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There’s a store in Alabama that’s as big as a city block. It’s called the Unclaimed Baggage Center, and it sells the forsaken contents of lost luggage. Most bags lost by the airlines are eventually returned to their owners. But the missing suitcases that end up on the shelves of the Unclaimed Baggage Center likely lacked sufficient identification.

That piece of paper you grabbed from the airline check-in counter on which you scribbled your address might not be good enough. First, if your bag is lost while you’re on your way to your vacation destination, you’ll want it shipped to your hotel — not to the guy bringing in your mail at your empty house. Additionally, many travel experts advise against revealing your address on your luggage, as this could make your home a target for robbery while you’re on the road.

The solution is to use a smart luggage tag that does more than just display an address and phone number. Below are three high-tech luggage tags that have the power to transform your trip if your luggage gets lost.

What to Do When Your Luggage Is Lost

ReboundTAG Microchip Bag Tags are printed with a barcode that airline personnel can scan in order to identify your luggage and view your itinerary. (The barcode technology isn’t available at all airports.) If a person who doesn’t have access to scanning technology finds your lost luggage, he or she can enter your tag number on the ReboundTAG Web site, and the system will notify you by text message or e-mail. A Microchip Bag Tag costs 34.99 British pounds (about $55.80 as of this posting) and comes with one year’s membership to the ReboundTAG system. Buy it at www.reboundtag.com.

Like the ReboundTAG Microchip Bag Tags, SuperSmartTags feature a code that anyone can use to report your bag online. Once the code for your bag is submitted, you’ll receive a text message, e-mail or phone call explaining that your luggage has been found. Enter your itinerary on the SuperSmartTag site and airport staff will be able to view your travel plans and forward your luggage to your next destination. SuperSmartTag retails for $14.99 AUD (about $15.95 as of this posting) and comes with a three-year membership to the SuperSmartTag system. Buy it at www.supersmarttag.com. (Or win a free one. See below.)

Retriever TagsMagellan’s Retriever Tags
These tags aren’t outfitted with special codes or microchips. But they’re simple enough to work. The vinyl tag encapsulates instructions written in eight languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French and German) that tell baggage agents to check the itinerary inside your bag and send your luggage to your next destination, as opposed to shipping it back to your home address while you’re en route to Tahiti. Buy it at www.magellans.com for $8.95.

— written by Caroline Costello

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114 Responses to “3 High-Tech Luggage Tags That Will Save Your Trip”

  1. Susan Eason says:

    I have never lost a piece of luggage yet ( knock on wood ) but if I do, I would love to have a luggage tag like this!

    • Judy says:

      I lost a “HUGE” expensive Louis-Vuitton piece of luggage. I found it in the Lost and Found with seconds to spare since it closed at 10PM…. Someone at the airport knew it was worth $1200 and just picked it up, put it in a large trashbag and hide it in the Lost and Found…probably to be picked up and taken the next day.

      I had to “beg” the guard to look for it for the last 2 minutes before closing. I could see its shape and tore open the trashbag and found it. Fortunately my luggage tag matched my name on my driver’s license or I would not have gotten it back. LV is great, sturdy attractive luggage, but even low-paid fight attendants, etc. will steal. Do not trust anyone. Buy sturdy, boring looking luggage, then get microchip luggage tags with a “label on the bag” that its “microchipped.”

      Again, don’t trust anyone anywhere. I’ve painfully learned this.

  2. I have not lost any luggage yet, but I’ve certainly been scared about it, especially on my foreign travels! Having luggage tags like these would have made the journey easier!

  3. Gregory Ellis says:

    I had gone to a National Convention, where I was to receive an award in front of around 2000. Of course, my luggage got lost. I arrived on a Sunday and could find no clothing stores in downtown Denver. I was so embarrassed to be standing on stage, in a T-shirt and jeans, among all the suits. Needless to say, I have changed my method of packing since then. The worst thing was that my luggage arrived from China 2 days after I got home from the week-long trip.

  4. Skip says:

    Well I lost luggage about 2 years ago on a trip to Maui. When I got to Maui from Dallas, my luggage was not there, so I took my slip they had given me at check in which had the tracking number, etc. They scanned it and then proceeded to tell me that my luggage didn’t exist in their system. I told them to look again or something, because it was checked and I was given the tag in Dallas. They of course looked at me like I was crazy and wasted about an hour of my time. They then came back with some manager and told me that they had located my luggage and as soon as it made it to the island they would call me at my hotel. To make a long story short, 4 days later I got the call and I was leaving within 2 days. My luggage had been sent to Boston… Unreal.. Anything that would make lost luggage a less of a hassle I am all for it :)

  5. Jill says:

    I haven’t lost any luggage, but I sure have had a number of really nice luggage tags gone missing. NEVER use a cute luggage tag!

  6. Maria Almada says:

    In January of 2010 I took my first trip across an ocean ever, and went to Spain with one of my best friends. When we finally arrived in Madrid we were among a handful of people who had been waiting for over an hour for their luggage to appear at the carrousel. We eventually all gathered that it wasn’t showing up and that it was time to file reports. We went to the information booth and filled out the forms and tried to communicate with the Alitalia assistant which was hard since she only spoke Italian, and neither my friend or I did! By two in the morning we got to our hotel, a little disheartened, but hopeful that we would get our luggage during the following day, we had enough clothes in our carry-on stuff to survive a couple of days.
    The next morning we told the front desk to expect our stuff and we went about our travel plans. It was an awesome day and when we got back to the hotel the clerks were happy to announce that our bag had gotten there! They rolled out my friend’s bag. That’s in. Mine hadn’t arrived! So I called the airport and asked and they said I could go check the lost and found. Sure it was cold and late, but I had to go check. We took the metro and once there, thanks to some slight begging were allowed to enter the creepy underbelly of the airport to search through rooms full of unclaimed luggage, it was like a cemetery in there. The search was in vain, my bag wasn’t in there.
    We proceeded to go about our vacation, and I bought some basics in a store that claimed to have super reduced prices due to the holiday sales (which were actually still significantly more expensive than full-priced items in most U.S. stores, and not even of good quality!) but I was worried ’cause we would leave Madrid to head somewhere else in two days time and I didn’t want to have nothing at all!
    We ended up leaving Madrid, not before one last search of the airport luggage cemetery, and our hotel told us that they would forward my stuff to our Barcelona airport if it showed up. It never got to Barcelona, or anywhere else we stayed at for that matter. I eventually gave up and used it as an excuse to buy myself a whole new wardrobe (which wasn’t so bad), but I was still sad because I had packed things of sentimental value.
    I came back home after two weeks abroad. Started school again, went about my daily life. And then sometime in March my city’s airport called me out of the blue, to tell me they had my bag in their possession! I drove like a madwoman to the airport, and sure enough there it was! A little beaten up, but all of my stuff intact inside it! I was ecstatic, to say the least.
    It all taught me a valuable lesson, it doesn’t matter how much you prepare, something bad can always happen. My bag had all the adequate tags on it, and several copies of my itinerary throughout the pockets, perhaps if I hadn’t included all that personal information I would have never gotten it back!
    What an adventure!

