry-on bag. My secret is a travelers line of clothing that is made of a soft jersey knit that takes up little space and doesn’t wrinkle. I stick to two colors, usually black and white(or red), so everything mixes and matches and I can layer. For underwear, I take 2 pair of the Ex-Officio brand and I take a small bottle of Camp-Suds for washing it out everynight.

  146. Linda says:

    Wear lots of layers, heaviest and bulkiest on your body, roll clothes,take wash and hang clothes and half of what you think you need. If you had to carry that on a backpack hiking up a hill for an hour would you take it? Often, when traveling for pleasure to a place where I know I will want to buy things to take home, I pack clothing I will feel fine leaving behind for someone else then I’ll have room in my suitcase for my new purchases.

  147. When I am going on a longer trip or a trip with varying climates and I want to keep myself to one bag, I use “Space Bags.” I find that by using the ones that you squish the air out of yourself I can pack almost twice as much in one bag. Took a winter coat with me to Turkey in the Spring and it worked great.

  148. Faye says:

    I currently have a similar sized bag which can accommodate my husband’s and my needs for a 5-7 day trip. Pack basics in one neutral color–black, navy, or beige and add color with scarves/jewelry etc. Mixing and matching provides several outfits with minimal packing.

  149. Tom says:

    When traveling with another person, each should pack half of their clothing in the others bag, carry-on or checked. Then if if one is lost, stolen, etc at least both people will have some of their own attire.

  150. Linda Young says:

    My husband and I just got back from a 2 week vacation in France and we each packed everything in 1 carry on bag. I did the bundling theme. It was absolutely wonderful. No wrinkled clothes, no wasted space.

  151. pat thompson says:

    Rolling, yes! Ziplocks, yes! Don’t pack toiletries in a special ‘hang up’ bag, they weigh too much and take up too much space. Take one or two wire hangers for hanging washed shirts to dry in the showers, and a hanger with 2 clips to hang light trousers in the shower after washing in the hotel washbasin – usually they dry overnight BUT not jeans.

  152. Marcia says:

    Pack 1-2 day’s worth of sox underwear etc in a ziplock bag, and remember to press all the air out of the bag when sealing. Ziplocks are the greatest travel aid ever!

  153. Bill says:

    As a person who is large (6’4, 240 lbs, size 14 shoe) packing is a challenge . . . my clothes take up more space than most “normal” sized people. I am also a photographer and typically carry some photo gear with me. When traveling with only carry on luggage, I wear my heaviest stuff, like hiking shoes, coats, etc. and then I am judicious in the amount of camera gear I carry in my camera back pack (personal item.) My minimalist approach to the camera backpack creates additional space for clothes, a pair of casual shoes and toiletries. I usually check luggage, however sometimes when you have very tight connections, that doesn’t work.

  154. Patti Heydenreich says:

    I wear my jeans, sweater/hoodie, and boots/tennis shoes to fly leaving more room for dress pants/shorts and a 2nd pair of shoes in my suit case. I’ve also been known to use the “roll” method of packing if I’m going to be gone more than just a weekend trip. You really can fit more in when you roll stuff tightly.

  155. Terri says:

    Packing cubes are the best! Three or four well chosen cubes keeps everything in it’s place and it also keeps someone else’s bare hands off your stuff. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can pack everything in one of those. Keeps everything neat and organized. I can pack for a 7 to 10 day trip in a carry on size.
    Love this website.

  156. Barb Doster says:

    Always take a small medicine kit to cover the basics when traveling, along with a roll of duct tape, will repair anything from a torn suitcase, to a skirt hem…

  157. M C MARASCO says:





  158. Sally Wade says:

    When I am travelling with my packpack and going off the beaten path, I carry a heavy duty large trash bag. Before boarding an old bus, 4×4,small boat,etc., I put the packpack in the bag. It has saved me many times from getting sand and dirt in every crevice of my belongings.Helps with water splashes and grease as well.

  159. Ruth Kuehn says:

    I roll my clothes and always take clothes that mix and match – usually black (doesn’t show dirt, etc.) red and white. I take several wire hangers and a small bottle of Woolite (shampoo in a pinch). No one really cares if I wear same clothes more than once and the “bling” stays home. Smallest carrier possible – if I can’t carry the bag myself, it doesn’t go.

  160. Paula says:

    Leave as many toiletries and cosmetics at home as possible. Then place in baggie to go in the bag you have substituted for your pocketbook to carry on.

    Dress in light weight one tone clothing. Not linen, it wrinkles and doesn’t launder well. If your clothing is all inter changable you need less. Don’t worry about accessories unless you have a special function.
    Layer your clothing on bed, with pants at bottem, each pair facing in opposite direction. work up to underwear, then start to roll. Place all in plastic storage bag designed to shrink with vacuum.

  161. Leeanne Taylor says:

    For formal occasions I no longer pack dresses which take up a lot of room, instead I pack formal-type skirts and tops. You can get away with one skirt and a few dress tops and mix and match. Same with men, one good pair of pants and a few different dress shirts. Also, use a thin garment bag for your good clothes, place on top in suitcase and then you can also pack some light clothes on top of that. I also bring some good v-neck type shirts and a blazier (which I wear on the plane) which can also be mixed and matched.

  162. Lin says:

    Do not bring extra pairs of shoes. If you must bring another pair, wear the ones that are the most bulky.

  163. Ricki Le Vine says:

    Everything that I pack goes with everything else. All my outfits are mix and match, and a long scarf or pashmina keeps me warm and covers my arms. I choose material like silks and synthetics that are very light weight, don’t wrinkle, wash like a dream in the sink and hang dry. I wear my heaviest shoes on the plane and use my jacket (which is water resistant, so it doubles as a rain jacket) as a pillow.

  164. richard says:

    this bag looks great. I try to carry on all shoes with socks in them leaving one suitcase for checking.suit shirts etc

  165. Barb says:

    I’ve all but stopped packing toiletries, especially liquids. Every hotel supplies you with almost everything you need, and if they don’t, there’s almost certainly a drug store around the corner where you can buy a cheap travel-sized version of whatever you need! No hassles at the airport and no spilling in your bag! I use ebags toiletry bag for all other stuff…it packs flat and saves a ton of space…best buy ever! On a recent trip to new york, I packed only black, white and grey clothing. Sounds bland, I know, but it was amazing how many combinations I could come up with to dress up, down and in-between! Fewer shoes (my downfall) required, too, so packing in a carryon was a breeze!!

  166. Vic says:

    don’t pack things (soap, toothpaste, etc.)that you can buy at your destination

  167. Judith Carlow says:

    My biggest packing obstacle is my shoes, boots and purses.Women know we can make even a pair of jeans look dressy with the right boots and purse! I have learned however, to only pack one pair and wear one pair.And only one purse! So it’s black all the way ! I put bathing suits, socks and smaller items in zip lock bags and compress them.I roll my clothes and pack wrinkle resistant clothes whenever possible.I stuff my carry on with as many items as I can and only take the amount of cosmetics and toilertries that I think we can use.

  168. MaryHelen says:

    I’d love to try this bag as I almost always check a bag! Love all these great packing ideas!

  169. Love the idea of this suitcase and plan to buy one!

  170. Jan says:

    My husband and I spent 10 days in Europe and carried just one carry on bag between us. I purchased underware for both of us at a dollar store so that it could be thrown away after use. Shirts were light weight and rolled in our suitcase. We wore jeans and packed a pair of jeans each. We only had to do laundry on our travels twice since under clothing was disposible. Because of the added space we had at the end of our trip we were able to bring home souvenirs.

  171. Rita Katcher says:

    One of my favorite hints is to pack a few sheets of bubble wrap,a few rubber bands and you won’t believe it but duck tape. The duck tape can come in real handy sometimes. The bubble wrap weighs nothing, doesn’t take up much room and can save something you may buy from breaking. The rubber bands will hold the bubble wrap closed.

  172. I fill my shoes with small items and carry a tote as handbag too. I read some good ideas from other comments above.

  173. Edith says:

    Always wear bulkiest stuff on the plane–in layers, a tee, light shirt, heavy one, then a sweater. I find planes chilly anyway, but if not, the peeled layers serve as pillows for napping. For rugged trips where wrinkles don’t matter, consider a “stuff-it” sack from a camping store. They allow you to remove air from your belongings and reduce their size dramatically.

  174. Wonderful idea this suitcase — and I plan to buy one!

  175. Shari says:

    I like to place pants and other flat long clothing flat and then fold over the shirts, underwear, etc and haven’t had any wrinkling. Reduce, reduce, reduce. That is the hardest thing to learn.

  176. Barbara says:

    I wear my heaviest clothes on the plane and roll all mix and match, wash and wear, clothes in my suitcase. I don’t pack a lot of toiletries as I can use what the hotel provides or buy what I need when I reach my destination. I also pack snacks to eat on the plane (energy bars, dried fruit, nuts, etc., even a bagel). I hate paying airport prices for food and (since some airlines are now charging) will not pay for food on the plane.

  177. Well I have just read all the fantastic comments and anything I wanted to say has been said. We live in Toronto and our only son and his wife and our 2 grandchildren Gavin 3 and wee Grace 2 live in Texas. With the ever increasing airfares and baggage charges we still manage to fly at least twice a year. Driving is not an option as my husband has Parkinsons. Good luck to whomever wins this fantastic wee case it will make your travelling so much
    Thanks Rick for all the fantastic travelling tips your the best!

  178. Marita says:

    I pack planning each day and have learned to limit myself to just TWO pairs of shoes plus the ones I wear. I try to mix/match tops and skirts/slacks so you can wear an outfit twice and it looks different.

  179. Steve says:

    I love this idea!!! Personally, I travel with just a carry-on everywhere. When I do this, I also make the point of NOT carrying most of my toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. It’s easy enough to get these things once I get to where I’m going AND I get through security faster.

  180. Donna says:

    I traveled extensively. Yes, rolling your clothes allows you to pack much more. Pack light weight clothing. If a heavy pair of shoes are needed or a bulky coat, wear them on the plane. You don’t need to pack a lot of toiletries…just deodorant and minimal make-up. Hotels provide the other items you may need and if not, go out and buy what you need.
    I used to be an over packer but no more. It wasn’t easy to pack light but once you do you realize how much simpler it makes getting ready for a trip.

  181. Kathryn says:

    I agree with the others who stack clothes and put soft stuff in the middle and make one big roll to put in your checked bag. Clothes never wrinkle this way. But my biggest advice is to pack one set of essential clothes and put in a vacuum bag to put in your carryon. I have seen so many people get to their destination, cruise port, etc., and the checked bag hasn’t arrived. Having a change of clothing will get you through the wait for the missing bag.

  182. Martha Follmer says:

    I take dark blue or black slacks and tops to match, my over the shoulder purse which is small but has many zipped areas to separate stuff in. I take empty water bottles and one serving size drink mix, so we fill the bottles after passing security. Spare glasses are a necessity but will fit in shoes, as will socks and other small items. I use the plastic bags that compress for underwear.
    The best idea is to put some of my stuff in my husband’s case, because he can get by with 4 shirts and 4 pants!

  183. Linda S. says:

    I use a double-sided packing cube, which allows me to plan outfits by purpose, e.g., one side for beach, one side for casual overnight. That also lets me quickly take that packing cube if I leave the main place where I’m staying for an overnight somewhere else, so I can put the cube in a small carryon foldable tote bag and not lug my bag (e.g., up and down bridge steps in Venice). Such tote bags typically don’t have much structure, so the packing cube creates the structure in the bag.

  184. chiconana says:

    I can only repeat all your wonderful comments. What I want to know is. Who makes this bag and where can I get more information on it?

  185. Larry Baron says:

    This bag will not fit in the overhead of most airliners. The 12 inch height, it’s smallest dimension, cannot fit in the overhead or in the seat in front of you. You can check out the maximum dimensions on AA.COM or any other airline site.

  186. Gordy says:

    To keep my toiletry bag clean of hairs, I keep my hair brush in a zip lock bag. I take a half size ziplock bag (A full size for a larger brush)and cut the end just enough to slip the handle through. I also put a small piece of shipping tape on the uncut portion of the bag to keep it from ripping further.

    Voila, so more stray hair collecting in the bottom of my bag.

  187. Terry says:

    As someone suggested, rolling clothes is a good idea. Remember to stuff things inside of shoes, like socks, belts and even underwear. The modular packing system sold under the “Pack It” name and made by Eagle Creek works very well and can be used with any suitcase, not just their products. We have used it for about four years including several trips to Europe and Alaska and found that it keeps your clothes wrinkle free and allows you to pack more than needed. In fact you have to careful and not go over the weight restrictions when using this method. In the winter you can stuff all you want in your coat pockets so don’t shy away from that bit of “carry on” room.

  188. Lenell says:

    I color coordinate and have reversible items, have a pashmina that rolls up really small for warmth and a tote bag from Baggalini with pockets on outside for water, paperbacks ect. with room inside for small purse camera, glasses.

  189. lu jacobs says:

    How Smart that luggage looks! My little tip is to use those vacuum packs and suck out all the air from clothing you wish to pack. The packages condense and I can pack a lot of clothing that way! You can borrow a vac from housekeeping when it’s time to repack at the end of the trip!!! :O) Also, putting garments in a plastic zip lock and rolling out the air works too!
    Happy Travels!

  190. Dawn says:

    I put all pants, skirts, in bottom of case, cover with a sheet of bubble wrap, then blouses etc on top. Once in hotel, lift out top layer with bubble wrap and place in drawer. Everything quickly accessible and easy to repack into case.

  191. sharon says:

    This suitcase would be perfect for me, I have gone to Europe with one carryon only for 2 weeks. I rolled my clothes, made sure the outfits were non wrinkle ,light weight and colors mixed and blended. Put liquids in ziploc baggies,took hikers laundry soap,collaspe water bag,wore my sneakers,filled my pockets in my cargo pants and jacket that folded into a pouch and packed sandals that were both dressy and beachwear. It can be done.

  192. Randy says:

    For vacation trips, I pack old clothes I can throw away to be replaced by souvenir items I pick up while there. I have even taken old hiking boots and left them behind. I have also packed a soft-sided suitcase or duffle bag inside my suitcase if I know I’m going to pick up things to bring back and travel with just the one bag going out. As was mentioned, I am there to enjoy myself, not impress anyone with my extensive wardrobe, so I plan on wearing jeans for multiple days, which also eliminates the need for dress shoes, etc. Hotel toiletries means I don’t need to bring any, if not, I can always buy some after I arrive. I have traveled with people who brought three pieces of luggage for a week and look at me puzzled when I have just one. I also find a backpack makes a great carry-on piece with all its pockets and comes in handy for day trips while on vacation. Keeping checked baggage fees in mind while packing to help motivate you to minimize what you take.

  193. Margaret says:

    Panty liners – cut out a fair amount of packing & fresh every day. roll clothes, stuff in shoes; Biggest tip is after packing, open case, take everything out, & hang up 1/2 of it back in closet. Can you remember anything anyone else wore on your last trip? You can wear the same outfit several times, washing as necessary.

  194. amy says:

    I always pack only black, non wrinkling clothing. I then pack a colorful scarf or two for accessorizing. This way I can mix and match my items to create lots of different outfits out of the simple few items. I wear the only shoes that I will take and pack a pair of flat black ballet rollable slip-ons. Black lightweight leggings, skirt, pants, long and short sleeve tops. Done. Everything matches. If I want something special or exotic I purchase it at my destination.

  195. Mary Hollifield says:

    I make a list, put out everything I think I’m going to need for the time I’m going to be away, then put half of it back. Also I try to mix and match my clothing and usually on pack neutral colors so I can mix them up and wear them more than once. You should be able to make do with a carry on bag for a week’s trip.

  196. JANE WALDO says:

    Wear the heavy shoes and only take a neutral light dress shoe—everything else mix & match neutral colors–I have one shell that is different on all four sides (reversible)-extra versatile!!

  197. Gloria clark says:

    WOW! I not only want it! I need it! I travel a lot, long and short trips a easy carry on is a most. No more backpacks just this simple item to carry my camera, a change of clothes and money to spend! Thank you.

  198. Lewis Lipton says:

    Pack in clear plastic bags, separate items, put what you might need on top.

  199. Barbi Henry says:

    I pack light by sticking with one color theme and using the mix and match approach. Then you only need one pair of dress shoes, jewelry and makeup color palate. You roll your clothes in the suitcase and bring a couple of those travel packets of laundry detergent to wash clothes in your room. I wear my jeans and my sweater (usually the thickest things) and tennis shoes on the plane with my jacket pockets loaded with ipod, book and other esentials for the plane and a small purse with a shoulder strap I can put on under my coat.

