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A decade after 9/11, the travel industry has undergone immeasurable changes, from an airport security system overhaul to airline bankruptcies to soaring gas prices. To put it all in perspective, our friends at TravelPod (our sister site) created this infographic, which charts major changes in travel that have taken place since that tragic September day. Click on the image below to see a larger graphic, and read more about the state of travel after 9/11 in 10 Years Later: The Lessons and Promises of 9/11.

How have your travel experiences changed since 9/11? Share your stories in the comments.

Osama vs Travel

— written by Caroline Costello

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One Response to “The Post-9/11 Effect on Travel: An Infographic”

  1. Barack says:

    Here is something a friend of mine does. She travels all the time, doesn’t want to wait 45 minutes for a checked (and perhaps lost forever) bag, and has more cosmetics and stuff than will fit in one 1 quart bag. She packs her stuff in 2 1 quart bags. She puts one in one tote with a swather, puts the other in another, and off she goes. In 3 years she’s never had a problem.

    At LAX in 2010 I actually had several bags with contact lens solution for an overseas trip. I had a letter from my doctor about the need for the products, and told the front screener I had medical liquids. They were just screened through with no one taking a 2nd look.

    These are the people that we are paying high salaries to and even worse, we’re funding government pensions and OT for them. Worthless.

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