  7. Al Girard says:

    On three occasions my luggage was not there at the carousel, but each time I immediately reported the lost luggage, giving good descriptions, with the result that The missing items were delivered the next day. The last time was earlier this year at Vienna. The other times were upon arrival home.

  8. Lily Minas says:

    When I was 12 my little brother (10) and I went to Hawaii to visit our Dad, by ourselves. Our first plane was delayed so we just made our second one. Our luggage didn’t. It took 3 days for it to arrive. I borrowed a bikini from my stepmother & a 10 year old boy doesn’t really care about clothes. Good thing my dad didn’t live in Alaska!

  9. Marlaine says:

    Never lost, often delayed! These would be wonderful to win!!!!

  10. Pamm says:

    I was moving back to the US from Paris and had three suitcases packed with all the new clothes. I was going to a conference and someone offered to get them from OR to CO for me (I had to go back to France for a few months). Once I landed in Detroit, I was paged and told that all of my bags were on a different place and I could pick them up in Seattle (my next stop). They were not in Seattle. I went on to Portland three days later and on a whim, I went down to lost luggage. I found all three sitting is a pile. I picked them up and left. No one ever questioned me or checked or anything. I decided to also call them from the hotel to see what they would say about my missing bags. I was told that they didn’t know where they were and when they located them, they would let me know.

    And I have complete and detailed itineraries in the outside pockets and a note stating that in the luggage tags and in the name and address pocket.

    Is is no wonder I make every effort to never check a bag. Sometimes I have had to and the last two times, TSA completely destroyed the contents or moved the well packed bottle of wine from the center of the bag to the outside edge. AFTER they took it out of the clear plastic bad it was sealed in.

    Makes me not want to travel anymore as TSA cannot follow their own regulations.

  11. kathy says:

    Have never lost a bag. I do have tags on the bags and when I think about it,
    put my ID in the bag just in case.

    Would like to have the tags.

  12. anne says:

    Went to pick my daughter up from the airport, waiting and waiting for her bag to come off the baggage carousel When there was nothing left, quite upset went to the customer service area, filled out some paperwork, then on the way out, walked past the carousel, only to see the bag there. Apparently someone picked it up accidentally and then put it back, put that was after an hour of going through the hassle of trying to find it. Dont get me wrong very happy we found it but, her tags were clear, always make sure you look to make sure :)

  13. Shari says:

    I lost my luggage on the way home from Hungary. Continental never did find it but did reimburse me for what I could remember was in there. If I had a tag like this, I bet I would have my luggage!

  14. toni says:

    Thankfully I’ve never lost my luggage. Always put luggage tags on outside and id info inside. It seems the airlines specialize in destroying luggage tags.

  15. Donna Wilhelm says:

    I have to be honest, I haven’t lost a piece of luggage yet but mine happen to take a side trip that I hadn’t planned on. My husband and I were on our way back from a wonderful cruise. From Fort Lauderdale, we had to land in Orlando to change plans. When we landed we arrived in Gate 29 and go to gate 28. (Which was right next to Gate 29) Now you would think that out of 6 pieces of luggage, they would have made it on the plane right? Wrong. When we landed in Philadelphia, our luggae was not to be found. File a report and now the lady wants us to go home and they will call us when it is located. She also asked me what was in my luggage… I really didn’t want to tell her 10 bottles of liquor. I told her that I would know my luggage as soon as I saw it and not to worry. There we were in Philadelphia for an extra three hours while our luggage took a leisurely ride to finally arrive at the airport. PS none of the bottle of liquor were broken!

  16. Pat says:

    One bag was lost on our first trip to Europe. However, the bag caught up to us 2 or 3 days into our trip. I fear losing luggage, especially on a cruise. Hope I win the high-tech tags.

  17. karen says:

    I was a Flight Attendant for many years ,so we got to put our luggage in a special place on the plane! Now that I cruise a lot I am a little more worried cuz I’ve seen many passengers without their luggage on a cruise and it is heartbreaking!! Its not like you can jump in the ocean and go to the mall!! Good luck to me, cuz I’m cruising in October and I need my suitcase so I can wear my christmas tree costume on Halloween!! Thankyou very much!!

  18. Susan says:

    We were on our way to Miami for a cruise in 2001. We both had cruise line tags on our luggage, but my travel partner’s fell off apparently. And apparently his ID tags fell off as well. Makes me wonder if someone ripped them off. He never did get his luggage! Had to end up buying stuff on the ship and in port to wear. Made that a very expensive vacation!

  19. Kim Turner says:

    I also have never had my luggage lost, thank goodness! but would love to have those high tech luggages tags so my luggage would not get lost.

  20. Gretchen says:

    Traveling as an Elite member of the airlines loyalty program really helps; none of my luggage has been lost since I’ve traveled with “Priority Handling” tage. The last time my luggage was lost was in South America, on a flight from Bolivia to Argentina. When I arrived in Buenos Aires on Saturday evening but my bag did not, I had no idea if the stores would be open on Sunday, so I rushed out to buy enough essentials to get me through to Monday. Fortunately, my bag did show up before I left Argentina.

  21. Jean says:

    We were flying to PHL to board a cruise ship. There were storms along the way so the load on the plane needed to be lightened. I watched my husband’s suitcase going down the ramp. When the flight attendant said “Good news, only those whose final destination is Philly have had their luggage diverted.” I, of course, immediately set him straight with the fact that many of us on board did not have Philly as their final destination and had luggage left behind. Upon arrival we were assured that his bag would make the next flight and then be able to make the ship on time. Guess what? The next flight also had too much weight and had to have luggage taken off. The same bag was pulled twice in one day! DH had to wait 24 hours to buy clothing onboard (thank goodness for travel insurance) and then it was all logo wear of the cruise line. People thought he was a crew member and were asking him for directions on the ship. He has the worse sense of direction so of course this was quite funny to us. If one of these tags would have been able to alert the airline staff that Philly was NOT our final destination and needed to be on that second flight, it would be a wonderful thing to have!

  22. Lucie jackson says:

    i lost an overnight bag once, left it on a bus with my cell phone in it. I phoned it and someone at the bus depot answered it!! Lucky for honest people. These tags sound amazing!!!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    No real horror story; lickily, my luggage has only gotten lost on the return trip…Makes it OK to delay the inevitable laundry! Would love to win one of these tags, though.

  24. Gustavo Tremonti says:

    I’ve lost my luggage once.
    After that I am allways trying to find a good tag to identify it.
    Nice option and very nice presentation.
    We allways need to give an easy instruction to ship our luggage back.

  25. grace hogan says:

    I would love to have the security of these luggage tags on my luggage–it would put my mind at ease while travelling.

  26. Ron says:

    Years ago we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. We had two toddlers with us so when it was time to check out we telephoned for a bellman to take our luggage downstairs. We were provided claim checks and told the luggage would be stored in a secure location. When we arrived in the lobby we were directed to the luggage – which was stored in an unsecure area – in the parking lot. Our two bags were not among the collection and they were never returned. After numerous phone calls and letters mailed, we were ultimately compensated with a suite on a future visit.