  200. Heather West says:

    I discovered using the vacuum space saver bags works like a charm. Condensing… Now its part of the process.
    I love this bag idea! Genius!

  201. Kimberley Colbaugh says:

    I make my whole wardrobe match so it is all interchangable. I always pack a carryon with my toiletries and two changes of clothes in case my suitcase is lost

  202. Sheila Yeary says:

    Pick a color scheme (i.e. black and white) and only pack items that fit this agenda. Pick 2 pair of shoes that are very comfortable plus the ones you wear on the plane. If an outfit does not work with those shoes, it is eliminated. Take only the jewelry that you are wearing and make sure that it goes with everything. Leave the laptop at home and work off of your phone or the hotel/resort computer as needed. After all, it is a vacation. Most importantly, pick the right pocketbook and suitcase. And take out everything you don’t need. (I picture myself carrying everything that I pack all over the airport and my destination and it’s easier to keep consolidating). Only take carry on baggage. No lost luggage, no extra fees, no worries! Be happy and have a great trip. Remember, you’re the one going on vacation, not your entire closet.

  203. Nancy Boyd says:

    Always pack mix & match outfits. Use hotel toliteries. Remember wherever you got they usual have stores. It is fun to buy a new shirt and a fun memory.

  204. Kaysha says:

    Well, being one who ended up learning to pack the hard way, after backpacking a lot, I had to quickly learn some better packing techniques. Ditch the extra pair of most things, don’t take your 5th favorite shirt …. and if you think you might need it but, “oh I don’t know Maaaaayyybe” … ditch it. After backpacking you really learn the weight and value of each item you carry :) And now all the extra weight costs! Travel is an artform.

  205. Jayne says:

    I paint my suitcases with acrylic paint to easily identify them. My favorite theme is a dragon. I make sure the figure covers all sides of the case so that no matter what side is facing outward I know that the case is mine. Other themes I have used are forests, waterfalls, flowers. Anything will do. It personalizes your luggage in a way that is highly identified.

  206. wendy jenkins says:

    Many great tips.I am a former flight attendant with 55 years of refining my packing ideas.When choosing what to take shop first in your own closet,then in thrift stores.Lightly squeeze the fabric of possible canidates,release and see how the fabric recovers.Steam in a bathroom will ease out wrinkles.I wear lots of black,but any dark color can work as your organizing color.This prevents a hodge podge approach,shoes,purse,etc must work with many different outfits.Separates work better,e.g.plain black top and skirt,instesd of a dress. Knits work well.Keep a very small container for filling with a small funnel,for perfume.The amount of shampoo,gel,toothpaste will usually be less than you think.Picture the dab you use for 1 shampoo and multiply that by the number of shampoos you will require,it is a small amount.I want my own volumizing shampoo,not an unknown,borrowed,or free one.I wrap each days vitamens and prescription pills in a foil “packet”.Take any “medicine” such as Pepto Bismol,or Imodiem in tablet form.Zip off pants,a sturdy nylon purse with lots of outside pockets,a sewing kit,and you are flying off into the wild blue yonder,light,organized,and ready for anything,(almost)

  207. Rita says:

    My favorite tip for traveling is to throw a couple of sheets of bubble wrap in the bottom of your suitcase along with a few rubber bands. The wrap will cushion an fragile items you may buy for friends. Another item is duck tape. It works great on a fallen hem.

  208. Colleen says:

    Pack interchangable clothing and only essential items.Keep clothung selection at a minable selection.

  209. Phyllis Waddle says:

    Started noticing many travelers having to surrender their carry-on luggage at the gate but they weren’t distressed about it. Then I realized that they are not having to pay for the second checked bag when it’s taken at the gate. We did this on a couple of trips recently and it’s nice not to have to deal with the carry-ons.

  210. Kris Unger says:

    My husband and I travel frequently and only take carry on bags. He needs a c pap machine for sleeping which makes it extra challenging. We purchased a travel size c pap machine and it has been well worth the cost. You can use your before tax medical saving account for this purchase which makes it even more cost effective. People who haven’t used up the account as the end of the year approaches should check into these machines.

  211. Betty says:

    Wow, I learned alot from reading all of these tips. I always overpack. Need to just have a carry-on on my next flight so hope to use what I have learned here. The new carry-on luggage looks great and I would love to win one! Thanks to all who commented here and good luck to all!

  212. Catherine says:

    I lay out my two outfits an fold them all together to elimianted crease lines wehn packing tight. I carry my heavier items in my coat pocket. My husband bring a vest designed for traveling with alot of pockets and puts heavy things in there. On some international flights they limit the amount your carry on bag weights so this helps keep the carry on bag light. Also switching to a kindle eliminates the weight of books to bring to read on planes.

  213. Carol says:

    I try to get small samples of foundation, lipstick,mascara etc from my cosmetic counter. They are the best and you can really go two weeks with them. No cramming in a small plastic bag.

  214. Barbara says:

    Love packing cubes. I roll up my clothes and can get quite a few shirts in one cube, pants or shorts in another. If it’s a short stay, I often times just put the cube in the dresser drawer and take out the clothes as I need them and repack them after I take them off. When I’m ready to leave, I just need to pick the cube out of the drawer and put it in the suitcase.

  215. Mart says:

    It’s all been said above. I also pack rolled underwear, socks, whatever in the shoes I pack and always wear the heaviest shoes, clothing and wear a jacket which I can always take off later if need be.

  216. I take my husband’s clean shirts from the dry cleaners and fold them (5 shirts usually) neatly all together-one inside the other and then cover with one plastic bag from the dry cleaners. This really helps prevent wrinkling! A travel size of Downy wrinkle remover spray is thrown in for good measure-works every time!

  217. Steven Berger says:

    I always roll up my shorts, shirts, t-shirts, socks go inside the shoes, all liquids get the ziplock bag with no air treatment and then I think about what I really need and how easy is it to wash in the sink (in case that’s all I’ve got) so that way I don’t bring things I won’t use. Most packing problems are too many clothes that we don’t wear!

  218. Debbie Thompson says:

    Take my basic must-haves and anything older or on the way out of my drawers and closet that I can just leave or throw away before coming home.

  219. Patty H says:

    I find it impossible to believe this will suffice for one week!

  220. Ron says:

    Just started rolling my clothes and it works great, with few wrinkles and MUCH more space. Also putting clothes together as outfits in the ziploc bags is a great organizational idea, too.

  221. Maryb Smallwood says:

    Went to London for 8 days with carry-on only. 1. wear heaviest clothing – layer if need be. 2. Take minimum toiletries (hotel will have most of what you need and there is always a place to buy anything else). 3. Take coordinated, wrinkle resistant clothing. So what if you wear the same thing twice or three times – you are on holiday. 4. Compress bags are great. and 5. wear heaviest pair of shoes and take one (or two if light weight).
    Worked for me. Used one pant, one skirt,one light weight jacket or sweater in black with black,red,gray,white(some patterned) tops adding scarfs if wanted. Have also taken clothing to abandon at destination – the maids love it and it frees up space to use on return.

  222. Cathy says:

    The correct carry on is crucial. My husband and I have a bag that expands. We initially pack it with the heaviest/most cumbersome items, shoes, camera equipment, travel guide, reading material, snorkling gear, etc. All travel size toiletries and makeup go into small ziplocks and then into the shoes. Costume jewelry can also weigh down a suitcase – it goes into the other shoe. Then a pair of dress socks for the husband gets stuffed in to keep everything in place and obsorbe any possible leakage. The expantion comes into play when we begin our return trip home. One extra zipper upzipped and we have twice the space, another zipper unzipped and now triple the space! Now there’s space for souveniers!

  223. Margaret says:

    I have a “Master” packing list for vacation/ travel and go down the list so I don’t forget those items. Usually pack 2 colors of pants- blue and black and rotate tees/ blouses. Also at least 1 nice outfit- that the nice high heel sandals (and of course comfy) will go with the jeans to dress up an outfit but will also go with dress slacks like when we went to the theatre in London. Same thing for jackets. One an all-around jacket that is packable and one that can go with jeans or slacks. Black is the basic color, just brighten it up with jewel tone tops and tees AND accessories!

  224. Diane says:

    The more I travel, the less I pack, so my advice is to travel more and your packing issues will resolve themselves! When you know you’ll have to pack it coming and going it gets heavier.

  225. Maggie says:

    My husband and I cruise a lot. Our sentiment is we are most likely never going to see the other passengers again in our lifetime. We see people checking in 3-4 large suitcases while we are there with our carryon size backpacks. We carry items that can easily be washed and hung to dry. After all, we spend most our time in swimsuits, shorts and tank tops. For formal nights I have a dress that folds up very small and does not wrinkle. My husband borrows a suit coat from the maitre de. All the ships have them available.

  226. Randee says:

    I have not found vaccum bags to work as effeciently as others. I roll clothes and use the corners of the suitcase. Coordinating clothes a must. Agree, wear heaviest pair of shoes, and pack one or two at the most. Try to use sandals as bedroom slippers as well as waking in and going to the beach. Books on ipod/reader or take paperback books and leave them in the hotel for the next person to read. Magazine work well as you do not mind leaving them behind. I will print pages of places to go, restaurants etc, that can be thrown out before coming home (avoiding the entire travel book). Pick up a map when you get there and leave it there. Take a protein bar or two if on a long flight as food is generally not very good. I only take one or pair of light underware and wash at night, they dry quick and it saves room. When traveling to an area that is going to be hot, light weight clothes can be washed in the sink and hung out to dry by the next morning.

  227. Carol says:

    Rolling your clothes takes up less room than folding. Pack less by choosing clothing that can be rinsed out in the room at night and as others have said, pack interchangeable clothing.

  228. Janette says:

    Roll roll roll…..I roll all my cotton items: t-shirts, shorts, jeans…..they don’t wrinkle and saves a ton of space. After rolling I place a rubber band over it. My suitcase items look like long tubes of sausages. This way I can pack twice as much if I layed all items flat! Roll me away!

  229. Linda Horton says:

    If I think my suitcase is pushing the weight limit, I tuck a rather large plastic bag into one of the side pockets so that I can quickly transfer items out of my suitcase. Later, at the gate, I’ll either get it tucked in my carryon luggage, or if that’s all stuffed, because the plastic bag is large enough, it will hold my personal item (purse) and then meet the carry-on limits. I have also packed an empty large duffle bag in the bottom of a suitcase and when I’m going home with more than will fit in my outbound luggage, I have an extra bag that can hold those things I want to hand carry as well as hold a smaller bag that would have counted as either a personal item or my carry-on.

  230. Karen C says:

    You really can pack everything in your purse if you choose items made from travel fabric, roll them up in ziplocs and stuff them in. They’ll wash and dry overnight in your hotel room, never wrinkle, and there are a wide variety of pieces out there – I wouldn’t be without them! This small suitcase is great, and could probably hold everything I’d need for a month!

  231. Stephen Portela says:

    Pack lighter-I never use half the clothes I bring along anyway! Especially when I visit a beach area!

  232. Marianne says:

    I pack everything in zip lock bags. Underwear in one. Tee shirts in anther, Shorts in one. Blouses in one. Etc. When we get to our cruise ship. put the bag into a drawer and you are unpacked in 5 minutes. Best of all, TSA doesn’t make a mess and paw through everything.

    I also pack dirty things as they are used and I can enjoy my last day and night because I am already packed! So many cruisers waste hours of their last day of vacation packing while we are enjoying one last afternoon in a deck chair with a fruity cocktail! Cheers!!!

    We also carry a SOLAR POWERED FLASHLIGHT (just in case)a short length of cord and a couple of clothespins for drying bathing suits on the balcony, a surge protector (because there are never enough outlets) and a battery charger.A pre posted flattened priority mail box comes in handy for when you have overweight suitcases…I just mail the grandkids souvenirs straight from the ship before we leave.

  233. Rose says:

    One of the best things to take for those who choose interior cabins on cruise ships is the night sticks you can pick up at the dollar store. You can hang these on the doors in your room so you can move around in the dark without stubbing your toe or tripping over things. I always bring a small flexible backpack that you can fold into your suitcase when you run out of room to bring back any souvenirs you purchase. I also roll most of my clothes together, like my shirts on top of each other and pants. This works great in space and no wrinkles. Limit footwear to one color heels/shoes, flip flops and sneakers. This gets me through 7-14 days.

  234. didi says:

    Great tips already listed. Since most of my trips are to one location to visit my grandchildren, I keep a permanent tote at that location that contains underclothes, pajamas, one generic outfit, and my minimalist toiletries. Then all I need to carry on is my medication and a couple of outfits.

  235. Lanore Johnson says:

    Take fewer clothes and do your own laundry. A travel clothesline, inflatable hangers,a universal sink stopper, and a bar of laundry soap do the trick. Buy quick-dry undies and clothes that shed wrinkles. You can use a large ziplock bag to wash clothes. Put in the dirty clothes, add warm water and soap, lay it in the tub or shower and let it soak. Shake it, squish it, rinse and hang. Roll wet clothes in a towel to remove water. WARNING: if you leave clothes in the towel, hang them on a balcony or out of sight, you might forget them when you leave.

  236. Carol says:

    If you are taking any extra purses ie evening bags,etc.Pack,jewelry,and or medications,inside.Also, these items can go inside socks,inside shoes.Double or/triple up whenever possible.

  237. Betty Zamost says:

    Having had my luggage travel more than I have, the idea of traveling with only a carry on is very appealing. Compression bags and coordinated wardrobe are the key.

  238. kat murano says:

    I pack my socks & belts (rolled up) into my shoes. This saves space and keeps the shoes from getting smashed. Helps especially with leather dress or walking shoes.

  239. Martha says:

    I wear the bulkiest/heaviest item(s) on the plane and only pack lightweight, mix and match pieces that can used multiple ways, including my extra pair of shoes. A few scarves will add a new look or dress up an outfit. Feeling good in the clothes I take, if it doesn’t feel good wearing at home, I probably won’t wear it in Rome! Best thing I ever purchased for travel – packing cubes! They keep your things organized and packing and unpacking a dream.

  240. Nancy Showalter says:

    Many international flights only allow about 19 lbs in the carry on. I usually then carry a larger bag as a purse and put my small purse in it with other items that I do not wish to pack in checked luggage. This way you can carry on many more items. If carrying a computer, it can go in the carry on.

  241. Wendy says:

    Make a list. Write out your days, loosely plan that day’s outfit and if you know places, events, etc. by each day, pack those items together. You will probably find you can take one black skirt or one black pair of pants to use with several different tops. Keep in mind, no one knows what you wore yesterday. And if they are easy to wash and dry…it’s even better. Don’t forget to pack some laundry detergent to use in a sink or resealable bag.

  242. Kurt Barbuscio says:

    Wear the sweater and jacket onto the plane, then strip off the excess.

  243. grandma says:

    I just traveled Spirit and used backpacks. We rolled all our clothing, so it wouldn’t crease and unpacked right away. I always carry an empty water bottle for each of the kids that we can fill up after we pass security. This saves me from the “I need a Drink” kvetch.

  244. jane says:

    ve taken 5 shirts for a 100 day cruise and always had something clean. Perhaps most important is to remember that noone usually even notices what you wear as long as you pick simple clothing.

  245. Mary Goodman says:

    Borrowing from TSA, I use the 3-2-1-1 formula – 3 tops, 2 pants, 1 dress or skirt, and 1 jacket or sweater. By coordinating the colors, I get either 7 or 9 separate outfits – enough for 2 -3 weeks with only a carry-on!

  246. Denise says:

    Ok just spent 11 days in Spain with my son and one small rollaway. No baggage fees. I packed enough clothes to wear mix and match for the entire trip. Two pair of slacks/jeans. A dress. A bathing suit.Delicates of course. Two pairs of shoes/sandels. A light sweater. Two tops. One toothbrush,make up and toothpaste. You can find a laundry mat and spend one hour out of your trip to do laundry. My son and I bought detergent at a small store. Saved a bundle. Used the hotel towel to hit the beach in San Sebastian and Biarritz, France. It was just over the bridge from San Sebastian. The hotel will comp you for toothpaste and tooth brushes, shampoo and lotion,hairdryer and some for hot iron for those of us with wild hair. I think this under the seat bag would be perfect for travel.

  247. Linda Abramowitz says:

    The best advice for packing is to take one of each: skirt, trousers, dress, casual top, dress top, pair of dress shoes, pair of casual shoes and jacket. Wear one pair of the shoes and the jacket. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything. Overpacking will not allow you to bring home any new purchases. Underwear can always be laundered overnight. Even cotton underwear can be blown dry with a hair dryer which is usually commonplace in hotel bathrooms.

