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 Villa Mistral, St. JohnWhat do a private Caribbean island, a 16th-century Tuscan estate and the former abode of Frank Sinatra have in common? They’re all available on Jetset Homes, a new luxury vacation rentals booking site that kicked off today.

The just-launched rental site, which can be found under the “Homes” tab on Jetsetter.com, currently offers more than 200 luxury properties worldwide. According to a press release from the company, “Jetsetter’s inventory of vacation homes is located around the world, with a high concentration in the Caribbean, Mexico, the American West, California, France and Italy. Size and price vary from a five-bedroom house in Crete for $310 per night to a palatial 14-bedroom mansion on a private Caribbean island for $53,000 per night.”

How Private Sale Travel Sites Could Save You Money

The release also reports that Jetset Homes will feature flash sales for a handful of its luxury listings on a weekly basis. The site will slash prices of five to 10 rental properties by 20 to 50 percent each week.

It looks like even more savings are on offer in honor of the big launch. When I logged onto the site this morning, a coupon popped up touting $500 off my first Jetset Homes booking. (A minimum five-night stay is required, and the savings are automatically deducted at checkout.) Here’s what the coupon looks like:

jetset homes coupon

A $500 coupon sounds like an astonishing offer to a plebian sale-sniffing traveler like myself. But considering the astronomical nightly rates of the places listed on Jetset Homes, there’s no reason to reach for that credit card without some careful budgetary consideration. The listings on Jetset Homes, which feature big, colorful photos, are excellent fodder for travel fantasy. (Play “Which One Would I Book?” during your lunch break.) However, a week’s stay at one of these spots could cost as much as a Prius.

There is one way to stay at a Jetset Homes property without selling your vehicle. For traveling groups, Jetset Homes may actually offer reasonable prices, and some of the houses listed on the site can sleep up to 20 people. For example, a night’s stay at Casa Kimball, a clifftop estate in the Dominican Republic, sells for $2,800. But the property can fit 20 travelers within its two-building, eight-bedroom expanse. Is there a family reunion, group getaway or destination wedding on your horizon? Split the cost among 20 and each guest will only pay about $140 per night for his or her accommodations.

Jetsetter is a members-only private sale travel site. So, whether you want to stare at pretty pictures or sell your Prius and book a stay, you’ll have to join to get access to the luxury listings on Jetset Homes.

Would you book a stay with Jetset Homes?

— written by Caroline Costello

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