    On another occasion we flew from Los Angeles to Baltimore. My garment bag did not appear on the baggage carousel. Upon inquiry we were told that the bag was on an incoming flight and would be delivered to our hotel room later that day. A courier delivered a garment bag that looked like mine, but when opened I discovered that it was not. A phone call to the airline prompted the courier to make the exchange – he hadn’t looked at the tags of the two similar bags and as luck would have it, delivered the bags to the wrong people.

  27. Sheila Englebardt says:

    We were going on our very first Windjammer Cruise (when that line was doing well and well before the bankruptcy). We checked luggage in Florida before boarding the puddle jumper for Nassau (our embarkation point). Somehow between Orlando and Nassau the luggage disappeared (or so it seemed). There we were boarding a Tall Masted Sailing Ship without so much as a toothbrush. Everything was in our checked luggage since this was long before TSA. When we arrived at the ship, we were told that since we weren’t sailing until the next morning, the crew was sure that our bags would arrive. We picked up necessary toiletries for the first night and next morning, relaxed and enjoyed telling the story to our cruise-mates. We checked with the airport every few hours until about 2 hours before sailing, we acknowledged that we were going to be on a cruise for 6 nights without any luggage.

    We walked barefoot into town to buy a few tee shirts, shorts, and sandals and a couple of beach towels and were thankful that this cruise was so casual that we’d be well dressed :) Several of our new “friends” offered to lend us a few things and my husband decided to grow a beard and not bother with shaving equipment. I spent an entire week in the beautiful Bahamian waters wearing the same stretched out borrowed bathing suit every day and we still have a wardrobe of Windjammer tee shirts and shirts to remember that experience. We enjoyed a fabulous week, made lots of new friends, and were known to everyone of the ship.

    When we finally heard from the airline (after we got home), we heard that they had mistakenly delivered our luggage to Freeport then back to Florida and finally put it on a Greyhound bus to bring it home to us. AND they never apologized or explained how this error could happen when we were in an isolated area of the airport to check luggage on a plane that had about 30 seats.

  28. Jim says:

    My family and my parents took a train trip from Sioux City to Denver for my graduation from graduate school. My wife and I packed everything in one large bag, including my grad gown and cap. After claiming our luggage in Denver, I turned around for a moment, looked back, and the my bag was gone. We all looked everywhere with no luck. I filed a claim and we went shopping for clothes. I also made arrangements for a loaner gown. After we got back to the hotel from shopping, I received a call from the train station that the people who took my bag were returning it. I drove back to the depot and they had it.

    Another time, someone took my bag after a trip to Europe and it took two days to get it back.back. I’ve also had bags not make flight connections, which is why I try to fly non-stop.

  29. Judy says:

    The very first time I flew was in 1967 and I was moving from Illinois to Ohio. My husband drove the week before with all my stuff so I only had my cat with me. I was too inexperienced to know about pet carriers, so borrowed a cardboard egg carton (back in the “old days”, the kind that held 36 (I think) dozen eggs), put Talbot in it, and taped it shut! Flew from Champaign to O’Hare. When I retrieved Talbot there, he had destroyed the box trying to claw his way out. So I bought a pet carrier there and checked him in for Dayton. Well, I had wasted so much time that I almost missed my connecting flight. And, of course, when I got to Dayton, there was no Talbot on the carousel! I went to lost baggage claim among a number of other people where the agent was on the phone. He hung up and called out “Has anyone lost a cat? He will be on the next plane in.” Whew. That was in the days of almost hourly flights so it wasn’t long before we were reunited. When I let Talbot out of the carrier, he was one #*$@@! upset Siamese male cat!!! But, when he saw all the other passengers looking at him, he proceeded to preen himself like the proud royalty he claimed. He never flew again.

  30. K R says:

    any time luggage is lost, it’s, at best, inconvenient & uncomfortable; and, at worst, something of value goes missing…
    my favorite luggage story is when my bags and i were supposed to be in florida;
    but the bags took their own trip…
    to phoenix. which is in arizona and nowhere close to florida.
    they made it before my business meetings, so all was well!
    that time…

  31. Cathi Deal says:

    Our first cruise was for our 25th Anniversary. We got to O’Hare with plenty of time to spare and checked our brand new luggage – with luggage tags – and boarded our direct flight to Miami. On arrival, my bag wasn’t there. “Don’t worry,” said the Carnival Liaison, “It’ll be on the 10:30 a.m. flight and we’ll be sure it gets to the Celebration in time.” It didn’t. I kept getting blank looks from the purser – what could he do??? Next day they said it’d meet us in San Juan…but it didn’t. That bag had all my underwear, most of my tops and also my evening duds. “It will be in St. Thomas,” they assured me, but I didn’t believe them. Sure ’nuff, it was still sitting there in Miami, but United assured me they’d express it to the Carnival Agent in St. Maarten. (Again, no help from Carnival.) There was just time enough left to scour the city for 3 pr. of undies and a couple T-shirts. St. Maarten came, and sure enough, my luggage was in the trunk of Carnival’s Port Agent there…but he was off sick. My suitcase met us back in Miami, just in time for its flight back to Chicago! It took 12 years more before I gave Carnival another chance, and now, we ALWAYS fly a day early!

  32. Dan Kleintop says:

    Amazingly I have never had a bag lost. My best luggage kudos go to Princess Cruises. We were on the first plane to leave Norfolk, VA on the Friday after 9/11 occured. We weren’t sure that we should take our trip to Alaska or not, but decided if the plane was flying we would be on it. It took 26 hours to reach Anchorage from our then home in Chesapeake, VA. And our hotel reservations were in Fairbanks, but they were turning off lights and shutting security gates as we walked through the airport at 2:30AM. We found a hotel, got a few hours sleep and a hot shower, and made our way early to the train station. The area manager and I placed our two bags packed for the cruise into his personal pickup truck. I had his business card and nothing more than his word to go on. We got on the train headed north, wound up where we were supposed to be at Denali Princess Lodge that night. Three days later we board our Princess ship at and found both bags in our cabin upon entering. I have now worked in hotels and resorts for 25 years and this is the most awesome story of luggage handling I have come across. That trip was crazy with unusual travel arrangements. It was apparent that one of the most heinous acts committed by mankind was followed by an overflow of honesty, compassion, pride in doing a good job, and good old fashioned friendliness. We have sailed Princess Cruises many times since and I will sing their praises until my lungs no longer hold breath. Maybe that had some previous version of a smart tag system to work with???

  33. Robin Rogstad says:

    My first trip to Colorado was for a week long educational seminar. When I arrived in Denver, somehow my bag didn’t…. I still had a shuttle to catch to get to Beaver Creek, up in the mountains. I got to my hotel around midnight. My assigned roommate was able to lend me a tshirt to sleep in but in the morning, I only had my dirty clothes to wear. I went to the front desk to see if my suitcase had been delivered overnight, but no such luck. They felt sorry for me and gave me a brand new polo shirt that employees wear, so I at least had a fresh shirt — but then when I got to the seminar the leader thought I worked there and wasn’t a student! I did get my suitcase by the second day.