  248. Hal says:

    Use a Scottevest or construct something like it. Airlines don’t count anything you wear, so put your items in your jacket, vest and pants. It doesn’t matter how much they weigh. If you can get it into one bag; you can slip it into your clothing. This also beats Spirit’s carry-on fee. As an FYI, the CEO of Scottevest is not allowed to run ads in airlines’ inflight magazines because this would be a major hit to their newfound revenue stream if it caught on.

  249. Kathy says:

    Twice as much underwear, half as many clothes.

  250. Allysson McDonald says:

    My two favorites – My mom taught me to roll up clothes rather than lay them flat. They take less space and get less wrinkled. I do this with things like underwear and t-shirts anyway. Second, a tip I learned from your website – bring along a “sarong” – it doubles as a wrap, shawl, beach towel, picnic blanket, carry-all, sheet, curtain, etc. Love it!

  251. Stephanie lynn says:

    Wear the heaviest itms and layer. They haven’t restricted how many items you can take on yourself. The planes are usually chilled and you can remove them before landing. I try to wear the largest shoes and the bulkiest clothing and jacket or sweater. Fill your pockets if you need with zip locks of clothing.

  252. Jerry says:

    Stuff your shoes with fragile items; uses up empty space and provides great protection!

  253. Cynthia DeLandHastings rkovier says:

    When we travel as a family, we use one large suitcase for an entire family for 4. Everything is packed in vacuum sealed bags and we only have one baggage fee to pay.

  254. Martin Droppkin says:

    All these ideas are great, but no matter how long your trip is, you can satisfy your needs by filling your small case with washable items. Rinse and dry your clothing and you have enough for a day, a weekend, a week or a month.

  255. Lady Marion says:

    We have & still use those webbed packing straps that seem to have vanished from stores. They hold in any bulging contents, have another piece of i.d. on them, and make it easier to find our bag on the carousel.

  256. Cheryl Battiato says:

    Pack as much as you can in zip-lock bags. You can easily squish all the air out so things take less room. If you group similar things together in the bags your suitcase becomes nicely organized, too.

  257. Steve Thompson says:

    I have but one rule that has worked for years. If you roll very tight all of your items you will have space for everything plus. Just don’t take extra, you can always purchase additional if really needed. Just unroll hang up put those that you feel have become too wrinkled in the bathroom and steam them. remember you are on vacation don’t spend funds if you really don’t have too.

  258. amy conger says:

    If you’re a woman, everything in black and navy. (all trips are not vacations.) bring your own toiletries (who wants to use dishwasher soap on your hair), bring an outfit for sleeping that you can wear over your bathing suit to the hot tub and that you can answer the door in…..

  259. Al says:

    I can pack more if I roll every piece of clothing instead of laying them flat and they have less wrinkles.

  260. Pat Prisk says:

    Stick to no more than 2 colors of clothing that are interchangeable and minimal toiletries. My pills go in an organizer for each day. After getting everything out I put half back in the closet before I even start to pack. Wear 1 pair of shoes and bring another for dress. I keep a list of items to pack and cross off anything That will be found in your room and bath. No extra items allowed. I still come home with things unused. I keep taking less and less as time passes.

  261. Barbara says:

    I find that putting thin paper tissue on cloths before folding helps, then put in
    large zip lock storage bags. Keeps cloths neat and will take up less weight.
    Still haven’t found a good way to pack shoes.

  262. Bruce Nickerson says:

    On many airlines in Europe, Asia, etc., the weight of a carry-on is limited. Therefore, the weight of the bag itself can be important. The Carry-On Free website doesn’t give this information and does not provide a way to contact the company to ask. I suspect that their bags may be light, but I would need to know before ordering.

  263. Annette Jacques says:

    I wear a very classic black ScotteVest jacket on every plane trip (the Essential Travel Jacket, 20 pockets, zip off sleeves, 3 colors, $120, Both men’s and women’s models, http://www.ScotteVest.com). I can carry my iPod, iPad, plus the kindle, bottle of water, travel documents, etc, and simply remove it for the TSA security check. Suddenly, my carryon has lots of space, though I do carefully edit what I will wear and use vacuum travel zip bags to pack. Great suggestions from everyone! Very attractive carryon!

  264. Marice bezdek says:

    cut down on shoes! By far they take the most space. Wear the bulkiest pair, pack something relatively squishable. Also, I always pack a purse that flattens in a suitcase so I can leave the big one I carry on in my room.

  265. Cathy says:

    Take your oldest underwear and leave it behind [throw it away] as you use it. Lightens the load to return with more gifts!

  266. Dave Jetton says:

    Roll underwear and socks and stuff into shoes.

  267. Linda says:

    I keep various packing lists for the kinds of trips I take–backpacking, bicycle touring, business travel and bike tour guiding. Being able to print the appropriate list & head to my closet, greatly simplifies packing. The real trick is to make any desired changes to the list as soon as I get home.

  268. Shirley says:

    When leaving from a cold climate and going to a warm one,don’t wear a heavy jacket. Layer with a tank top,thermal underwear, a sweater and a lightweight jacket. (A hood on either the sweater or jacket might be helpful—depending on temps, wind, etc.)When you get to your destination airport, you’re all ready wearing your tank and the other things can be thrown in your suitcase or in a bag that you’ve packed for this purpose. I also like to use plastic ziplock bags to organize–underwear in one (less embarrassing in a customs check), sleepwear in another,etc. Plastic bags are also helpful to separate clean clothes from dirty. Take a few tops that can be easily washed in the sink and dry overnight. Take half the amount of underwear that you’ll need and wash it out halfway through your trip. Sure, it’s a bit of a bother, but it leaves room for other essentials.

  269. Dean says:

    The bag is great, but I will personally boycott airlines like Spirit and Ryan Air that find the most ridiculous ways of gouging passengers. Perhaps if more people boycotted these stingy airlines, they start getting the message. Also, if these airlines can get away with these charges, other airlines will be taking a look and following their example.

  270. Christina Filyaw says:

    My husband & I have traveled extensively up to 6 weeks at a time with only a carry on each. Saves time waiting for checked luggage & worries about it not being there. Not to mention the rough handling & abuse luggage takes. Traveling light is freedom & no backaches from too much stuff. I take about 6 blouses that are the size of doll clothes, yet one size fits all & wrinkling isn’t an issue. They crush up in your hand. They wash & dry very quickly. They can look casual or dressy. I’ve seen them sell for a minimum of $30 but I bought mine at Walgreens for $5 each. I carry 2 pairs of pants with zip off legs. Everything color coordinates. Therefore I have 2 pants, 2 shorts & 6 tops. One black skirt that all the tops work with. Several scarves can change a look. Two pair of earrings (silver & gold). A lipstick is also my blush. I keep it simple so I can enjoy the travel. I might not like free toiletries available but so what. I always look nice & have lots of clothing variety. And lots of room to bring back trinkets which I try to keep small. People are always amazed & comment they can’t believe I hop all over Europe, Asia, wherever with such a minimum & still look so polished. With just a carry on (with wheels) I can easily run to catch the public transportation etc. No expensive taxi for us. Lighten up & enjoy!

  271. Leontine Ens says:

    Platypus bags for booze and then when consumed, pack flat. Cheaper than buying drinks at dinner.

  272. Yvonne Soo Kaim says:

    When buying new luggage, the most important quality to look for is “how light it is”.

  273. Sue Pennington says:

    If you are traveling with a companion exchange a change of clothes with them to pack in their suitcase. Then if luggage gets lost you still have a set of clean clothes.

  274. Natasha says:

    I try and keep the wardrobe to black and white and carry soft, Pashmina shawls in different colors to dress up the outfits. Shawls come in handy on the plane as a soft cover-up instead of the ‘germy’ airline blankets.

  275. WINSTON says:

    I’m a man, but I always take a “personal item” in addition to my roll-on on the plane; in it our medications, etc. which I don’t want separated from me; this can happen to roll-ons on small planes or where the roll-on won’t fit in the overhead compartments. Assures not being separated from vital meds, if your roll-on gets lost or stolent.

  276. Lorraine says:

    I pack as little as possible by, staying with color coordinates/separates in the same theme. Also, only 2 pair of shoes (one for dress – if the travel will require dress shoes and one for comfort) along with the ones I am wearing while flying. I take knits or clothes that don’t wrinkle and I roll them up instead of lying flat. You would be surprised how that helps you pack because then other things can fit in between the rolls such as toiletries in small zip-lock bags. I also don’t take full-size containers of my toiletries. I either purchase the travel size or I have collected over the years, small containers to use. I keep jewelry to a minimum. For my trip home, if I have made purchases, I ship them home separately. Usually costs much less than paying for that extra bag.

  277. Julie says:

    Thanks for all the excellent tips. I believe in the wash & wear. Will rarely, if ever, see the same people again. Wear until stiff, then take time to wash, hee hee. Happy travelling.

  278. Patricia Graves says:

    Find lightweight but crushable to a small size clothing to pack – basic black is the very best color choice.

  279. Eve says:

    Leave behind the heavy jeans or bulky sweaters. Pack light weight zip-off pants and fleece tops. Choose T Shirts or pants that can double as PJs. Forget the makeup, you’re on holiday!!

  280. linda says:

    Never take an outfit a day. Always take clothes that you can mix and match. Depending on where you go,(Ladies) you never use all the makeup, perfumes, and Expensive Jewelry you think you will use! You are on Vacation! You probably will be in swim suits or shorts, they are easily packed, utilizing zip travel bags, they are a godsend! If you are Unsure, Don’t pack it!
    I always take a small carry on travel bag with my essentials. In case my luggage is LOST: Medications, Makeup, Kindle, Camera, Ipod, Computer, (Ipad) Jewelry, snacks, and a change of clothes. Also a sweater for the plane. On Long flights I bring Compression Soxs!

  281. Evelyn Williams says:

    So whats the brand of the suitcase?

  282. RICH THONE says:


  283. Eric Bloch says:

    After you decide what you think you should take look again and only take half.

  284. Julie Kroening says:

    Don’t take the whole travel guide on a trip. Tear out only the pages that will be useful to you, and bring only those; so you don’t have to lug around the whole book. Travel guides are updated every year, so likely after your trip, it’ll be outdated.

  285. Jim says:

    We use the Briggs&Riley Widebody 20″ Expandable for carry on. This piece of luggage has an amazing storage capacity, enough for a trip of a week or more. It fits the overhead storage bin without any problems.

  286. Renee' says:

    a sarong, swimsuit, the must have little black dress (in unwrinkable material), a light sweater, flip flops, pair of shorts and a couple tanks…invest in a TSA approved bottle set for hair products and your set…wear the heels, jeans, and jacket or what not on the plane…most everywhere has some kind of super store now if you must buy essentials…cute case…might need to invest :)

  287. Judy says:

    I agree with packing frugally, but when I’m on vacation I like to look my best and bring what I want! Who wants to wear the same things over and over, wear old underwear and one pair of shoes.

  288. Genie says:

    Lots of great suggestions – many of which I already follow. We now pack a minimum by planning around a few basics, limiting shoes, hand washing or tossing old stuff. We also roll, but we don’t roll everything – too many wrinkles. Use lots of “travel knits” but if there are jackets, shirts, pants, etc. that have to go with us, I line the bag with underwear, sox, etc. then lay the top 1/2 of the jacket/shirts flat in the suitcase and let the bottom 1/2 hang out. I lay trousers/pants folded flat across this “pile”, then right where the fold will be, I put those rolled up t-shirts, bathing suits,shorts, etc. Fold the bottom half of the “pile” up and over and voila! No wrinkles and very compact. Great way to pack for cruises where a jacket is a must.

  289. Wayne says:

    Pack two pairs of nylon pants (Ex Officio), two shirts, underware for 4 days. Wash everything in the shower and hang up at night. By morning it’s dry. Wear heavier clothes and shoes on the flight.

  290. Liz says:

    When you go on a skiing or snowboarding vakay, you really only need two pieces of luggage: your carryon bag and your boardbag. Pack your toiletries in plastic baggies and stuff them in your boots, wrapping them with socks just in case (adds extra padding against jostling in the hold). Take your bulkiest pieces of winter gear (aside from your jacket, which you should carry with you), roll them up tightly, and put them in your board bag. Not only does this take the bulk out of your carryon, but gives your skis or snowboard a little bit more padding. My last three trips I’ve paid only for a single bag/piece of sports gear this way (some airlines charge by the piece, some charge by the size). And when I go somewhere that has good beer, this means I can pack some bottles up to bring home. :)

  291. Kathy says:

    For traveling, I use clear plastic fishing tackle boxes (holds hooks, lures, small items in separate compartments) for my jewelry. The sides are removable so you can make the compartments different sizes from tiny squares to hold earrings or rings to long compartments to hold necklaces. Another benefit is you have the top side to fill, turn it over and the bottom side to fill. I have a couple of different sizes, large for long trips and small for 2-3 day trips and they are very inexpensive. Best of all, nothing gets tangled or mixed in another compartment because they snap shut and protect your jewelry.

  292. Larry Keck says:

    We travel a lot internationaiiy and don’t pay baggage fees. So I bought a travel scale that weighs bags. It weigs from 0 to 75 lbs. or kelo grams. It has saved us many times from overweight fees. I have moved a heavy pair of shoes into my backpack or my wife’s purse to bring the weight under 50 lbs. The scale weighs 1 lb but has saved us many times what i payed for it.

  293. Erin says:

    I use my Kata camera backpack as my carry-on item. Sometimes I pack my camera and extra lenses into the yellow insert in the lower compartment, sometimes I use its dividers to separate small, rolled items, and sometimes I remove it completely for bulkier clothing storage. Usually I keep clothing in the top part in non-clashing colors, and I never pack anything that can’t be used in multiple outfits over the course of a week, in a pinch (only natural fabrics that breathe). Also, depending on where I’m going, I hit a market or a vintage store when I land (Thailand, Italy, England…all awesome for street markets; US and English cities have funky second-hand stuff that varies by region, and it’s usually weather-appropriate.) The laptop sleeve is usually left free on the outgoing flight, to leave room for books or documents that may have been acquired on the trip, but sometimes I like to line it with my cashmere travel blanket or an extra jacket if I’m craving a little extra comfort. I pack my toiletries in my Kleen Kanteen water bottle. They slip out easily for the Xrays, but are totally contained should anything spring a leak in-flight. I usually dress in layers as a practicality (starting in the Midwest, the weather’s a crapshoot, and the airplane is always cold). All this leaves my purse free for my journal, planner, wallet, travel laptop, and whatever else I want easy access to in-flight.

  294. Nicole Cousin says:

    I agree with some of the comments: roll your items! You will be able to pack almost twice as much than flat.

  295. Monica says:

    After spending a few months going from hostel to hostel I found rolling my clothing was the best way to fit everything in. Certain materials do get wrinkled but it’s still good packing sense. And I try to wear my thicker items while on the plain and even pack an extra change of clothes in carry on if possible. This saves so much room. Shawls are good to have as they can be used to dry off, a sarong, scarf or even a beach towel or light blanket when necessary.

  296. Jenifer says:

    I always bring a laundry bag so my clean clothes and dirty clothes don’t “Mix” and it cuts down on laundry when you get back. The small hotel laundry bags work fine for a one night stay…but anything after that and you need a full cloth bag.

  297. Hal says:

    I always pack 2-3 pairs of polyester or acrylic blend underwear and wash as I go. I read some where that a young backpacker took just 2 pairs. He had one drying and wore the other.

    Actually, nothing goes in my carry-on that I cannot wash and hang dry overnight or dry clean as needed. This goes for pants and shirts. This is true whether in a hotel room or cruise ship. It goes without saying to pack far less than you think you need for a given trip. Lay out you desires and cut that in half and cut it in half again. As Rick Steve’s said, “there are just 2 kinds of travelers; those who pack light and those who wished they did”. You really won’t miss what you leave behind if you plan ahead.

    The Independent Traveler had a contest a few months ago and one contestant took the time to choose specific clothes for each trip according to whether she was going trekking in Asia or hotels in Europe. She had excellent ideas to maximize her enjoyment and minimize the pain of toting too much luggage.

    My wife’s bag (20x15x9) weighs just 14 lbs. and I take just 18 lbs. (22x16x9) whether for a weekend or several months in Europe or Asia. See http://www.onebag.com/ for the best tips from seasoned travelers. It’s well worth the trouble.

  298. Char says:

    I love to use ziplock bags…. you can squeeze them smaller, use to separate clean/dirty, and protect liquids from ruining the rest of the items. My extra pair of shoes goes in a plastic newspaper bag with small item/s tucked in the shoe. If I am going on vacation where business attire isn’t required, I pack some items planned to give away and leave them along the way. Most people take way too much that can be simplified down to two colors, mix-match. Three tops/bottoms gives you nine new outfits …. and you can wash along the way.