  34. Brenda B says:

    We recently flew in to JFK on a Friday night in order to board a cruise to Bermuda on Sunday. Unfortunately, one of our suitcases didn’t make it. We stood in line at JFK from 1:00 AM – 4:00 AM Saturday in order to report the lost bag. Just as the person ahead of me in line approached the agent, the airline’s server went down. We were unable to file a report and get a reference number. We were given the number of the airline’s lost luggage department and told to call when we got to our hotel. In the meantime, we were able to go to the airline’s website and see that our bag had been scanned at LAX at 10:54 PM so we were hoping it was on the redeye to JFK.

    We go out to catch our shuttle to Manhattan, which had been reserved for a 1:30 AM pickup, just after 4:00 AM only to find out they couldn’t pick us up until 6:30! So we incur the extra expense of a cab to Manhattan. When we arrived at our hotel at almost 5:00 AM we began calling the lost baggage department only to be placed on hold for eternity. After a few hours sleep, we began calling again at 9:00AM. We also checked the airlines website again and saw that our bag had been scanned at JFK at 8:30 AM Saturday morning. Good news! Our bag was at least on the same coast as us.

    We had approximately 27 hours to get the bag to our hotel before we had to check out and embark on our cruise ship. Mind you, my bathing suits were in the lost bag and I was dreading the thought of having to shop for a new suit at the end of August when fall clothing was fast replacing the summer stock.

    Since we had a reservation to climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty at noon, we didn’t want to spend the day on hold in our hotel room. Lucky for us, the airline had a feature where you could enter your call back number and they would call back within a designated time frame.

    Off we went to try to enjoy our sightseeing on just a few hours of sleep. We hopped on the subway to Battery Park to begin our Statue experience. As we emerged from the subway, low and behold, our cell phone showed a missed call from the airline. OK, lets try this again. Estimated call back time, 60 – 90 minutes. We wander around Battery Park until it’s time to embark on our Statue cruise. Upon boarding the ferry we find seats and sit with our cell phone put and turned up full volume. No way are we going to miss this call. The phone rings just as we disembark. My boyfriend answers the phone and waits to get an agent as we’re being herded onto the island. And then… the call drops!

    We try this several times throughout the afternoon and always seem to miss the agent. Finally around 4:00 PM I get a real live person! I immediately ask her to take my and my boyfriend’s cell numbers in case the call drops or my battery dies. She is kind enough to do so. She asks for our reference number, I explain we don’t have one because of the server going down in the wee hours of the morning. She tells me that without a reference number it is difficult to trace the bag. I tell her we can see online that the bag is at JFK so why do they need a reference number? She tries to call JFK to get a reference number but is unable to get through. And… the call drops. Again. Being the nice agent that she is she did call back. She tells us she is going to send a teletype to JFL with our baggage tag number, our cells, and the address of our hotel. Confident our bag will be delivered, we go back to the hotel to prepare for our evening show.

    Before leaving the hotel at 7:15 PM we alert the front desk that our bag may be delivered and go out to enjoy our play. During intermission we check the airlines website and discover our bag has been scanned in the early evening and is in some sort of holding tank at JFK. We return to the hotel around 11:15 PM to find out no bag has been delivered. We call the airline and actually get through to an agent! We are told that without the reference number, which we don’t have, there is no way to schedule a delivery and that there is no way they can deliver our bag in time for us to embark on our cruise. However, we can go to JFK ourselves and pick it up.

    We arrive at JFK around midnight and thankfully there are no lines like the previous night. An agent takes me in the lost luggage room and tells me to look around and find my bag. What? You’re not going to help me? You must be kidding! She reluctantly looks up the bagtag number and easily learns exactly what row my bag is in. Unbelievable! The airline can pinpoint exactly where my luggage is yet can’t deliver it to me without a reference number? How absurd is that?

    At least the airline paid for our transportation back to Manhattan.

  35. Donna Cheney says:

    We have lost luggage twice but very glad they were both on the return trip. Once we were returning home the day before christmas and wanted all the clothes put up before the family showed up. So much for good intentions.

    The last time the luggage decided it did not want to leave Europe and went on its own vacation.

    These tags would be great and now that we have retired, would love to get them free.

  36. Cheryl Lesage says:

    These look great!!! I want some. Please.
    I especially like that they a multi-language. We live in Europe and that is where a lot of our travel occurs. We have had luggage mis-directed. These would make the ID and forwarding much simpler. I really like that you can register them to your destination.

  37. Cheryl Lesage says:

    I guess I was only thinking travel & luggage but these would be really good when we move. Our 2 cats go with us. I get so worried when we leave them with the porter. I was so afraid my \girls\ would be left on a runway or luggage carts somewhere.

  38. Jeremy Payne says:

    letting your luggage go on the carousel when you check in is like saying, “hope i see you on the other side”. I’ll never forget the time we flew with my kid who was only 1 at the time and we didn’t get any of our luggage! I was panicking! Luckily for us they found it and got it the next day to us but if it had smart tags it could have been found much faster.

  39. LesleyT says:

    We lost our luggage on our honeymoon 42 years ago and ended up in Majorca in winter clothes, no money and just our duty free allowance….and in those days luggage didn’t appear quickly – we were half way through the 10day holiday when it showed up…..these days we are prepared with spare items in our carry on bag….it was an unbelievable situation to be in after our otherwise perfect wedding day….and once caught out we are prepared if it ever happens again….anything that prevents it being lost would be morebthan welcome!

  40. Jeanne says:

    I do keep my itinerary inside our luggage but never thought that they would send it to the address on the tags without looking inside. This is a GREAT idea !!

  41. Patty says:

    Would love to win! Knock on wood…haven’t lost any luggage in my travels, BUT I NEVER want to have to go through that! These would good for piece of mind =)

  42. Douglas Sherman says:

    Great Idea

  43. Linda Duran says:

    So far I have been lucky and my luggage was only late. It eventually got to me. I was headed home and it got there. I sure don’t want to loose my luggage…so I would love to receive one of these products to help! Great Ideas! Thanks!!

  44. Cindy Wright says:

    Was visiting kids and grandkids a few years ago in Aberdeen, Scotland for the Christmas holidays. We arrived the day before Christmas Eve and the Santa suit we brought, arrived 5 days after Christmas! Santa came a little late that year, but the kids didn’t care.

  45. Josie Levine says:

    I love to travel to the southwest, esp. TX. As a New Yorker, I bring bialys to friends as this is something many haven’t tasted. Several years ago, I attended a conf. in San Antonio & brought bialys to friends. Knowing how I love avocados & Mexican pastries, they reciprocated by giving me 1/2 dozen avocados & Mexican wedding bread to bring home. I was thrilled! They were
    packed along w/ my clothes, souveniers, toiletries & pillow (I never leave home w/o my pillow).

    Had a great trip back home to LGA; I made it; my luggage DIDN’T! For 3 days my luggage wandered through airports & other destinations along w/ the avocados, pastries & pillow. We were finally reunited THREE days later. Upon retrieval, I checked out the contents. Everything was intact and, although slightly ripened, the avocados made a great guacamole! ;>)

  46. R Lin says:

    Lost baggage going form LAX to CDG. Air France is no help. Not only it is hard to find one answered the phone, once it is answered, they had no clue where the luggage was.
    I guess it is not too bad to have a very good execuse to shop in Paris.

  47. Josie Levine says:

    I love to travel to the southwest, esp. TX. As a New Yorker, I bring bialys to friends as this is something many haven’t tasted. Several years ago, I attended a conf. in San Antonio & brought bialys to friends. Knowing how I love avocados & Mexican pastries, they reciprocated by giving me 1/2 dozen avocados & Mexican wedding bread to bring home. I was thrilled! They were
    packed along w/ my clothes, souveniers, toiletries & pillow (I never leave home w/o my pillow).

    Had a great trip back home to LGA; I made it; my luggage DIDN’T! For 3 days my luggage wandered through airports & other destinations along w/ the avocados, pastries & pillow. We were finally reunited THREE days later. Upon retrieval, I checked out the contents. Everything was intact and, although slightly ripened, the avocados made a great guacamole! ;>)

  48. Marie Elise Marino Gervais says:

    I have never personally lost any luggage (touch wood) but my sister went on a 21 day cruise to Europe. When she got off the plane, no luggage. 21 days on a wonderful European cruise with no luggage. I think its a nightmare. When she got back to her condo in Florida, her luggage was there waiting for her.
    I think good tags are very important.
    I recently got back from a 28 day cruise in Europe and for sure I thought about it.
    I would certainly love to win these tags. My next cruise would be luggage secure. Thank You….

  49. Kris J says:

    In May 2002, I flew from Alaska to London, via Atlanta (on Delta). They were oversold in Atlanta for the flight to England and asked for volunteers to get bumped, so I agreed. They ended up not needing me, so I boarded the plane and headed to England to see my daughter (she was studying in England for a year). My luggage didn’t make it. It took SEVERAL days of calling Atlanta to get them to send my luggage and it took almost a week for me to get it. Of course, it was about 8 months after 9/11, so they were trying to be cautious. During my initial calls, they said they couldn’t send my luggage unaccompanied? HUH???? My daughter & I had planned a weekend trip to Paris (train under the channel), so I ended up in Paris without my belongings. ARGH! (And it was 100* in the shade that weekend!). It took about a week to get my luggage. Fortunately, I had learned from past experiences and VERY seldom fly without plenty of underwear and basic necessities in my carry-on. I was almost able to make it a week with the clothes I had in my carry-on. And I was never really reimbursed for the loss of not having my bags for that week. I do tend to put my business card with my phone number and email address in my suitcase.

    Now… too bad there isn’t a “LIKE” button for some of these comments… a few have been great! I especially liked the one about the siamese cat! *smiles*

  50. aurora hotels says:

    A smart luggage tag. That’s a great idea! I definitely would not want to put my home address on my luggage so that’s a wonderful solution. Next time I take a

  51. james khau says:

    These would have made our lost luggage experience much easier.

  52. Dave from NJ says:

    I always put my business street address (not business name) and business telephone number on my luggage. Never my home address nor my itinerary on the outside of the bag. Why would I advertise where I lived and how long I’d be away for criminals in league with baggage handlers at my departing airport? If lost, I can check my office voice mail remotely easier than a home phone. Have experienced delayed luggage twice – have collected on delayed luggage insurance once when it was routed through LGA. Now I try to pack light and carry on!

  53. kk says:

    Thankfully, my luggage has never been lost. However, my friend was not so lucky when visiting me many summers ago. He had to wait over 24 hours for his bag to be delivered. In the meantime, her had to wear girls’ clothes :-)

  54. Diane says:

    My trip to Jamaica over Christmas. From Montego Bay airport to Negril resort a 15 to 20 min. flight with no stops and only about 6 people on small plane. They lost my luggage and sent it to Kingston. I had a Christams sweater on and was warm. It was the holidays so no one wanted to fly the bag back to Negril. They had to taken my bag to a different plane because only one plane was on the tarmac to Negril.I could never understand as this plane where my bag set was very small, ha.

  55. Rick from Alabama says:

    On a trip to Switzerland my luggage was lost in transit. I always put a copy of my itinerary inside the luggage. It took four days for the luggage to catch up to me and by then I had purchased clothes and supplies I needed to get me through. Luckily I was reimbursed for my expense plus luggage to replace what the airline had damaged.

  56. Betty Morgan says:

    This looks promising. Also use sewn in lables inside all my bags.

  57. Peace of mind while you travel – I LOVE it!

  58. agnes dailey says:

    My daughter in Netherlands wanted to surprise our Dutch son-in-law with a true Maine lobster meal for his February birthday. So,as a Maine native living in Maine, I steamed lobsters, shelled them, “ZZZZip-locked” the pieces, secured the tastey bodies and claws tightly between “blue jel-packs”, and froze the several units. On morning of the overnight trip, the lobster packs went into a thermal picnic bag and stayed safely outside in the “wicked cold” February weather.

    All went well on the trip except for a fact we discovered at Schipol Airport: the lobsters went to Paris while we went to Amsterdam! However, the thermal bag arrived about 36 hours later and All was well! The lobster was still frozen solid, and the son-in law had his birthday wish granted.

    How did this happen. It remains one of those “airline lost-luggage mysteries.” I call the ending a “Delta Miracle!”

  59. Paulo says:

    This will be a great idea in my luggage!


    I always put my name, phone and contact phone, and country I live.
    But since some time ago I put the airlines names and reserve codes of all the flights in the same trip.
    I suppose that if the lugagge gets lost with these data the airlines can identify where you should be at that moment and the contact phone at home it is always the reference that knows everything about your status.
    Once a suitcase didn´t come with us in our return home but it did 2 days after, fortunately.

  61. Debra Mc says:

    I always put a business card inside the luggage in an easy to see spot. That way even if the tags are torn off, it can be identified. I also put more than one tag on the outside. I’ve had even what looks like the strongest tag destroyed by getting caught in machinery during transit/loading/off-loading.

  62. Stephanie Chazalon says:

    My favourite memory is a flight from Toronto to home. We had been delayed for hours and our plane changed and we got on the plane at last and my other half said – next stop home. I replied ‘everything comes in threes’ and I watched out the window while the baggage was being loaded. I watched and men drove one trailer of luggage out near the plane, dropped the trailer and drove off. I looked at all those suitcases that everyone was ignoring and said – want to bet our cases are on that trailer?? We arrived at our home airport 4 hours late and of course, without our luggage. My other half (let’s just call him MUD) then realized he had packed the house keys in his luggage. Yes – that trailer sitting on the tarmac at the Toronto airport. Ah, the joys of waking up the next door neighbour with the spare set of keys at 3 in the morning…..no wonder they moved. Oh yes – the luggage was delivered to us 24 hours later….Air Canada eh??