  299. Brigitte says:

    Several friends had oil or water drip on their suitcases and ruin their clothing. The oil never came out. On one trip we observed a whole cart of suitcases left in the pouring rain for hours while all flights were on hold waiting for thunderstorms to pass. Since then I slit open a plastic cover from the dry cleaner and line each suitcase with it.

    I also divide each person’s clothing into outfits and pack something for everyone in each suitcase, so that if one doesn’t arrive everyone will still have something to wear in another suitcase.

  300. Doreen says:

    I am an avowed member of the ‘over packers club!’ However, I do follow the above suggestions with the exception of taking just one pair of shoes – shoes, even well worn ones, can be a source of misery and one needs the ability to switch them out. My rule is: wear one and pack one (or two!). For me, a shawl is indispensable – for warmth or air conditioning with a bit of a fashion bonus – I roll, wear or tie to my purse either summer or winter weight fabric. Also, the wicking or loose knit pants (not 100% poly) sold everywhere, inc Lucy’s, REI, J.Jill, etc., are fabulous since they dry quickly, come in sporty or dressier styles & take up no space. We all know, thanks to Oprah, how to pack efficiently, however, the biggest challenge is to EDIT one’s selections. Bon voyage!

    • Nancy says:

      I like to pack light: a pair of wrinkle free shorts and t-shirt for warm weather, wrinkle free long shirt or blouse and a pair of pants for colder weathers and a wrinkle free dress for more formal events. Everything rolled up to save space. A pair of lightweight slippers. A collapsible hat to save space. A travel size curling iron if needed. All toiletries in small travel size. Wear your jacket boarding the plane to save space in your luggage. Wear that extra socks and t-shirt or sweater too.

      • Louise Cross says:

        I wear as many clothes as I can, wearing 3 pairs of undies is easy, layer layer layer.
        Clothes need to have a duel purpose – my bathers which are a tankini double as another pair of underpants and the top is a smart under top to wear under a jacket it doesn’t look like bathers.
        Shawl for sure, great to use as a blanket on the plane.

  301. Michele L says:

    Three things: Roll clothes, stick to just 2 colors, and use the roll type space bags.

  302. Pat says:

    Most of us pick up a few things when traveling. Use your dirty clothes to pad fragile items. Many years a friend told me to pack old underwear and T shirts that could be discarded after wearing to save space on the way back

  303. Pat Joyce says:

    I can’t believe all the wonderful comments. I was a flight attendent and I gave programs on How to Travel with less garments…I learned more today than I ever knew before. Thank you all!

  304. Clare says:

    When packing place plastic bags (dry cleaner bags are good) between clothing items & you can pack more & your clothes won’t wrinkle.

  305. Rosemary says:

    Don’t forget a pencil-thin flashlite to check for lost items under the hotel bed and a nite-lite to avoid stubbed toes for that night trip to the bathroom! Also an extension cord comes in very handy. Another cost saving tip, take Crystal Light packets which are so easy to add to water or cup-of-soup packets to add to hot water! Happy travelling.

  306. Kathy says:

    We usually fly to a destination, then rent a car and drive for 1-2 weeks. When we board the plane, we bring a small hard body Coleman cooler packed with fragile items such as cameras, GPS, binoculars, (and car rental agreement for easy access). Once we rent our car, we head to a grocery store to pick up sodas, then move the electronics out of the cooler and into another bag. Then we fill our cooler with ice and sodas for the road.

  307. Wendy says:

    Yoga clothes are light, take up very little space, and don’t wrinkle. Dress them up with a shawl or jacket and they’ll go anywhere. That leaves room for my travel yoga mat.

  308. Barbara Elser says:

    Get one of those safari vests with all those pockets as your next to last layering item and you can stash away lots of electronic items, cameras etc which tend to be small but heavier items.

  309. Mike W says:

    Rick Steves has a good video, although geared to sell his own stuff..good sense tips.

    Mike W

  310. Steven Long says:

    When staying in a hotel or on a cruise ship, take advantage of their self-serve laundromat … even if it is just for washing undergarments. When we cruise (7+ days), we find we are able to do 1 or 2 loads of shorts, or shirts without issue, and at very low cost (1 per load). For suits or tuxedo’s, no need for a garment bag … ROLL THEM, and insert into luggage (or rent a suit/tux). Most hotels / cruise lines will have dry cleaning or pressing services for about the same cost as you would find at home. FWIW, pressing is about half the cost of dry-cleaning … great for removing wrinkles (while skipping the need for a garment bag).

  311. Laurel says:

    My favorite way of decreasing what take is in losing weight. Smaller size clothes take up less space. I don’t do the zip-off pants, but do like my jacket with zip-off sleeves. When traveling to visit family in a cooler climate, I leave my heavy stuff at home and borrow from them.

  312. With so many airlines to choose from, why would anyone fly on Spirit with such draconian baggage restrictions? Beats me. I always wear my bulky hiking boots and heaviest sweater in the chilly aircraft environment, and choose older undergarments which I discard as I go. I minimize toiletries by using an all-in-one product for hair and skin, and pack it in multiple small carry-on size containers which can also be discarded after use. I pack clothing items which, if possible, can pass for both day and evening wear.

  313. Marty says:

    Two don’t leave home without products I must always pack so I can pack lighter these days. The first is the 3 in one detergent-softner-static sheets AND the color lifter sheets that keep colors from running. No more fighting for washers. All can be washed together and hopefully we won’t have to do laundry again until we get home. Both are flat and take virtually no room. Bag is cute and looks like it would really work. I just might have to invest in another bag!

  314. Pam Finnell says:

    Take synthetic (non-wrinkling) clothing that roll/pack well and try to stick to black slacks (take a few pairs). That way you can mix and match tops and just wear 1 pr black shoes. Wear the bulkiest clothing on the plane, as well as a coat if needed. The synthetic clothing dries quickly too if you need to do laundry while on your trip!

  315. Charlotte Lapham says:

    I do not go anywhere without Spacebags! I have been able to pack so much more and the clothes do not wrinkle.

  316. rebecca says:

    lay out your clothes before packing to ensure you need all the clothes you are taking.
    use clothes (tshirts, shorts, sandals) that you have wanted to give away and leave or give away. you will have room upon your return trip for those xtra gifts, papers, etc
    minimize the shoes you take
    think need not want…

  317. Nicholas S. says:

    Type up a travel checklist that you can print out for every trip and check off items as you put them in your suitcase. List all the things you need to take and want to take on any trip, which might include a number of variables. Allow a space or line next to each item to write in the number of that item that you have packed – for example, shirts: 5, jeans: 1, sox: 8 etc. Come up with a minimum packing formula that works for you, such as pack 1 shirt for every two days of travel, etc. Pack at least one week or more before departure date. You will make your departure less stressful when it’s all done ahead and you know you are not going to forget anything because you packed from your list. You can add more items at the bottom of your list as they occur to you, and you can have a flag of some sort (such as a circle where the item number goes) on your list for the things that you can’t really pack until the last minute. The day of your departure check your list for the last minute packing items.

  318. KT says:

    Asst’d sizes of zip lock type bags are your best friends. Even Walmart has the 2 gallon size. Use tissue paper in folds, then shake out & hang up when I get to destination. Also, a small bottle of wrinkle release. TSA AND you can easily see what is in bag. Keep one bag to put dirty clothes and you won’t leave anything when coming home. I have also, from Magelllans, a mesh bag that attaches to handle for keys, change, etc which discourages sticky fingers while in TSA line. KT

  319. Hal says:

    Rolling = wrinkles. Folding = creases. “Bundle wrapping” instead, especially with nice clothes for business. It takes a little time to learn but the results are amazing. http://www.onebag.com/pack.html

  320. Suzanne says:

    Keen water sandals with a protective toe front. You can wear them hiking, in the water, at the beach, walking around town. Add to it a dress pair of flats and you don’t need any other shoes on a cruise.

  321. Angie says:

    Color coordinate either for black or brown and pack only one pair of shoes for better occasions. Wear a pair of walking shoes on your trip. Layer your clothes, so you can either wear your tank top as underwear or alone.

  322. ritahib says:

    I bought the net bags from ebags, they come in different sizes and it also keeps all your clothes organized. Chek out EBags

  323. Barbara Makransky says:

    Generally, I roll my clothes. Doing this fits a weeks worth of wardrobe in a carry on! Plus, you can use your rolled up clothes to protect souvenirs without really taking up extra space! I see a lot of tourists where I work who are buying new clothes to take advantage of the better exchange rates and I give them this advice all the time. Roll your clothes!

  324. Carol Anthony says:

    Smartest packing tip: colour-co-ordinate all the clothes

    Other tips: wash/wear type clothing ie Coolmax/Drifit tops
    On the plane, wear your heaviest clothes, shoes and layer your clothes on
    Use all space in your bag, ie fill your shoes with small items
    Roll what you can, lay flat and use tissue or drycleaner bags
    Ziplock bags for items, to keep them together or to make it easier/cleaner if your bag is searched
    And don’t be afraid to re-wear, layer clothing when travelling
    Safety tip: always have your name/cell phone/itinerary copy in your bag if the bag gets lost (so that you can be called to claim the bag)

  325. 1. Roll clothes
    2. For accessories, I bought a hanging jewelry bag with many separated plastic compartments. You can then roll that as well. This alleviates the need for jewelry boxes.
    3. Travel sized toiletries are a must.
    4. Choose light-weight shoes.
    5. Leave the hair dryer and iron at home! Most places already have these.

  326. Hal says:

    “A much better solution to the problem of wrinkles and unwanted creases, though it involves some (very minor) inconvenience, is the use of the bundle wrapping technique (there is an older, related method called “interfolding”, but it offers no additional advantages, and is less efficient at avoiding creases). As the name suggests, bundle wrapping involves the careful wrapping of clothes around a central core object, thus avoiding the folds that result in creases. Furthermore, the tension created in the fabric by the wrapping process significantly reduces the chances of wrinkling. That’s the story in a nutshell, but of course there are plenty of implementation details!”

    From: http://www.onebag.com/pack.html

  327. Adeline Casey says:

    I agree with Suzanne on the Keen water sandals. They were great on two European cruises…. from sloshing through water in Venice and tromping around ruins at Ephesis. One hint that I don’t see yet…. Forget about taking old underwear and throwing them away. I can travel with 3 pair of underwear by using micro fiber underwear (Ex Officio from REI) and a little bottle of Tide. Throw them in the basin with a little bit of Tide when you get into the shower, rinse them out, roll them in your towel and they are dry in just a few hours. You really only need two, but I through in one for good measure. I also pack two basic colors of clothes… black and navy…and wear blouses and dressy tops that work with both. Black and Bling works great for cruises.

  328. Meg says:

    My absolutely favorite way to pack is taking old underwear and in cold weather, old turtlenecks that I can wear under a jacket and then throwing them away as I go!

  329. Bruce says:

    Always bring a hat. Even if you think you won’t need one. In the hotel, place it on the nightstand and empty your keys, wallet, passport, etc. into it before bed. When you get up (or god forbid if you need to leave in a hurry due to fire, or some other emergency) you’ll already know where everything is–secure and ALL in ONE place, and so won’t have to search around to make sure you haven’t left something essential behind!

  330. Lenne Reynolds says:

    Roll the clothes and stick with colors that match so fewer changes of wardrobe are needed.

  331. R. S. Brown says:

    I vacuum seal a pair of sox, walking shorts, underwear, colored T-shirt with pocket in a large Food Saver pouch. It fits in a FedEx Reusable Sturdy Pak (3 1/2 oz.) and is a 1-2 day outfit, and is perfect for an emergency. I never travel without it!

  332. Violet Sandoval says:

    I pack very light and buy clothes if needed. That’s always a plus!

  333. Pack any items that tsa needs access to in clear ziplock bags. Pack shoes in front for tsa too.

  334. beth says:

    When packing pack for half the number of days , mix and match using 2-3 colors like black and white with a splash of color like red or blue , always bring a bathing suit and using the cover up for sleep too , limit your shoes to fit multiple outfits….limit it to 1pair of walking shoes, sandal, shower shoes…take custom jewlery to jazz up your outfit -leave the real stuff at home so no need to worry if get missplaced , lost or stolen…enrgy power bars good to have for the flights as well for the hotel in case all is closed or stuck at the airport terminal and the restaurants closed …

  335. sally hess says:

    I also wear old unwanted clothes on plane and discard, also a great tip for toiletres or wet bathing suits…those clear sturdy zippered bags that pillowcases or sheets come in when you buy them, better than any commerical bags I’ve found. They don’t break and you can see what you need. Pack in center of case and roll clothes around it.

  336. Audra says:

    Best packing idea = make a list of items you feel you need to take…and then bring half as much. Rarely do we use all that we bring on a trip – no matter how long or how far we travel :-)

  337. Susan, South Jersey says:

    Check the weather before you go and pack accordingly. Skip those items that are ‘just in case’ the weather changes. You can buy 1-2 items to suit the weather if you must!

  338. Billy Holdson says:

    I’m starting to revert to packing like I do when traveling on my motorcycle. Two to 3 days of clean changes, wet weather gear and just buy all the rest along the way. Sounds like a waste to throw away clothes, so sometimes I toss em to goodwill, but the low price of bagged socks & undies, flip flops, etc. at the local “Wallyworld” are pretty disposable and are a fraction of the cost of an additional bag fee. Whatever you do, don’t look into the annual airline profit growth since the imposition of bag fees, it’ll make your blood boil! And yes, we still pack our lunches. Nothing like enjoying a great homemade wrap on the go while the guy next to you is enviously choking down a Mickey D’s value meal he laid out $9.95+ for. Blue skies!

  339. Christopher says:

    I always pack for half the number of days I’m traveling. Washing clothes in the hotel sink works pretty well, and jeans will stand up to almost a week of wear before needing to be washed.

  340. brian says:

    I’m a big believer in rolling clothes as opposed to folding. You’ll be surprised how much space you save. I also use ziplock bags for coins that set off airport alarms and small objects that get lost easily. A few large freezer bags will make organizing your items much easier.

  341. Judy Kinal says:

    This little carry-on bag looks just perfct. I am always trying to plan ahead, minimize cosmetics and shoes and take just the bare essentials that I need. I take one good set of jewelry and use my sandals as beach shoes and shower shoes and slippers. I have learned a lot from the comments. Thanks so much.

  342. candace says:

    Wear old shoes, bring old underwear, old night gown – anything that you can get one more wear out of and then throw them away. Saves room in the case for things you buy on your trip.

  343. candace says:

    oops. meg already had the same tip as I did.

    Here’s another: just pack a toothbrush. don’t bother with shampoo, body lotion or soap. Just pick them up at the hotel and take them with you.

    ALSO, SQUEEZE YOUR PILLOW IN YOUR SUITCASE. It’s so much more comfortable to sleep on your own pillow and much more sanitary as well! Squish it in.
    You’ll be glad you did. And, if you take it in carry on, you can use it during a long flight.

  344. Geri says:

    Invest in some good “travel” clothes (Travel Smith, EX-Officio, Tilley, etc.)…..they roll up nicley, & never wrinkle. Can be washed at night, & they’re dry by morning. Co-ordinate with 2 or 3 colors only, & you’re set. Ladies, add a shawl, men a jacket. Also, invest in a good “travel” suitcase…..lightweight & easy to “roll” along with you. You won’t regret the extra money spent!!

  345. Kathy Conway says:

    If traveling with another person pack half of each person’s things in the others bag. That way if a bag is lost or delayed each person will still have clothing for trip.

  346. Lynn Younce says:

    Buy an all in one makeup compact. lips, eyes. cheeks in one small compact. Lay out all clothing to be packed easier to see what Items you can be eliminate by mixing and matching. Stuff small items inside sneakers( deodorant,plastic bag of jewelry etc). Make sure you pack along your patience and manners. flying has become stressful buts it’s what you make of it. Happy Travels.

  347. Kris says:

    Yes, the master list works well. I have it saved as an Exel document and print out a new one every trip and check off items as I pack them.

  348. Lynne Crowley says:

    I haven’t traveled in quite some time and am shocked at the “rules” the airlines have put upon a traveler. It is a good thing that years ago I learned to take half of what I was going to and pack efficiently. When I’ve gone to Europe for a week or two I went with a carry on only and never had to stand and wait for my luggage. I cannot tolerate doing that. Since I’m going to visit a friend, I will mail my clothes to her and back again.

  349. Karen says:

    I imagine I am like most people who start with a layer of heavy, bulky items in the bottom of their suitcases; shoes, evening bags (for evening attire on those cruises), camera, etc. When I put my pressed, neatly folded clothes on top, they shift around and settle into the hills and valleys causing wrinkles. I had very good luck with the following method on my last trip. Place a piece of cardboard, the size of your suitcase, over the items on the bottom to form a level, even field to lay out those clothes. It worked great!

  350. AmyG says:

    Being a light sleeper, I ALWAYS bring along my sound machine! I have one that makes “white” noise which doesn’t have the sometimes annoying looping. This has ensured a great nights rest as well as allowed me to nap in the day time after a long flight.

    • Patricia says:

      For the long hall I always allow time during stopover for a massage at the airport. All airports I’ve been to have this facility and it sure makes you feel good, ready for the next leg.

  351. branon says:

    Think through your trip and pack interchangeable outfits. Rather than a mix of this and that, pick a pair of pants and then a couple of shirts to go with it that fit in with your travel itinerary and expected weather. In other words, if you’re going to a tropical destination for 3 days, you don’t need cold weather clothes and you probably don’t need more than one or two outfits for each day. Also try to pack shirts that will match more than one pair of pants/shorts and make sure that all of your pants and shirts will match something else you’ve packed. Planning your wardrobe in advance will also save you time – instead of standing in front of 20 different items trying to figure out what to wear, you’ll already be out enjoying your vacation!

  352. Roger says:

    We pack light when when going on a 7 day trip. lightweight roll up everything, don’t pack it if it wrinkles. One pair of shoes besides the ones you are wearing. Make sure they match with your 2 pair of slacks. Take a few shirts if you are able to wash take fewer. You can always leave your clothes and stuff there for someone else, or throw them away. Don’t take expensive stuff You don’t even have to bring all that stuff back.

  353. Kim says:

    I like using packing cubes. You can squeeze a lot more into them than you would think and it’s nice to be able to go into your bag for something and not have everything come flying out at you!

  354. Juanita says:

    Use plastic bags to pack clothes and squeeze the air out of them. Take one set of underwear and wash! wash! wash!.Use a good pair of shoes for dress and walking.

  355. Lori says:

    After hearing horror stories of lost luggage, my husband and I each pack half of our clothes in each of our suitcases.

  356. Thomas says:

    In Ausralia most airlines have a 7 kg carry on allowance for domestic flights and this bag probably weighs over 4 kg.
    Useless in Austalia!

  357. Martha says:

    I take only two pairs of shoes–one for dress and one for walking. I wear the walking shoes and pack the dress shoes. I stuff socks in my packed shoes to save space. Also, I put the shoes in subway sandwich bags, which keeps my clothes from getting dirty.

  358. Marcia says:

    This bag will be great when I pay for a premium seat for more leg room, only to be boarded last with no room left in the overhead! Perfect!!

  359. Jillian Freeman says:

    I put what I think I might take on the bed, then put half away again. I take older clothes and items that I can throw away so I can bring back new or souvenirs. On the plane I wear runners and and heavy clothes, and roll everything else in the case. Zip lock bags are great for putting bathrom items in because they are lightweight and see through. Hotel shampoos/conditioners are good to wash your undies/clothes. I don’t use a handbag but a lightweight travel backpack, carries camera, wallet, travel docs, water, sweater if I need.

  360. Clare says:

    I have sandals with interchangeable velcro straps that make unlimited alternative for shoes-dressy/casual-voila-only need one pair of shoes….

  361. Linda Enos says:

    On my latest trip, I rolled everything, took inventory of only what was needed, limit to two pairs of shoes, one wearing, one in suitcase, planned to do laundry about the 4th day, which limited the clothes that I really did not need to pack. You really just need to take only what is totally necessary and buy the rest when you get there, or take and toss which leaves room for the return trip items that you have bought.

  362. JG Givens says:

    I ALWAYS carry those little rubber ear plugs! You NEVER know who will
    be sitting next to you, in front, in back or across the aisle. Those
    little ear plugs are a LIFE saver when there’s crying babies around
    who are driving OTHER people nuts! Best “carry on” item made!

  363. Carol Coriell says:

    Consider eliminating a bulky toilet kit. Use zip lock bags instead. Take along a skirt hanger (the kind with a swivel hook and 2 pinch clips), and hang the open bags from it back to back, then hang in the bathroom. And there you have a cheap, lightweight, and very usable toilet kit.

  364. Susan says:

    Those darn airlines will try to get us one way or another. That’s why we try to fly Southwest when we travel. When I really have to conserve space, I try to stick to clothing in white, khaki and black and mix and match as much as possible. I’ve learned to take one pair of shoes besides the sneakers I am traveling in. I don’t take an alternate purse. If I need something at dinner, I ask my husband to carry it for me (like a lipstick) or I put it in my pocket. Pants with pockets are are necessity as far as I’m concerned.

  365. Gayle Seaman says:

    Best tip: Take half as much stuff and twice as much money!
    All airlines have different requirements so a trip overseas with different airlines (all in metric) is dizzying. Plan to lose your checked luggage and pack a change of clothes that don’t wrinkle and dry fast in a roll-aboard. Shoes, camera, cell phone, separate passport photos (as you can get a new passport, it’s the photos that are hard to come by) and copies of itinerary, passport and credit cards in purse, roll-aboard and on your body are all that really matter. Packing for 3 days is all you need for 3 days or a month-it’s all the same. Less is more!
    Plan to have fun and leave your “stuff (=trouble) at home!

  366. James says:

    I will only bring 2 or 3 pair of jeans for the entire week to save space. So I will wear each jean for 2 days (or 3 days). As for shirt, I will bring one each day since when you take picture… people won’t pay attention to your jeans, but they do notice whether you are wearing the same shirt for several days. If the weather is cold then I will bring 1 jacket with me (a reversible one where you can wear 2 color on both side); matter of fact, I will wear it while I’m traving to and from airport. If it is a hot weather, then I will bring several shorts and T-shirts to save space. I won’t bring any soap, shampoo or towels since those the hotel already provide. Whatever you can think or know of the hotel will provide then you don’t need to bring those extra items so call your hotel ahead to find out. For instances, definitely don’t want to bring an iron, or hair blow dryer…hee…hee… That will save some space in the luggage. People will say the toiletries provided by the hotel are not a good quality, but so what… Using it 3 or 4 won’t kill you.

  367. Carol Aldy says:

    When traveling outside the US, we always pack laminated color copies of our passports. We also never pack all of our cash & credit cards in the same place. That way if one bag is lost or stolen, we always have some cash and a credit card stashed in the remaining bags.

  368. Susie says:

    For the ladies….buy Chico’s Travellers Line of clothing….All interchangeable and won’t wrinkle!! Can be used for dressy or casual occasions. Also can be washed out in the sink, hang to dry, and will be dried by morning….that is an A+ for me!

  369. limledi says:

    Always pack light even for long trips by bringing the essential items only. A week clothing will be enough especially for cold countries. Just laundry your clothes if needed. Bring only what you will need & use and not the whole closet. Remember to weigh your luggage before going to the airport to avoid excess luggage fees. You can buy a portable weigher that you can bring along your trips.

  370. Sharon Cranford says:

    Always take clothes that I am ready to give away and leave them. I take old underwear and throw it away. I’ve left clothes/shoes all over the world. I lay clothes on the bed and stack them, then fold them into the rectangular size that will fit into the suitcase. I roll underwear, socks and stuff in corner spaces. If packing athletic shoes or full shoes, I fill them.
    I take very light weight dressy shoes and athletic shoes. I also always take a pair of light weight rubber flip flops which serve well for bedroom shoes and pool shoes.

  371. Kathy says:

    Only like to take carry-on so I know my items will be at the same place I am. I wear a flip flop type shoe to airport, carry tennis shoes cause they take up too much room in suitcase. I wear the flip flops so I can put shoes on/off easily at airport. Take clothes that wash and dry easily. Layer clothes if weather is cooler

  372. julie says:

    i like to buy all my personal items when i get to my destanation so i can travel lighter

  373. I USE THE PACKING LIST FROM independenttraveler.com

  374. CL says:

    I use a lot of ziplock bags when packing. They keep bottled liquids contained, and they’re good for keeping socks and other small items organized. Large ziplock bag will help keep charger cords and headphone cords contained.

  375. Shanta says:

    It is amazing how you can manage for a week with clothes in a carry on!!! After travelling a number of times I realized that I always packed too much clothes and with the baggage fees being charged now I decided to smarten up and tried living for a week with clothes in a carry on. GUESS WHAT…I SURVIVED!!! Just pack a lot of mix & match and enjoy your shopping there if you need something.

  376. Sharon Cranford – I love your post. Disposal clothing so to speak. Being a travel researcher I have come to depend on the Independent Traveler as a major source of information. When researching travel for a client, they are the first source I go to to see if I can get what I need before checking any other sites. Thank you so much IT. You make my job so much easier.

  377. Kristine says:

    I like to ups a suitcase a week ahead. It’s very reasonable if you use ground & you don’t have to worry about hassling with it.

  378. Cathy says:

    As bicycle travelers, my husband & I are nuts about minimal packing. We take NOTHING we won’t wear every day or every other day, washing in the sink each night, hoping it dries by morning. It is easy to pack for such trips, when you basically pack a single change of clothes!

  379. sandy jamison says:

    I use my cell phone on airplane mode on a cruise as my alarm clock. I use all personal size lotions, shower jell and perfumes. I pack everything liquid in zip locks bags in case they leek. Pack and then remove half and you’ll still have enough clothes!!! Leave your temper at home and pack your patiences because “things” can happen and don’t let it ruin your vacation.

  380. Debbie says:

    Our family of 4 includes two teenagers. Two helpful hints save lots of squabbling over the amount of clothes they take. Halfway through our trip, we ALL do our laundry, so they only take enough clothes to last this long – and we’ve had some great adventures locating laundromats/understanding directions when traveling in a foreign country! Second, all 4 of us put our underwear, bras (for two of us!), and socks rolled into gallon zip-lock bags – makes it much easier for all of us to grab our own stuff, see “how much” underwear we have left, and unpack/put clothes in drawers/re-pack in a short time.

  381. DCS says:

    the trick is to wear layers, especially if traveling from warm to cool climates and vise versa. then, when you arrive at your destination find the nearest goodwill or other resale shop and buy your clothes there. go to a laundrymat and wash them and you are set. when the trip is done, take them back and drop them off at the drop off center.put your original layers back on and travel home. that way there is more room in your luggage for the goodies you picked to bring home.

  382. Chris says:

    I love to pack neutrals, always a couple of white t-shirts and always check ahead to see what amenities are provided at my hotel so I don’t bring extra stuff I can get at the hotel. I also use large ziploc bags to keep things better organized!

  383. Cathleen Clark says:

    Here is my best travel tip: If you are traveling to a warm or tropical location, select outfits that are slightly well-worn that you are thinking of discarding anyway. As you progress through your vacation, you can throw the outfits out, thus saving room for souvenoirs or trinkets. :) Good luck and have fun!

  384. George says:

    Stuff every cubby hole. If you pack shoes, fill them with socks, toiletries, or anything else to take advantage of the space.

  385. Cyndee says:

    I have gotten so used to traveling lightweight using a 21″ or 19″ suitcase that I have gotten rid of all my larger suitcases altogether. When I travel I chose articles of clothing that can be worn at least 2 – 3 times in the week and the fabric weight easy to wash and dries quickly. If it gets cold I layer. or add a pair of leggings underneat my pants to keep me warm and layer in a cardigan under my blazer jacket. I stick to colors like black and white and spice up my outfits by adding a colored scarf or costume jewelry to accessorize. I break down my clothing in thise order:
    1 black long black jeans,
    1 pair leggings,
    1 pair black long stretch pants,
    1 black pair skort,
    1 black pair capris,
    2 white tops (1 tunic,
    1 short sleeve collar shirt),
    2 black women’s cut tee shirt, (different styles)
    2 black tops or blouses,
    1 white french cut dressy tee shirt with some bling added to it.
    1 swim boycut shorts and tankini. (cause you never know if you will stay somewhere off the grid that might have a pool or a hot tub), I chose the two piece so that it can be switched out and used as underwear and casual top if you happen to run out of clean clothes.
    3 pairs socks,
    2 bras, black white,
    1 LBD,(little black dress, tank top style polyester cotton blend)
    1 black ruana (lightweight cotton)
    2 pairs shoes, 1 walking, *usually weaing the shoes) 1 sandals or dressy flip flops) or black sneaker style,
    5 scarves,
    1 black blazer jacket

    If you roll these items, you can fit everything into 1 21″ suitcase or even a backpack and still have room to put makeup and small supply of toiletries. You can have all this in your bag without even having to open up the expansion zipper. If I do, then I know that I am over packing and I take something out. And if you cannot lift the bag by yourself, then definitely I am overpacked and I can do without that extra blouse or tee shirt. Give it a try. Once you see how much easier it is to get around, you will never check in a bag again. I know i don’t. Happy travels.

  386. Linda says:

    I really like using zip lock bags since I can squeeze a lot of air out of them for saving space plus it’s easy to see what I have without creating a mess that has to be refolded to get back into place. Bags also confine any leaky bottles. I definitely vote for taking older clothes that can be left behind to leave room for purchases.

  387. John Lynch says:

    Marcia on 22 September commented to the effect that last people aboard are left with no overhead luggage space – We have noticed this phenomenon in the USA but nowhere else in the world. Every space is labelled with a seat number. What is it that stops cabin staff in the USA from restricting premium passengers from using other people’s overhead luggage space? Is this just because they are scared of people with money?

  388. janet fauble says:

    I find it peculiar that one airline could actually help create a piece of luggage. I like its size but it could be useful for only very short trips, weekends, or overnight. I doubt that I will ever fly Spirit airlines with such strange qualifications and demands.

  389. Mindy says:

    I always seem to overpack. I loved reading the helpful hints in the comments already placed. I sometimes do the throw away old clothes to make room for souvenirs on the way home. :)

  390. Jerry says:

    I wear as much clothing on my body as I possibly can when I fly. I can wash many clothing items in the hotel sink at night and they are dry by morning. Vacations for me are warm-weather destinations, so I can leave the bulky stuff behind.

  391. ulla hjortflod says:

    For my long haul flights I always pack 1 change of clothing in my hand luggage in case my suitcase goes astray. All toiletries fit into the plastic bag that customs allow. This so that I can have a shower and get refreshed at stopovers. That makes me feel fresh and ready straight after arrival.

  392. Miguel-e says:

    For long foreign trips I take a bag of old clothes that are perfectly fine but I don’t care for or wear anymore (socks, t shirts, underwear) and use them one last time on route and toss them. That way I don’t have to wash any, my lugagge gets lighter thus making room to buy new items besides I already have the space at home to store them.
    Another unexpected bonus has been in poor countries when the maids have come running for blocks to return some clothing left in the room. Once we tell them we don’t want them, they ask if they can keep them (for children). Well their surprise and gratitude is so great, better than any tips.
    To think that this simple action can become such a good deed still overwhelms me that nowadays I try to take-along even more of those un-used garmets.
    My Recycling with a purpose is “green to the extreme”

  393. Lois Graham says:

    I always pack the bulky items in “travel space bags” where you can roll out the air. We often go on ski trips and this works especially well for all the heavier clothes, long underwear, etc needed for skiing to allow more packing space. I take a couple extra with me. Dirty clothes always take up more room so I put the dirty items in them and roll out all the air for the trip home.

  394. Robin Riley says:

    To avoid overpacking, I make a chart of the days I am going to be on my trip and list what I am going to wear each day and STICK TO IT. This list helps me know what I have with me and what goes with what.

  395. Lisa Evans says:

    pack a cloth carry sack for the “extras” that you purchase. It’s a lightweight carry on and keeps your new “treasures” safe. It can conform to any carry on size requirement, and it is an easy “throw it in” and retrieval bag. I need 3 hands when I travel, so, instead of juggling a pocketbook, reading material, travel documents, souveniers all separately, just put them in this carry sack and throw it over your shoulder. It can also double as a beach sack, or a shopping sack while on vacation.

  396. Sarah Zavakos says:

    I always pack LOTS of plastic baggies of various sizes. These are great for keeping little items together in a bag or for wet swimwear, bath ecessories, snacks, dirty shoes,etc. I also pack mix and match shirts and pants. I was on a 15 day cruise once and we had a lady at our dinner table that only brought one outfit with her-WOW!!!I was amazed!! Hey-we all wish we could do that, now don’t we? Pack light, the airlines get enough of our money!!

  397. LOUISE DIETS says:

    Thanks for all the hints. I’m horrible at packing and need all the help I can get.