  63. Anaid says:

    One time I was traveling to Pilot Station, Alaska on business for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with another employee. We had to take planes to Bethel AK, considered a small city there but would be a town to most people, go to a town called St. Mary’s and then on to our destination, a village. Since we were teaching classes and staying in the village school, we had books and teaching materials, sleeping bags and clothing, and food. These planes also carry a lot of cargo to “the bush”. We got on the plane with two Native Alaskan men. The pilot looked at his clipboard and then asked us if we were the two to St. Mary’s, the assumption being that there are few Gussuks (white people) in Pilot Station. We corrected him, and took off for a typical back country flight. At St. Mary’s there was a lot of shuffling of boxes and bags, which is also typical. But when we got to Pilot Station, none of our stuff was on board! How were we going to sleep in a school with out sleeping bags? It’s not like they’re set up for guests. What would we eat? There is no village store in a place of this size. And how would we teach? We ended up being fed and put up by the school’s principal and we had enough curriculum memorized that we were able to “wing it” until the books arrived later. Problems: my fellow employee had specialized medical needs which were only solved by the luck of others in the village having spare medication; I got my “monthly visit” and the principal’s wife was past that age so didn’t have any supplies…. and we never got the rest of our stuff back. I mean, seriously there were only 4 people on this plane. I can only imagine somewhere in St. Mary’s are two Yupik Men with an odd assortment of clothes.

  64. Dale Zale says:

    In the 1980’s I went on a 3 day Memorial Day trip from Chicago to Myrtle Beach,SC I had one carry one bag that I put my purse. I had planned to bring the luggage onboard, but found out the plane was too small to put it in the over head luggage compartment. I watched them put my luggage in the nose of the small plane. We made a stop in Charlotte,NC and then flew onto Myrtle Beach. Well apparently they mistakenly took my luggage off in Charlotte. When I got to Myrtle Beach and discovered my luggage was in Charlotte the pilot took me to my hotel and promised my luggage would be sent to me the next day. He told the hotel to let me stay there and eat there until my luggage arrived which they did. So here I am with no purse, no ID, and wearing only the dress I had on. I did not get my luggage until the day I was leaving, I looked like hooker walking on the beach in my dress for 2 days! Needless to say I never put my purse in my luggage anymore, a high tech luggage tag would sure have helped me out!

  65. Rena Rosenfeld says:

    my partner and I were going on a cruise to Russia and northern Europe . We were one of the first folks to arrive on the ship. It was very exciting because it was our first sailing. Lo and behold, our luggage never made it on the ship!!!
    While eating dinner that night at sea, a tugboat came upon the ship and our luggage was passed to the staff of the cruise ship!! We watched in total amazement.
    We had a great time.
    Thank You
    Rena Rosenfeld

  66. Ron DeCaro says:

    Returning from a cruise we checked our luggage as usual and upon arriving at our destination only one suitcase appeared. Apparently, the other bag was sent to Puerto Rico. Our destination was Detroit, MI. Three days later, after filling out several pages of required information, the bag was delivered to our house. We were very fortunate.

  67. Joan says:

    I learned the hard way never to put my home address on the outside of my suitcase. I was on a three-month work assignment to China and my huge suitcase was lost. I had nothing when I arrived in China. Three months later, I arrived home to a sutcase covered with eight inches of snow.

  68. vacationtoo says:

    I think its a great idea, if only all the airports could access the information in the chip.

  69. DKSampson says:

    My luggage went to San Jose, but I went to Dallas. After the 3-day conference which I muddled through in a single suit with a change of blouses and undies purchased there, my luggage and I were reunited at my home airport. Needless to say, I perfected the art of packing for a week in a carry-on bag until liquid restrictions and my love of make up and finickiness regarding shampoos forced me to again try checking luggage.

  70. Mary Ann from Chicago says:

    What a great idea!

  71. Clare Neuman says:

    For several years I used to take oranges north and every year the airline used to \lose\ them! I would eventually get them returned, though.

  72. Gloria says:

    I never put my home-addressed luggage tag on my suitcase as I leave on a trip. I use two (one on each handle) disposable tags with the address of my first destination when I am outbound. It may be a cruise ship (give pier info) or a hotel etc. When I am ready to come home, I place the home luggage tags on my suitcase. Just carry a small supply of disposable luggage tags along to use en route if needed, also. Works very well and several baggage handlers have commented to me how smart this idea is.

  73. Hideki Yamada says:

    Oh gosh, these products are awesome. I can certainly use them!

  74. Sophia says:

    I always try to fly light so I can carry on my bags. I have taken a carry on on my last two trips for a two week vacation. The more I travel light the more efficient I become, so now I am going for three weeks and trying the same technique. LIGHT all the way!

  75. Marlene says:

    Quite a few years ago when traveling from CA to GA on Delta A/L, a couple of my luggage didn’t make it to my GA address. However, a couple of days later it was delivered to a motel in this small town where I was able to pick them up. That was in the days when you had no limit on how much luggage you could take with you and since I would eventually move to GA I had taken around seven cases with things to leave in GA, so missing only two wasn’t so bad and all ended well.

  76. Joseph835 says:

    My luggage was only Delayed Once but lost luggage would be a problem this seams like a good idea.

  77. Sandra says:

    I pack light and travel using carry-on only whenever possible – about 95% of the time; including a 10 day trip to Italy! However, I do keep a tag on my luggage; but instead of using my name and address on my luggage tags, I use my email address. Since I always travel with my blackberry and receive email wherever I travel, I can be notified by whoever finds my bags without compromising my security. I also keep a modified copy of my itinerary in my luggage; listing the destinations, places of lodging, and dates [no personal information except name].

  78. Jennifer Bean says:

    i always tuck into the inside of our suitcase the flight information, hotel dates and addresses! Phone number and our cell phone if we have them at our destination.
    .Lucky we have never had a problem on our trips!

  79. SPEEDLADY says:

    Worst lost luggage case I know of happened to my sister. She’s a diplomat and was stationed in Tunis. She flew home to get married, packed her wedding dress and some of the wedding gifts in her luggage for the return flight to Tunis and the airline lost the suitcase. It was never found. The good news is they are still married and happy.

  80. Marilyn says:

    My luggage tale occurred on my honeymoon. On our wedding night we stayed in a local hotel and then proceeded to the airport the next day. At the time, we had little previous air travel experience, so I had booked our honeymoon trip using a travel agent (this was 1985) recommended by my then-fiance and now new husband. He knew her only through others, not from any personal dealings in booking a trip. We checked in our luggage and proceeded to the gate to get seat assignments – this was before the days of booking seats on the internet. The gate agent’s eye grew wider and wider. I said I hoped she could find us 2 seats together since it was our honeymoon. Finally, after 5 minutes or more of tapping her keyboard, she informed me that we were not on the manifest and were not ticketed for the flight. But since I was holding printed tickets (this was long before e-ticketing and email confirmations), and our scheduled flight was sold out, she was getting me on another airline’s flight leaving 2 hours later. I thanked her profusely through my steady stream of tears. We changed terminals, and had an uneventful flight (coming home was another story altogeher). Finally we arrived in the small terminal in Barbados, hopefully seeking all our luggage. Way off to the side behind a little rope sat our lonely bags – luckily no one had decided to remove them to some unknown room or walk away with them. Grateful that they were not lost, we proceeded to our resort, only to discover that they had no record of our stay – for which I also had printed vouchers!! – but they had room for us. Good thing, because 2 days later they were full and some guests were redirected to lesser accomodations. Well, at least we had our shorts and swimsuits – and are still together almost 26 years later!!