  398. Mindy G. says:

    Our business requires travel domestic and international. I have really enjoyed the travel and packing tips on this blog. I can’t think of too much to add. My husband always wears a cap. It is a really good trip if we make it home without leaving the cap on a plane, in a car, etc. **) We each travel with a pack pack as our carryon. We always pack the same things in the same pockets. So we know exactly where everything should be. Organization is the key to happy, stress free travel. Happy trails to all of you!

  399. debbie says:

    We purchased travel vests from Magellan and now fill all those pockets with necessities – especially the heavier things like cameras and small accessories especially when we go on scuba dive trips and need so many pieces of gear. We did have a few airlines over the years weigh us as well as our carry-ons, but they couldn’t do much about the “excess” weight on us! This is especially helpful with airlines that restrict the carry-on to 15 lbs and we like to carry our regulator, mask and swimsuit with us. Now with the vest, we can put the camera and a few other things in the pockets to lighten the carry-on. Plus most of the pockets zip and we can keep passports, money and ID’s on us without the fear of leaving them behind or someone stealing them.

  400. Rob says:

    Stay with the same color scheme and take 1 less pair of shoes than you think you’ll need

  401. Lisas says:

    Pack all clothing in a vaccuum storage bag & vaccuum out all air. Then on return trip repack clothing in bag & either borrow hotel’s vaccuum cleaner or take a very light hand held food storage vaccuum device to vaccuum air from bag.

  402. Deborah says:

    Roll up garmets instead of folding to conserve space.

  403. Melinda Urion says:

    Select color scheme and limit items to mix and match. Select what to take and then put half away.

  404. Melinda Urion says:

    If traveling in the fall or winter, buy dark colored walking shoes that match jeans and darker clothing that you can use during the day and at night for dressier occasions and nix the other shoes.

  405. Melinda Urion says:

    Toiletries take up a lot of room and can be heavy.
    —A product like vaseline or mentholatum can serve multiple purposes — lip gloss, shoe cleaner/buffer, nail and cuticle conditioner, eyebrow smoother, nighttime heel and elbow moisturizer.
    —Get moisturizer with sunscreen and tint to avoid taking multiple products.
    —Use hotel-provided shampoo and conditioner rather than bringing your own.
    —Use shower gel or shampoo for laundry.

  406. Melinda Urion says:

    If living in swimsuits, re-use underwear based on number of hours worn for dinner.

  407. Melinda Urion says:

    Take pieces that fill multiple roles — swim cover up can be used as night shirt. I have terry rompers that I sleep in, use as a cover up and lounge around in in the room.

  408. Melinda Urion says:

    Rather than traveling with lots of guide books, cut out the sections you want (or photocopy the pages)and create a very small notebook (like the kind used for pocket calendars)to take with you. This also forces you to do your homework in advance, take more time to enjoy the anticipation, learn about where you are going and sleep on the plane rather than trying to do all this before you land. This is particularly useful if you are visiting several areas. In 1981 in our first trip to Europe, my husband and I visited France (Paris and Alsace-Lorraine region), many areas in Switzerland, Vienna and Salzburg. Needless to say I accessed many different guide books for this trip (including one about hiking trails in Switzerland) and this worked perfectly. I used a 5×7 size and kept with me each day only those pages I needed. As I finished each area, I tossed those pages and lightened the load. (I had used photocopies so I still had the complete books at home).

    The most important thing was the fun I had doing it and preparing for the trip.

  409. Melinda Urion says:

    Hair care — the toughest thing on a vacation. You have your daily routine but it probably takes some or all of the following: hair blower, hair straightener, hair curler, hair curlers, mousse, leave in conditioner, straightener, volumizer, hair spray, hair gel, styling mousse or gel, and the list goes on.

    Before I go on vacation, I decide that a vacation is for fun and I am not going to use the same time getting ready in the morning that I do at home.

    So I go to my hairdresser for a really good cut and experiment on a few weekend days (when I’m not going to see anyone) to forgo my usual routine and just blow dry and brush my hair to see how it works out and whether I can live with it. After a few tries, I have a nice, casual, fast style that will get me through the vacation with the hotel-provided hair blower and nothing else.

    Also, without having such a “precise” routine and hair style that I am striving for, I am not as inconvenienced when it rains or is very humid. I don’t have to worry about electrical converters for my hair appliances and I can forgo many toiletries that are used only for my hair.

    • Joan says:

      When I am on vacation I do not wear makeup, a bra or style my hair.
      And, the funny thing is that people (especially in Hawaii), treat me like a local! I love it!

  410. Always place your home address not only on the outside of your bag but in the inside of your bag as well. Also if two people are travelling together share each others piece of luggage…some of yours in his….some of his in yours….if one is lost, you will each have at least some of your needed items.

  411. Sharon says:

    I bought some of those leak proof bottles from the Container Store and transfered my hair care products and stuff over. No big bottles to carry, no leaks in the suitcase and you can buy the size needed for the length of the trip. After vacation I store them away and then all I have to do for the next trip is top them off and I don’t forget.

  412. Maria S Marcano says:

    Put all important documents (passport, airline tickets, itinerary, copies of
    credit cards, etc.) in a zip lock. Put it in an accessible place in your carry on. They will be handy, keep clean and dry, and will be easy to find. If leaving it in hotel room, please put a lock in that compartment of your carry on.

  413. Shari says:

    I always wear my bulkiest items (shoes, jeans, coat)and pack the rest. Take outfits that I can wear with the same pair of dress shoes so I only have to bring one pair, and minimize toiletrie by purchasing travel size items. For makeup, simply ask the ladies at the makeup counter of your favorite department store for some samples – tell them you’re considering purchasing this brand or that, and you just can’t decide – they’re usually happy to oblige.

  414. Laura says:

    After laying out everything you are considering taking on your trip, go back about a week before the trip and select only half the items, putting the others away. Then the day you pack, select only half again, making sure you have mixes and matches, and only clothing and shoes that are absolutely comfortable. Pack nothing that is in the catagory of \what if\. You may still possibly come home with an item or two you never used.

  415. Harry Chambers says:

    I cannot say enough about using 1 carry on bag no mattere where or how long you are going…… and rolling your clothes to use less space and to eliminate wrinkling. My wife and i went to Paris this year and utilized them both. We both felt much more confident only looking out for our carry ons. And when we arrived the rolling method was amazing….We had starched shirts that did not have a wrinkle and the same with trousers and skirts. At first I wasn’t sure it would work but then I seen it firsthand. Since then we have used these methods a few more times with very pleasing results.

  416. Carolyn says:

    I pack everything in 1 or 2 gallon zip lock bags. Each one will hold a couple of pairs of pants, shirts a smaller size bag holds underwear and pj’s. I use a folded piece of cardboard to put the clothes between and slip it into the bag so it is easy to put the articles in. Then I put it in the top part of the carry on to take with me. I Leave an opening at the top so I can push out all the air before zipping it closed. This really condensed the packages & nothing shifts around. There is plenty of room for shoes and personal items left over.

  417. Bobbie says:

    If you go away on a vacation, odds are that you will not run into the people you meet again, so wear the same clothes over and over again instead of packing to impress.

  418. Dan Watts says:

    I’m a commercial photographer and carry a lot of gear. When I fly to location shoots, I pack and send (Surface FedEx) one bag of clothes to my hotel at the location. Then I ship my equipment (Surface FedEx) to the location of the photography shoot. I carry on my laptop and sometimes my camera bodies and lenses. I save a fortune by shipping by surface/land and I can have it anywhere in the US in 2-4 days. The cost is generally what I would have paid the airlines and I don’t have to schlep all the gear through the airports. It’s shipped right to the photo shoot and my clothes are waiting for me at the hotel.

  419. Gia says:

    Always pack less than you think you will need because more than likely you will not use everything you pack. You can always wash clothes out and hang overnight to dry if needed. Pack everything with mulitiple uses in mind. I also save space by utilizing my walking shoes to pack small items in; shampoo, hair products, skin products, toothpaste/toothbrush, etc.

  420. michelle says:

    EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Seriously undies don’t take up much room at all!

  421. Glorya Nevius says:

    Pack, then take out half. You will honestly not wear everything you think you will.

  422. pegasusa says:

    Packing cubes! Undies in one, rolled or folded shirts in another, pants etc in the third. I just throw the undie cube in the drawer and for quick unpacking. I love them and gave them as gifts for Christmas!

  423. Tisha says:

    get an e-book reader — carry 300 books in less than the space of a paperback. a light rain jacket with a lot of big pockets will let you pack more stuff for “free” by stuffing it in the pockets — and you just take the jacket off to go through the x-ray at security (rather than trying to remember to empty and re-fill every pocket in your cargo pants). a cargo vest would work too — but you probably want a rain a jacket for your trip, anyway.

  424. lynn says:

    Use the vaccuum bags that don’t need a vacuum. Wear your bulkiest shoes and mix and match outfits

  425. Brenda says:

    Always take comfortable, well-broken-in shoes: one pair packed, the other pair on your feet.

  426. Mary says:

    I choose non-bulky items to pack and wear my jacket and jeans on the plane as well as the heaviest or bulkiest shoes. I pack in zip lock bags and roll my clothes. You also have to plan to wear things more than once especially if it isn’t a terribly hot destination. I carry medications and most of my toiletries in my purse, which I place inside a tote bag that is under the seat compliant.

  427. Betty says:

    love doing carry-on, but when I was a single traveller, I always had issues with hoisting a carry-on into the overhead….I love under the seat storage…

  428. Brenda says:

    Never pack more than you can carry yourself. There are many times this will be so much more convenient.

  429. Judy says:

    For wrinkle free hanging clothing, use the dry cleaners bags. Wrinkle free every time.

  430. Dan Freeman says:

    Scan your passport, passport photos and paper tickets (if not the e type). Store this (in an email for e.g.) in your web based email account. You can also store the details of your emergency ‘lost card’ telephone numbers in your web based email account so you know who to contact if your credit card or ATM card is lost or stolen. This way, even if you lose everything, you have immediate access your all important information. You can even email the details page of your passport to the embassy or consulate when applying for a new one.

  431. Ebony says:

    Funny as I think I have finally learned how to pack everything in a carry on bag. I was lucky and savvy enough to put 10 days, (yes 10 days) worth of clothes in a carry on suitcase recently. I even amazed myself. It even held a whopping three pairs of shoes which included a pair of tennis shoes. I rolled everything as tight as I could and let me tell you it worked like a charm. Still shaking my head when I arrived at my dad’s place. Even he was amazed and then proceed to ask “exactly how long are you staying again?” lol. I was only there for 5 days but hey, I needed to have options :)

  432. Bea says:

    Buy what you need there. No need to pack anything except essentials!!

    • Joan says:

      That would be cool if you’re going alone or with girls who like to shop.
      And if you don’t care about seeing the sights in the place where you have just arrived. Actually, the best plan would be to go a week early to buy all your stuff!! And then chill. Excellent.

  433. Donna Denny says:

    If you like to take more and avoid the weight problems, consider one of the vests with LOTS of zipper pockets. Fill it up with electronics and heavy things. You have to take it off to go thru the scanner, and when I get on the plane, I take it off again and put it in the overhead. It’s amazing what you can put in them. Scottevest makes one, but there are knock offs, too. Got mine on eBay!

  434. Donna Denny says:

    Fill up your shoes with small items!

  435. Tina Campbell says:

    Find a way to keep the airlines from reading this so they don’t decide that these packing ideas are really smart and start charging for all the above :)

  436. Vernon says:

    I hate bag fees as much as anyone. I am 6′ tall, 230 lbs and wear a size 14 shoe. Carrying on is fine for a short weekend trip but I refuse to live in the same clothes for 2 weeks. If you can afford the trip the the bag fees shouldnt break you. If you cant afford the bag fees, well then you shouldnt be travelling (I appologize and make exceptions for those with circumstances who have to fly).

    I dont even think a pair of shoes would fit in that bag let alone a change of clothes. I also won’t fly Spirit.

  437. Sue says:

    If you’re a female, take two pairs of shoes: one black pair of sneakers for walking around, one dressy pair of black shoes (flats would be better than heels!).

    If you’re a male, you can get away with wearing a pair of black sneakers throughout your trip. No one is ever going to look at your feet and point out that you have sneakers on instead of dress shoes.

    Of course, coordinate everything in your wardrobe with blacks and grays.

  438. Steve says:

    Roll clothing to pack,and take mix and match outfit pieces.
    Wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and pack one pair of dress shoe.
    Use small trial sized shampoos or deodorants…Much smaller easier to pack.

  439. Take your common sense and good manners with you when traveling.
    Treat fellow travelers/people serving you,as you would want to be treated.
    You don’t need a suitcase to carry a smile…

  440. Carolyn says:

    Be sure to fill all ‘open’ space such as inside shoes, corners of bag, etc.

  441. Joyce says:

    If you have some things that are older outfits – wear them and just leave them. Someone (Housekeeper, etc.) may be able to use them. Then you will have space for things you want to bring back. As for travel containers for make-up, etc. – try prescription vials – (some have lids that only you can get off. – Try them and see how they fit in 1 qt. zip lock bag, you’ll use them all the time

  442. Jack says:

    Take a Tide to Go pen, so you can wear garments more than once without any stains!

  443. Laurie says:

    I always pack with tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched. try to carry as many flats as possible, and use spacebags to minimize the volume of what’s in my suitcase. If I carry a jacket i wear it on the plane, along with the bulkiest clothes and shoes I will need on vacation. Also, I don’t mind doing a little laundry on vacation; it’s usually just a load or two.

  444. Cindy says:

    Buy light weight clothes that do not wrinkle and roll them. Tuck them throughout the holes that your other clothes make. Take more tops than slacks and try to re-wear the slacks. Only take 2 pr of shoes. Daytime and nightime (a little dressier shoes).

  445. Karen says:

    Stuff socks and underwear in shoes. Put all liquids/creams in zip-lock bags before putting them in checked luggage.

  446. Sylvie Leonard says:

    My husband and I did 3 weeks in Europe with a carry on suitcase and a small backpack. That’s the best way to travel, easy to get on public transit, train, etc. Colour coordinate everything. And bring the smallest size possible of toiletries, there are tons of places to buy replacement if need be.

  447. Di says:

    Pack – unpack – pack again — its amazing how much stuff we bring that we do not use —

  448. Pamela says:

    When I pack for the 5 of us, I use grocery bags to pack a days worth of clothing.Girls in one(3) boys in the other(2) Not only am I recycling my old grocery bags, its easy to “push” bags around to fit in a suitcase, and you dont lose any part of an outfit trying to shove it some place. You also end up have built in laundry bags, for everyone.It’s a snap!

  449. Peggy says:

    Put sweaters and bulky items in extra large zipper bags, have the kids sit on them to get out all of the air! Amazing what a difference it makes!

  450. Christine says:

    wear the heaviest clothes (jeans/sweater), stuff smaller things into shoes, stuff underwear into crevices

  451. Alice Fair says:

    I definitely roll up clothing, also polyester type fabrics help lighten the load as opposed to cotton. i try to pack lite weighing shoes and just stick to basic monochromatic colors so you can accessorize with scarfs etc.

  452. colby says:

    I always bring along plastic light sticks – they bend into a circle and have a soft glow – I hang one on the bathroom door handle at night this prevents anyone from banging into things in the dark

  453. Bee Jay says:

    Take a package of baby wipes. They are great for removing makeup, substituting
    for a wash cloth, polising shoes, and wiping soil from anything that gets dirty.
    Works every time!

  454. J Justice says:

    I use ‘onesoles’ for all evening shoes……dressy tops for formal night and more casual tops for other night..reduces my shoes by 2 or 3 pair…

  455. Barb Schuessler says:

    Pack two of everything and then take half out. :)

  456. Caverlin says:

    Bring your iPhone. Get your ticket ready from ur email. Get all the map and information screen shot just incase you don’t have any data roaming. For toiletries, get those free samples pack if you have any. It does helps a lot to save up your space. Daily disposable contact if you are wearing, so you doesn’t need to pack in your solution and save your hassle to remove your contact and wash it at night when you’re back to your hotel.

  457. Meg says:

    Like the color/pattern. As others have suggested, I always use zip top bags too.

  458. Pack only mix and match clothes and make sure that they match 1 pair of nice shoes. So then you can limit the number of shoes you need to pack. When I cruise I take 3 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of dress shoes and 1 piar of sneakers.