  81. Bea Dahlen says:

    We have been very lucky. We travel fairly often for pleasure, and have been separated from our bags on many occasions. They’ve always caught up with us in time. It’s inconvenient, but not catastrophic.

    Norfolk, VA has a relatively small airport, and the baggage claim there is only open sporadically. Getting your luggage back from Norfolk can be a totally frustrating adventure. No one ever answers the phone and if you go to collect your bags just pray that someone will be there during normal business hours. That’s rarely the case.

  82. I have a few things I do: 1. Always, always check the airport code on your luggage before they swoop it away. This is the 3 letter code that denotes the airport (if you are going to MCO/Orlando but see MCI/Kansas City your bag will be taking a trip without you) 2. Attach two luggage tags on the outside – the more indestructible the better. 3. Tape a card with identifying info or your business card in the inside of your bag. 4. Consider buying luggage insurance; many companies give you something to attach to your bag that identifies you.

  83. Phyllis Brittenham says:

    We were at the airport in Miami waiting for our flight. The airplane arrived late. We boarding time came and went we heard our flight crew being paged three times for our flight. We overheard that they went for lunch. Since we left Miami so late we didn’t make our connection in Memphis. Just as we stepped into the airport our flight went from there to left. We were stuck in the Memphis airport for 6 hours and only received a $10 voucher for a meal. When we finally arrived at our final destination our luggage was not waiting for us. We were told it would be delivered in two days. Two days later, still no luggage. Called and was told it would be another two days. Our luggage did finally arrive but it was very beat up.

  84. Julie says:

    I’ve had excellent service from Westjet. They have delivered my luggage directly to my home on two occasions, all in excellent condition.

  85. doreen sheinman says:

    My luggage was lost and after 3 days, when finally found, UPS was not allowed into my deceased parents’ complex for me to retrieve!

  86. carol y l says:

    Sounds like a great idea to have this!
    The worst time was when we went to Germany and my hubby and SIL both didn;t get their luggage. It was kind of funny because they had to come up with something to sleep in-both of them!

  87. Adrienne says:

    We were going on a transatlantic cruise. We got to FL and one bag was missing.
    We set sail without that bag. Of course, it had all my things, shoes, make up, etc. That’s when I learned to cross pack! We found out 2 days later while at sea that the bag went to Denver. Boy was I overjoyed when we were getting off the ship in the Canary Islands (our first port) 5 days later, and my bag was being wheeled on board.

  88. Bonnie says:

    My new dive bag is jinxed. I have used this dive bag three times and each time the bag has gone astray. Last time my bag was lost in Tokyo for more than a week. My continuing flight was to Singapore; before departure I checked with Delta to make sure the bag was on board…yes, it is there, they said. In SIN I checked with Silk Air to ensure that my bag had arrived because the next morning I had a flight to Manado, Indonesia and I would not be going to baggage claim, such is the advice when leaving SIN within 24 hours. Next morning, I checked again…”Oh yes, the bag is here and it will be on your flight.” Arrival in Manado, proved otherwise. Silk Air checked everywhere…two days later I was leaving for the Raja Ampats an even more remote place than Manado. No bag. I had to leave, but Silk assured me they would find the bag. They eventually did…in Tokyo. Ten days later I had my dive gear. Upon reaching home, I watched all the bags come up except mine…four days later my bag was found. It’s a jinx, I am sure.

  89. Geni Chariker says:

    I am going to get one of those tags before I go outside the US!. We Amercians tend to be bigger than our “outside the US” counterparts and replacement clothes can be hard to find in some areas.

    I have always eventually receeived my luggage but there is always a first time of total loss. The reimbursement wouldnot even come close to replacing the contents of teh bag.

  90. Betty Zamost says:

    Like the concepts

  91. Ginger D. says:

    I have a business type card that has only my name and email address on it. I use it when I travel to give out to people I meet and if I want I just write my cell phone number on it. I also use these as luggage tags both inside and in the tag holder. I write my first destination info on it and can change the cards as I go along.
    My bags have been lost but always got to me within 24 hours.

  92. CL says:

    I’ve never had a checked bag get lost (yet). I do have more than one tag on my suitcase (which includes a built-in tag holder). I also keep my itinerary and contact info in the suitcase. Once my special TSA-approved lock disappeared, and I do believe an airport employee or TSA went through my bag to see if there was anything worth stealing. So it bears repeating, do not pack anything valuable or irreplaceable in a checked bag.

  93. Bob W. says:

    We were on our way home (fortunately) from a trip to Cancun. Although we had a non-stop flight to Cancun, our return flight involved a 2 hour stopover in Houston before our final flight to Newark, NJ. Sadly, our bags arrived at Newark airport 2 hours before we did. No doubt our bags went around the baggage carousel many times before airport personnel removed them, minus my wife’s large bag, which had been stolen. That bag contained my wife’s new bathing suits and summer clothes. We were so thankful that the bag didn’t disappear on the trip down!

  94. Ms Cruiser says:

    I place my business card in my lugguage tag rather than writing my personal information on it to prevent possible thieves from getting my home address and phone number.

  95. Pamela says:

    I personally have not had lost luggage, but my cousin was meeting us in Las Vegas. She had a non-stop flight from Detroit to LV and her luggage was lost. She checked that the correct destination was on the luggage tag the airline attached. We were in LV for 5 days in a suite at the Bellagio, and she had no clothes or toiletries. She called the airline several times a day but no luggage. when she arrived home it was sitting on the porch. They apparently don’t open the luggage to see if an itinerary is there. But why couldn’t someone have told her that in her umpteen phone calls?

  96. Francis Loncto says:

    These tags look like they would be really useful. The first time my bags were lost I was on a business trip that lasted a week. The bags got to my hotel the day I was leaving to return home.

  97. Sandra says:

    Our checked luggage was \delayed\ and Hungarian officials wouldn’t transport across border to Romania. We spent two weeks traveling in the same clothes with only medications, night wear and a kit of toiletries and spare white tee-shirt given us by the airline. At night our bedroom looked like a laundry as we rushed to wash our clothes and ready them for the next day.

  98. Teresa says:

    On the shuttle from the parking lot to the airport, an older man took my carry on bag when getting off the shuttle heading to his car. I took his look alike bag into the airport. Prior to check-in I opened my carryon to get my ID out and was shocked to find a suitcase full of men’s underwear! I had no itinerary, no identification, no meds, no money, no credit cards,and no munchie foods for my 7+ hour trip. The airport was three hours from my home, so there was no way to return home for the needed items. Luckily, the airline personnel asked me a bunch of security questions and let me on the plane. A pharmacy at my destination gave me a temp supply of medication, and the friend who was meeting me at my destination helped me out monetarily until we could get to a bank on Monday. The gentleman who took my bag, called my contact info the next day and generously sent my bag to my parent’s home. What a nightmare. That was in 2010, so I’m not sure what would have happened post 9-11. Now all of my bags are adorned with hideous ribbons and flowers tied to the handles.