  459. Karen says:

    Love all of these comments! So much truth in all of them. Remember not to bring anything that you can’t live without if lost. That goes for clothing, jewelry or any personal items. Remember to be the traveler, not the tourist. Enjoy the experience and remember that the “destination” holds only part of the entire trip. Enjoy that Philly cheese steak (for example) at the airport if delayed. Take a “walk” around for your exercise in the terminal. The unexpected surprises will only happen if you relax and open up to allow them to happen. Be the traveler!

  460. Millie says:

    Try to color coordinate clothing to mix and match.

  461. Coreen says:

    A rectangular black shawl works as a with a coat as a scarf, as an evening wrap, and as a light airplane blanket. Or if you are going to a warm weather location from a cold one, leave the heavy coat home and use the shawl over a cardigan sweater for the plane. And remind yourself that most destinations have stores, and an article of clothing makes a nice souvenir. If you are in the US and find you have purchased too many items, send some clothes home in a flat rate USPS box.

  462. Marilyn Walsh says:

    Have you ever actually looked at the stuff that people bring on a plane, all in the name of carry on…? Are they innately just stupid or do they think they are actually adhering to the rules…??
    No wonder we are getting so severely cut back by the rules…if you give them an inch they take a mile…! I cannot believe that people are really that dumb. It is not that hard to pack properly and use a decent size carry on and a checked bag.
    Just amazed,

    Marilyn Walsh

  463. Claudia says:

    use space bags, as long as you have the use of a vaccunm cleaner at the other end.

  464. bob carolan says:

    once,while packing, I looked at my clothes (particularly underwear & socks) and decided what was due to be thrown out. I packed some of that stuff. When leaving (London) I left it behind. It gave me the room I needed for my souvenirs.

  465. Brian says:

    Wear a multi-pocketed vest. I bought a nice one from Eddie Bauer. I can put an unbelievable amount of items and lighten my load. I also use a Rick Steeves bag that can either be carried like a suitcase or backpack. samantha Smith also has good tips at her websight.

  466. Tracy says:

    Never pack all of the “I may need it” things…they waste space and you probably won’t need it!

  467. MINDY MORSE says:

    Two can play Spirit’s game. Coats can be carried on without charge. I take the biggest one I can find and stuff the sleeves & pockets as tightly as possible with my heaviest clothing.

  468. We travel a lot and would love to have a light weight suitcase such as you have.
    I should be good at packing as I get to do it a lot. We put my husband’s Tux on top of the underwear that we fill the crevices with, then my formal on top of that. The other things like slacks, shirts and tops go on top. We never have wrinkled clothes. We also use zip top bags in case something would leak like the cologne, toothpaste and any other liquids.

  469. Chris says:

    Reversible clothing! I have a reversible dress that has a coordinating sweater that is great for travel. There are also reversible vests, zip off pants and even jackets that turn into vests by zipping off the sleeves.

  470. T. Rifkin says:

    Take your oldest, rattiest underwear. They are lighter. Wear one and throw it away to leave room for goodies you buy on vacation.

  471. LouAnn says:

    My last trip I was determined to put a weeks worth of stuff in a carry-on. I succeeded by wearing the heavy stuff and packing just a couple of items b/c I knew I would be doing laundry there like I always do. If they start charging for my carry-on’s, you’ll see me doing alot of layering!

  472. Jennifer says:

    I pack for a whole week in a small bag with mix and match clothes. Always wear your jeans and heaviest shoes on the trip. Just plan what you want to wear each day ahead of time and adjust for temperature changes by layering your clothes.

  473. Lisa Roberts says:

    I wear my bulky items and fill my pockets of my coat. I carry a medium size tote bag with a large tote bag rolled and tied inside along with my personal items. The large one is used on the way back with the smaller one inside to carry anything extra I’m bringing back. My clothes are always mix and match and can go from casual to dressier. I use space bags that don’t require a vacumn. You roll them to remove the excess air. I put my socks, underclothes and roll up flats inside my boots and fold the tops down so they will fit in the bottom of my bag. Presto, I’m set for an 8-10 day trip!

  474. Dorothy says:

    I always bring an empty nylon bag (which weighs practically nothing) for souvenirs or other purchases. Makes a handy carry-on tote for the trip home.

  475. Nita says:

    Pack pants that can be wore more than one time. only pack what you really need. Ask yourself if you can buy things when you get to where you are going and then buy small bottles of shampoo and etc leave behind when you leave. Wear as much as you can such as jackets heavy shoes etc. Stop by a post office and mail home a package of your buys so that you will not have to carry hem on the plane. Mail dirty clothes back home along with all the treasures you have picked up. Will be home watting for you when you get home.

  476. Joleigh says:

    You can get that bag for $45 here : http://www.ebags.com/product/lucas/wheeled-under-the-seat-bag/211182?productid=10128614

    And personally, I just won’t fly the airlines that charge you for a freakin carry-on. One reason I love Southwest…

  477. Louise says:

    Use zip lock bags. They really compress. Pack early and take half of everything out.

  478. Stan says:

    With checked baggage weight limitations, I try to carry heavy items( electric shaver,tennis shoes,clock, camera, etc.)) in clothing pockets of jacket and/or vest (pockets zipped closed)putting jacket in overhead bin when seated, placing bulky items in checked or carryon bag. I also carry a traveler’s scale to weigh the checked (if any) bag to be within 50 lb. weight limit.

  479. If you are traveling as a couple remember to put some clothes for both of you in the carry on in case your bags get lost.

  480. Nancy Copeland says:

    Use this small bag for your must haves and at your destination buy some clothes and what not and if the suitcase gets too full just mail some things home! Never carry what you could mail!

  481. Winfred says:

    I pack older under garments that I throw out as the trip progresses. That way I create more space for mementos.

  482. Shirley Kroot says:

    Travel with suitcases as empty as possible and buy when you get to your destination.

  483. Wendy says:

    Start a few weeks before actually leaving ~ that way, you can lay out everything & realize you have too much! Also, pack toiletries or small clothing items in shoes to save space

  484. Susan says:

    I roll everything together. You can roll 3 outfits in the amount of space that 1 sweater folded takes up. And I don’t own any clothes that need to be ironed, so wrinkles are not an issue.

  485. Mary says:

    Don’t forget the travel mug, duct tape, bungee cord and real scissors. They have saved the day several times.

  486. Evelyn says:

    Put small things inside shoes, so that they wont break or get lost.

  487. Shane says:

    I wear a layered oufit for travel days which can be worn with a few other items which I pack in a rolling duffle.

  488. Terri Middleton says:

    Definitely shop for clothes that are “travel Friendly”. I know that Chico’s has them for women and have even seen them at Sam’s Club. Keep to a few colors to avoid needing more that a few pair of shoes.

  489. janet says:

    pack your bag then remember to take it!!!!! if forgotten the airport shops and your nerest supermarkey at your destination will get you out of trouble for at least a day or two ,deoderant, briefs, toothbrush and paste and a change of clothes.But always make sure to put your medication in your handbag or pocket not in your bag as they are harder to replace especially if you travel on weekends or public holidays.

  490. Josie Levine says:

    A back scratcher, a plastic drain stopper, scotch tape, post-it notes, a travel diary, zip lock bags a plastic bottle opener, a chip clip & a kitchen timer to act as my snooze alarm.
    Whom are you going to ask to get that “itch” if you travel alone? What happens if you use the tub, but the tub drain stopper is damaged or missing & you’ve already stripped? Use the scotch tape & post-its to leave reminders for yourself or notes to the housekeeping staff. A diary for the memories–both good & bad, & zip lock baggies for everything from a wet bathing suit, to make-up, to food, to jewelry & everything else in between.

    I carry itinerary tags w/ contact info both at home & where I am traveling to , hotel & flight data & insert a copy inside the suitcase as well. Have had luggage locks break in transit, so carrying an extra one or two locks has saved my running around at the last minute.

  491. Marty says:

    I always put things that might leak in zip lock bags and make sure that anything that is really important to me is in my carry on or purse. I stuff shoes with socks and lay clothing across the suitcase and then fold over what’s \hanging out\ in order to avoid wrinkles.

  492. Connie says:

    Haven’t traveled much since all these new regs so I would really love to win one of these for my flight to cruise in the winter.

  493. Carolyn R says:

    I pack everything I need for a precruise stay except for liquids in my carryon and everything I only need for the cruise in my larger checked bag.

  494. Amy says:

    Roll clothes to prevent wrinkles instead of folding. and don’t forget your passport in your checked baggage!

  495. Linda says:

    We live near a regional airport. The planes that leave here are small and have limited overhead space. Regular carryons must be checked at the plane and are placed in the cargo space. This requires you to wait for you bag when you arrive. We have missed a connecting flight because of this delay added on to a weather related delay in landing. This type of bag would eliminate that problem.

  496. rod says:

    Buy some 12″ X 12″ .004″ thick zip-top plastic bags. You can put almost any item of clothing in these bags, squeeze the air out, and seal the top. You can fit a lot more in a small suitcase using these.

  497. Janelle says:

    I never thought to put heavy stuff in pockets. Serves the airlines right for their pain in the ass fees. Also, Southwest doesn’t charge baggage fees but…have you noticed a large across the board fare increase? They aren’t fooling me.

  498. Ruth says:

    I pack all my makeup and things in a zip top bag. No wasted space like when you use a makeup bag.

  499. Martha Backstrom says:

    A few ideas: my favorites – the metal shower curtain holders for hanging things anywhere – with bungee cord or elastic hair bands I use the covered ones -don’t stretch out. They are great for batching things, color coding etc. Small duct tape, Ace type bandage for sprains or tying things together. I have one set of items for overnight/weekend and one for longer trips. If two or more traveling, one multi-charger so charging all at once. Other shared items – curling iron, one bag of sharps in checked luggage: scissors, nail file, tweezers, can opener, pocket knife, etc. Throw away underwear when checking out – our houskeeper kept retreiving it. Check out all sizes of zip lock bags – many options. Box of kleenix – as you use the kleenix, you’ll have a semi-sturdy box for fun things. Or mail boxes from FedEx or PO. Use tape over bottle tops – can anyone explain how bottle tops unscrew themselve in bag, purse etc.??? Keep in ziplock! Remember paper copies of prescriptions or send yourself an email with all that info. Liked the idea of glow-stick, I have used a glow in the dark flashlight. A couple of plastic spoons, forks etc. I like “Sporks.” Thanks, this was fun!

  500. Martha Backstrom says:

    two more thoughts – toilet paper or paper towel rolls for fragile items. I agree about buying personal items on arrival. I love to shop, so early in the trip we hit the large grocery etc. stores. It is fun to see brands we know, especially in other countries although in other languages. A different view of different cultures.

  501. Eileen Rzecinski says:

    Remember the bags advertised on TV that you use a vacuum bag on? I’m going to try them on my 12 day Caribbean trip and let you know how it turned out.

  502. Dianne says:

    I always travel with samples of face cream and perfumes, put my foundation in small sample bottles – toiletries can bulk up. For jewellery, only a few versatile pieces in a small jewellery bag or in a couple gumball size plastic containers. Also If I think I may go over my checked bag’s weight (all those gifts!), I try to carry the non-liquid heavier items in my carry-on, as it has never gotten weighed once! Last time it worked like a charm! I was exactly on the dot on the max weight of my checked bag!

  503. Gloria Irwin says:

    My personal item “purse” (which can be carried on in addition to the carryon) is a laptop-size briefcase-shaped bag which EASILY holds: 1) folder with all printed reservations: airline, car rental, hotel, cruise, cruise excursions, in the order of usage; and several sheets of EXTRA BLANK PAPER for printing boarding passes at hotel business centers — as a courtesy to not having to use THEIR paper; (2) medications; dramamine; toothbrush — don’t worry about toothpaste here; (3) one set of extra underwear; (4) book, magazine, current newspaper, or Kindle; (5) deflatable neck pillow; Pashmina scarf or two for shoulders, airline blanket; Ear-planes for air-pressure equalization in your ears if you have that problem; (6) Smart Phone; (7) variety puzzle book; (8) refillable EMPTY filter-water bottle which you can fill when you get on the plane; (9) pens, emery board, small magnifying glass; (10) extra pair of reading glasses; (11) small hand towel and wet-wipes. You’ll note these items don’t not take up much space at all and the bag is EASILY placed under the seat in front of you.

  504. Beth says:

    Make sure every piece of clothing can be worn with anything else in the suitcase. Use scarves & jewelry to dress up clothing. Wear your heaviest pair of shoes & never pack a coat. Your carry on seldom gets weighed, so put heavy items in it.

  505. Jeannie Whittle says:

    Wear your heavy clothes and shoes and save your packing space for the light stuff. Don’t bring your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc… Most hotels will have that stuff for free in your room, and you can always purchase small bottles at a local store. Don’t be afraid to wear the same outer clothes more than one day, this will also help reduce the number of items you have to try and stuff into your carry-on or checked bags.

    Well that’s my two-cents worth of advice.

    Thanks and happy traveling.

  506. Angelena says:

    I love the bag.

    I pack a pop up mesh hamper that fold flat to use for dirty clothes on trips.

  507. Candy says:

    Never put your passport in your suitcase, Amy. Susan, a sweater rolled or lying flat takes up the same space unless you go by different rules for physics. Rolling them will help with the wrinkles though. With all the restrictions on liquids, I find that 99cents stores carry a lot of smaller bottles of things, as well as travel sections of chain drugstores. That way I don’t mind leaving them or throwing them out before I leave.
    Women have more challenges than men with all the beauty products we use. Try to combine products as much as possible; i. e., face moisturizer with sunscreen, multiple color kits for eye shades, eyeliner pencil that can be used for the brows as well, make-up that can be used as an eye concealer, etc.

  508. barbara regina walters says:

    i load up my carry on with heavy items like extra shoes, electrical adaptors, clothes streamer, heavy clothing.

  509. Sharon says:

    I found using the E-bag cubes totally simplied not only my packing (combined like clothing articles in each bag), but was great to reduce wrinkles in clothing and could just be placed in a drawer to use as needed. The various sizes accommodated everything I wanted to take on my trip – from clothing and shoes to cosmetics.

  510. Ellie says:

    Sounds great! Now if we could find clothes that dry instantly in humid climates we would be all set to got. Baggage fees are getting totally ridiculous…we love southweat airlines no fee for 2 policy. If they can do it and still be profitable, the other carriers can too. Think we will look for 2 of these bags as going overseas is not possible on Southwest and we were recently very dismayed that they wanted to charge us for second bag from Amsterdam to USA. We had been gone a month and thought it was 2 bags free transAtlantic. We know better now.

  511. Myrna says:

    I roll up my underpanties and squeeze several into a ziplock bag. Same with socks. I sometimes put complete outfits together with accessories, etc. into a large baggie. I squeeze the air out before sealing. Really works well on a tour where I am in a different location every night. I just pull out one baggie from the suitcase before going to bed, hang up the clothes to release wrinkles, and in the morning I’m all set. I always take extra ziplocks in various sizes with me. They come in handy for lots of things. As for wearing my heaviest shoes/boots on the plane, I carry them with me in a foldable handle bag and wear flip flops for easy on and off through the xray checkpoint. Before I board, I but on the heavy shoes, fold the bag up and slip it and the flip flops into a side pocket of the carry on.

  512. Kary Ross says:

    Gotta have this because I am trying once again to carry on and have a need for this size! Pick ME!

  513. Ger says:

    I’ve certainly pared down our packing over the past few years, but have not yet managed to pack for a trip in just a carry-on. I’d love one of those bags because I’m tired of having to fight for space in the overhead compartment with regular sized carry-ons. With this bag it looks like you could pack a bunch of stuff in it, yet stow it under the seat in front of you with extra room left over for your feet!

  514. Carol says:

    Try a Scottevest jacket – has 20+ pockets. Not much you can’t fit in – even holds a tablet or e reader. Sleeves zip off for comfort. Wearing it and zip off pants means you’ll be comfortable on your flight, even without a blanket. Also, you’ll have everything you need on your person and don’t have to keep getting up to get stuff out of your carryon. You just take it off as you walk through security. So convenient.

  515. I always check ahead of time to see if my resort has a washer and dryer. I pack half of the clothes our family needs and do laundry halfway through the trip while we are all taking a dip in the pool. Don’t forget to pack quarters and those trial size packets of laundry detergent found in the travel section of your local Walmart or Target. Packing half the clothes we actually need saves us a ton of money on airline baggage fees and it simplifies our packing.

  516. Victoria says:

    My carry-on is a rolling BACKPACK. On some smaller regional planes, they do not allow carry-on luggage (even if you claim it can fit under the seat!). However, backpacks are allowed. You just have to be sure to wear or carry it, as opposed to rolling it, as you get on the plane. With the wheels, it’s just like any rolling carry-on.

  517. Marion Bevis says:

    send emails to your kindle with information that you will need on your trip.

  518. Celeste says:

    Pack empty gallon or larger size ziplock bags to hold dirty laundry. You can use the bags for cushioning fragile items that you buy on your trip.

    • Liane Brown says:

      I will always pack my clean clothes into gallon and quart size baggies and re-use them on the return trip for dirty laundry. These baggies compact the load and keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

  519. Martha Meier says:

    Great ideas – an added suggestion for women who love perfume – I tear out the paper perfume samples from the fashion magazines and trim them to just the width of the folded scent sample; they last forever, take up/add minimal space and weight. This carry-on bag looks awesome….

  520. Cecile Driskill says:

    Just got back from a trip. Am always looking for a perfect carryon bag. Still haven’t found it. Maybe this one is it!

  521. Kathleen Luiten says:

    To keep everything you pack smelling fresh add a fabric softener sheet to each suitcase. While travelling put dirty laundry into gallon size zip lock bags. An easy way to wash small items – like socks, bras and underwear – is to put a few together in a big zip lock bag, add some water and liquid soap, zip it closed (pushing some air out) and then shake it and knead it a bit. Let the clothes soak a few minutes, rinse and hang to dry. I hate to waste vacation time at a laundromat so I take knit and silk tops that I can wash by hand too. When packing I use dry cleaning bags or zip lock bags to separate outfits and reduce wrinkling. And I have the lightest suitcases I could find, but this one looks better than what I have now.

  522. Janice O. says:

    Shoes take up a lot of space, so I limit myself to 2, including the ones I wear on the plane: 1 for walking and 1 for dressing up to go out.

  523. Paula says:

    Always pack any liquid stuff such as shampoo and conditioner in zip lock bags so they don’t get all over your clothes from the pressure in the airplane. Also I pack any perscription meds in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost.

  524. Debbie B. says:

    Need this bag! Plan to just use one bag this next trip!

  525. Shelly Davis says:

    I roll my clothes and take the Downy spray. Works great!

  526. Nancy says:

    Always pack 1/2 what you think you need. I also pack a small amount of laundry detergent for longer trips and utilize the bathtub as my wash machine. On a recent 17 day trip to China I washed out out clothes and then used the bath towels to absorb the excess water. I utilized out closet with the doors left open to hang and dry our clothes. I also roll the clothes as I pack, in doing so you can get a lot more in a smaller area. If I must pack shoes I always fill them with the rolled socks and toiletries. I have gotten so good at rolling and filling every available space that we can now travel on most trips even for 10 days with nothing more than a carry on. I HATE paying to put my luggage on a plane. I refuse to do so!

  527. Gigi K says:

    Don’t have electronic gear? Check with your public library to see if they stock any “Playaway” – the all-in-one audio books. This is an easy-to-use 3″ x 2 1/2″ player packed with an entire audiobook. There are a wide range of titles available.

  528. Britt says:

    My shoes usually take up a lot of room — so I try to stuff things inside of them (usually my Flip video camera and point and shoot camera). Old pill bottles are also good for jewelry or small items that may get lost in luggage.

  529. Valerie says:

    My packing tip is to take less clothes and just wash them in the sink when you get there so that you can wear something more than once.

  530. Patricia Nadreau says:

    We usually drive to cruise ports for vacations but we recently flew to Las Vegas with friends. I have heard so much about lost luggage that I packed my husbands carry-on with all of our underwear and some extra shoes. I used a super large handbag for my carry-on and used it for my jewelry, makeup, a pair of flip-flops, crossword puzzle books, snacks for on the plane and a smaller purse for use when I got there. Earlier this year we had flown on a charter to Wendover NV and I was totally unprepared for what was allowed and what wasn’t. I was more prepared this time.

  531. Y. Samuel says:

    With the airline fees being charged now, we all have to be creative in finding ways to pack right. I have found that we sometimes pack more than we need. Effort must be made to truly pack what you need and to remember that you can always buy a new shirt or pants :-)

  532. heather says:

    Hi…we are hardly ever at home…too busy making up for the gap year(s) our generation never had and before all the savings devalue completely. Yes I do all the earlier tips, mix & match clothes, save the little sample bottles from hotels and refill with my favourite potions; use the airline toothpastes from earlier flights etc! We went to the Galapagos recently with just 3 small carry on size cases between the 2 of us..it was successful..we are practising for a 5 month trip next year. My KEEN trainer/sandals were a godsend..so versatile & for wet landings too! I have bought climate control Tshirts (vests really) for hubby which wash and dry overnight).I have a small selection of ‘pandora’ type beads which are very versatile. Try to plan colours wisely and make things fulfil 2 roles.Yes do wear the heaviest shoes &carry ‘coats’.
    Things I HAVEN’T got around are IF I ONLY had a carry on…NO tweezers, so just what DO we girls do? Shaving foam and hairspray is another issue…. I would cherish that case and give it a thorough workout next year; promise.
    PS we set off Jan 16…will it be drawn by then?

  533. Bea Dahlen says:

    If I’m short on space and not on weight I pack Travel Knit clothing. It can be rolled tightly without getting wrinkled and will wash and drip dry quickly. They are a bit heavier than other fabrics but since you can bring fewer articles they can save both space and weight.

  534. heather says:

    If you need to take a beach/bath towel …which is bulky and heavy I have just found a brilliant solution….a micro-fibre bath sheet 150cm x 75cm…huge!
    Its so light and dries so quickly …and is easy to wash and dry by hand even.
    Hubby missed the feel of towelling but adapted happily.

    I take a small bar of soap for hand laundry (smalls each night at least) and get hubby to hold the other end of the towel when we wring the washing dry (he doesn’t even have to take his eyes off the telly)! See, our grandparents knew a thing or two!

    I take a dozen plastic pegs & couple of plastic hangers too…the expanding waistband type is brill as it opens out the waistbands to help quicker drying.

  535. Cari says:

    I want to know where to buy one of these little carry-ons.
    I use zip-lock bags for storing items and making packing lighter and easier to find if you have a dark hotel room.
    I wear a lot of black when I travel, goes with everything and you can wear a couple of times without the dirt showing. my clothing is easy-wash and light weight also,so you can wash every other day.

  536. Lucy says:

    I stick to one colour theme, usually black and white, and everything mix and match. Also, roll your clothes. Will keep them pressed and takes up less room. Bring extra baggies for your wet items when re-packing i.e. soaps, shampoos, etc. Bring a facecloth; useful when not provided in hotels, and in a pinch for bird-bath, quick clean-ups. Use a small 6×6 or so, mesh laundry bag; one for panties, and one for ‘used’ panties/bras/socks. You won’t lose them in the suitcase. Forget the jewelry. Just wear what can go with anything, a ring, necklace and earings. Won’t have to worry about loosing it.

  537. pam says:

    I use the plastic bags that blankets/sheets come in, to pack in, as well as the ziplocks. This keeps everything tight, organized and not susceptible to “bugs” and the other hazards of traveling. It is easy for unpacking as everything is compartmentalized and can be moved to a drawer intact. (Also helps the TSA!) I wear the heavier shoes on the plane, carry my coat and have a large, handled bag that keeps those items I might need both on the plane and in an emergency, such as prescriptions, itinerary, set of underwear, snacks, reading material, etc. This suitcase looks like the perfect solution to the different size requirements of all the airlines. Thank you for sharing with us, and I hope you draw my name!

  538. Emma Picard says:

    I always take my activities and itinerary into consideration when packing clothes. I choose 2-3 colors that will be the “theme” of my vacation and mix and match them into seperate outfits. I then make a list of what I will be doing each day and assign an outfit to that day so I won’t forget what I had planned on wearing. This way, I get the most out of my outfits by wearing each piece of clothing at least twice and I never pack anything I don’t need.

  539. Pam Krohn says:

    One problem I have in packing is, the formal nights on the ship for two weeks. Dress clothes and shoes take up alot of room along with accessories. Had to pay exorbitant fees to Delta for two extra bags.

  540. Barb Gully says:

    We are from Australia, so I suppose I am out of the running for the case… :( We cruise a few times a year, and the change of clothes required for Formals etc, makes packing a nightmare, even out of Ozz. That case looks awesome, and would be a God send.
    I have been using the Travel bags that roll out the air and reduce the space required….this has helped, and also decanting larger items of suncreams,make up etc to smaller allowable sizes to take on the plane… this all helps reduce the weight of the checked baggage. Forgotten a few times, and packed nail files and tweezers in my carry on, OOPs ! a NO NO…lost them to the customs officers.

    Good luck to the winner.

  541. Nina says:

    Make sure when packing you that shirt and fold in half and roll as tight as you can from bottom to top and you will fit so much more. Do the same with the your jeans and shorts. You can even do this with your dress wear it will stay unwrinkled. All toiletries need to be under five ounces and put them in a zip compartment on the outside so you can remove them easily to place in bin to go through conveyor belt. I went away for five days and like to look nice and was able to get two pair of shoes and all the clothing I needed for beachwear and night time in this size suitcase along with a straightner for my hair no problem!

  542. Pat W says:

    I use the small clear cellophane bags from Orville Reidenbaker microwave popcorn boxes for snacks, candy & other small items. Fasten with staples, paper clips or rubber band. Works great for me & TSA.

    Would love to win a carry-on bag designed to fit under the seat. Many planes have entertainment eqpt under seats, further reducing leg room.

  543. Kim W says:

    I could have used this past weekend. After a fantastic Convention in Atlanta, I returned home but, my luggage didn’t. Finally late Wednesday my suitcase was delivered. It was very stressful however it could have been worse. My luggage could have never made it back. Packing with only a carry on would be a dream!

  544. Ruth W says:

    I was looking for a perfect carry on bag that you don’t have to carry and here it is! Space saver bags are great- they help keep your clothes dry in case something spills or your luggage gets left out in the rain.

  545. sheila nichols says:

    Packing tips:
    1) carry meds in event your main luggage is lost
    2) Carry media and chargers to provide communication
    3) Carry necessary cosmetics and personal needs
    4) Roll up an outfit /plus personal garments ..in event main luggage is lost
    5) place ID on outside of baggage and inside.

    This can all happen in this 16 x 14 x 12 baggage / plus it will fit ON THE PLANE and not be out of your site.

  546. Lindsey says:

    Pack in outfits! Instead of packing all of your favorite items and hoping that something will go together, pick out outfits before hand and pack only what you will need. Also items like jeans and jackets can be worn more than once.

  547. Sherry Hanson says:

    Is there a soft-side piece available w/o wheels, etc.?

  548. Debbie says:

    I pack dryer sheets for the nice smell and then use them during the trip for laundry. Go yo the dollar store and buy the small containers for your liquids and if checking your luggage I spray the out side of it for bedbugs- home depot sells spray!! This bag looks awsome!

  549. Rachel says:

    It seems like these bags are sold out. Anyone have any clue where else I can get them?

    • Hi Rachel,

      We’ve sent an email to the founder of CarryOn Free in hopes of getting an answer on this. We’ll update the post if we hear anything back, but for now it appears that the company may be out of business.

      Happy travels,

      Sarah Schlichter
      Senior Editor

  550. Heidi Rossmeisl says:

    Now under the seat baggage is the only item free on Spirit airlines. Everything cost so much for baggage. Well I’m frustrated, so I am going to shrink bag my clothes. You would not believe how much more you can pack by doing this. Just keep an eye out on the weight. :D

  551. JP says:

    Where can I purchase this bag? I cannot find it anywhere!

    • IndependentTraveler.com Staff says:

      Hi JP,

      Unfortunately, it appears that this bag is no longer being produced.

      Happy travels,

      Sarah Schlichter
      Senior Editor

  552. Earl B. says:

    Since this great concept is no longer being produced, I would bet there are a few still at the warehouse in Alabama legendary for its incredible prices that is the designated location to buy lost or unclaimed luggage from all airlines and flights in the U.S.

    Could anyone do Neva favor since I have family in Alabama who might make the drive there just for the entertainment value of consumers in a buying frenzy as Christmas and big one stop one enormous equivalent of people known to fly and then drive from all points literally to pile up hundreds of pounds only to find how much they need to pat to ship it home. Please posts reply here.


  553. Lauren says:

    Do you have a tan and copper or a jet black bag that you would be willing to sell or know anyone that does?

  554. William says:

    Rules sure have changed since I traveled. Where can you buy this bag?

  555. Dphf Blog says:

    The bag looks pretty handy. Will it be suitable for carrying camera gear and accessories?

  556. Mary Magnani says:

    That carry on suitcase looks , modern,nice and sturdy. Many of the comments above about packing for a carry on sound useful-
    Have a list of what items you need to take, what you can do without and remember- you can still enjoy your trip using a “carry on”. A good carry on is a “must”! With today’s baggage rates and lost luggage issues- plan to take your carry on with you on board.
    To prep for the trip-I like to lay out the clothes first-decide what I can mix and match (key factor)for several outfits, add this and a bit(jewelry, scarves, etc)to change the outfit up.
    I use to just roll up my clothes but due to the way luggage is handled now- things shift in your suitcase. Now I personally use the packing cubes-everything is more organized-much easier to find and cubes store in carry on (stack-able). Depth is important in a good packing cube, I like to use two large cubes (14″ x 11″ x 5)for pants, shirts,etc and then medium to smaller cubes for other personal items.
    When folding or rolling shirts, I place tissue paper in the middle of the shirt which helps keep wrinkles down). Don’t stress, enjoy your trip….
    Happy Travels & Carry on!

  557. Grace says:

    Stuff small items into shoes. Don’t take things like shampoo and soap that will be provided by hotel. Roll clothes. Pack mix and match articles of clothing. Don’t be afraid to wear something more than twice.

  558. Doug Jensen says:

    1. Most if not all of these tips are for infrequent leisure travelers, frequent fliers know them all and then some–so this comment is for new business travelers. But business travelers can’t use 99% of these tips (I have to have two suits, several dress shirts, multiple ties, two pair of dress shoes, etc.)–checking size/weight suitcase required. Stay at a hotel that has same-day laundry and dry cleaning. Valuables and meds etc. get carried on.
    2. FedEx or UPS your checked (one big piece) of luggage the day before you leave home, and the morning you check out. Yes that is expensive but not compared to losing an important client in Tokyo or Paris or Washington D.C. or even Baltimore who is certain to be repulsed by your inappropriate dress and slovenly appearance. Pack to dress UP not DOWN.
    3. Shop at minimus.com.
    4. Have duplicates of virtually everything (toiletries, underwear, etc.) and prepack–avoid shirt and suit wrinkles by packing them last (and know how to pack them). Styles and colors and weights of suits are destination dependent (weather, status of people being visited). Make everything color-matched.
    5. Try not to combine business and leisure travel, otherwise you’ll need more luggage.
    Carry lots of $2 bills for tips–yes they are still available from your bank at face value, don’t get ripped off got them on eBay. Yes, people like getting them.

  559. Kristine Moore says:

    To allow for variable weather, you can wear, carry, or pack these three things:

    (1) A lightweight cardigan sweater. (Merino wool works well.)

    (2) A down or primaloft (synthetic down) jacket.

    (3) A waterproof, breathable rain jacket. One with a hood, especially a hood that can be stowed in its collar, is a good idea.

    Make sure that both the down or primaloft jacket and the rain jacket stuff into a pocket.

    Also make sure that the down or primaloft jacket is big enough to fit comfortably over the cardigan and that the rain jacket is big enough to fit comfortably over the first two pieces.

    This means that you can wear about seven different combinations, depending on the weather: Any item alone, any two items together (that’s three more possibilities), or all three items together.

    As far as color goes, all of these items can be found in both bright and traditional colors. I like the idea of black for all three pieces. Boring, perhaps, but a little bit dressier looking when the occasion warrants.

  560. I love to travel but with the rising costs of check in luggage, I found that I do well with a small carry on which I use but even now- some airlines are charging for “carry ons” and you seem to need a even smaller bag to take along it seems-due to limited space on inside of plane..

    First, how many days are you staying? What’s the month of travel(seasons)? The weather also plays a hand in what you decide to pack and take along with you.

    Next pick out the clothes you will take- lay them on the bed and decide what other clothes (tops, shorts, pants, tops) you can use with the combination you have picked and make sure you can “mix and match”. Select some jewelry and shoes that can be interchanged also.

    Pull out the different size packing cubes and start rolling your clothes tight and pack them into the cubes (works great and you will be so surprised how organized your clothes stay).

    Remember to take enough medicine and personal items with you you will need but if any are liquid- keep the correct airline requirement sizes and some zip lock bags. Take this and any documents and money with you in a purse/tote bag to carry with you.

    Have fun on your next vacation. Your adventures are waiting for you.

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