  99. eileen says:

    I love the Luggage Tag Holders from Favors By Serendipity. I use them for my flight with the itinerary form they email to you when you order the tags, and then I switch out the Ininerary Forms for the Print Yourself Cruise Luggage Tags many cruise lines are doing now before I board the ship. I agree, I don’t use my home information in the intinerary tags. They are sized for the printouts. http://www.fbys.com/tags $2.50 each if you buy more than 4.

  100. Roger Dean Hardy says:

    My Mom and I were Traveling from California to Columbus Georgia and our bags went missing. Thanks God it happened on our way back instead of the trip going to California. Then when we got our bags the next day, my luggage was torn and moms picture that was marked all over FRAGILE!!!! And packaged accordingly was broken. But the airlines replaced everything even though it took a few weeks. I know this happens quite often, but thanks goodness it wasn’t as bad as it could of been!

  101. Claire Pickman says:

    I went with my husband on a vacation to St. Lucia on American
    airlines. We arrived with one of my bags and one of his bags. I had no bathing suit and he had no shorts or underwear. Since the next flight wasn’t arrive until the next day we had to wait until then to see if the bags would arrive. They did. However, the airlines disclosed that this always happens. Why I don’t know.

    Recently my daughter, my young granddaughter and I went to Spain connecting through Heathrow. We arrived in Heathrow, but the stroller we were using did not arrive with us thus when we arrived in Barcelona no stroller appeared at the airport. Again, they told us this always happens! We held our breath until the next day when it was delivered to us.
    In both cases we were very inconvienced which I did not even express in this comment.

  102. SA says:

    SuperSmartTags would certainly help get my lost bag back to me. I place a 3×5 card inside of the suitcase with a friends phone number and the hotel phone where I will be staying during my trip. Always carry-on at least 2 undie changes and 1 blouse/top and night clothes. Then cross my fingers the suitcase doesn’t get misplaced. Never, Ever, pack anything of value.

  103. Caroline Hanson says:

    I went to Greece, but my luggage stayed in NYC! I had not packed any extra clothes in my carry on! At the airport, no one seemed to speak English, and i knew only a very few words of Greek. Try explaining that your luggage was not on the plane. Finally, they seemed to understand. It did catch up with me at my hotel the next day! Thank goodness.

  104. Judy says:

    My luggage took 8 days to catch up to me on a cruise and I have the cruise line to thank for getting it to me. Seems my luggage was left in Toronto while I made my way to Paris, spent 2 nights there, and found out at the airport that my suitcase was on its way to Paris and I was leaving Paris for Rome. Air Canada asked for my hotel in Rome which was the cruise ship, they asked for my cell phone number and didn’t have one, so their solution was to pick up my suitcase in Rome when the cruise ship returned after a 12 day cruise to Greece. When I reported my dilemma to the pursers desk, they took all my information, photocopied my handle cover and contents list and before bed that evening they informed me that my bag would catch up to me in Istanbul, some 6 days into the cruise. But it did arrive!

  105. S J Foster says:

    Flying from Cleveland to Denver for a visit with friends, my luggage was lost. It was finally returned to me one week later, an hour before I was due to leave for the airport. Upon checking it in, I mentioned that it had been lost for a week and to please take good care of it. The reply, “Oh, don’t worry. Lightening never strikes twice.” As you can guess, it did strike again and the luggage was lost forever.

  106. Meagan says:

    When I returned from Italy my luggage was no where to be found. Three days, it was still no where to be found, even though I called daily to check in on it. Finally after demanding answers on the third day, they tracked it down en route to parent’s house (I was in college at the time and the luggage tag still said my old address). Needless to say I finally got it back, but I also learned to make sure that my addresses are always up to date.

    I worry about the luggage tag systems above though–what if it takes them three days to get the luggage to where you are vacationing, and by that time you have already left? Then you are back in the mainland and your luggage is stuck on an island? No bueno!

  107. Kim says:

    The article Caroline Costello wrote, above, states: There’s a store in Alabama that’s as big as a city block. It’s called the Unclaimed Baggage Center, and it sells the forsaken contents of lost luggage.\n
    I watched a 60 minutes episode last year where the show’s host was wandering around the UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTER while interviewing the folks working there. Guess what?!?! Morley opened about a dozen bags from several different airlines and to his (and my!) astonishment, several bags DID have the owner’s name and address and phone number on a piece of paper INSIDE the bag! In fact, Morley called the 3 or 4 folks that had their contact information INSIDE their LOST luggage and every one of them answered the phone!!! All these years I’ve put my contact info inside my bags AND have encouraged everyone I know to do so, then I found out that the airlines don’t even bother to check the inside of the bags for contact information!!! I was floored!!! No, this tells me that the airlines wouldn’t bother scanning a special tag, either. Not only that, but I’d be out an additional $16 – $56 that I’d spent on the tag itself!

    I ALWAYS put a change of clothes and two changes of underwear in my carry-on! That way, you can always wash one set while you wear the other. Perhaps this won’t be the suit or cocktail dress and heels that you need, but at least you won’t be naked or smelly/dirty! :)

  108. John Bard says:

    We were flying back to our winter home landed in Orlando, and no bag. We got one but not the other. Reported the lost bag and went home. Later the eveing got a call that our back showed up. It was delivered to us the next morning. John

  109. Jennifer says:

    When my husband and I travel together, we pack 1/2 our clothes in each suitcase. That way, if only one arrives, we each have at least 1/2 of what we intended to have. That buys a little more time while the lost luggage is located. Also, always pack toiletries, a change of clothes, and anything irreplacable in the carry on.

  110. Traveller says:

    I simply write my name, cell number and email on the outside of my brighly colored luggage in black permanent ink large block letters. My bags returned after a month in Europe because of an email I received alerting me to where they landed.

  111. Paul says:

    I was leaving Rota Spain enroute to Abu Dhabi. My flight from Madrid was late departing and then late arriving at Heathrow. British Immigration and customs decided that was a good day to pull and inspect all the shuttle buses. This caused a HUGE backlog of folks waiting to transfer to other terminals. My flight to Abu Dhabi was leaving soon so some of us got called to the front of the line. The plane we left on was parked directly accross from the one we just got off! When I received in Abu Dhabi and cleared customs all the planes luggage was already lined up on the floor at baggage claim and a small Indian man was walking around calling my name. Neither of my bags had made the transfer at Heathrow. One bag arrived and was delivered the next day. The second bag took another 4 days to show. Like others I always carry a change of clothes now in my carry on along with some hotel sized soap and shampoo just in case.

  112. K Ray says:

    I always use the Magellan’s tags shown above. We do a lot of international traveling, and often lose a bag……. once in Paris for 7 days. Once for 2 weeks; the bag arrived the day after we returned home, to our front porch. With the Magellan’s tags, we have always been reunited with our bags.

  113. Madhu says:

    These Luggage Tags are best for traveling anywhere with security.I lost my luggage in my previous trip. Recently i purchased luggage, in my trip my luggage arrived lately with a branded tag. I am sure that Magellan’s Retriever Tags will help us to get our luggage back securely. These tags aren’t outfitted with special codes or microchips. But they’re simple enough to work. Send your luggage to your next destination.This time i should purchase a quality tag. Thanks for sharing

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